Void Moon in Aries Caution!

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Sylvester the Cat holding Tweety by the throat

Sylvester the Cat is an Aries & as such, he never-ever gives up. Whilst it’s such an admirable Aries trait, the dogged, Ramzilla in-mission-mode, true grit etc ain’t such a good idea with the Moon Void in Aries & Mercury newly Retrograde. Best to be more Zenny about it.

It what? It anything.

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And..Tweety is a Scorpio…

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25 thoughts on “Void Moon in Aries Caution!

  1. suffering succotash, this is proving to be a difficult week..been riding high for months, last few days..not so, bring on Octoberfest.

  2. Yeah, me too.. Just work, work, work.. with debtors proving elusive lately to put money in account.. C’mon the bountiful gifts of October!

    re: Tweety being a Scorp.. Typical game-playing water signs! πŸ˜‰

  3. A quick word to the wise….. the Virgo Poet and I imploded on the week~end. Don’t worry, I am fine. Onwards and upwards. Don’t really have time to read all your posts.

    Best to all,

    Mizz Helen

    P.S All inner~north Melbourne locals, keep an eye out for groovy gigs at the Darebin Music Festa. Its goin orf~!

  4. Well, I resigned from my job this morning under the void moon. It wasn’t a rash decision I’d thought about it a lot recently. I just couldn’t shake this feeling that the job was like ‘dead wood’ and was holding me back from reaching my potential. For some reason this morning was it, it had to end for some unknown reason so it did. I only read about the void moon stuff after I resigned. I’m not sure if reading about it before would have made a difference Lol.

  5. I’m a bit like davidl ridin’ high lately then today was from depths of dispair to tearful elation within a few hours. Still recovering from that one. Dreams were beautiful last night though.

    • I was always disappointed when Sylvester finally got Tweety in his mouth only to have it belted out of him.

  6. really felt the retrograde today “..a very palpable hit..” -shakespeare

    referenced may 6 retro day exactly, very, very interesting…

    this must be strong retrograde (last one was also, very-)

    Above advice useless on true aries…

    “He don’t know me vewee well– do he?”

  7. No wonder Sylvester has never really gotten Tweetie. Read somewhere that only a Scorp can destroy an Aries. Tweets maybe ending up driving Sylvester bats?

    Was born on Void of Course Moon so of course the Void is “~ahem~”
    ‘void’ in my case.

    • I did the same last week, booked my return flight basically 12 hours before i thought I’d booked it. Rang to confirm flight, told I’d already missed it and had to re book and repay for the flight home…thats a first for me too.

      • ow, not good. i guess at least i managed to cancel and rebook with a $50 dent in the card for cancellation fee (gee they make some moola out of that don’t they)

        • Yep, just got my third change on my flights home next week, could have paid for another whole ticket with the fees they charge.

  8. I so am not in the mood for starting new projects today although there’s a couple that need me to get a wiggle on – but low and behold it’s a void moon so the perfect excuse to procrastinate, faff about doing finished art and blog … at least until tomorrow. Yay!

    In other Ram news … just found out that my Aries client worked throughout her entire pregnancy including moving her warehouse/office into new premises during the last trimester, which is a huge feat in and of itself considering the unholy mess her office was in, let alone being preggers. Whilst the more faint hearted amongst us would’ve been putting up our oedema swollen ankles way before this, whilst tucking into lashings of chocky and cream donuts (well that’s what I did) – Ms Ramette then proceeded to work throughout a quarter of her labour (wot? wot?? wot?? blumin Martians … totally bats) and after a 44 hour labour (yes I know, it brought tears to my eyes too) proceeded to get back to work the next day whilst announcing she’d never had so much energy, nor felt so productive!!!! …. unbelievable.

    The little tacker … a Virgo boy … is very cute. He even managed to give that quizzical Virgo frown that I’ve grown to know and love in the faces of the 20 odd bloody Virgos in my life at the mo’ ….

    • Great Gatsby, break out the Wonder Woman theme song!

      And here I’d thought standing on the dining table with the vacuum hose at 8 months was a wonder…


      Course forgot about Aries sis giving birth to 10 pounder while her leg was in a cast!! And no meds either…

      But 44 hours of labor? Great Gatsby, (again) when did she have time to sleep before going back to work?

      • I just observe Rams Sweetpea, I don’t claim to understand them in any way, shape nor form. Maybe she doesn’t actually sleep?

        • “nothing can or will stop me from achieving X / Y / Z..in your face, obstacles” .

          “childbirth? no worries. ”

          “if i let this stop me then what else will i let stop me?”

          etc…sort of like that I think…awaiting confirmation from les Rams / Ramettes d’or

          • Oh gee UP, well, I am a Ramette! Was just joking above, as well, yes, usually do know where my head is ramming next…

          • oh! duh of course you are…i missed the ‘me’ part in your post!! *time for me to go home* zzzzzzzzz