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Drew Barrymore holding a white rabbit
“Although Barrymore will strive to convince you that she’s as simple as a daisy, she is, in fact, a bouquet of contradictions. She swears like a drill sergeant, yet her highest words of praise have to do with ‘purity’ and ‘joy’. She adopts the carefree persona of a party girl but pushes herself like a hard-charging C.E.O. “
John Powers

This is inadvertently one of the best descriptions of Pisces I’ve read!  Drew Barrymore is a multiple conjunct Pisces: Sun, Psyche, Pallas, Lilith, Jupiter and Venus all in Pisces.

Another Quote…from her: “I’m a Yin-and-Yang Piscean, I’m an oxymoron of a dichotomy of a double-sided being.”

And the Moon is building to be FULL in Pisces – with Saturn opposing & Pluto going Direct. Now you get to see how your hard evolutionary work of the last few months is coming along…Dream realisation or a swift little reality check?

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10 thoughts on “The Tao Of Pisces

  1. “I’m a Yin-and-Yang Piscean, I’m an oxymoron of a dichotomy of a double-sided being.”
    WHAT… well at least she’s honest and somewhat spiritually aware!
    Pallas and Psyche – so a strong spirit through hard judgement – i am of course refering to the hadships Psyche faced at the hands of Eros’ mother, venus.


  2. No two Pisces are ever the same, always a lot of fun getting to know them.

    I’m lovin’ it at the moment. Beautiful dreams ALL NIGHT long. Splitting from partner has progressed way better than expected even he has been relatively positive about it all. We’re not at war with each other about it, just acceptance & working towards parenting our kids positively. Our boys are taking it well and that’s the most important thing. There’ll be angst ahead we know, surely. It has taken a lot of work on my part to get us to this stage and it’s been well worth it.

  3. Looking like a swift little reality check at this end…

    and that’s ok.

  4. Probably, but it isn’t some half arsed scheme that’s only thought out by one. Where does it say it’s got to be all knives & revenge. It’s over and we BOTH know it, why kill each other & damage our kids further?

  5. Oh, crap, sorry Sav! That was just my ramblings on the topic without thinking about what had been said above! Not judging at all. Sorry – moon in Aqua and then Pisces has me spaced out.

    On the contrary, I think you and your partner sound like you are handling things exceptionally well, with grace and acceptance – I could use some of that energy right now. Thanks for the inspiration 🙂

    • You’ll be alright CBA. You’ve done so well to get this far. Rest or moving forward (no matter how slowly) are the available options. You won’t go backwards don’t worry. Be kind to yourself.

      Savannah, correct about there being no rules that say break ups have to be hollywood style shit fights. No rule like that at all. Always good to do the “am I being a Hollywood Cliche here?” check in stressful situations I find. If you can both keep it civilised and not an opportunity for hitting out at each other, then that is a remarkable achievement. No doubt setting a better tone & example for your kids too? Is your avatar a Sturts Desert Rose?

      • Sorry CBA I was a touch tetchy :(, it has been a big week though & I’m spaced out right now from overload. Salt bath on the agenda! I feel so guilty that it’s gone on this long there’s been many times when one of just could have dumped the other. But that behaviour is for younger folk perhaps.

        Nat, yes that’s a Sturt’s Desert Rose, they are tetchy lol like regular roses to grow. Mealy bug etc, they have a faint smell too. The native hibiscus is very similar in looks too. Beautiful colours.

  6. I love Drew Barrymore, must be my Fish rising with 3 planets in Fish first house. I love how she overcame her crappy childhood beginning.

  7. An ex-Pisces boyfriend had that dreamy-eyed look….barely spoke…..was into “His ” music ( guitar player ) like it was a religion……unfortunately, he was also heavy into mind-altering substances ….I`m not sure he even knows what a “reality-check” is….LOL

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