And…Crabby Ennui



Okay so i AM back & have about a billion things i want to blog about BUT due to that STRANGE night last night, utterly stricken with ennui – two hours sleep max, I reckon. Ridiculous.  Interesting that heaps of you are reporting similar scenarios. The Moon WAS conjunct Mars and I think Mars has had a gutsful of being in Cancer, I really do.

I am going to go to  sleep now & hopefully emerge in a blur of brilliance later. But subscribers – try to grok what i said in the Daily Mystic this morning re Venus this week! IT really is a shockwave of Venusian activity & tomorrow is Mars + Venus both aspecting Saturn so seriously sophisticated and worldly love/sex realisations.  On the sober, Saturn Girl end of things but definitely worth honouring.

Dark Moon near Mars is now VOID – bloody hell.  I am going to follow my own advice and ‘down tools’ till it’s non-Void and into Leo…

Oh and i read a funny line today that makes me think  of Mercury in Aries or anything in Sagg; “Everyone is entitled to my opinion.”

Moon into Leo aka When The Spaz Lifts:

L.A – 23.03 Sunday Night

New York –  2.03 Monday Morning

London – 7.03 Monday Morning

Sydney – 16.03 Monday Arvo

Image: Eric Traore

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does anyone else here have cap in 5 planets in their NC?


Oooo……that is exactly it. I was so moody and weirdly psychic. Dreams out the wazoo and what am I going to do with my life….. I channelled it by going for a hike in the fall colours… one with nature….and hung out with my parents for Canadian Thanksgiving- sane and down to earth….very restful and quiet. The psychic bit abruptly lifted this Am- no dreams at all. I guess that kinda makes sense as part of the moon cycle…..back to feeling like me today.


I think MArs punched the moon in the nuts too,

Hard! (nobody likes a Cancer…)

re: NASA mission Lcross etc. ouch


can’t wait to see that flick … mmmmmmm sci fi mmmmm Sam Rockwell.

scorpalicious robot

Yes LOVED Moon!!! Stunning set design and art direction. Can’t wait to buy it on DVD – it’s classic sc-fi. You’ll love it prowlncat. Sam Rockwell’s acting is brilliant.

Ãœber Virgo

Even David & Margaret liked it. Four stars apiece.


Welcome back Myst – Hope you feel a bit better I am super homesick at present – only 2 months into next contract – and this site is one of the things that keeps me sane and in contact with Aussie chickness. So much for venus – my realisatiions consist of knowing that I do not need to be with a man, and especially not with the men around me – and further that the longer I am in this environment, the more annoyed I get with the treatment of women here, and that it is NOT ok, and that… Read more »


ps- i love the boots in the pic


agree, she wears them well..


I have been feeling very “what am I doing with my life”, also stay vs go relationship stuff. i think v cancer moon ish – i have moon in cancer anyway so i do get v. introspective at these times. Mystic – I just wanted to let you know how right and amazing you were about the strange venus uranus aspect recently. I feel so much better now i know the reason. HUGE attraction to an unlikely to the max person – to the point of feeling that if he touched me i would melt into a puddle, throw friends,… Read more »


OMG … did i miss that sudden snake attack? was i embeded under my rock…? what the? **disclaimer. i believe everyone is perfect. We all get along all of the time. We never bicker and argue. We never find anything about others that we dont understand. we should never discuss what we dont understand as this may lead to understanding. That is why there are no wars, and no nations suffer from famine. and a pig just flew past my window. a woman told u it was disgusting even to have a son??? ….she was flustered by your youth…(boom tish)… Read more »


hehe aquaphobe … you make me giggle.

ps. is that you in the shower with a 60s shower cap and a gin cocktail??? 😉


ahhh, i wish it were me…entertaining a faux holly golightly visual ideal….


Well I’m good. Slept better last night than I had the few nights previously, had some funny dreams, but whatever. Perhaps because I’ve spent the last two weeks ‘void’ on the couch. And then as the moon passed over my saturn and ascendent and mars I was engaged in a intelligent conversation with my lovely neighbour that confirmed that my brain is getting back to working again. Hoo-bloody-ray!


So right MM. Where would we be without Ex’s to tear apart, lament about and yearn for while learning lessons from them and being grateful they were/are in our life.

Snakey won’t be back for a long time she got done well and good. we had us a snakey BAR BEE QUE (said in twangy American voice) while you were gone.

Sagg’s got to love em for theri blurt power. I hve leo in merc means I know I am full of shite.


and it so is a dark/void moon day isn’t it? Have just spent hours yakking with friends and not much else, unless you count Cafe World on Facebook as productive activity … anyhoo it was back to back yaks with the Virgo’s with Cancer moons – I know two of them – one the Virgo neighbour client not-crush-but-friend, and the other my best mate since high school. They at least are seemingly ok with the ennui and both feeling particularly soulful.


Ha,ha. Funny Mystic! The ‘ol bat-a-lax was grasping at straws….

venus a-go-go

So very very very good to have you back:)

venus a-go-go

The Crabbiness and the not sleeping has been happening, but I am trying to channel only the positive, not the negative. (Full On Dreams sometimes makes this a trial) I am thinking that there are some things that I am not happy with and will have to change… but I am getting some short and long term goals. Making lists and plans. Getting everything ship shape and Bristol fashion. Its just so I don’t crawl into a hole when one thing is bad, doesn’t go according to plan. I can pep talk myself with ‘this may not be ok… but… Read more »


Venus a-go-go, are you a news anchor? Love that you knit during long segments. 🙂

venus a-go-go

I work in radio. I have been told that I am not allowed wool in the workplace and that I also need to go to the bathroom at least 15 mins before someone might possibly need me.
How I am meant to know these things is anyones guess. Considering my entire break has been taking up with my Boss’s lecture about it, I am not sure whether I am allowed to go to the bathroom until 10pm now.
I am just saying ‘Ok’ and then muddling through the best I can, and maybe laughing a little:).


Well, if need be, there is always the diaper like our crazy astronut lady wore to knock off her boyfriend. 🙂 (Hmmm, maybe your boss should watch his back too?) lol

venus a-go-go

Sweetpea… you are totally given me ideas here…


this is absolutely ….
words fail me…
you poor thing – i think your keep calm and carry on attitude is the best option.

venus a-go-go

I am laughing fairly hard at this ariesartist. I could be all upset (oh haow I could be)
Laughing is so much more enjoyable:)
And I have 2 applications for other jobs on the go… and Mystic tells me that things will get much much better work wise with a little bit of leo RAWR… so I am cool, calm and collected.
Not a feather ruffled…


Sag moon + Leo merc = blurt city here. I’m sure I have an opinion on everything. I even have an opinion on all my opinions.


Prowlin’, are you going Borg on us?…. 🙂


Just realized my youngest, Cancer like you, has Sag Moon and Leo Merc! She doesn’t come across as witty/brill as you though but she did writing with dialogue at a very young age which cracked me up.

Hmm, must watch/listen more closely…Although….she has Scorp rising and I know yours Gem. Yes, you certainly MUST be a handful Prowln! lol

My Leo MOm enjoys talking with her (well, yah! Mom Sun and Moon Leo with Sag rising!)


It’s the Scorp rising that keeps her brillness under cover … waiting for the right time to put it out there and stun her victim/object of desire with her utter brilliosity!! With Gem Asc I am just a natural born blurter. I have about as much guile as Britney on speed. I’d probably be a flasher if it weren’t for the bloody law!

And honey I went Borg yonks ago! rofl 😉

Stress Princess

How hilarious. Hardly slept. Dreams of snakes’ skins, as in ultiple snakes (mistakenly just typed skanks, heh heh) shedding their skins in the trees around my deck and trying to get to my pets. I actually got up pre-dawn (soo misty here in Bris) to check on everything. Then I went back to bed and just cried. PMS? Also had an audition for some crappy ad campaign this arvo and aftwards, got back in my car and cried. I just felt blah. What’s the use? Why do I bother? etc etc. So I came home, re-aligned the furniture, hugged my… Read more »

Stress Princess

“ultiple snakes” – I meant “multiple.” 😛


I imagine a “skank” would love to shed their clothes, er, skin…he,he

But snakes shedding skin sounds very transformative to me!

xox rockstar libran publicist xox

spontaneous Aperitivo yesterday culminated with late night rambunctious few casa, inspiring tres leisurely start today! late night shinannegans & a strategically empty-ish Monday schedule allows ambling start to week. Where possible Mondays are spent solo – inspires ‘hit ground running’ surge for remainder of week ……. YAY – grokking cosmos!!

Loving Daily Mystic flagging good biz days @week!
Ready for dark moon R&R prep….. xox 😉


great you are back and had a great time MM. We were lighting candles for you and fending off crazies that tried to slip under the radar. No chance. No crabiness here. I’ve had lots of realisations lately and I am ready to rock n roll. “sophisticated realisations” are ab fab MM. Sent the TC a piece on eros to challenge him to a different kind of relationship not based in traditional lines – you know flowers dinner, ikea etc but on risk and depth. This was before i knew he has aries in eros so he should be up… Read more »

fluid feline

LG are you referring to Snakey’s nasty comments under Full Moon Alert and My Cuckoo “Why Subscribe” Letter posts?? Or did I miss something.


See, this is why I miss you when you’re away. Yes, definitely some ennui but now that I know it’s likely due to these aspects and I’m not the only one feeling it I do feel a pinch better.


i feel like the woman in that picture today.
completely blah. not myself. low energy, melancholy, despairing.

plus there is no sun here today and i need it!! (like you, peg).

mystic i may follow you and just go hide out til moon is in leo.


All I could think about when I looked at the pic Sagg, is that her hair matches her high heel shoe boots and that I esp. like her shoe/boots!

Where I live, it’s sunny every single day of the year but ya know, that has it’s down sides too like when I really want to order a cloudy day to match my mood.


taurean alchemist

Crappy moon did you say? I didn’t sleep either Mystic… spontaneous bouts of crying and feeling very sad and sorry for myself… which carried over to today’s session with Shrink which went 40 mins overtime on account of me sobbing uncontrollably about the terrible loneliness etc. (but didn’t cane myself over the weekend, except perhaps metaphorically about my crappy life choices and inability to attract a man who actually wants a relationship with me). House is full of boxes, stuff everywhere, and kids (laggers that haven’t returned to school yet). V unproductive and chaotic. Moving to new place on friday…… Read more »


Big hugs to you TA and a dry hanky..xo

Here’s to a smooth transition, you poor darling. I’ve been where I’m living for over two years now and only now feeling more at peace. Just have not been settled with it. Do hope you settle in for a longer stay this time.

If any comfort, I’m manless too, and still not sure if thats a good thing or a bad thing…lol

taurean alchemist

thanks Sweetpea… have just realised Venus has entered the ‘pluto shitzone’ of my chart (pluto conj IC conj jupiter conj south node conj Uranus) so no wonder I am wigging out…

sometimes manless is good, I hope this is one of those times for you xx


Has anyone ever given you a really good interp. of that natal combo on your IC? Thats alot and then you’re having Uranus opp. Uranus maybe? That was a very upside down, hugely changeable time for me but did change my life. It’s an important life passage from what I understand and I found it so also.

taurean alchemist

nah, my alchemy teachers once said it was quite powerful espesh as lots of energy goes through this cluster – merc is trine and neptune is sextile and there is a yod to Saturn – but basically because its my fourth house it is usually interpreted as being about ‘the past’. Not very helpful really.

Mystic did an astro query for me about the Uranus MC/opposition thing and it really helped.

*sigh* leo moonwane isn’t lifting my spirits at all


Sorry to hear about your worries/weariness TA. Moving is crap.
I hope that the new house brings you some groundedness and a sense of relief/moving forward.

Leonine Librarian

This isn’t meant to be as flippant as it probably sounds…

Maybe if you feel the leo moonwane isn’t doing it for you…embrace some easy to do leo stuff, like put a hair treatment in while you pack…

Maybe look for the absurd in each moment?

Think of the most outrageous thing you can think of and whether there is any value in just doing it. or even a part of it? This works well with the appreciation of the absurd…

Another leoism is that, you’re never truly alone because you will always have you.

Hugs TA


Yup, SweetPea, Sunshine needed & a golden tan to highlight
my green eyes. My winter skin needs the Vit D & a deep dive underwater.
Am 100 meters from a huge local swim pool. It’s open but Spring isn’t.
The Sun & Water Cure.


Hey Pegs, yeah. I can imagine tan with green eyes gorge, mine blue and was pale most of the summer though.

Funny how in the summer too hot to be out. Now it’s fall here and perfect.


Guilty……….Mercury in Saggo. I do monitor myself re opinions, like try to NOT have them as they take up too much time & mostly worthless in the bigger pix. Wasn’t it Madonna that quote is attributed to….everyones entitled to my opinion. Wouldn’t care much for her opinion on anything too deep. Thunder & lightning last night, bright flashes & rumbles, then it poured. Spring is still asleep! So many stop starts stop, now you see it now you don’t. Hanging in for Oct 18 when everything is meant to lift. Universe are you listening? Now technology has entered my dreamlife… Read more »


Think I have good cause to be a crab as Cancer trans. NN and Mars opp. my Cappy Moon!

But alas, just as sweet as suggah dahlin.. I got some suntan today. What’s there to complain about?


indigo fish… i feel the same way… i am having to go to the bathrooms to have crying moments… just go away Cancer Moon, you’re just too much emo!!


I actually think its more the mars influence churning things up for you guys, having mars in cancer natally Im used to this feeling, its deep and wide and usually emotional in all the wrong ways.


Oooh. I have a natal Mars in Cancer as well davidl. What do you mean “in all the wrong ways”?

unpredictable pisces

yes i am curious too dl, the toro has Mars in Cancer, he is one changeable toro (in some ways)


what I mean is that I can get pretty worked up over something that is probably going to blow over tomorrow, like an emotional outpouring, it can be intense, and sometimes just wrong. Matched with the aries sun it can cause mayhem.

indigo fish

i lack the energy to take myself to the bathroom for those moments. and since making the journey home, i don’t even have the energy to cry. yesterday, crying seemed great – a nice little general cathartic release of all those swirly-whirly emotions. but after the cancerian emo, the void dark moon leaves me a bit numb and empty. and procrastinating. (yet pouncy, in a bored way.). and just so over it. i find bathrooms a bit scary for crying in, all those tiled surfaces to make it cold and echo-ey. but the handy mirrors for touching up eye make… Read more »

fluid feline

Mystic – you are very likely feeling the trans Moon squaring your lovely Libran Moon and your stuff in Aries as well. Also the trans Sun in Libra atm square the Kataka Moon would be enuf to set a lot of people’s charts off. As I have natally zip in Libra, Aries (‘cept POF) and Cap, I guess I can revel in the trans Kataka Moon (over my stellium of stuff in Kataka).

Sweet dreams x

indigo fish

Mystic – do you mean Monday *next* week? Think I will need you to write a note to my boss to excuse me from work for the rest of the week… Have left work at lunch today to finish the working day from home. Made an excuse (which was true) but am 1 – over it and 2 – feeling blubbery. Best that I stay behind closed doors for this week in light of your venus news: I even detected a hint of flirting with my usually laconic homeopath dude.

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