The 12th House

Artemis In The Space AgeI call the 12th House (the one right before the Ascendent) the Soul Sector but it has many names. Fatalistic old style astrologers called it the House of Self-Undoing.  The sign on the Cusp of the 12th is often one that you are not comfortable with although it would actually be brill for you to incorporate the higher aspects of that sign. Sometimes the 12th House operates almost like a relative you are embarassed about. Something fun to think about…yes?

The Sun, Moon and planets there can be like hidden talents, people whose Sun-Moon etc fall into your 12th House stir your Soul as do planets gliding through there. It’s potent for dreams, divination and secrets. There can be a withdrawal from the world – or what you think of as your world – when the 12th house is being activated…a fab time to do therapy, a personal pilgramage etc.

Soul Sector doings are deeply subliminal and as for the Self-Undoing theme, i don’t really go along with that. But i expect it has to do with how 12th house themes – secrets – can manifest as addictions and all that end of life. I know when i had Uranus in my 12th house, i operated way more subversively & led a v.insular life & then -wham – Uranus got to my Ascendent – everything changed.

So, something to think about: How do you work/use the sign/Sun/Moon or planets in your 12th house?? Do you repress them?  Is there any link to secrets there? The 12th House is spooky  and multi-layered as will be your answers to this question, if you muse upon it enough.

Quick examples as i am dashing: i HAVE noticed that peeps with Mars in the 12th are WAY more angry than they seem. Sublimated Mars. Also you often meet super-Low versions of the sign in your 12th House in early life, Jupiter there is secret blessings…

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83 thoughts on “The 12th House

  1. perhaps an appropriate place to ask.
    I have saturn in my 12th, but at 28 cancer 38, it is just off my ascendent at 0 leo 32.
    How close to the end of a house/sign do you go before you whack a planet into the next one. ie, do i read that saturn as in 1st or 12th?

    • So bizarre!! I also have Saturn in my 12th at 26 Cancer 32, just off my ascendant at 0 Leo 45.
      Mystic told me this causes self-esteem issues.

      • yes, can see that.
        In the aries in the 9th I’m a super nerd, oh but maybe I’m not stuff we were talking about earlier perhaps?

  2. ooo am curious! but also don’t get it . . .

    I have Uranus (in Scorpio?) in the 12th.
    Any thoughts I would really appreciate!
    From what I read, sounds hmm, rich . . .

    toro/sag lady

    • Scorp Uranus in 12th, Anon… With my tongue planted in my cheek… Perhaps you keep your creativity in the bedroom a secret??

    • Oh I have the same! Uranus in Scorpio in 12th, maybe we were born in the same year? Does it work like that?

      I’d like to know what it means, it sounds kind of ominous to me…

      aries/sag lady

      • ’79!?

        I’m liking the intuitive flash work of uranus – working with the 12th house – of assistance to the soul work – scorpio at work . . .

        secrets or, reticence about my past nearly undid my rship – complete devastation there for a bit but thankfully thankfully, we are healing from that horror – a bloody big lesson that one!

        far out, the more I think of it, the more I think Lexicorn just nailed it . . . eek

        • All of us younger members of Generation X have Uranus in Scorpio. In 81 it moved into Sagittarius and spawned Generation Y.

          • Suddenly makes so much sense! I’m born in 81 but Uranus was still in Scorp, no wonder I only get along with peeps a few years older than me!

  3. I have my sun in 12th. There is a lot of negative interpretation of this, sort of shooting yourself in the foot kind of stuff.

    Certainly I tend not to get public recognition for my work- eg. TWICE I have had artwork not documented by galleries, left out of all the images of the show. Both times interstate where I could not do my own.

  4. hmm, i always get a bit confused with my 12th house/Asc….

    Because my asc falls in such late aries it means my 12th house is also aries! (and so obviously 12th house cusp). i get totally confused about this- how can aries be the sign for both my Asc AND my 12th house? but it is, because my south node is in aries too.
    what i DO know is that i have done alot of work around ensuring my gung-ho persona doesnt ‘trip me up’ by misrepresenting me- i can come across alot more aggressive/full on than i actually am if im not conscious of it. and ive had to deal with quite a bit of rage in sorting through old wounds, etc, in therapy/dream work etc. so maybe the 12th house/Asc link for me is about integrating the connection between my subconcious/inner work and my persona…to get to the ‘authentic’ me.

    anyone else have a weird placement like that??

    • I do too – gemini asc at 12 degrees but gem starts in the 12th with the lovely lilith conjunct asc but nothing else in the 12th or 1st and lilith aspects nada which is probably a blessing. The secrets thing resonates – I’ve had whole relationships with people that no-one else ever knew were going on and we’re not talking a fling – for years some of them went on for – lovely secret liaisons – nothing sordid to the secret thing just added some intrigue to the whole production, what if we get caught etc. – only once unwittingly with someone who had a partner and I told him to get tf out of my world when i discovered it – but otherwise delicious secret trysts – from the french tristes – a waiting or meeting place when hunting. aaah.

    • O and big ups to you for working on the gung ho thing saggi gal – I kinda like that about you, it’s breezy and invigorating but can see how others may feel diminished in the sheer energy of your presence. Don’t be too hard on yourself tho – is it about you being so full of energy or is it about them feeling depleted of it? It can’t be always about adapting to others – sometimes our authentic person can’t please em all. Or maybe that’s my lower fuq em all gemini asc talking LOL

      • thanks whatever…its about me being aligned with my true self, then it doesnt matter how my energy is…the problems only arise when im caught in a defensiveness/tense/ something else vibe and then i can come across in a way that misrepresents how soft i can actually be. the aries energy is so bombastic that it can overtake the complexities of the actual feelings involved.

    • yeah saggigal, I’ve got Taurus both rising and in the 12th house…atm I have bugger all insights though.

    • Me too, I have v late Gem ascendant, thus most of gemini is 12th house.

      I would take the 12th house cusp to be the line between 11th and 12th house? Any thoughts?
      this means for me, Taurus is on the cusp. And I do struggle with Taureans, lovely they now seem to be. (I always feel like a flake around them, same as librans.) No planets in 12th, 1st or 2nd house except an asteroid maybe.

      I read horoscopes as though Cancer is my rising sign however, this way my houses seem to line up, but that also means Gemini is my 12th house sign.

      would love some clarity – any good references people?

      • hey un.pisces, i do a similar thing- i often read the horoscope for taurus because the actual transits (planets /houses etc) are the same as my personal house line up. (ie, for me at the mo Saturn in Virgo is in the 5th- just like the Taurus sun horoscope.)

  5. Ascendant in Cancer, moon in 12th. Then the house positions say Gemini.

    Love of romance, tick.

  6. Aqua Venus in 12th house. I would def say that I used repress my sensitivity and my feeling for people, I try my best to be detached and be indifferent but later realize that I don’t enjoy it, so I’m working on being more comfortable with people and work on self-love. And TBH, I kinda get crushes with every guy I meet, I would daydream about it. I’m only 19, still need to understand my 12th house little more.

    • Venus conjunct Saturn in 12th. Multiple clandestine and inherently difficult affairs with older men as a young woman? Check! …. also, used to totally repress my femininity in work environments, but have reversed that completely now. Problems and also obsession with own escapism/self-discipline throughout adult life = repressed Saturn?

      • (12th is Gemini)

        Also, tons of unrequited love, long-term longing for unavailable men, daydreamy crushes as a young woman… didn’t really sort this out till in my 30’s.

    • I’m Aqua Sun, Venus in my 11th house, Capricorn. I always used to have crushes on every guy and daydream allllll day and night. Totally hated myself but was unaware to what extent until about 30 and then I totally fell in love, was devastated by the ending (which was definitely very much partly created by my self-hating). Now I love myself (most of the time and still trying harder), have many less crushes and daydreams (which I have to say might be some kind of “learning to come into reality because of loving myself more”) and less daydreamy. I miss it very much though, I love having profound crushes and daydreaming.

  7. My Pluto is in the 12th house in Scorpio. ATM its making an opposition to my Sun but trining my moon. “Withdrawn” I guess wpuld be ideal. But everything is making me deal with issues that are way beyond my capabilities when I need some time alone the most.

    I am lucky to be getting alot of emotional support, but in everything I must act alone out of my own will. Nothing feels permenant right now.

    • I’m the same, Pluto in Scorpio in the 12th. I’ve had a quick read on google monster and it seems pretty accurate. I have battled various addictions and also suffered pretty rotten emotional abuse from family growing up but I’ve managed to overcome it all and now I’m a social worker helping people who were ‘me’ 10 years ago. I guess that’s the power of Pluto in Scorpio.

  8. I have nought in the 12th house, all planets except Neptune in 6th & Leo in 5th, are above the Ascendant.
    No secrets, my life an open book?
    Easily read?

        • Me toooooo, totally blank in this house (in Taurus)

          Astro interpretation: “There are no planets in this house. Therefore it is not very important for your horoscope interpretation.”
          Errrrr, kind of thought the soul trawling stuff was pertinent…


          • Hey the empty house party is rocking, mine empty too. Leo on the cusp. I’ve just had pluto transit it tho… and about to hit me ascendant….

  9. Ok, trying to understand… I have my Sun & Mercury in my 12th house & both are in Libra, so…. I’m not what I appear generally (sun sign pretty fundamental) I secretly love beauty & diplomacy, and my desire travel & communicate is hidden? Will have to mull on this a bit.

  10. i have saturn and neptune in my 12th, and cap is the sign on the cusp of the twelth. i think i can kind of understand neptune in my twelth but not sure how to take saturn or the capricorn

  11. My 12th House is Leo, and there’s no planets in there, but the Moon’s North Node is…? If North Node is all about your destiny and fulfilling a life-purpose kinda thin, what happens when that secrets away in the 12th?
    As for the Leo thing – well I am pretty showy with the ‘shadow side’ stuff. But what I’m finding super interesting is that I just looked at my 12th House transits at the mo.
    I’ve got Venus transiting 12th right now, meanwhile, Chiron is currently dead on my Natal Venus in 7th. LIGHT BULB.
    So is that WTF is bringing the 11 years worth of Wuthering-Heights-style Soul-matey anti-romance to a head? Eek. Let’s hope it all ends in healing those old-repressed wounds, indeed!
    It’s quite insane. As is he – an Aqua Rising, so he’s been doing major Neptune + Uranus first house transits and acting like a major nutter for months. Golly. Feel a little better about it now, tho…

    • hm, north node in 12th, you are comfortable with spiritual and ‘Deep’ otherworldly pursuits? Or that is what you could be aiming for? if that’s Leo, maybe all of that expressed in a Leonine fashion – pride in self, care of self, make a feature of this spirituality etc? ideas..

  12. I have both my Sun and Mercury in the 12th. Sublimated ego for *sure*. Probably communication, too, but I feel like I’m pretty direct when I speak. Perhaps I don’t speak as much as I want to?

    • Oooh! But it’s true that I do wish I could travel so much more than I do (rarely) but I can’t seem to make it a priority financially… (Sun is in Aquarius, Mercury in Capricorn, by the way -in case anyone else wants to help interpret this…)

  13. Hello peeps

    It doesn’t matter if you have no planets in the 12th house.
    The sign on the cusp… err the beginning… of that house, is important too. Some astrology out there says that this is also the sign that you were
    in your previous life before this one… hmmm… maybe, maybe not.

    I have no planets in the 12th… but lots of asteroids… hehe… Persphone, Aphrodite and Juno (and Karma, Nefertiti, Tutenkhamen) to name a few… maybe I repress a bit of this or am a bit secretive about it, because they are big beautiful goddesses… woah!

    I think I need to be more in this energy… I have to say I have thought about becoming a mistress or escort… or hostess, if you may… hehe.
    On the quiet, like.

    I also have Pluto (9th House) in lots of aspects in my chart… a big one being Opposite Chiron-Mars… so in some ways I think I am doing it but
    not enough… it is very powerful.

    Also while Pluto was Transiting 12th house I did intense study of a psychological nature, which will help me with this.

    Maybe that’s what this Transit of Pluto on my Ascendant will do for me…
    I am learning to live into this very powerful being that I am… nicely of course. And to not be afraid of this power.

    Yes I need to take on high Scorpio. Make like a phoenix and keep transforming… rise up and the secret me will out. 🙂

    • Suze, re hidden desires, go for The Hostess as there are many many escorts & mistresses, but
      to find a woman for COMPANY is nigh impossible for the men.
      The pay not so good as e or m’s in the beginning, but far more opportunities to make bigger
      bucks in the long run.
      Singapore the place to explore that, they have proper hostess agencies, of course, what you do
      after hours is all up to you. A woman can make more $’s NOT doing ‘it’…seriously.

      • company, as in dinner partner, conversations about good books, conference date, runs on the beach?? I could do THAT.

  14. OMG MY HAIRDRESSER – good family friend of ours (and who shares a love for ASTRO!) HAS 4 PLANETS IN HER 12 HOUSE OF SCORPIO!
    she always says how weighed down it makes her feel!

    IVE GOT AQUA as my 12th – which i belive is awesome!

  15. No planets there, but Sag ruled. My mum, daughter & partner are centaurs …all soul relationships.
    My almost 3yr old daughter has Sun conjunct Jupiter in Sag in the 12th, she is a very loud angel!
    I am deeply moved by Epona, the mare in the IChing, the unicorn & the wisdom of horse in the medicine cards…its not like I wish I was a horse or anything, I am inspired by & love the symbology.

  16. oh i think it should be posted here. my venus is in sag and my 12th house is in sag…any idea what this means? tnx a lot

  17. I have my moon in the 12th gemini with gem asc. Apparently my brilliance will only be appreciated by a select few..hmmmm

  18. Sounds like a tricky thing to figure out for not-quite-so-experts… My 12th starts in the middle of Libra and has Jupiter and Mercury in it (though that is in the Scorpio part of the 12th house). So, Jupiter would be “secret blessings”? I love that, especially when one wonders where the overt blessings have suddenly gone to… 😉
    Grateful for any deeper insights, if anyone has an idea?

  19. i’ve got mars, jupiter, sun and mercury in the 12th in Gem, bit busy there!


    • Are you enigmatic? Do you feel deep connections with others or a sense of being within an oceanic consciousness? You may be strongly intuitive or psychic. Think Neptunian + Mercurial. I think I like you.

      • I have venus sun and mercury spread between gemini and cancer in the 12th. I think I am a little intuitive, and my femininity is usually something that only comes out in private

      • OOh golly UV, ur making me think!! i have always thought of myself as very WYSIWYG, but the last few years am finding it harder and harder to not acknowledge that i seem to be getting very intuitive and prescient. doesn’t fit with my self image at all, LOL!! i was a bit surprised when i saw all that stuff in the 12th

        so UV, thank you for making me think, i think i like U 2!! you do seem to know a hell of a lot!

        • If it really doesn’t feel right, check your birth time. But there’s something in the 12th house being our shadow. Therefore we aren’t always comfortable with integrating it. I’ve also heard that being above the horizon it may be visible to others more than it’s visible to ourselves.

          How old are you T with the H? The midlife transits are likely to consolidate the characteristics of your chart, or a couple of Pluto turns can unearth stuff.

          • no i’m quite sure of my birth time and i didn’t mean to imply that it didn’t feel right, in fact it makes a lot of sense, just that i think up until quite recently in years, i understood practically nothing about myself only what others said about me or what was imposed on my by others since childhood. usual stuff, LOL! but i think mostly wrong, so i’m reassessing constantly now! and you are right, it’s not always comfortable!

            i’m 56yoa and have almost completely re-invented myself in almosts all aspects since i turned 50, or at least that’s what it feels like.

            i’m having the BEST time, BTW, UV, menopause and later life is much to be recommended!

            tks for your input, i always like to read your insightful comments on this blog!

          • Thanks T. xx You vibe young! Perhaps your Chiron return at 50 was a significant turning point.

            I’ve been getting right into Kim Falconer’s book, ‘Astrology & Aptitude’. It might help if you want to unlock your 12th house. If Mystic’s too busy for consults, I highly recommend a phone session with astrologer, Christine Broadbent. It’s amazing what she can pull out of your chart.

          • thanks for the vibe young, i was very sedate, responsible, quiet and middle aged all through those childraisin’ years, not now!!

            i’ll read up on Chiron return, that’s probably right, it fits! and also check KF’s book and the other dudette. tks for providing direction! awesome! XX

  20. I too need help as I have no idea what any of this means. I have Neptune in my 12th house in Scorpio.

    • 12th house is ruled by Neptune, so the best place for it. In high manifestation it alludes to deep spirituality, intuition, dreaming, music– all the transcendent stuff. In low manifestation can be substance abuse, addictions, grifting, denial. Your call.
      Scorp is a sign of intensity and regeneration.

  21. Apparently I have Pluto and Venus both in Gem. in the 12th house; just read an article about Pluto in the 12th house suggesting that the key is to learn compassion… but personally, I’m not sure that’s something I need to learn, as such: I’ve always been “soft-hearted” as my mum says, & can get involved in other peeps’ emotions to the point of ending up in tears myself. All most interesting and worth mulling over.

    • I have Pluto in 12th……and like you found myself to be TOO compassionate earlier in my life……..a real sucker for a sob-story…..I have had to learn to detach more and stay in my own Power ( Pluto ) . Pluto in 12th is also eerily psychic as to other people`s ” hidden motives “……I can smell a scam no matter how hard they try to conceal it !

      • Interesting! I always thought it was a cancer thing (I have cancer sun/asc), but maybe more complicated than just that…

  22. I have my moon and neptune conjunct in sag in my twelfth house.

    I am generally pretty good at keeping a calm exterior when inside i’m quietly screaming. My cap ascendent also helps with that but I do and have always had a problem sharing my true feelings and my true self with other people. I still struggle with these huge emotions under the surface that don’t become apparant on the outside until some catalyst brings everything to a head and I have a meltdown.

    My neptune aspects six different planets, is this why I’ve always found it hard to live in the real world???

  23. My dear Leo lover has Mars in Aqua in the 12th – yes, angry, and secretly bats….but very sexy.

    I have Venus in MY 12th… boy, did I chase stoopid unneccessary drama when I was a young (pre-Saturn return) thing.

  24. 12th house in Gemini, so is my ascendant. Lilith and Chiron in the beginning of the 12th. Also, for a laugh once I worked out where the asteroid with the same name as me was…also in the 12th, nearly conjunct Lilith. Oh, I know it’s not big enough to have much of an actual influence, but it is food for thought…
    I have a lot of trouble saying out loud what’s inside my head – I guess I attribute my issues with communication to the 12th house being in Gemini, but I am a musician and I fill notebooks with words, so maybe I am just not good at verbal, face-to-face communication. My inability to talk about myself or my feelings or what I want in bed (hello, Lilith in the 12th?) was the cause of my last relationship breakup (with a scorpio – he HATED not knowing what was going on inside my head!).

  25. My uber-Cancer mother has venus, mercury (Retro) and uranus in the 12th house. She hears people’s confessions and secrets all day as she is a shrink and also works in a 12th house environment – mental hospitals, clinics etc.

    She bubbles over with the intimate details of everyone’s life around her as people just magically want to tell her their deep woes.

    She lives in the unconcious and is like a crab without a shell picking up everyone’s emotions and swimming in the collective unconscious. She will never take what you tell her at face value, but say ‘oh you poor thing’ since she is empathising with the real thing you aren’t saying.

    She can also be a bit batty and manipulative sometimes, and I have learnt to sidestep her nebulous interpersonal boundaries.

  26. I have Sun in Gemini in 12th, but Mercury in 1st. I’ve noticed that when I speak in class, no one seems to respond very much (though I think it’s cuz I’m smarter than they are and they get pissed? :-/ lol but that could also be Mercury opp. Uranus (also a bit of a blessing/curse)) Does anyone else has this combo or any further interpretations?

  27. Saturn and Jupiter conjunct in Libra in the 12th. Mystic is SO right re: “you often meet super-Low versions of the sign in your 12th House in early life”.

  28. Anonymous, about the Speaking in class issue… The same thing happens to me! I have Sun in Leo in 12th and Mercury in Virgo in the 1st. It happens every time where I am really excited to speak out in class but when I do I get little to no response, sometimes I even get the feeling that the teacher didn’t even catch all of what I was saying!!

    -What also baffles me is that everyone labels me “shy” although I am a roaring Venus and Sun in Leo. It keeps me up at night wondering how so many people can’t see my true nature and even when it shows (like in a fight or activity that involves any form of self expression) All of my Leo traits are either ignored or changed into something else that dosn’t fit me. I also am finding that as I get older, I need to work a lot harder than my friends to get what I want (the very few friends that I have.) Like it’s taken me literally forever to get into college.

    I also have lost my father at five, and my mother has had a severe drug addiction ever since I could remember. I grew up at my grandparents and was teased for it all through childhood. I was always “in the loser group” at school… and the strange thing is I always felt like I could relate with the popular ones (my 10th house moon) but sadly I always felt like an outcast… oh 12th house Sun.

  29. hola yo tengo tanbien mi casa 12 en escorpio con pluton con juno tengo a lilith en escorpio pero en la casa 11 algien me pude dar una pequeya intepretacion para mi en ese aspecto porfabor

  30. Question: I already know that my wife and I are both strongly influenced by our 12th Houses (Sun, 3 planets and Asc).

    I have just done charts for both my younger sisters and they both also have their Suns and Asc in the 12th House (one is Leo and the other is Sagg).

    Should I read any significance into all this 12th House action amongst my immediate family?

    • I was just looking to see what you said herby’s and really have no clue about what I am really saying, but, the thought composite charts came into my mind. Just after I thought well I guess you and your wife would have some shared affinity but the family thing who knows. But composite charts of those relationships might add some fun to the thinking? (and another comment may attract more knowledgeable curious eyes. Go the skateboarding!)

  31. “Also you often meet super-Low versions of the sign in your 12th House in early life”

    Wow, I have Capricorn 12th house and ex bf from a few years ago was a Cap with maaaajor issues. One of his main aims in life was to own really expensive things (watch, car etc) just to have as a status symbol. Chatted with/met girls off the internet behind my back and when i inevitably found out gave the old ‘well we’re not really together’. Well if we’re not together then why did you feel you had to hide it from me?! lol Liked to let me know that he was still hung up on his ex, and should you point out any of his flaws made childish and nasty retorts . And that’s just the tip of the iceberg!

    Of course he had some good qualities that attracted me to him. Guess i wanted to help him become the person that i thought he could have been (shout out to my Mars in Pisces). I’d like to think i made a little dent but that was one huge chip on his shoulder.

  32. I have Saturn in 12th in cancer. Does it delay marriage or no marriage at all.
    I have Sun, moon, Venus, Jupiter and ketu in 9th house in Cancer. Can someone guide me the effects of saturn in cancer in 12th house.

  33. I’m Capricorn Sun, Rising Gemini/Sagittarius, Midheaven Pisces/Virgo and North Node Aquarius [Retrograde] and Aquarius Moon with Scorpio and Taurus in the 12th House and no planets. My Taurus in Saturn [Retrograde] is in the 6th and 11th Houses. Scorpio in Venus in the 6th and 12th Houses, Scorpio in Mars in the 5th and 12th Houses and Scorpio in Jupiter in 6th and 12th Houses.

    My Moon squares Venus, Jupiter and Neptune.

    Venus squares Sun and Moon, Venus oppositions Saturn and Venus conjuncts Neptune and Venus sextiles Pluto.

    Mars semisquares Mercury and Pluto, Mars oppositions Saturn, Mars squares Moon and Mars trines Midheaven.

    Jupiter conjuncts Neptune and Venus, Jupiter sextiles Pluto and Jupiter semisquares Uranus.

    Neptune sextiles Pluto, Neptune conjuncts Venus and Jupiter.

    Pluto squares Ascendant and Mercury, Pluto semisquares Mars, Pluto sextiles Jupiter and Neptune and Pluto sesquiquadrates Saturn.

    North Node semisquares Sun, North Node squares Mars, Jupiter and Neptune.

    Ascendant conjuncts Venus, Jupiter, Neptune, Ascendant sextiles Pluto and Ascendant trines Chiron.

    A brief history of my life: very abusive and difficult childhood, absentee father, mentally ill mother, experienced ostracism in adolecences in its worst form, immediate family members are arch enemies: They sleep with boyfriends behind your back, uses witchcraft to destroy, change and alter life, deliberately place your children in foster care, lie to authorities on you, join sides with people who hate you or want to get back at you because you have moved on with your life.

    I have horrific relationships with men and have been in love maybe twice in whole life and those relationships went absolutely nowhere. The man I’m with now, I have come to realize he is not the man for me. We both know it is just a matter of time that we will separate.

    Can anyone please tell me me what this reads? I’d appreciate it, I know it is a bit much and I’ll understand if you cannot.:) Thank you.