The Lady Piscean Pirate

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Female Pirate

Anne Bonny was a rebel, a beauty and an amazingly resourceful pirate of her day. Plus she was a Piscean. Born on March 8 1700, her Dad was the married employer of a household in Ireland, her mother the maid. Anne Bonny was raised in Carolina, where she married a small time pirate but ran off with another one, the infamous Calico Jack Rackham – a Capricorn.

There are SO many stories about this woman: Some say that her husband offered to “sell” her (a then-existent quickie divorce fee) to her pirate lover but she refused and was thus sentenced to be flogged for infidelity. But she escaped and became a notorious pirate, plunderer and raider. The only other female pirate of the era (ever?) was Mary Read, her rumoured lover. At one point, Anne Bonny was captured and sentenced to be executed but again, she mysteriously escaped & nothing was ever heard of her again.

Her astro:  Sun, Mercury and Saturn in Pisces…trined by Mars in Scorpio…Jupiter in Capricorn, Lilith in Aquarius opposite Pluto in Leo, Venus/Neptune in Aries square Uranus in Cancer…Venus/Neptune square Uranus would be QUITE the handful at any time, let alone then – no wonder the woman became a pirate.

Thoughts; Did she actually storm ships with her tits out or is that just how the artists liked to depict her???  A la her unconventional lifestyle. And really, for a woman of that time,  her lifestyle was about as non-trad as you can possibly get. I am thinking she had her Uranus in Cancer rising, as she also had children. Fancy combining THAT with pirating. Then.

Mars LOVES to be in Scorpio….Remember that Mars ruled Scorpio before Pluto was discovered.

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37 thoughts on “The Lady Piscean Pirate

  1. Anne Bonny was certainly courageous! She carried a few weapons with her & maybe breasts were one of those she could rely on… It would change the dynamics of any sparring with other pirates with just a flash.
    I still think she sounds amazing.

  2. So do I! And how she thrived in such a male dominant world as a clearly alternative woman, when so many were being executed for witch-craft.

  3. That thing rubbing on her right nipple would chafe tho – topless just doesn’t seem practical for a cutlass brandishing buccaneer. There’s a lot going on with that outfit that seems incongruous.

    • AAHH tits out is symbolic of an empowered woman the man of the house has just told me – mine are out pretty much whenever they can be so it’s nice to hear that me hearties. Funny tho it’s always been about comfort never about power…

      • o and to clarify – that was empowered = tits out not in a page 3 but a carefree what of it why does it even matter that they’re tits and they’re out just get over them way.

  4. Pisceans never cease to surprise. The chart is amazing. Mars in Scorp is formidable yah, but she’s also an amazing manifestation of Venus Neptune in Aries. She’d have to either be a nun or a bandit.

    I think the artist had to add the knockers to differentiate her as a woman, seeing she disguised herself as a man, and since men and women had roughly the same coiffs in 18th century.

  5. oh thank YOU Ms MYstic!
    I always feel so slack and dull during past life astrological spiritual buddhist chats but now i have found my Past Life Celebrity Lesbian Karmic Crush Object. How cool is she and is that where the term “bonny” lass comes from? I am sure there is a really dark side to the tale and i never advocate crime in any form whatsoever, i have friends whose yachts have been pirated and it is a horrible experience, nothing romantic about it at ALL…disgusting creatures and the governments involved JUST as corrupt and don’t imagine there is anything new age or socialist about them – they all oppress women, kids and gays.
    But still i am stirred by the lady pirate ideal.

  6. Very interesting lives of Anne and Mary, amazing that they fought along side them.

    From my experience in working with men if you can hold your own with them by work just as much as them you have their respect. They accept & value you. I wonder if much has changed with men since then in this regard.

    • I get where you’re coming from with that – but it kind of creeps me out – I believe respect stems from other things than “equalling” or holding your own in a work environment. Why must we go into their traditional domains and hold our own? Some of the laziest people I’ve known have been men – because they have nothing to prove. Sure if you’re into that particular domain for your own reasons then go forth but not to prove something to them or gain respect. For me it’s about take us (femmes) as we are or not at all.

      • You’d be surprised.

        They do take me as I am & enjoy who I am! If you are going to work in a male dominated field you are there to do exactly that – work. Not to pounce about saying “look at me doing a bloke job!” or crawl to them. I like their no bullshit world it suits me. I’ve worked in government, hospitality & I mean worked hard and never enjoyed what I have now with these men.

        I was saying to a friend I think I just like working along side of them bugga the love stuff lol.

        • HMM merc retro weirdness – that comment wasn’t about you personally so much (not at all in fact) as about women not having to “work” alongside men to prove or validate themselves to them. Which is where the “if you’re into that particular domain for your own reasons” bit came in. I’m not sure there are any bloke jobs are there? I’m of the mind women can do any job if that’s what they’re into. And you Savannah are obviously living proof of that.

          And I hear you re the no bullshit and men – I too enjoy working with them because most of them let you know where you stand. And the ones that don’t are too stupid to realise you can hear them when they’re talking about your tits and what they’d like to do with them in the tea room.

  7. love the tales of anne and mary, huzzah. in those days if u were poor and female there werent many options. in tales of old they would “bandage” or corset their chest and blend in with the men in times of need. i say bless the brandishing of boobies – anne bonny employed the ultimate weapon of surprise and liberation

  8. oh yesss…. great femme! absolutely adorable!

    Mars in Scorpio here… nothing can stop us, can it?

  9. I reckon it would be a pretty daggy artists impression sans tits…we’d think she was a fella- imo those trousers look a little confused…

    • yes the mams are the key – otherwise the world would be full of pics of pirates with their penises out so we could be sure they were men.

  10. Cool a Pisces – she wouldve felt right at home on the seas!
    Had a shitty week this week – i was able to piss off 3 groups of people within 3 days without intentionally doing anything!!!!!!
    My best friend has cracked at me for a misunderstood joke!

    • Just be your sweet self, Mattie. People can take it or leave it…. Nice to see that the SHOUTING has died down a bit :-))

      • thanks it worked out!
        the SHOUTING isnt shouting for me its normal LOL!
        yes it has taken a back seat for a while

  11. HaHa posted before i read the previous pantalon comments.
    Yeah, me too, gotta thing about the Right Length:)

  12. Is it gossip or myth that amazons cut off their left breast for efficient ‘archery’.
    Maybe they banaged them instead.
    Myths my Mother told me, again, i suppose, that & ‘all Egyptians’ had every hair removed
    from their body by tweezers.
    Wonder what the Leo’s thought of THAT!

    • Joan of Arc is beleived to have cut off her left breast in order to ride into battle. Vive la France~! Go sister!

    • Well I can speak from painful experience that you’re much better off getting hair removal done in a country like Egypt with a long history of waxing and threading than in, say, the charming little beauty salon in Siem Reap where they have no personal experience of the pain of waxing 😉

  13. What a woman – and I love it that she’s a red head!!

    As a fellow strawberry, I absolutely love it when powerful, fabulous women of the past are depicted as reds. It’s a nice alternative to the modern, unchallenged, almost-racist jibes ppl throw at us (along with rocks, pity, horrid caricatures, etc etc. Ooh, let’s not go there.)

    Some geneticists actually consider redheads as a separate or sub-race of caucasian – but I can’t find anywhere that catagorically supports it. I like to think it means we’re magical and wild and free… I guess that’s why the “witches” of old were often shown as gingers. Woo hoo!

    • I also read they are of a separate gene pool – and from neanderthals – which makes sense when you think of the witchiness and instinct / intuition – the ancient breeds would’ve had that going on.

          • O i know it’s funny cos neanderthal makes you think of knuclkle dragging grabs em by the hair and get em back to your cave shenanigans – but redheads have interesting properties according to doctors and dentists I have discussed this with – their bones less likely to break but take longer to heal / set – when wearing braces their teeth take longer to move but once they do it’s for keeps – some teeth apparently move back after all the expense of the braces but not with the redheads. Which makes sense I think when the neanderthal theory is taken into account. Ancient breed an all – the red is dying out worldwide – the numbers are dwindling – it made me feel bad that I’ve always been repelled by Red men lol but only briefly.

  14. My experience from bodywork is that redheads have a completley different energy
    to others, for sure.
    The men have higher libido’s & Aries type energy.
    Maybe another myth, but read where in India, peeps won’t allow a redhead’s
    shadow on them or won’t walk in their shadow. Must believe they’re aliens or something?

    • Very interestiing info Pegs. One of my 9 y o son’s bf’s is a redhead and he’s a sports freak. Very agile and fast runner. Wins zone sports running comps and all the boys in my son’s rugby team know to get the ball to him – as if he has 1 foot of space no one can catch him. His Scorp mum friend of mine is extremely fussy with his diet, sleep, time etc. Not sure if this is a good thing.

  15. Hmm great post – I’m surprised (with Hollywood types seeing Pirate-themed storytelling as bankable) that the imaginary-real-mythic history of Anne and Mary has not been fast tracked to be a racy bawdy film. I guess ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’ Disney-Touchstone would not do it…but then again they’ve kept Ellen DeGeneres in their stable with projects like Finding Nemo.

    I know lesbian friends of mine all own DVD copies of ‘Bound’ (quite possibly the only flick conceived to indulge straight male fantasy that women actually dig). Surely this story would be up there with that film as a future cult classic.

    • The artist has placed the scabbard on the left side of her body and the sword in her left hand. It would be impossible to draw the sword with her left hand, the sword should either be in the right hand or the scabbard on her right side. Pirates ought to be portayed as they was, aaarrggghh! Sorry to be so precious.