The Lost Symbol

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Model as Virgin Mary“Quite simply, the cornerstone was set at that date and time because, among other things, the auspicious Caput Draconis was in Virgo.”

Everyone exchanged odd looks.

“Hold on,” someone said. “You mean…like astrology?”

“Exactly.  Although a different astrology than we know today.”

A hand went up. “You mean our Founding Fathers believed in astrology.”

Langdon grinned. “Big-time. What would you say if I told you the city of Washing D.C. has more astrological signs in its architecture than any other city in the world – zodiacs, star charts, cornerstones laid at precise astrological dates and times?  More than half of the framers of our Constitution were Masons, men who strongly believed that the stars and fate wee intertwined, men who paid close attention to the layout of the heavens as they structured their new world.”

“But that whole thing about Capitol cornerstone being laid while Caput Draconis was in Virgo – who cares? Can’t that just be coincidence?”

“An impressive coincidence considering that the cornerstones of the three structures that make up Federal Triangle – the Capitol, the White House, the Washington Monument – were all laid in different years but were carefully timed to occur under the exact same astrological condition.”

From The Lost Symbol – The new book by Dan ‘Da Vinci Code’ Brown.

I remember distinctly when The DaVinci Code came out because everyone kept crapping on about it…from taxi drivers to the lady waxing my leg, friends, peeps e-mailing me oh-my-godding. I found it infuriating as when I crapped on about freemasons, astrological links to the timing of the Constitution being signed (timed so that America has a mega-strong Jupiter), the Divine Feminine, Venus cycles, apple cores being a pentagram blah blah blah peeps politely said i was bats. Suddenly every 2nd person was trying to out weird me.  So I read it & it’s kinda gripping. I just saw The Lost Symbol in the book shop, opened it up and there was the above passage. So naturally i got the book.

BTW, this may be just me but i could not bear to see the DaVinci movie as I find that whenever Tom Hanks is on screen, my eyes sort of glide away and so before I know it, i’m really interested in the kind of curtains they have surrounding the screen & wondering if i can see in the dark enough to sketch out some sort of a to-do list. Would the snack bar have licorice allsorts?  If Joaquin Phoenix (pre beardie-weirdie thing he doing now) had been playing a pagan professor of mysticism believer in the Goddess kind of a guy caught up in a tight thriller plot, i would have been there on day one.

Oh and I don’t know if it’s in the book or not but i really love the theory that the Statue of Liberty is in fact the Sun Goddess. And whilst we are on all this, has anyone read the Gospel Of Mary Magdalene?

Image: Miles Aldridge

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19 thoughts on “The Lost Symbol

  1. I think Miles Aldridge may have ripped off Cindy Sherman. I find Tom Hanks to be total yawns-ville, too.

  2. i love the thunder perfect mind. i love it in prada’s advertisement even if it’s a shortcut version

  3. the statue of liberty was a gift to the people of america from the people of france – i’ve seen the original which stands on a rock or something in the middle of the Seine (in Paris). It would be interesting to know if she’s supposed to represent the sun goddess as well as La Liberte

  4. would the sun goddess have anything to do with the sun king…as was a french monarch known…or am i straw grasping…?
    fatigue setting in…dont think i can handle dan brown/tom hanks or the reverse applied mascara on the girl in the pic….
    sleeping patterns on the fritz…blaming la merde from le merc rx.

  5. Apparently this gospel is not the only evidence that Mary and Peter had biffos. I love how Levi said Jesus loved her more than the apostles. That must have really pissed them all off.

    I love this image Mystic. Any female image on the cross/as christ to me always has really erotic overtones, which completely subverts the asexual/spirit over body split most patriarchal christian traditions would view the crucifixion image through.

    I have read DC was a scorpio town, along with New Orleans and Morocco. That makes sense to me having buildings with lots of hidden/occult symbology in it.

    • ‘But if the Savior made her worthy, who are you indeed to reject her? Surely the Savior knows her very well.’

      Nice one.

  6. Oh strongly agree on the allsorts and the Joaquin Phoenix part, why did the casting people chose Tom, yawn! He really doesn’t pull it off at all in both Langdon rolls he’s played. He was fabulous in Big, and ok in Green Mile, and I’m sure some other films I can’t remember right now. Did anyone see his speech at Obama’s inauguration? They just worship him like a god, it’s weird.

    • I guess he appeals to white bread America. But he can’t be too bad, as he executive produced the whacked and brilliant ‘Big Love’ for HBO.

  7. I read somewhere that the word Magdalene meant a female who had achieved ” The Magda ” status in the Mystery schools….as in Esoteric mastery.

  8. dear spirit can you tell us where you read about the Magda, when I read your comment there was a frisson of Ahh! that makes sense. I would like to read it too, hope you can remember.

  9. Yes, have read much about Mary Magdalene, an Isis High Priestess with whom Christ could only
    ‘become’ thro’ her & The Bloodline called Sang Real aka royal blood from their DNA.
    It all resonates & appears to be the missing link in all theological studies.
    The 3 Mary’s ‘n all, Mother Cousin & Paramour.
    Indicates a level playing field

    Re the erotic part mentioned above: when a youth at catholic mass, i was always wondering
    what was under Mary’s long robes on statues & wanting to lift up the gowns to see underneath.
    Of, course, not poss on a statue, but quipped ‘i would like to cover up nekkid bleeding Jesus
    & undress Magdalene (MM:).
    Bought an amazing pair of Brazilian jeans a few weeks ago & at home noticed the label was
    ‘Sang Real’!

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