Amelia Earhart & The Mysterious Astro-Glyphs

Amelia Earhart in the cockpit

An expedition is on to find more info re Ms Amelia Earhart, the fearless pilot (and Leo) who disappeared in July 1937. She was fascinating and on this site here you can see what some say is a message from her, suggesting Earhart was held in capitivity. By the Japanese presumably. She was, at that point, the most famous woman in the world.

“These mysterious initials were found in a prison cell
on the walls of the Japanese Jail, Garapan, Saipan, and were
given to Tom Devine by William Grandt of Chicago who claims
to have the original photo. The letters are not Japanese. Gradt
said the photo was taken in 1944, and that he received it from
Jose Deloen Aspiros, now deceased, when he visited Saipan in
the late 1970s. The handwriting on the wall was first photographed
in 1944 and was not translated until a woman from Colorado gave
an interpretation of its mystic message. The initials “AE” are
boldly clear.

The arrow was interpreted as being one of the signs
of the planet Mars. The “4” represents the planet Jupiter. The six
horizontal lines are the six lines of “I Ching” from the ancient Chinese
Book of Oracles. Within the six lines of I-Ching is the date “72” or
July 2nd the date Earhart disappeared. Whoever put this inscription
on the wall of the Japanese Jail at Garapan knew their astrology and
knew their astrological chart.


In this inscription, Amelia is praying for action from the planet
Mars and good fortune from Jupiter. She is a “seven” as
there are seven letters in the Earhart name. The number
“seven” has double lines for emphasis. The six unbroken
lines represent the strongest of the Hexagrams of I-Ching.
She is crying out for Mars and Jupiter to come for her in
the hour of need. Mars and Jupiter appear as conjunct
on July 24, 1897, the date Amelia Earhart was born.”

Have a look at the inscriptions and see what you think I note that there was a Mars Jupiter conjunction on October 30 1937, months after she disappeared and that as a pilot used to flying by night she would have been familiar with these planets; they’re very bright. But familiar enough with astrology to do the Mars-Jupiter glyphs?

If it is the I-Ching hexagram – and it sure looks like it – then she has given it a ‘broken’ number 3 which would thus read: “Creative power that becomes known – but dangers lurk in the rise to fame.”

Camille Paglia wrote of her;

Amelia Earhart symbolizes modern woman’s invasion of the male world of daring adventure. As an aviator, she broke barriers and made the machine age her own. As a recreational athlete and automobile driver, she embodied fitness, energy and breezy mobility…Her ability to open her mysterious poetic inner self to the camera lens was as advanced as any movie stars…”

Her Chart: Sun in Leo conjunct South Node – bright soul from the past. Mars & Jupiter conjunct in Virgo – yes – but squaring her Moon + Pluto in Gemini. Also in Gemini; Venus, Ceres, Neptune & Part of Fortune. Uranus is conjunct Saturn in Scorpio.

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Maybe his is wierd but her nose and mouth remind me a lot of Julia Roberts….


Hilary Swank is playing Amelia Earhart in an up coming movie. She learned to fly for the film as well. I won’t miss it, going to be fab!

Know I mentioned my Dad is a pilot. Mom had her license too! Leo like Amelia!

Go girl pilots!


Saw the movie last night, very compelling portrait!


Chuff gland! That’s awesome!

I love you too RLP! If Mystic has another Speed-Astro night in Sydney I will fly down just to meet you! We would have to check out some hot men in bands too of course. Did I miss what happened with the surf-rock guy? Is it Dick Dale?? Can I ask that hee hee!!


I always get goosebumps when I read about AE.

And I love when people appreciate others so clearly – RLP, if I were you my chuff gland would be pumping!

xox rockstar libran publicist xox

daring AND beautiful – tres Leo non?

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