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model climbing on birdcageThis probably applies way more to the Mutables (Saggo, Pisces, Gemini, Virgo) than other Sun Signs but still…think about this. Saturn has been in Virgo since late 2007. It gets outta there in a few weeks. Though it does back-track into Virgo next year, it is over degrees that will already have been done in October…

Uranus swinging around and opposing Saturn can lead to a sensation of realising where one is caged (by circumstances, habits, a relationship, attitudes, outmoded beliefs, fears, whatevs) and then uncaging oneself. The idea would be that you came to haute awareness of the situation last Feb or  September that is just finishing now & busy thyself becoming more emancipated.

Hands up who’s escaping with the Uranian vibe?? Or who has just now realised that they were caged but that now they are not?

The price of freedom? Everyone knows this one. Eternal vigilance.

Image: Lara Jade

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48 thoughts on “Uncaged…

  1. Yep, yep! Was realizing last February or thereabouts that my bf and I had to make some big changes with our social circle. We have distanced ourselves a lot, but can’t remove completely…suffice to say it’s attached to bf’s job. But we feel validated everyday in our decision. We have uncaged ourselves!

    Currently feeling caged in by my job, tho I like it and LOVE the people I work with. About to go on vacay tho for 2 weeks and hope to come back feeling less caged.

  2. very mutable pisces here. last september, came back from a family holiday sans then-bf, realised how caged I was in that relationship and got out of there. recently ditched cushy govt job, moved countries and am doing flakey writing/music things for myself, by myself. hopefully things will develop even more from here…

  3. jump round the living room in your undies & get unstuck to this!!

    Yes am ‘Totally Addicted to Bass’…….& tunes to get unstuck to……

    chicks do Mad Max or something,
    how HOT are the car stunts??????? 😉

      • I saw someone changing the cd on their discman as they stopped at a pedestrian crossing the other day – I was kind of shocked by its bulk and the annoying looking changing the disc process – and also wondered if they ever got that it skips as you walk thing sorted out before they became obsolete. The walkman was so much better than the discman imo

        • but look how cute her Walkman is……then using the CB Radio as a Mike. gonna do another lap of the living room. get more endorphins pumping!! god bless my neighbours for tolerance. either we share music taste….or, they’re deaf!!

  4. Am I free? I think I’m getting a good idea of what it might my life might be like if I was. I’m reviewing my ideas of how to live with (physical) pain, which has been a literal cage, in order to work through it. Today I woke up & realised that pain has a good intention for me.
    & friendship – what the hell am I doing trying to change myself, being with people who don’t appreciate me? Accepting that I need really honest, nice, intimate friendship instead of distance & occasional meet-ups.
    Recognising that I need to absolve myself of guilt for everything (I have guilt about the fact that I earn money, that I have an apartment, that I’m in pain, that I don’t write enough): yet learning not to blame anyone else.

    I have to say, being a Gemini squaring Psyche in Virgo is fuqing tough, especially with Saturn in Virgo, & I guess I’ve realised that the internal critic is reflecting back at me thru all the unpleasant situations in my life! – & that internal critic is often too harsh, & that endless criticism is unproductive.
    Seriously, the last two years have been horrible for me, I haven’t felt like ‘myself’ since Aug 2007. That’s quite a big thing to say, but it’s true. Well, to be honest, I hardly know who ‘myself’ is anymore, but I feel like I must honour my intentions in order to become myself… is this making sense? I’m 22, so I guess I don’t think I should have settled into a self yet. Saturn in Virgo has been a walloping of the entire structure of my life & brought out every insecurity that was latent & thrown it in my face. Uncaged indeed!

    • This lady has read for me over the years for the past 25 yrs. She is EXCELLENT.

      Know she’s in California but she does distance readings too. She truly is extremely accurate…

      Just a suggestion..Don’t want to out source psychics away from Oz!


    • Damons – ask Mystic for a Skype consult.
      I know she’s busy finishing books, interstate speed Read Cabaret & Tele appearance – but suck up to her……she may bend the rules for you. IT WILL CLARIFY, a LOT.

      Hope at least, you’re getting some surf.
      A water boy needs the water – for balance.
      But you know that already!! xox

  5. i was lucky, i jumped and i landed relatively on my feet, now i feel more comfortable and happy than ever about who i am, and i have also been remembering dreams i had back in the day that i had given up on. i feel like there’s still time.

    but i want to say that it hasn’t all been easy and if you’re having a hard time now, feeling caged, feeling scared about jumping, that’s okay. i gave myself panic attacks about moving to another city etc. etc. it was super hard at first, but it got better.

    trust in your own ability to adapt and be resilient. i am truly worried for my friends who have grown up and are now on like 80k a year and say that they can’t live without x expensive product or convenience. if you can be adaptive and learn that sometimes it is good to be able to go without these things you will be able to take the risks necessary to find what is truly meaningful in your life.

  6. Someone just reminded me that it’s Durga Puja today (well, since the weekend until tomorrow.) Seems pretty appropriate really:

    In Hinduism, the Goddess Durga “the inaccessible”or “the invincible”or Maa Durga (Mother Durga) “one who can redeem in situations of utmost distress”

    An embodiment of creative feminine force (Shakti), Durga exists in a state of sv?tantrya (dependence on the universe and nothing/nobody else, i.e., self-sufficiency) and fierce compassion.

    She manifests fearlessness and patience, and never loses her sense of humor, even during spiritual battles of epic proportion.

    From Wikipedia: http://tinyurl.com/jcydq

    • aaah you 22 jans are my favourites of all the days – always there with a seemingly random fact that is actually entirely poignant – thanks for posting that CBA.

  7. ah – was wondering where the sudden spike in individuating urges was coming from. and it’s been pretty dramatic too. massive flash back to about december 98 where i turned my back on my herbal life and started a corporate existence.

    lesly i so hear you. the hair, the study plans, the art, the re-evaluation of the ridiculous standards… the dust has been blown away.

    and to return to some comments from last week, johnny cash also did a really neat cover of a soundgarden song i remember very fondly from the school daze, called “rusty cage”. got no youtube at work otherwise i’d post a link to it. words from the chorus: “I’m gonna break my rusty cage and run”

  8. Yes well have mentioned recently that I separated from my husband. It wasn’t a recent decision though. We first started counselling Sept 07, then I first asked for divorce Dec 07, made decision to separate but didn’t in May-Jun 08, Sept-Nov 08 and Feb 09, asked fo divorce again June 09 but stayed. Then finally found my exit Sept 09.
    When I started the relationship I tried to keep a back door open at all times but it gradually closed up with mortgage and kids. So I pushed my way out through the front.

  9. Just chucked the job, chucked the bloke (who keeps phoning, and that makes me even more determined to not go back) and feelin’ breezy!! Yes, it’s a big time for pisces right now. I can do anything I want (within reason…i.e. if it doesn’t hurt anyone else) and that is liberating!

  10. I just dyed my hair jet black from white-blonde as a departure from all of my negative thoughts the past five years. And I’ve just re-evaluated my plans education wise, and have decided to change from a strictly academic to a more artistic and creative goal. It seems way more realistic and way more “me”. I feel like I’m letting go of a lot of my super high standards, and I’m dressing less to impress others and more encapture my aesthetic vision. Definitely uncaging over here!

  11. Yep, the realisations are coming thick and fast. Things are evolving. The door to the cage is open, but there’s a moment of hesitation – there is security in this cage. Outside, I have to create my own…

    (So, maybe just for this evening, could I just curl up in bed with a good book and forget about the outside world?)

    • CBA – you just nailed something for me here. Thanks!!
      the door to my cage is open…but am yet to step outside explore the freedom.

      Oddly – so many of us are beating the same drum. re love, career, stuck patterns. For me also the standout dates (disaster, set back, trip wires) are Sept 07, Feb 08, Sept 08 (at the time I thought that to be my own GFC!!), Feb 09 & that last eclipse season.

      yes there’s been growth, but bring on the god damn renewal (as she turns up the dial on the stereo!!) xox

      • Oh! – Well I had a great dream last night that I was partying on some rock star’s private island, and I’m sure it’s only because I was reading your tales in one of yesterday’s posts last night! So thanks to you too!

  12. i have been slowly noticing and releasing myself from my cage since late last year, with definite peaks in Feb and then July (eclipses!) this year. It has been such an internal process- caged by my own rigid ideas of what it means to be responsible and mature, and neglecting my need for joy and expansion. and realising that they do not need to be mutually exclusive! ive been on quite a journey this year, unshackling myself from so many self imposed limitations and i am determined to not go numb in the way ive been ever again!

    its exciting, sometimes incredibly painful, sometimes incredibly liberating, but i am creating a structure that suits my TRUE self, and which allows me to thrive. life moves fast, and being a ‘grown up’, ive realised, is taking absolute and full responsibility for that fact, and living as authentically and well as possible. being smart about the fact youll never ever be happy just by ticking the boxes of what looks good to the outside.

    iver had saturn in my 5th and uranus in my 11th, and so i think ive been getting serious about creating a joyful life, and letting my wishes and hopes and connections be as expansive as they want to be…

    ive been feeling things building behind the scenes for a while now, as i go back and forth, releasing old hurts and being more conscious than ive ever been of how i want my life to be. this whole process is deeply new to me- ive always followed ‘rules’ of one kind or another. but my overriding feeling now is ‘if not now, WHEN?’

    its time! as saturn moves into my 6th, i know part of this will be about creating a work life that is solid for me. and my aries rising scopes indicate the coming of a whole new relationship reality.

    in both cases, i am more than ready, thanks to this bumper of a year.

    sorry this ended up a long post. but im really feeling it today.
    uncaged indeed!!!

  13. Yes! Yes! Yes! I had a great weekend, really moved an old emotional issue and am now realising how much power I have over something I used to think controlled me.

    Have had to endure more knowledge of ex with new woman over weekend. At first I felt bad, but quickly and in a rather strong way FELT different over the next few days. I can have him or anyone I want! It’s about internal confidence and how I feel about myself. But do I really want him? I have a clearer head from which to view what I like about this guy, and other things I need that he might not be able to deliver. Which is a big one for me as I have never felt that desirable to men. Bad early formative experiences.

    I know these are rather simple things but to realize these things EMOTIONALLY and not just intellectually is great for me. I feel so much power. So thanks Mystic and everyone for the great chatting that has been a part of this journey! Now I’m going for swim in the ocean.

    Saturn is in 8th house, and Uranus is in my 2nd. Maybe the reason for new self-value in regards to men/love/desire?

    Postmod – you do deserve better day to day. Maybe if you become sure of the knowledge and then new possibilities will occur to you/show up?

    • Scorpinthesky – Just having a forum to vent and explore gives me confidence I will work it all out – as you say, the emo understanding and realisation is so intense and powerful… once I accept my power in this arena I should be fine…. And once I know what it is I want. i keep settling, and I no longer want to…

  14. Caged & picking the lock!

    I have natal Saturn in the 6th & since late 2007 I have had big changes & just been trying to go with it not hanging to anything…anything!
    In september 08 was an interesting time & by february 09 I had acted upon it. Since then I have totally reassessed everything in my life to how my past got me to where I am today, I have been able to assess from day-to-day stuff, outmoded beliefs, relationships, attitude & fears.
    I am stuck on my fears at the mo & whilst I am working on them they do seem a little hard to shift.

    • BC do you think that ever since having chronic PTSD that you have become more stuck on the ‘fear’ or that probs seem warped because of it? That sounds naff….or our perception of our probs have changed? Making us slower to deal with them? But when we do you wonder why it took so long and it wasn’t so hard after all? A mental cage perhaps?

      • Good question!

        I think when people suffer trauma something gets stuck & then later when life settles down it comes up in little ways. I have learnt that fear gets misplaced during a traumatic situation, usually you are in survival mode so fear is not helpful at the time. But it does have a place within you so I have had to get use to that & I do wonder if it does make it slower or it just doesn’t match up somehow.

    • Do you have ptsd? I was diagnosed with that a few months ago too – and that’s when everything started to change and get better. Check out this site – I know I know the dude looks creepy and like you wouldn’t want him telling you stuff in a subliminal way but there’s a hypno thing for it and it works. He has a hypno for everything – even some things I don’t want to give up LOL


      You can download them and stick em in your ipod and listen while you sleep – seriously Baristagem it helps otherwise I wouldn’t be giving it the nudge – I am easily hypnotised but I’m sure it works for everyone.

  15. SO I felt caged before but on the day of the last eclipse I freed myself and now that I’m free I actually feel caged by the freedom. It’s like I’m face to face with the alchemical zero of the zelator – to choose either the everything inside the circle or everything outside of it. I’m sick of dust, I want a job that satisfies me, I should be studying but I’m avoiding it and hanging out here instead, the parrallels from feb and november are perfect and exact and the last time I was at this point I took a shit job and suffered the consequences of being overqualified and bored now I seek the ideal challenging job so this farking uranus on my MC has an outlet but somethings not working and I feel stuck with that saturn conjunct pluto IC. Thank god it got off my jupiter but give us a break wouldja? Osho says the cage is in the mind but my mind won’t give me the key. I’m taking a flower essence and it just seems to make it worse, maybe I’m proving it might have a rest for a few days. GRRR

    • I’m hanging out also coz business undergoing change.
      Taken me a month to realise must do something about it.
      Or go into debt for the first time in 20 years.
      Have run my little cottge industry on a 500 slush fund of capital.
      Reckon the banks could loan me a smallfortune based on my
      creative accounting kills of not having to borrow money & budgeting.

      • if only they acknowledged the fly by the seat of your pants style of business in that world – then I’m sure some amazing things would happen to the cottage industries Pegasus – just a small injection of cash sometimes can push them to the next level income wise. Your business is a niche too – do you ever find there’s resistance in acknowledging your field with the mainstream $ and business peeps?

        I’ve kind of decided in the last few hours – yes, literally – to begin a cottage industry. I’m applying for “big” jobs and its not working and there’s one more I will put myself forward for which is actually perfect for my skills and after that if it doesn’t work out I’m going my own way – I’ve done it before I can do it again I’m sure of it. The thing now is to decide which of my several arrows to pull out of the quiver and take aim with – and feel lucky I have the luxury of a few choices. But entering small business arena knowing how intense that can be is a daunting thought. You’ve done incredibly well to survive and thrive for as long as you have you know – THAT looks good on paper. Onwards and upwards pegasus always onwards and upwards.


    I am on my fifth early in a row, having no sleep cos my housemate was having a scraming match with the guy she is attempting to go out with. I am currently feeling mildly smug about being single and proud.
    My morning might have also spent most of my shift wearing a hobbled together cape.

    Clearly I need some sort of emancipation or I will go postal to a level I may never come back from…

  17. I am feeling REALLY CAGED, and its only just dawned on me just how much I am champing at the bit. Its work that has me completely frustrated, and yes, it has been since Feb08 – I have been watching that paradigm for months now, and thought I was doing great – but I’m not. I’m an admin with a masters degree, and I’m not fully utilised, and I’m frustrated and bored – and I have a great team, and there could be avenues for learning and advancement, but I’m stumped on how to visualise them, and then how to enact them, or if they meet my moral code. I am also reassessing how I categorise ‘success’, how I value money, and reembursement for service rendered… And I am totally reevaluating love etc. I thought my saturn return was about my health, my body, fitness…. But I just clued up…. its also about my work, and my day to day. Fuq.

    • Wow postmodscorp that’s fantastic what you’ve realised about yourself! And now you can make changes. You’re going some big stuff esp re success etc. Perhaps you will find a way to change things in your current work situation, or a new path will open (naturally or forced a la Mystic’s post) that will push you in the right direction. I’ve had a similar experience myself and it’s frightening, but you have to do with it. Good luck!

  18. Look I’d like to take a raincheck on all those power lunches with the heavy hitters – any chance I could have an afternoon tea of cupcakes or maybe some twilight aperitifs with venus and mercury instead? I feel like I’m dragging sandbags around – but they’re out of my control, not stuff I can change myself – or is that what the forced change is? BAH

  19. Forced growth. As in Saturn in early Libra squaring Pluto in Cap. Late Nov is when we’ll really get to know what’s what with the new economy. More on all that later.

  20. *raises hand* yes to the realisation of being caged. By outdated beliefs and a flurry of other once useful ego manifestations that are now not useful coz I’ve grown out of them. Hard to explain without writing an extensive missive, but that’s the general gist.

    Am intrigued though what the new paradigm is gonna be like now that all the significant heavy hitters (Pluto, Saturn and Uranus?) have moved or are about to move into cardinal signs after years of mutability.

  21. yep – MANY pennies dropped here over weekend – re caged!!
    the ‘get out of jail’ free card was played &, like the previously restrained – am acclimatizing to being sans shackles.

    now I reckon REAL progress will happen.
    ideally swiftly LOL xox

    PS Merc Rx Ebay / PayPal drama resolved, 3 days & 40 emails later……… reason for fault? old email address expired & never received notification to renew ……. oh so Merc Rx

    • i spent most of last month trying to get an ebay issue resolved, emails not received, things going missing in the post etc. thankfully is done now, lucky they were so keen on getting my “positive feedback”!

      • my internal guilt monitors’ve been on overdrive this Merc Rx – & losing my EBay virginity meant I was determined to work it, whilst ferociously guilting the pps’d leave crap comments (???…)!! I mean kids can work EBay so why not me!! felt about as useful as an ashtray on a motorbike. all this circa le Turds SMS antics / nightmate. anyways by communicating the prob to the peeps who were SO sweet in reply & determination to solve, success prevailed. but such a waste of time c/ own Tech-Tardness…..dear me talents do lay elsewhere……….

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