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Ancient Snake Goddess with Snakes in each Hand

Okay guys – the Moon is in Aquarius and nearing Jupiter + Neptune.  This is like Lucid Dreaming Central. I am going to try an old thing i read and i CANNOT recall where it comes from…ancient, i suppose.  They say you get a picture of a Snake and ask it a question just before you go to bed. You put the Snake picture under your pillow and voila – the answer by morning or early the next day.  No i don’t know the origin but the Snake has always been credited with wisdom and in some traditions, knowing every secret in the world.  So who is IN???  We do it tonight, check back in the morning.

And this is cool:

“…It was in Crete that the snake aspect of the Mother Goddess religion reached its highest development and there the beautiful remains of a great civilisation have been unearthed. The snake in Cretan society represented the wisdom of the goddess and was associated with life, death and regeneration. Venerated as a protector of the household, the snake was considered the reincarnation of a dead family member. Special rooms equipped with snake tubes (which enabled snakes to travel through the house) were found in many homes…”

The Dinner Party – Judy Chicago.


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98 thoughts on “Snake Dreaming

  1. Beautiful part of the world LG, I lived at the back of Mudgeeraba on the Springbrook rd. for a few years and would often bush walk the lamington.

  2. Beautiful part of the world LG, I lived at the back of Mudgeeraba on the Springbrook rd. for a few years and would often bush walk the lamington.

  3. Love your post SF. having overcome my fear of snakes by working in the beautiful lamington national Park rainforest (SE Qld) for 2.5 years and coming upon them I can feel they are a truly earthy totem for many.

    U may have got an answer but it won’t reveal itself for a while.

  4. as i said above i’ve always been FREAKED OUT by snakes HOWEVER last night i spent some time visualising snakes in different incarnations once i lay down AND i had a beautiful vision of a snake morphing into a woman and i realised that the snake embodies feminine energy – so i feel much less fearful of them in general. THEN, during the night I woke up and although i wasn’t asleep i wasn’t fully awake either and i had a vision that all the answers to every question are IN THE EARTH but sometimes they are closer to the surface of the earth (and can be plucked out). It was really graphic – i could see the written answers as black writing sticking out of the soil. seems silly but also somehow real in a feminine, holistic way.

    anyway, i don’t think i got an answer to the question i was asking but i will be on the snake trail again tonight.

  5. drew the snake, asked the question & woke up thinking “f…!, I can’t remember the damn dream…”

    methinks I tried too hard to remember.

    Shall try again tonight.


  6. Sorry no snake dreams, but I did have a bizarre one where I was a caretaker to a disabled young man who I ended up having sex with. Perhaps it was refering metaphorically to my ex? 😆

  7. Had a snake dream last night before I saw this post but I was scared and I couldnt see it but knew it was on my body somewhere. Old Sagg Flame from 20 years ago was the male figure. So snakes are in my head thats for sure. Had a snake encounter of the bedroom kind on Sunday with the TC after a snake talk preamble. mmmm no coincidence here.
    Will try proper tonight with pic.

  8. Can’t remember my drems at all! But when I was dozing after my alarm went off, I distinctly heard a voice telling me something to the effect of “Everything will be OK and something wonderful is going to happen.” So – not a specific answer, but a lovely message just the same.

    • CBA – I got a STRONG hit reading your comment. reread it to see if twas random / unrealated & got another STRONG hit…….let us know when wonderful thing/s land!! xox 😉

      • Oh, awesome! Thanks RLP – I have a sense big things are in store for you too – think we had this convo about being on the cusp of something on a post a while back. BRING IT ON BABY! D xx

        • CBA – bloody well bring it on for both of us!!

          p.s was at Chic Do last night & somehow bypassed the French Champers……raced home & check my passport to make sure it was still me…….LOL – may we respectively be popping corks sooner than later 😉 xox

  9. I love love love this–with the snakes I have tattooed on my body, I get answers to questions I don’t even think to ask! Got a specific one in mind though…tonight!!

    Thank you for honoring with magnificent creature and totem!

    x Kim 🙂

  10. In my dream I woke up to the ex kataka standing in my room, asking me if I had still had the ring he gave me. I sat up & my aqua laying asleep next to me didn’t move. I got up out of bed & walked with him out to the kitchen. He sat on the bench & put his head in his hands. He asked me again & I saw myself throwing the ring away & said no. Then I saw a tiny bat next to him & I said what is that doing there & he replied he didn’t know. Following this, my dream began to fill with people, places & events that were going on around the time we were together. Omg I think I need a stiff drink….

    I think Judy Chicago is brilliant!! Her piece has bought to everyones attention all the powerful women in history, it is so amazing to know we have so many women to look up to & admire. I think it will take me weeks to read everyone of them but I am willing to give it a go! Thanks Mystic

  11. I left cyberspace too early yesterday to try this last night. Had some loopy lucid dreams Weds A.M. even without a snake symbol under the pillow.

    Can’t wait to try this tonight.

    In May-June I did lots of reading about eastern mysticism in the yoga sutras schools on the Kundalini snake energy. It’s a force at the base of the chakras which winds up as our enlightenment and consciousness develop. Eve fooling around with the snake in the garden of Eden was playing with this concept but sadly western dogmatic mainstream religion has distorted this message.

    Sure that this concept is explored more in book called “The Cosmic Serpent, DNA & the Origins of Knowledge” by Jeremy Narby – ta muchly for this reference starstrokes

  12. Interesting, Sweetpea. I have heard about snakes and kundalini power, but I always had a negative connotion with that. Too many women I have met who use that term who love power, but not love.
    But I remembered that story about the Buddha being sheltered by a snake so I looked that up…. I now have a picture for under my pillow tonight… 🙂
    And definitaly vague, fuzzy and unclear in moments of decision is how I feel about my personal power. *sigh*
    Maybe clearing out some crap….

  13. Being in a different hemisphere, sleep cycle is not the same, so this thread was here when I woke up.

    My dream last night was of swimming out from the shore and there being a line that my scuba gear was hooked on to. I wasn’t happy about this but found a way to free myself.

    And off I swam….

    Will be fun to hear of ya’lls sleep experiments!!

  14. Weirdly enough I had a dream about a snake last night. I couldn’t decide whether I should kill quickly- It was deadly and I had a shovel in my hands ,or leave it alone as I am generally a pacifist….(mixed messages a la Mercury?)
    I finally put it in a box. But it was trying to speak to me…so I like that mention of snakes knowing every secret in the world….. Hmmmm.

    • The snake is symbolically associated with the wisdom of Shakti/Enlightenment/Kundalini. Perhaps you already know of this Blackstar?

      How we feel about the snake may say something about how we feel about our personal power.

  15. I had a dream at the end of august with a september calender in front of me and a giant sticker saying ‘watch it!’. Phew, I’ve watched myself and I’m still stuck in the whirlwind of activity but am grateful for the warning. So looking forward to mid October when things will quieten somewhat. Well, I hope so at least!

    My dream last night was being given enormous roses by lots of people, but when I went to leave, my car was caught up in tendrils of rose stems with lots and lots of red/almost black roses. Wonder what it means? It’ll come to light down the track no doubt

  16. Yup am so in!!
    Revelations are us – bring it on – Snakes alive its dream central!!

    just in door from serious Art Foundation do.
    played ‘word perfect’ girl. for once.
    and the host was in the dunny doing coke. at gallery. really.
    beeline for door home to jammies YAY!!

    thanks Mystic – played Saturn Girl (never complain / never explain)… gimme a swill of fine Shiraz pre giving Judy Chicago full attention.

      • thanks Ubers – was super stung from instance at recent industry event (long story / eclipse season) & tonite had to drag self there.
        Saturn Girl mantra got me through.

        Saturn Girl even bypassed French Bubbles……& trialed a new social personality paradigm……baby steps outside the cage?

  17. fabulous link! thank you – and in 2 weeks and 6 days when my last post grad assignments are in, i’m going to read each and every one of the 999 names. so cool.
    and on snakes – when living in the bush in nsw, we had a couple of carpet snakes living under our bed. left them there for a few weeks? days? can’t remember, and don’t remember why we didn’t move them out, but they had babies, the sweetest little skinny snakelets!!! ’twas awesome. used to get lots of carpet snakes up there.
    i love snakes – when i was a wee one at school i was a snake in a school play – i still remember the all in one satin green snake costume my mum made – and what a hassle it was to get out of it when i needed to pee. but boy could i slip and slide and dip and glide in it 🙂

    • I made a snake cot bumper for Spazzy A cos she kept head butting in her sleep and I thought this wacky coloured snake protecting her was a much better option.

  18. i’m in! – had an experience with a huge old man blue-tongue lizard yesterday morning – at first i thought ‘oh fuq a snake!’.

    my cat, mr t, sniffed him out sitting on the driveway in the sun … mr t, who is a HUGE cream/white british shorthair, went up close took a sniff and sat down. i thought ‘what the fug is he doing!?’ then saw the visitor, yikes at first thought, that cat is a goner!

    but then realised the lizard (he was so big!) but my lord blue-tongue just sat there while he was sniffed at and then without fuss mosied off down the drive with mr t, following, sitting, following, sitting and generally showing some serious respect for m’lord.

    tonite at my friend’s house i was looking thru her chinese astrology for 2009 book – what sign r u? – snake she says ….

    so i am way up for this one … i don’t often dream but lately have been, i thought it was the weird weather (not astrological weather either)

  19. Don’t have a picture of a snake… but will find one/draw one and give it a crack.
    I haven’t been able to really remember my dreams all month. Would be nice to do so…

  20. seems i am the only one here who is totally freaked out by serpents – there is NO WAY i could sleep with a picture of a snake under my pillow. i’ll compromise and visualise one before i go to sleep (and trust i don’t have nightmares…)

  21. This sounds fab, especially with all the Moon Neptune Jupes goo goo ga ga going on.

    Thanks for the link to the Dinner Party, Mystic. How awesome!

    • I was ogling it as you posted and got excited as Hildegarde Von Bingen is in it. I wonder if astrodienst has her chart – mystic, musician, healer, artist. She was the renaissance woman of the medieval era.

    • wasn’t JC in melbourne a couple of years ago ? or was there some anniversary of her installation that was being celebrated…glad to see emily dickenson is there – how could she not be?

  22. I saw a production of Top Girls by Caryl Churchill in which the set designer appropriated Chicago’s installation as the dinner table for the opening scene in which significant women from history ate together. Great design concept for a wonderful play.

  23. Do-do-do-do-doooo. That’s the snake charming oboe music in my head! LOL. Geez Louise you’re funny!

    I’m IN! I can take mugwort tea too right. It helped me remember my dream last time. I left some herb on my pillow for a week or so and that didn’t seem to help. but the tea works a treat.

    What about a wish instead of a question? I need some money/a job. I’m a snake in Chinese astrology and we are suppose to be good with cash, so can I maybe appeal straight to the mascot?

    I’ll buy my sari tomorrow!

    • career is in the north of yr house (as per compass) color black, blue, green. number 1. element water. ie picture of sea or water on the wall, black & white drawing of 1 person in black or blue frame, or maybe even one black vase filled with water – other feng shui tip reduce any clutter in the area lol x

      • interesting – that part of house facing busy road – would you need to do something to “fix” that? Is there a book you could recommend that is the idiots guide? I’ve tried with the feng shui but it always ends up shitting me in the end – having to organise ornaments etc.

    • Thanks so much for the advice ladies. I live with several people so I don’t have much control over clutter in the house, but can work with the orth of my room. I have a feng shui compass so I can check it out proper! I won’t use the flower tip though cause its bad to put flowers in your room yeah. Thanks. I’ll do it all!

      • get on board Mystic’s Feng Shui Master (who in actual is F.S Mistress…) – 12 mth online course is like not much – for the results….Ooops off to take my own advice & twig per this months Chinese Astro………

  24. When I lived up in the tropics I had so many weird, freaky snake dreams that I actually developed a sixth sense for when real snakes were about- very helpful!
    I have snake as a totem, have done many snake paintings & get the whole transmutation thing from going there in my dreams, but am yet to ask A big Q. I’m a moon in Aquarius girl, this sounds cool!

    RE: There is a book called “The Cosmic Serpent, DNA & the Origins of Knowledge” by Jeremy Narby that is groundbreaking, creative & very very interesting, if this is news?

        • ….and shulgin, hoffman, huxley, leary, pinchbeck, straussman and the lot of them….prolly overlooked the major players but yeah ~ consciousness, psychedelics et al are big with me.

        • it’s a little bit more complicated than that.

          rick straussman’s “DMT : The Spirit Molecule” is worth a peek.
          death and dmt is a fascinating subject to dip into. and of course, the spiritual use of etheogens full stop.

          • to a degree i’m speculating =>

            dmt trip….death>smoking crystals>sleep

            yeah, we release small amounts during sleep but i was referring more to tribal societies shamanic use of the hallucinogenic brew. i’m intrigued, of course in how it could be released by meditation and its effects but i’m sorta more interested in shooting for the monster trip of smoking the crystals or drinking the brew.

            i really wanted to launch into it but it was so goddamn overwhelming – ethnographers, botany, chemistry, pharmacology, plabt alkakoids, neurotransmitters, psychotherapeutic ritual, psychology, banisteriopsis caapi, souls, spirits, MAO, animalistic belief systems, sabto daime, syrian rue, la purga, healing power and knowledge…..that’s just the beginning and it’s a lot to slog through (esp for the unacquainted) but i have a costume to sew and food to bake for my daughter’s school that needs my urgent attention ;(

            i have issues with how straussman conducted his research but there’s not much out there regarding dmt study. just a good 101, is all.

          • re: straussman, yer….i have issue with how he research was conducted but sadly, there’s not much out there on dmt study. it’s a good basic intro though.

          • so yes AG (isn’t that silver on the periodic table?) be careful unleashing the monster and going on a journey with it. Less is more. Quantum physics will “prove it” one day so peeps who need to quantify believe. Daemonic reality is a good book not sure who by – is good is all.

          • Hi AG, I was just enquiring if YOU had any actual experiences, was just curious is all. I like hearing about personal experiments & since the subject came up here thought I would ask

          • yes, whatever…..of course – mass respect

            and LL, i have and still do….. but this is a public forum, i’m visible, you know me but i don’t know you – you get it. thank you for your interest though….. in real life, i don’t know many peeps that are interested or who know much about the topic – aside from my norwegian physicist partner, scientists and some hippies.

            and on the topic of consciousness – exploring altered states of consciousness… was one of the motivations for me to personally check out polyphasic sleep cycles (in my case, the uberman schedule) – that and manipulating my perception of time. i also fasted for 40 days for deep cellular healing, other reasons and it’s effects on consciousness too.

          • I realised after I submitted my comment that it was a foolish question, for the same reasons you gave – that sound you can hear is me slapping my forehead in a derrrrrr moment 🙂

            I have in the past also, shame we can’t go there

            Enjoy your baking 🙂

  25. Well i am sure a hand-drawn pic just as potent. Why not? I am not sure if you are meant to write the question or not. If this works we are SO ON TO SOMETHING. We will set up as a unique Oracle service with mind-bogglingly accurate results and nobody will know it is all done by a team of dreamers with clients questions scribbled on snake pix under our pillow. We’d have to say it was scientific and set up a call centre in bollywood but it would be staffed by happy reikied workers wearing multi coloured saris and with melodious snake charming style music playing throughout the vedic architecture approved surrounds.
    I guess we will see if it works first lol.

    • speaking of scientific can we get angus stirling to oversee proceedings? I loved the virile nature of his stroll into the lions/lionesses den and demands that we provide him with proof of astro phenomena. Where are you Angus? we need you…

        • O god I want nothing to do w this – pinkie swear it wasn’t moi OK LOL. Are you sure David? How can you be sure? I wish he was real – you gotta admit that’s a virile and entirely self-assured manouvre they worked whoever they were.

        • D.L- Angus Stirling be so left field random – am with you on this ….. or if we’re wrong – Angus – chime in more regularly so we can apologetize??

  26. Righto I’m in – I just followed a man down the street with a snake image coiling up the back of his shirt and over his shoulder to the front – beautiful colours – think it’ll work if I draw the snake? I have no printer.

    And I dunno about spiders savannah I was bitten by one a few weeks ago and it all ended up at A&E with possible near death experience so I’m a little wary myself – once bitten an all.

  27. I’ll give it a go. Snakes are beautiful creatures they don’t deserve the yuk vibes they get off people, same with spiders.

    • Last nights dream I was masturbating in a public toilet, I could see myself in the mirror. I looked fantastic, my hair like a Leo & I had my sunglasses on up my head. Someone knocked on the door I called out I’ll be there soon. LOL. Doesn’t fit in with what I asked the snake 🙂 or does it….

        • LOL my dreams for months now have been fantastic.

          The dream had the…..err…’sensation’ of really good sex but there was no one there.

          I think it was about self love & esteem, the need to do a bit of healing work before I go on too much further. You know how can others love you if you don’t. Make sense?

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