Weekend Asteroid Mash-Up

Art the God PanOh well Virgoans are about to go absolutely ape. Not only is Saturn out of their sign so they can go nano-seconds at a time without guilting themselves, they’ve got asteroid Pan (asteroid number 4450) and Dionysus (asteroid number 3671) in their sign with NO Saturn to be a spoilsport banging on about carbs post 6pm, liver function, sane adult relationships and so on. Pan and Dionysus are the good time guys of the Zodiac.

What else…Ceres is close to the Sun in Scorpio…I so need to keep a closer eye on Ceres and in fact, it is one of my 2010 resolutions. Monitor Ceres.

Circe is in late Scorpio squaring Neptune – yay! Psycho-sexual flirtations and bewitchery…Venus, Sappho, Pallas & Saturn all lurk together in lovely Libra – v.good brainiac and thinking weekend if one is  not too distracted by all the pandemonium.  Lilith, Psyche and Pandora join the Auspicious Aqua-Weirding.  There is BIG emphasis on Libra and Aquarius this weekend – high minded relationships, free love and new ideas infusing into everything.

Ishtar is in early Saggo trine – ta-dah! – Mars in Leo.  Hot. The Queen and her Warrior. Primordial life force rules.

Image: Pan – Georges Barbier

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The last time I had a fling with Pan was 2003. My, but that was delicious !.

venus a-go-go

My Pan is like… 6 degrees away form my venus in Gem.
*whistles through teeth*

The D man is in cancer and 4 degrees away from my MC.

I am going to alot of gigs for music that I like (and very few of my firends do… secret loves)
BBQ at close work friends house and possible beach action.
Sadly no bed action (that I currently know of) on the cards.
Not sad at all about that, I have to say. It would be nice… but my weekend will be a ripper anyways:)


I’m much more up for the BBQ myself V-a-go… 🙂

venus a-go-go

Last time this couple did a cook off, they had just gone on tropical holiday. So the dinner was tropical themed. There was alot of pineapple. And skewers with prawns and… very oddly… bannana (which melted off on the BBQ. Thank god for small mercies)


Reminds me of my first Hawaiian trip and how I came home and pined and then went ape and did the bath Hawaiian style. Still is to this day!

spaced out pisces

Pan is directly conjunct my ascendant.. Better get an extra crate in then 🙂

This is a beautiful poem for Pan


That was so rude!~

How dare they mess with an Aries!! And Cappy Moon?

Oh yes, someone goin’ down…..

Tho loved your “I’ve have had enough of today for now”.

I hope some huge Irish Leprechan beats the robbers with your shoes…


fallen angel

Darling, were those your shoes under “treble makers”?? I SO sympathize, my Kataka Sun/Virgo Rising both sentimentalizes objects as sacred as well as has a precise scientific reason for holding them as such, i.e. like you, those shoes would have just fit me so, they are at exact point of their life cycle for me to give the hallmark performance of my life and everyone else’s, etc. …. Think this, would it not be a bit damaging to the authenticity of the Thief’s Villain Ego that they could not even steal properly?? Not that I’m encouraging stealing but SURELY an… Read more »


OK, more LOL. i just looked up my natal dionysus and it is smack bang on my SUN at 21 sag. just for added laughter this falls right on my love interest’s Venus. Good times much? it makes so much sense why i place ‘delights’ (broad euphemism there y’all…) at the core of life’s meaning. and ahem, natal pan is in my 1st house. in taurus. not as familiar with pan but im thinking here lots of sensuality and food and sex involved. MORE LOL. i was already excited when i saw mystics astro weather forecast for this weekend but… Read more »


Saggigal, BRING IT ON in caps and glitters and neon and bells and whistles I think! 😆 Mystic, thanks for letting Virgos know about the Pan-Dionysus in our sign with no Saturn bit. I’m just tired, recovering from 6 days straight of work (with early AM starts!), which ended yesterday. Was gonna go to work today but body said noooooo. It was to have been 8 days straight but thankfully said no to masochistic stride. That very well may have been the last of Saturn in Virgo kick, being afraid of being homeless & with no money to boot, so… Read more »

Uranian&Plutonic Virgo

Not anynomous…dunno why that happened!


Did an eight dayer one time UPV as a favor for a coworker while she went through training to be a Paramedic. Was in property mgmt. then.
But it was quite a haul.

When another then asked me to do it I realzed I would become the “go to” person for people to poo-poo on when need be. It was the mgr of our dept that wanted me to cover her but I said no.

Melbourne rains sound lovely.

Uranian&Plutonic Virgo

Sweetpea, who is in your new avatar? Such a gorgeous & precious face! 🙂 Your granddaughter…?
Yeah, it was partially for the reason that I don’t want to build a rep for the go-to person to do many shifts in a row, the other that the body simply said no. It gets tired being in nursing, early AM running around like mad. Don’t want the burnout, ya know? Boundaries indeed…teehee!


Oh thanks UPV,

Yes, thats my baby doll G.D. Presently, shes less one front tooth and your total typical 8 yr. old.

Have many patients (for massage) that are nurses. Many teachers too and cops and firemen!

Wow, high impact jobs and although mine is incredibly physical don’t have the same kind of mental or emo stress.

You guys certainly DO deserve a break.

venus a-go-go

Must be a hard week for all and sundry (last ditch slog attempt from saturn in virgo?).

2 14 hour days back to back and I had my first day off in 10 days yesterday.
Tired to sit on the couch, read, relax and listen to music… but felt very odd not _doing_ anything… so I OCD cleaneed the house, made feast and baked a fruit cake for Beltane.
_Then_ fell asleep on the couch:)


Wow, comparing to that Venus a Go,

I feel like a lazy slob!!


My oracle said get rid of the damp and mould and the love will blow in. I’m taking that to mean rev up my heart which has been done over by the tortured crab for the last time !!! and zap it with these amazing vibes that abound.

Go Saturn power

Leonine Librarian

As soon as I saw Ceres, and Scorpio and the whole beltane thingo…I just thought of a lot of really virile, fertile shennigans….lots of shennigans and lots of new little leos bouncing around in 2010.

Taurean love expert


I’m going out dancing on Saturday night. What with the Toro full moon, & the Sun & Circe in my 5th, and all those planets in my 4th, I believe I should also be treating my Leo-Live-In-Lover to some hot times.


Is there any potential with me & X?


God Yes

I love you Oracle 🙂


i got the best one this morning to Do i have a soulmate? answer: they are crossing oceans of time to be with you.

SWOON. so karmic and fated sounding. love it.


Ooo that is a good one isn’t it!


Question …. is there any potential for me with The Virgo? Oracle ….. lust, but that’s about it for now. Lust!!?? He’s too cute to lust over unless one counts tape measure lust as proper lust. Not to be perturbed …. Question … is there any potential for me with The Toro Ex? Oracle …. it’s someone you meet via the Toro that will bring the romance. I met The Virgo through The Toro, though they are not friends!! So woz that all about??? The Oracle is fuqing with me that’s wot. Question … is there any potential for me… Read more »

fallen angel

Prowln babe I so admire you for your Grass Devotion. Specially right now while I am struggling between gym binging and ice cream. Right so methinks this..

Oracle meant Virgo has lust potential for NOW, i.e. the initial meet yielded physical/chemical attraction. BUT wait for more meaningful exposure to develop via set up of time delay so hormones can hopefully simmer down and he can properly court you? That’s what it reads like to me..though of course, like you I am channeling every single thing into Moi FIRST.

Leonine Librarian

prowln when I saw that bit about flushing themselves out it made me wonder if you might meet a fellow detoxer…


oh I’m not too worried guys … just had a bored moment basically. But Oracle pretty much reinforced what I’ve been getting through my meditations – the time for a relationship is not now. *shrugs*


What I want to know, is if your grass is a drinkable/smokeable combo Prowlin?



Purrfect just turn it around it is all good!

unpredictable pisces

ok so all i read was:

go completely ape
good time guys
Psycho-sexual flirtations and bewitchery
high minded relationships, free love and new ideas infusing into everything
Primordial life force

that’ll do me


LOL- UP thats all i saw too. sounds damn good to me! BRING IT ON.

unpredictable pisces

go completely ape – CHECK
good time guys – CHECK
Psycho-sexual flirtations and bewitchery – CHECK
high minded relationships, free love and new ideas infusing into everything – DOUBLE CHECK
Primordial life force – PROBABLY


:O asshole! TRACK HIM DOWN and tell him i’ll be on him “with razor blades and lemon juice!”


Well that explains why I’ve spent silly money on champagne after a yoga class. Silly Pan

unpredictable pisces

what’s so silly about that? 😉

Champagne Bearing Aquarian

Yes, exactly…what is silly about that? 🙂

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