Asterix Is A Scorpio

Asterix is a Scorpio
Asterix and Obelix

Good old indomitable Pagan Gauls Asterix, Obelix and their batty druid Getafix & guess what?

Asterix and Obelix have an official birthday – given them by their creators Rene Goscinny & Albert Uderzo. It is October 29 1959…

This means the boys are multiple conjunct Scorps!  Sun, Mercury, Mars, Neptune and the South Node all together in Scorpio. 

Their Venus in Virgo squares Jupiter in Saggo & the Jupiter trines Uranus in Leo. Sooo very fussy re women and the urge to wander (Jupiter in Saggo) conflicts with a possibly already fairly weak urge to mate. 

Saturn in Capricorn represents a grounding/mentoring senex character in their life (The Druid and his magic potion) which they would need, as Mars-Neptune-Sun etc in Scorp would love a punch-up and to be eternally free.

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I’d say the bard is a Leo… a Piscean would hide in a corner after so much criticism. He is still convinced that he is a total genius !


Dogmatix was my favorite character…..

I love these boys – it was a fun and sneaky way to swot up on ‘history’ I reckon!

year of the fox

I loved Asterix the Gaul and his adventures. They come in a Latin version you get to translate in class. It made Latin classes go by faster.


So Vitalstatistix is a character for cartoon series.
It’s the name of a well known womens theater group in adelaide!

Eternal*Voyageur @ Venusian*Glow

I’d say the bard is a Leo… a Piscean would hide in a corner after so much criticism. He is still convinced that he is a total genius !


I’ve never heard of these characters but Eternal, love what you did with your harem pants. Just like magic and styles look really cute on you too. Great site! Off topic but since Mystic’s not here to slap our hands (if you do pop by, …..”Hi Mystic!!”) My daughter is getting married next week on the 8th @ Fullerton, CA city hall… Party later as she and her fiance just want to get the legalities going because he wants to adopt my granddaughter. A really good guy and basically her dad for the last four years. Anyway, going to be… Read more »


This reminds me of the time when she was nineteen and eloped and then after springing that on me, told me she was pregnant. She did get the whole wedding day/proper ceremony stuff from her Dad later on though.

This time she’s given me, what, six days notice.

It this a Gemini Sun, Moon in Sagg thing? Or, her Virgo rising (practicality) thing. Maybe a combo…Not really complaining though.

Eternal*Voyageur @ Venusian*Glow

And I always thought that Obelix was a Taurus, and Asterix a Gemini… Vitalstatistix is obviouly a Leo, and his wife is a Cap.


[email protected] – just had a look at your blog, and THANKYOU for putting up some travelling while pregnant tips! I’ve just recently escaped the paradigm of ‘when I grow up and stop travelling I’ll settle down and have kids…” I suspect I will never stop travelling (3 planets in Sagg) and just recently in convo with a friend said I suspect I’ll be one of those mothers dragging their kids thru India; plus just met amazing bloke who told me his dream is to be able to continue travelling with a partner and children… Totally off topic to Mystcs post,… Read more »

Eternal*Voyageur @ Venusian*Glow

Thanks !!!! Watch my space, I’ll be writing about dragging kids through Peru ! My Mom totally dragged me and my brothers all around India on a shoestring budget, and that was totally my favourite part of my childhood !


I hear you – I didn’t get dragged to India, but was often picked up from school and carted to the beach, to the bush, wherever was in driving distance that my parents had a yen to visit!

Ãœber Virgo

Good luck postmod!


Thanks UV


What? did you say wanted some zanax william?

Getafix was always my fave I dig that cauldron.


what did you just say?
seriously where do you come up with this shit myst?
bty did someone mention senex? (now letterman in the act ?)
u r my new hero mst!
(don’t mind me, crazy aries)
party on…alrighty then.

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