Super-Luna: The Moon in Aquarius

Art Chinese Girl on Beach with Full MoonIt’s a super-strong Aquarian Moon as Mercury stations Direct. Ultra-aware and ultra restless. Very intellectual & insane cravings for space. Artemis is fast approaching the Auspicious Aqua Weirding so lots of good things developing even as these last days of Saturn chez Virgo make it mega apparent what platform is crumbling beneath our sexy barefeet.  And dreams??? Sooo lucid. Remember this sort of hi-Qi Uranian energy thrashes the nerves if you don’t nutrionally sustain and  hydrate yourself.

Image: Wang Niandong

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90 thoughts on “Super-Luna: The Moon in Aquarius

  1. Saw this painting at Mandarin Fine Art Gallery in Laguna Beach, CA a few years back
    The picture above does not do it justice!

    I now own a Wang Naindong origina…:)

  2. really this moon stuff is so trippy….

    can actually feel the moon’s house!

    one day my ears cracked as they will do with amtoshperic change (sp I no)

    checked, just when moon changed house!

    I know I feel cancer, and leo, I already knew that,

    like you get to know each house,, that kind of vibe…

    Scorpio about a week ago I swear I thought someone climbed in bed with me a moment then re-membered… uh huh, Scorpio–

    sure enough it was same moment (that scorpio stay so intense, lying in bed just like hummmning down deep in my body so much like a vibrating machine almost nauseous so strong !!

    It’s so crazy ! (somehow I’ve tuned in last couple years…. Scorpio left

    no doubt at all,… not that there was any really…

    This Aquarius — gave me the shits !!!! Just realizing must have encountered the vibe— not very pleasant I don’t like it… like my

    brain just fried with electiricty or something…. not proud of way I was
    today… just bleahhhh freaked…. hideous zombie chewing tree bark
    off trees omg !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Maybe be ready next time …

    Dreams? trouble enough recognizing ‘reality’ dreams —-

    a book of healing…. (chiron symbol on it)

    “He’s not able to eat … his “soul” food…

    -(from last night)

    hideous bleahhhhh!

  3. i am sooo restless!!

    i want to run through the streets, in a tres ‘expressive’ mode, after biding my time and being discreet and circumspect all bloody month!

    one more night to go, just one more night…

    and the dreams! oh the dreams…
    they are so real its not funny. am thoroughly enjoying the blending of my day time and night time ….

  4. Am working on auto reply now but I just thought people would assume that one wasn’t there on a Sunday. Or trying not to be….I think some people think i am a team or that i just gaze at the stars whilst minions do things. Also, a lot of peeps do n ot even answer e-mails as i do.

    • Mystiic – MOST ppls do NOT get
      1. VOLUME email as you do
      2. sent by many YOU dont know
      3. & said emails schpeeling steam of conscience deep personal stuff
      (guilty as charged here – you [w permission!] plastered one of mine on your OLD blog….then coining mon Blog ID….)
      & 4. (not guilty here) replete with the expectation of immed reply!!!

      maybe sort known recipients from unknowns / needy types – KNOWNS go to the inbox you freq look at & then ‘another’ in box to be perused at YOUR leisure. the latter pref filtered by The Leo Socialite, LL or Ubers??

    • Ages ago Astrobazza had a nice little heartfelt/humour filled little standard email that went out…I can’t remember the particular way he expressed it, but was left with a awww bazza is doing his best feeling. I’d emailed one time just to say how impressed I was at something he had said. Maybe he has a draft floating about somewhere Mystic ?

      However I also would not feel the need to vent my spleen if someone that I did not know did not reply to me STAT. Sheez I would not take the time to get all demanding with people that I expect prompt email action from…one because it’s sans courtesy, and two because it would I imagine impede future goodwill style communication.

      I still think this is largely a case of you can’t please all the people all of the time.

      • oh yes and by suggesting looking at the astrobazza thingo, it’s not to suggest that Mystic, you are anything less than stellar when it comes to your turn of phrase. Just could see it as good research material.

      • Astro bazza just replied to an e I sent him in may complimenting him on one of his strikingly accurate missives LOL – I had forgotten I even sent it – I figure if I desperately need some advice from an astro professional I will book in and pay, not send e and await immediate response – that to me seems a little out of touch with reality.

    • Ha ha, they might think you are a team because of the amount of work you do – seriously super human! I myself am oft surprised when you post stuff on the weekend or late at night, not being able to comprehend how you manage to fit everything in!
      The autoreply really should be unnecessary particularly at weekend (Saturday too? I guess you can’t fit everything in otherwise…) but if it does help to relieve you from some of these dragons then that does sound like a good thing! I sure hope these people are paying you in some way/shape/form, as you say, many peeps do not even respond to emails! They are lucky to even have an audience with you!! Plebs!!

  5. Mystic I have no idea what you look like beyond your avatar but you were in my dream last night. I can’t quite remember what happened but it was interesting and cool. Of course! You were saying cool stuff. I’m sure it’s in my subconscious somewhere but I can’t remember what it was. ha ha
    BTW That’s REALLY shite about people getting antsy about “slow” email responses… they need to be trained?
    Could you set up an autoreply for when you are having life (vs computer) time saying you’ll be back online later? My god, I just can’t imagine people not giving you the utmost respect. You are SO adored by all of us!
    Hope the Melb trip is great and you get some soul food and lots of rest! In between looking and being fab on TV!!!!!

    • flamencofish, I was just thinking the same thing re if a clever “out of office” autoreply might help Mystic to take some space and also satisfy the dull demanding types with “a reply”? I don’t think rude demanding people SHOULD be rewarded with a reply… but if it helped Mystic to get less crap emails that would be a good outcome. Not all email services offer an autoreply. She’s so clever she probably already has one…

  6. miss myst, thank you for your answer. i dont know what the australian was worth to you however i am sure love will find a way for your future. big love for you and your wisdom – you bring a lot to other people’s lives.
    la bubble

  7. Omg the dreams… My dreams are generally very elaborate when I remember them. The short version is my bf and I were at a wedding, really nice, old building with picnic tables. A lot of people were there, we walked in and I thought it was a surprise wedding for me cause flowers were on my head and people were heaps excited to see me and my beau. We sat down, I found out it wasn’t our wedding – I can remember the bride perfectly (not someone I know). My parents were sitting at another table looking really bitter. Then my bf said that while everyone is here we should get married, he has a dress ready and waiting for me. I went over to my parents and spoke to them. They weren’t happy about my bf being here and angrily asked if we were getting married today. I had no engagement ring so I answered that I wasn’t. Went back to the bf, we followed the wedding party outside into the garden. Then I woke up 🙁 Most specific dream I have had in a long long time!

  8. I just googled dakinis and got electric tingles all over my body. I love the idea of the feminine energy…. Sky dancers…. My spritual curiosity just got a big push towards a new line of enquiry!

    • Hence ‘Sky Dancing Tantra’. Margot Anand brought it to the west.
      Sky Dancer was a Tibetan nun & it’s called sky dancing coz you ‘see’
      the sun moon & stars when sexual energy is peaking.
      And violet lights.

  9. re Platforms crumbling – how’s this one.

    Step son’s mother just can i babysit her Tweebs (twins) tom while she goes to Step son’s Valedectorian dinner – which given present status quo with Le Turd / the Witch in Law (who pay the mega school fees, & therefore own the event…) – of course I wont be attending. years ago, when I came on board, Le Turd & her were ‘in hate’, a condition I never knew existed, & something I successfully devoted much energy to resolving.

    so am babysitting. pre going to a gig.
    how modern. good on her for having the balls to ask!!
    Le Turd & WitchyPoo are gonna croak, but who cares.

    • ‘Ultra Aware’ ?

      simultaneously – stepson FBing me, his mother emails re babysit deets – whilst mon finely-tuned-muscle-car-ears divine low rumble of 356 Chev amid traffic din. & not just any 356 Chev. Yep – Le Turd – in the car I got back with him over (yeah I’m cheap LOL!! but I found that ride!!) – parking up street from my gate…….how I placed that over the zillion hot rods / V8s that go by……….didnt bug me to see him tho.

      then clicked the link to post above – & Bryan’s post featured my friend Sonny at a regular Milan haunt. timed as acceptance dawned re my Milan days be done, after 20 years. like Mystic letting go of The Oz, letting go of Milan (& affiliations) most def points to new career segue/s……….

      like William – sincronicità totale!!!!

    • so from what i can gather Dakinis are cool… they can be harsh tho but ultimately come from divine love . The women in my dream definately fit the description of Dakinis…. its kinda cool that they thought i was worth a visit. Im not really handling this week very well…. giong thru my bag of tricks and potions but nothings really working. Hope this full moons not too intense…?

  10. O that? you were smitten & bitten damons. You reminded me of a hilarious sacred dakini memory David – I am loving the mars energy on this site of late. GOD I LOVE MEN. You crack me up.

    • GREAT! dakinis are female sky travellers , feeding on human flesh , drinking blood.! sounds like a freakin vampire to me!!! Also they possess great wisdom and power? i was nice to them .. i think? I googled Dakinis and will do some research.. i wonder if they can help me get her back?

  11. the 5 women could be dakinis D, careful some dakinis can be be quite tricky, They are probably picking up on your unrequited sexual energy, they can be very helpful if your nice.

  12. as for relavence to the actual post.. this moon in aqua coming up and mercury direct have any special bearing on aquas? or the same for everyone? Nervey ? yes! anxious ? somewhat… amped ? up at dawn etc partaking in a couple of beverages in the evening , which is not really like me….

  13. I dreamed that 5 women wanted to have sex with me at once and when taken aback by the proposition i stated that i could maybe satisfy 2 of them … then 2 panadol were procured and i was told not to ingest them but rather tape them to my neck with a band aid and this would give me performance enhancing powers of stamina etc….. also dreaming of gin clear water polynesian bures (houses) coconut palms whitest sands etc also ex libra ‘ whom just when i think im getting over the idea of her and i . i start to long for her and wonder what the fuq it was all about? ….

  14. no dreams for me last night.
    i smashed my head into a slab of concrete, at about the same time the moon went into aqua. so now i get days/weeks of not being able to think clearly.
    just when i was getting excited about mercury and mars on my mars in my leo asc and my plans for super nerd world domination and fringe.

  15. I dreamed I was on a high hill looking down at the ocean and noticing that all the bays that usually had a sandy beach had been inundated with water..all the beaches were gone.

    • davidL – during my rock festival dream I left on a mission – with a girl – we drove a 4WD across rugged beach, which, in parts, were inandated with water so at times we were traversing water in 4WD, to reach the cute beach shack bar on the cliff – accessible only by beach or boat. it was called the ‘love bar’. a hearty black mama gave the girl what she’d left & we went back to the festival……

      wonder re the beach being covered in water ref??
      something emotional……..

      • Yes RLP water always relates to emotions in some respect…and you break down the rest – crossing difficult terrain, not readily accessible, but you manage it (Yay!)…and how apt that your destination is the “love bar”??!!!…where you are heartily met and given what you (or she representing you/an aspect of you, I would think) left behind…and maybe the rock fest represents your work?/or freedom?…so integrating the two – love and work/freedom?..would need to know more to interpret more fully…but even if nothing in particular going on in your life at the mo, it could just be your subconscious sorting through things and maybe realising love etc is accessible and not as hard to reach as first thought??….

        • teeehhhee re the Rock Festival refs… kinda a Rock Pollutant in these parts……

          the rest of dream’s elsewhere here – & this be episode 2 in mini series LOL – no doubt SNAKE induced part 3 to be aired later tonight!! the Love Bar (not Shack!) had Pink Gingham cloths & aprons – plucked directly from the Brigitte Bardot stream no doubt & – yet to be mentioned – in the dream I was tweeting the rock fest & dream realized Mystic reads our comments here in real time , chronologically….then (real time) kid next door picked up his trumpet & did DIY trumpeteering (word??). was drawn, almost Astral travel like, reluctantly from bottom of deep dream well in bliss. but ditched trumpet kid’s sounds & went back to the rock festival – the girl & I drove 1.5 hours back & the rain had stopped. and it was FUN!!

  16. I dreamed I was a tree, looking down on somebody staring up at me

    and freaking me out….they were just staring ! I couldn’t believe it!

    No really. But I heard Aquarius moon, I heard something about that–

    (trying to remember…) like it’s really, really good for high spiritual wisdom or something like that, like really, really…

    pretty sure it something like that…

    ah, falling into my hank gimball alter ego again… hmm… some green
    acres hick…. “just can’t recall, think it was Idaho, maybe it was kansas city…hmmmm…

    I remember telling myself, well remember this for next time theres an aquarius moon! (but I forgot…

    really really good for something like spiritual or something…
    (obviously not memory..

    • William – the first thing I heard today (after local kid doing DIY trumpet lessons!!) was that Lucy, from Lucy in The Sky with Diamonds died. Lennon’s son’s best friend. thought of you……so there’s another one!!

      • I thought Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds was just an acronym for LSD – that illicit drug quite popular in the 60’s/70/’s????

        • Lucy was Julian Lennon’s childhood friend – biography tells tale he came home & with a picture of her when they were 3 yrsish old & said “look dad its Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds”. the two reconnected after she was diagnosed with auto immune (Lupus) – which is what killed her yesterday, at 46. the LSD thing is urban myth.

    • oh oh oh this just made me remember last nights dream…where I came across this dark haired swarthy man, I think in Red Hill, who was just interesting enough to make me smile…got the sense that he was into music, didn’t really care over much for fashion and he ran book tours taking people around to see the places in Brisbane that Nick Earls writes about. Which at least was a different way to turn a buck…

      I can remember thinking shit how does he convince all these people that this is a cool thing to do? I just remember me standing in the shade in front of a shop front with a bituchem footpath, with my head slightly tilted , going, ‘Zig Zag St huh, they’re all over it?’

      • soz to sound ignorant but it is just Bach flower remedy – could you not order it online? Were you ok in those floods? My neighbour was in them – she is a scorpio hostie just approaching her 2nd Saturn return; very feisty and fascinating woman, she as Gaddafi’s “personal” air stewardess in the 80s…She had to walk for hours in this dirty water up to her shoulders & apparently the local peeps were amazingly lovely and helpful to her, even though they had their own huge probs, obviously. She was mega humbled. It was in Manila. Mind you, her lover, a pilot, had to pay some pirates to get bk from this island he’d been on. $1000 for what was usually a $5 ferry fare.

        • Sorry to hear about your neighbour Mystic. What an ordeal. I’m glad she is OK. These truly horrific situations bring out the humanity in most people. And yet we can carry on like complete prats over such small things… I often wonder why perspective is so hard to maintain. Maybe it is when true lack of control (act of nature style) confronts us that the real gold shines through.

        • haha i know it’s a flower remedy called pluto juice. i dont think i could order online since i dnt trust our postal service here and i think i couldnt afford it.were so lucky here in the southern part of the philippines since we dont have floods and storms.

          good to hear your friend is safe and alive. filipinos are really warm and helpful people despite of the hardship we have.

      • delilah, Walnut essence (aka “Pluto Juice” – search this site for posts related to it) is a Bach Flower remedy – especially helpful to cope with change. There would be stockists in The Philippines for sure or you could order it online.

      • Delilah – hope you are ok and weren’t affected badly by the flooding. I can highly recommend Walnut/Pluto Juice bach flower remedy. It is genius. Exercise also helps – walking, yoga, dancing: whatever makes you feel good and gets your energy moving.

        I know it feels like a never-ending darkness after 4 months, but I think the fact you are still sad shows how deep your capacity for love and feeling is, so please don’t see it as a weakness. Keep being gentle to yourself and when you feel yourself slipping into those sad thought patterns, gently ask yourself, “Is this helping me get where I want to go? Is this helping me be who I want to be?” and if it’s not, then try and refocus on where you do want to be, even if it feels like you can’t really grasp it right now. xx

      • Delilah yes re St John’s Wort & or Walnut. Also acupuncture. fab for mood maintenance. chinese herbs as well also great! lots of love xox

        • thank you cba and rlp. i’ve been helping myself to cope. it has been some time since i last cried. it’s just that yesterday i just felt so down and couldn’t stop crying the whole day. i do exercise everyday and do pilates. i tried massage too but im too sensitive it makes me so ticklish.

          thank you again mystic, cba and rlp. this is such a great site and i found this just in time during the breakup and im happy that there are so many helpful people around here. kudos to everybody. xx

  17. yesterday cried my eyes out. i dnt know y but cant seem to stop. hope today i will be zapped to the path of happiness. 4 months after the separation felt like forever

  18. Okay i mean metaphorically – last days of Saturn in Virgo…Whatever foundation in your life, platform, paradigm – is not going to support you – it’s obvious. Like in those playstation games where u have to jump platforms…eg; for me it’s the oz newspaper and i have to accept that the site either survives/thrives by itself somehow or i incarnate as someone/thing different…

    • Re you thriving – cos that’s the righteous outcome – I think those special reports are good Mystic – it’s not so much that you have to save up if you’re skint and it’s little enough that you can buy all of them at once if you’re flush. When I had a shop peeps would come in and buy little love & prosperity magic charms I made from scraps of herbs and stuff I had left over from a big $ value product and I ended up making more from those little things than the actual things the stuff was left over from. They sold like hotcakes because peeps could afford them and peeps w cash always bought 10 instead of one or two.

      It’s nice getting the password too cos it’s like you’re having a private moment as opposed to it being a blog moment. There’s a private ambience to it that is nice if you log on at 3 in the morning and find you have received the saturnalia password just as you are festering over your saturnalian problem – delivery of the passwords is fast enuff for it to be a kind of pimp my angst on demand service. Not needing to book for a consult an all – being able to nut things out yourself. Also the fact you supply them in advance so we are able to plan and use the energies instead of being in the midst of them and wondering wtf is up. AND you are teaching us to fish, not giving us a fish.

      • And also Mystic, I think it suits you much better not to be part of massive Oz newspaper owned by massive corporate giant….so everything happens for a reason, yes?! When I used to buy said paper, really only to read your stars, it did used to irk me somewhat I was supporting someone (whoops), something, I didn’t feel completely comfortable supporting..and then I tapped in your website, became a subscriber and happily never bought said paper again….

        • same same here.

          Mystic praps your cut the ties with Corporate Gina is timed with Pluto changing signs?

          Is this why media (all modes) is on its head?
          Do tell ….!!

          per my other comment here – Women’s Wear Daily link above – cites the HUGE influence Bloggers/social networks have on big fashion brands. Key chain store / elite store buyers relegated from front row & Bloggers either side Anna Wintour….media is so mid revolution… this Pluto?

        • same same! and my weekends are better for not having the remainder of the paper hanging around guilting me all weekend, waiting to be read.

          loving the dailies, working up to the solo consult . . . soon!

    • that is completely bouyant advice (below from whatever) & true abt u – additionally, if you are not already doing it & u have some spare time u can offer to do some other astrologer’s sites for one-off gratis when they are on hols. that might help expand yr following because the peeps reading the other stuff r already interested…. and yr stuff is great & v unusual style plus u r accessible (in a moon like kind of way) see/speak but not hear or touch

      • It’s a lovely idea but i don’t really have spare time. Am going away next week – to work – and it is my first “holiday” since 2004. Plus even when i take Sundays off i get bk to my e-mail on monday morning with people complaining that the e-mail they sent on sunday has not been responded to yet. If you think about it, it’s daily, weekly, monthly columns + relatively frequent blog postings & book writing + consults. My big plan at the moment is to take a week off at xmas…

        • Mystic who the flock complains YOU don’t reply??

          I mean really. enough already displaced peeps – go elsewhere & whine!!

          as prev suggested – send em to The Leo Socialite.
          or, if she be unavailable – divvy said complaints up & ping em to any of us when PMT’g.

          • Yes can not believe people complain!!!!..but umm suppose when people are feeling overwhelmed and desperate they may want instantaneous advice??? – but Mystic, that’s their issue, not yours…though you’re prob so compassionate you take it on, also prob why you’re so good doing what you do…a double-edged sword…

  19. Feeling a bit zapped today but it’s cool just going with it…

    Had an action packed dream last night that involved superheroes, it was incredible! It started with me at work & seeing a huge queue for coffees.. Lol!

  20. Lucid dreaming????
    After all that rock n roll back n forth here last night – and the internet scurry to see if the Bowie rumours re BDO were true (still unconfirmed – no old school headline) – My sleeping hours were at the best 2 day music festival I’ve been to in ages. even if not real. spare the deets other than Le Turd made a cameo (looking more shabby hobo than hot hairy tattoo man) & his presence did NOT boter me as a glided by his blithering with teflon grace.

    funny bit – in real time – neighbouring kid embarked on early morning DIY trumpet lessons, rousing me from the bottom of a very deep dream well – & the lure of my dream festival was so great it pulled me back to into it……

      • OOO I LOVE peaches – her and iggy pop that’d be a thing to see. BDO shits me tho – it’s like eating one of those dip sampler packs – never enough of the one you like most – I like the side shows better. Can someone tell me was it porno for pyros or jane’s addiction who played at the one PJ also played at?

        • PS I gave up BDO 2 years ago – but Bowie’d bring me back. the other uncofirmed (insider) rumour is The Dead Weather. Let me yell – JACK WHITE!!

          • HaHA I can almost hear you hammering on the keyboard hon – YES he’s a god – have been listening to white stripes and saboteurs on my recently liberated from storage turntable LOUD for the last few days. Yes, hello new neighbours – this is how it’s going to be LOL

          • Aqua Girl – what happend to your Hot Hair – 1st the switching Avatar & now the evaporating one???

            if only I could do what I love – find cool shit – AND make a living out of it……

            Mystic did the Astro on my company last year.
            FAB poignant insights – astro pointed to some cult blog – fusing pop cult, music, design, magic etc but – tho I reckon there’s enough of that floating around.

            friends with MEGA blogs like Bryan Boy – said they’d plug if I did, & he has MILLIONS of followers. including Marc Jacobs, who named a bag after BB.


            check 3rd post – 2 bloggers FRONT row of Milan D&G show, either side of Anna Wintour. and today’s W article about changing media & the power of blogs on fashion brands –

            but they’re young, happy to globe hop, & put themsleves out there……moi prefers net trawling. if I like it I share. & I’d hate to get slaughtered for my dyslexic typos…….woulda been a cool idea if I started at the emergence of the blogasphere – like Mystic – she was ahead of the Blog Boom. As one would expect – so finger on pulse!!

  21. Oh thank god!!!! I knew there had to be a reason. I’m a bit wacky and my dogs are ridiculous today! And first good dream that I also remembered in a long time.

    • its the tie..see them all the time, that color too, walking thru the city on tour or something, wearing their school uniform..

      • DL – I got the same thing….re Asian School girl – twas only when Mystic commented I looked again……

  22. Yep, I’m feeling restless for sure, and anxious for the new (Mars?) to come along and energise things. I feel like I need for things to change and give me a push forward. And yes super lucid dreaming is in full force! Unfortunately I drank too much last 2 nights, so today I have decided to honouring myself by nourishing my body. Thanks for the assistance Mystic.

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