Uma & Ganesha

Ganesha Symbolism Diagram

Was reading this interview with the multiple conjunct Taurean Uma Thurman in W Magazine & it’s banging on about how her fiance – the hunky Aquarius banker & ex-to-Elle MacPherson, Arpad Busson, his entry in Wikipedia is insanely fascinating, seriously – gave her a honking great big diamond (bigger than the Ritz) and then this…

“…Which takes us to another piece of jewelry Thurman is wearing tonight. On her right hand she’s sporting an ornate silver ring in the shape of an elephant-headed figure. “This is my Ganesha,” she says. “It was given to me by the costumer from Percy Jackson, who had actually picked it out for another character.” In Hindu mythology, explains Thurman, Lord Ganesha is the son of Uma. (She should know: Her father, a noted scholar of Eastern religions, named his daughter after the Hindu goddess.) “And I had actually been looking for some Ganeshas to wear for good luck because Ganesha is known as the remover of obstacles,” she says. “Remover of obstacles—I think that’s something to pray to.”…”

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Wow. Apt. I am so glad Mystic posts links from her earlier work…Its synchronistic to see old posts that resonate contemporaneously.

Piscean closed for renovation

I just re-read this post and looked at the Ganesha image again. I really like it, surprised i didn’t absorb the meanings the first time. Ganesha appeals to me, if one can say that about a hindu deity.

The Leo Socialite

I really love the bit about how Arki Busson was dating Farrah Fawcett. That’s unreal. And he’s so handsome, wealthy but obviously eccentric and into out-there women.


Don’t care. Unless you live self-sufficiently on a mountain with some goats and a garden and never use money in any transaction, you too are instrinsically part of a capitalist system. If you use a bank, have superannuation or insurance or any investments with any companies whatsoever then you too, by proxy, are benefitting from hedge-fund managers. I just like the guy! I’m not scared of hedge-fund managers 😉


Busson is a hedge fund manager——PUKE.


A Virgo loves me!!!! It’s a first!!!

I just read Busson’s wikipedia entry. Oh, if only I could find a man like that! I think I must be a real Gemini, despite trying to masquerade beneath my Taurus rising. He sounds like my ideal partner, and an Aquarius to boot!

scorpalicious robot

YOU rock too seabird!

Ãœber Virgo

I think I love you. (Love them geminis!) Mercury rules OK!

Ãœber Virgo

That was for you seabird. Forgot to hit the little button. xx


When i was in Oz, Internode were my service providers. They rocked. What is it with large companies and the way when they reach a certain size, they just cease to care about their customers? Internode might go that way too, looks like just from the people on here that they’re pretty popular. But their support staff were great, no question too stupid, no time too long – helped me set up my wireless system over the phone no probs. I have never lost an argument with a telco company, not once. I once threatened Optus with a court appearance… Read more »


SeaBird………a million thanx, shall do TODAY!


iinet? well, they had me on the phone with the most disinterested help desk person ‘assisting’ me…didn’t fix the problem…gave me other numbers to call (maybe someone elses’ help desk will know stuff)…they sent me set up instructions to an email address that hadn’t been set up….due to lack of set up instructions!!! ….booked an expensive line service check…told me it could be a stuffed modem…which they provided but didn’t cover by warrantee (ummm what?) and i almost walked away resigned to failure….but on instinct or maybe with sheer aqua stubborness, made a five minute phone call to another help… Read more »

unpredictable pisces

isn’t that the queen’s motto? or one of the royals? ah – 2 second search = WWII early motto invented by the british govt to boost the morale of the masses…..

Leonine Librarian

UP this link has a pretty good story about the origins and why it’s sprung up about the place so much lately.

Apparently it was created to inspire if Britain was invaded.


So now we have issues with Voda, Optus and Telstra. I’m being charged for both wireless
AND cable broadband plus an extra mobile i don’t have!
Have paid double as i don’t want to spend the time calling them, so you are on the money with that summary.
BTW just read the track back to Mutables not having a party to Saturn in Virgo.
When Saturn into Libra, it’s exalted (luv that word) so more propituious times ahead.
Merci x

Ãœber Virgo

Seriously, I mentioned this before, but I refuse to deal with Telstra and Optus et al, and certainly won’t enter telco contracts anymore.

It’s worth doing the research on the forums etc here for better alternatives:

As alternatives, I’d look at Internode, Westnet and iinet. I personally have Internode for Broadband, with mobile phone through Think Mobile, but there are lots of small mobile phone providers that are really good value and you needn’t enter a contract.

Got my mum a senior’s saver landline through Westnet.

Vote with your feet people and be careful about getting stuck in contracts.

Uranian&Plutonic Virgo

UV, yes, that Whirlpool site is such a saver! I’m waiting to go with Internode’s Naked Broadband. Service-wise, I’ve never had a problem with Virgin mobile, always good service & helpful. But yeah, go to whirlpool to do your research, so helpful! I wouldn’t even touch Telstra, I loathe them… Not impressed with latest news about their being split either, lower prices, bla3x crap, don’t know don’t care.

scorpalicious robot

i loathe Telstra too. I worked on that account at my last agency and they made my life hell – worst client ever!

My mobile is with Optus, have never had a problem with them.

Internode for internet services. They are absolutely amazing, i cannot praise them enough. They rock!

Ãœber Virgo

Corporate pass agg and not much you can do about it if you’re locked into a contract.

I wonder if Pluto in Cap will renovate any of the unethical corporate business practices.

unpredictable pisces

omg! poor mystic…vodafone is so shite ….not only the above, but as soon as you leave metro sydney, zero reception…


god those were the first fuqers I kicked to the kerb to do with phones and I have never returned – 3 was next – we ended up paying them a few hundered (yes I speld it that way so you could see how the peeps in the call centre say it LOL) dollars just to get them to go away they harrassed us constantly for weeks phone calls at work and at home in evenings and it was only when we refused to have any dealings with them unless it was in writing that they eventually stopped due to… Read more »

upbeat scorp

Wow! Vodafone are the one tele company I have been happy with. Never a problem and always helpful staff. I have learned (by being burned by telstra) not to EVER have telephone dealings with a telephone company. You get much better results in person, or by emailing their tech staff. Tech staff probably the best result of all, especially if you are nice to them. I think it has to do with being able to put forward your case rationally…. ie: you have sent me this final reminder, yet it is the first thing I’ve heard, please help me sort… Read more »


Love how there is always a rat featured with Ganesh:)


Busson, it was said to be so much of a devout catholic he couldn’t marry a model (Elle) but
is going to marry a twice divorced Uma?


Uma’s Father was a dear friend of Timothy Leary, what an incredible household she was brought up in! I have a glass Ganesh to remove obstacles, but at the mo is slacking on the job. The Great Wheel of Fortune needs a quick tweak, being self employed, September has been a financial bloop along with car, vacuum & printer kaputting plus outrageous fine for being 2 seconds early crossing the tram track (cop directly behind me), then face doctor overcharging me by 400 and an erroneous bill from Telstra for 1000 when it’s usually a fifth of that, huh? Hope… Read more »


peg, i got a hideous phone bill as well this month- like 10 times the amount of usual! optus the culprit here. def. some merc retro stuff affecting saggis i think.


Saggi, think we usually have so much Good Luck that a bit o bad, throws us every which way but loose:)


yeah…i might look at it that way…rather than getting my whole attitude towards service providers into a major angry funk.

its times like these though i want to escape to a desert island where the concept of ‘phone company’ barely exists.


yes, Barista Ganesha is the lord of obstacles and can remove or place them in the way.


I love Uma & her hands are amazing! (I am so obsessed with hands)

Mmm I wonder what her obstacles are? Maybe she is worried that Busson might change his mind, as when he was engaged to ‘the body’. Or the fact she can’t leave New York because of the kids? Or could it be she can’t get her rock through her sleeves without tearing up her wardrobe.
Mmmm & Lord Ganesha might even throw out a little obstacle for her to see how she deals with it.

Champagne Bearing Aquarian

Ganesh keeps popping up in my life at the moment, so it shouldn’t be a surprise to see him here…

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