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artistic woolly sheep sculptureAnyone who is or whom has ever known an Aries knows that they are nothing if not positive. A bit boombastic & up themselves, for sure. But if you need a swift pep-talk,  a blast of optimistic perspective or motivation to get off your bum…Aries is your guy. Or girl.

Also, the part of your chart where you HAVE Aries is where you are damn well unsinkable. Someone comes along and wallops you there, you leap right up again. It’s where you mouth off, are given to a bit of a fight and will never-ever give in. You are competitive and determined to out-do, out-live, out-shine and out-thrive all your enemies. You’re a bit crazy in the ‘house’ or ‘sector’ of your chart where you have Aries but you don’t care.

Aries Rising or in the 1st house – you probably ARE a fighter for a living. Aries in the 4th: real estate fiend. Do not fuq with this person’s domestic bliss. Aries in the 9th: Gets into fist-fights over politics if given half the chance. Academically competitive. Aries in the 3rd: hits the roof if dissed by anyone or at mere hint of familiarity. You get the idea?

Aries is the sign of GORM.   There was, btw, a King Gorm of Denmark. I wonder if this where the term ‘gormless’ came from?

Image: Sheep by Hans Peter Krafft

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59 thoughts on “Positivist Aries Leadership & Motivational Tips

  1. Moon in Aries in the 7th! Frankly, haven’t been feeling so ‘hurrah!’ about all this relationship stuff of late, but do kind of see what you mean.

    I am a true believer in relationships. I like building them, even if I like tearing them down first (Merc conj Pluto I heard does that).

    hmmm…will have to sit on this for a while. Comments welcome.

    • I know what you mean. I have Aries in my 7th house …and Venus. If my relationship is “good,” I’m bored.

    • Oh ya. My Chiron is in Aries too. So much. Healing from the relationships that I tear apart and build back up? Yes. that’s about right. Laughing.

      • Yeah that sounds about right. I have Papa Saturn sitting in the 7th as well to make sure i don’t have too much fun either.

          • As trans. Saturn is coming upon to square natal Saturn in the not too far future I’m going to check out that link Ubs. Thanks. I’m an Aries but today could use a pep talk myself!!

            year of the fox,

            My Saturn in 7th too. Is the shits but some profound stuff comes of it.

          • @Sweetpea:

            Yeah it’s been profound here too but some days I would just prefer a normal/average life. I keep hearing that Sat in 7th produces some awesome relationships in the end if you work hard enough at it.

          • Well,

            I had a normal average life and gave that up to walk on the wild side….

            Of growth that is… 🙂

            But do know what you mean…

    • Aw come on, Chiron in Aries in the 5th is great. Healing through gung ho art and pleasure and interactions with kids!! That’s brilliant!

      • That’s fairly close to what I do. One of my jobs is to teach art to the old/dying (2nd childhood…so like kids). Actual little kids hate me. And love affairs? forget that one.

  2. I love spinning off and finding out stuff.

    So I have Aries in House 11….and went looking for info which suggests that I am unsinkable in attracting wide varied circle of friends. Tick.

    That these friendships can at times be not long lasting, but sometimes reform later. That some of these friendships aren’t particularly deep Um tick….I’m not sure that this is just me though? I mean doesn’t everyone have a variety of friendships…nano second ones, current, people you’ve known for years, or various levels of intimacy(ala how deeply we connect or share)?

    Apparently Aries in 11th house is like being gifted with sociability…I’m wondering if you combine that with my Sun in Leo, and Mercury in Leo and damn I don’t think I ever had a chance not to be chatty and friendly.

    • LL,

      My 11th ruled by Aries and Sun, South Node and Point of Fortune there…


      Sometimes I get these emails from folks and they say “send to five friends” to get your blessing or if you not be cursed.

      Me and a patient laughing the other day as I said “hell, I don’t have five friends and I want to keep it that way!”

      Looks like in the past I may have had tons of friends but in this life, besides work, really hermit like except reaching out through the written on line and hopefully book wise.

      • Sweets I’m not a huge fan of those curse emails. I just delete them as they tend to also contain pulsating bunnies and mutant sunflowers… I don’t like passing any of that on.

        I’m strategically hermit like. My definition of friends is less rigid these days than when I was in the first flush of youth. I have a lot less rules now and am guided by my own inner warmth meter in regards to who I feel friendly towards or connected to for a moment or a lifetime. I find this actually seems to generate more warmth and a wider circle of people I consider friends. I have people in my life I would go to the wall for that I feel I have deep friendships with, but also some who I haven’t exchanged contact details with that I feel are my friends but we just bump into each other. We stop sit in the sun, drink coffee and just talk. Also the online contact widens contact with a variety of viewpoints I may not come across in any given day.

  3. Aries on the eight! Mercury (ruler of virgo rising) and venus conjuct quiron there also (this last 2 in opposition uranus). Passion, passion, passion. Crazy on and off love life (uranus courtesy…) oh well, it’s just too intense sometimes, even for me!LOL. I guess pluto on the first doesn’t help either:-). Taurus sun, virgo rising, leo (!!) moon!

  4. Oh, and in matters of love, i simply don’t take a “no” as an answer. I’m utterly resistante and thrive on competition, but i can bide my time if needed (cap mars in the 5th), but only if is really really needed to win, otherwise i prefer the heat of the moment!:-)

  5. Bah ha ha! That explains a lot! I’ve got both my Moon and Jupiter in Aries in the 1st house. Nothing motivates me more than dispute work – I’m at my best when I’m involved in running litigation rather than merely preparing advice. Having an opponent has always caused me to amp up my effort levels.

  6. aries in the 9th. there are a rare few who feel inclined to keep up with my political rants. though kevin is making me think i should direct their energy elsewhere. so dull.
    I wouldn’t say I’m competitive in learning, but I am a super nerd, and will proudly tell people of that, and am doing phd. but not making those statements with a therefore I’m ‘more’ something than you.
    I’ve chiron in aries too.

  7. I have Aries 2nd house where P. Fort, Pallas, Eris, Pholus reside.
    The second house is like well-being?

    • Me too Baristagem – 2nd house Aries where only P Fort and Eris (eek) reside.

      Second house is resources – money, moveable possessions and what we value that gives us a sense of security (self esteem). It also indicates what makes us feel safe and how we relate to the concept of ownership. So with Aries in the 2nd, gung ho Aries enthusiasm and energy can be a great resource. Financial support/self esteem can come through martian activities.

  8. Aries all lined up in the 8th house with 6 planets in Aries: Saturn conjunct Venus, Chiron, North Node, Mercury and Sun. I embody the phrase: “Fools rush in where Angels fear to tread.” This has made for some interesting life experiences… But somehow always end up okay & on my feet.. Falling in love is a rare, but life-changing experience when it happens (Saturn conjunct Venus). Tends to blow my life wide open, so I need breaks in between relationships to get stuff done. Saturn is slamming my 1st house at the moment… Pass me the Nurofen, the home-made organic chai (caffeinated) and of course, the organic dried cherry chocolate.

    • I’m Eighth House Aries too, but not a single planet in there.
      I am most definitely the guy anyone would call in a crisis, and can take any major life upset / change totally in my stride… But the ‘sex and death’ elements of the Eighth house…?? Well, actually, I am also pretty perky at a funeral (of which there have been just too many)… So I guess that just leaves the sex part… Can’t say I’m particularly optimistic there, but considering how fundamentally cursed my love life has been, I haven’t yet given up entirely…!

      • Lexi,

        Have you checked out Mars (ruler of your 8th) and what it’s doing in your chart? Or, what planets may be transiting the 8th and what house those planets rule?

        I won a gang of money when Venus (ruling 5th of gambling) was on 8th house cusp!

        • My Mars is conjunct Moon and Lilith in First House – VIRGO.
          I like the idea of winning bags of money… When should I be looking out for that?? 🙂

    • What you wrote totally resonated for me and i don’t have saturn there, “just” mercury and venus conjunct quiron, but the ruler of the 8th is aqua mars in the 5th. Maybe the life changing experiences have to do with venus there? to experience something that seems like is going to swallow us…but in the end, we manage to survive. That is the kind of challenge that i love most- to dare to love intensly, whole heartedly, learn the live lessons and managing to survive. The risk element in my chart is furthermore enphasized my venus opposition uranus, so i definatly fall in love instantly, always, and there has to be something unconventional about the person or de relationship. Interesting that you spoke about breaks between relationships…i need them also. I guess it has to be that way given the overwelming intensity of feelings envolved when i fall in love! Thank you for your input. Very much appreciated!

  9. Aries in the First…. And if I want something to happen, I’ll persist until it does. I suspect my water sun and moon does tamp it down a bit, but yep – I’m persistant.

  10. Aries moon, Lilith, circe and n node in the 5th. For me art and fun are transcendental. Do you hear me? TRANSCENDENTAL!

    End of my 4th house is in Aries too with Saturn, and nobody messes with my homelife or there’s hell to pay.

  11. This is a very interesting time for me to be thinking about all this. Moon, Chiron and Jupiter all in Aries (though Jupiter Rx) all in my 7th. I think an astrologer told me once that this was the strongest stuff in my chart. Either that or that everything related to my Mars in Gem in 9th house. I think the sooner I process both of those, the better.

  12. Venus, merc & ceres all conjunct in 8th, plus 9th, all in aries. And trining uranus, and virgo rising. Yeah to academically competetive and political fisticuffs. Like a good argument, me. Gung ho in spades, which is completely opposite watery moon, so terribly conflicted about gung honess. I am pretty lucky too, although it is sometime hard to believe. I’ve noticed that I generally land on my feet. Argumentative and passionate – favorite word is WHY. Definitely suffer from foot in mouth disease!

  13. Aries in 9th house. Lilith, Moon, Jupiter and Chiron all conjunct in Aries, over 8th and 9th houses.
    Definitely argumentative, and agree that since Rudd and Obama I have had nothing to get into fisitcuffs over, yawn. I never think before I speak, and never think (hard) before I act. I just do because….
    Constantly back and forthing over whether to do PhD, am VERY academically competitive, and am afraid to say but a bit of an education snob.
    Afraid to pursue other careers where I have trivial interests because they are not “intellectual” enough.

    • Hmm, think I’d better fess up and join your intellectual snob gang. Chose post 16 subjects on the basis of difficulty – didn’t need to do English as I was naturally good at it! Have a collection of degrees in very different subjects, but I wonder if that is more because I needed external validation of my skills to satisfy my watery moon. Always felt a bit thick. Over time I have become thoroughly disillusioned with academe – too much pressure to get results (publication) and not enough time to argue the toss and refine debating skills.

      Now in a career with no qualifications (there are none suitable) and love it. I occasionally get a bit bombastic about how things could be done better, but my work now is hard to define and my results almost intangible, but I know I’m making a difference. It was an impulsive move, as with all career decisions. Ditching the competetiveness and intellectual needs was the best thing I ever did. You can still study for a phd part time to keep your brain working 🙂

      • Can I ask what industry you are in?? I really don’t want the treadmill of having to publish and get funding, without being able to just take off when I want to. I also suffer from self-doubt in my abilities, and have to keep achieving highly in order to “believe”. Often I feel like a fraud because people lavish praise when I just want to shake them and say I can’t really do this…

        • In your heart, you know you can do it, don’t you? Even considering a phd is quite an achievement!

          I work with charities and volunteers, helping them to do better. Work is contantly varied, using all my skills at different times. I get the “approval” I need from the constant positive feedback. I’m self employed, so I work when I have the energy rush, and take time off when I’m felling low. And the luck kicked in making the self employment route less scary than it could have been.

          Funnily enough, the organisation I do most work with is full of leos. Must be all that praise we get for helping people.

          I think what I finally learned was that I’d rather do well at something I was good at and get the positive feedback rather than keep struggling to achieve and feel a failure.

          • wow, maybe we’ve stumbled on a aries in the 9th phd propensity – publishable?

            yes to the underestimation of abilities thing to – my comments about proudly announcing my super nerdness is a recent thing, culmination of enough compliments from people I should believe (patting of my leo rising ego), some scholarship luck. I still forget though, and I know the recent energy burst will wear off if I don’t work at it.

            SPMALR, I agree with the self-employed thing. Its been a while since I’ve had a 9 to 5 job, prior to the schol I did research assistant work in a variety of areas – easy to pick up or drop if required. Satisfies my need to find out about stuff, without too much ‘performance’ pressure, as its someone’s project..
            Gem/Leo rising/pisces

          • Funnily enough I have just finished a stint as a research assistant at uni in the dept I am considering doing my PhD in, but I am tossing up between staying with that and its irregularity and doing a Grad Dip Ed to become a high school teacher as this would give my childre more stability.
            I need help with this dilemma as am a new single mother.

            And yes, in my heart of hearts I know I can do it, but I prefer to keep this hidden as it feels too egotistical.

  14. NN conjunct Chiron in Aries 4th house, Saturn in Aries 5th house…complex, creative & independant. I’m a Myers-Briggs INFJ & can’t believe how well a personality test has me pegged!

  15. UM, soz to sound dumb – how do you find where which house aries is in? am staring blankly at Astro.com chart & um…….tips pls??

    BTW SO WISH I could channel either Aries Ex at the mo!!
    am sitting on my hands something shocking.
    well more – airily bobbbing alone.
    Aries gets straight on the case, plucking solutions from the sky confidently selling it through to reality.
    OH can I channel muchos Aries chutzpa pls?

    • Hey rockstar lovely – you have Fish rising non? Aries possibly in your 2nd or third. Look to the sign after your Fish symbol over first house. Also look at table under chart at the bottom it will have AC, 2nd, 3rd, MC etc with degrees and signs. x

  16. Rock-a-Billy Babe,

    Aries’ symbol is the red “V” shaped thingy on the chart itself (on the border around the chart). The symbol will be pertaining to a certain house (look to the center of the chart….it will have house numbers)

    Also, check the list of planet placements down to the left. Aries is “Ari”.

    Hope that helps.

    • SP K so natal chart correct?
      If so, Aries spans 2nd & 3rd houses – mainly 2nd.
      does this mean Natally Aries in 2nd?
      If so, per BarristaGem above – is this well being?

      Taura moon also in 2nd.
      thx for help!!

      • RLP,
        take the sign/house thing from the cusp, whatever sign the beginning of the house is is what rules the house…. i think.
        I’ve been investigating the 2nd house, saturn lurking about in mine. House of material possessions is the way i’ve seen it described, or what materially you have access to to use. I kind of like the latter version of that because it allows me to think of it in terms of time management, and also my personal skills etc. Not just physical stuff.
        It also linked to doing things with your hands i think, and taurus???
        It’s helped me to think about it in terms to 2nd being opposite 8th, so physical compared to metaphysical.

        • shell – thx for this but soz still confused!

          aries 1/3 in 1st house & 2/3 in 2nd.
          so I be Aries in 1st?

          • No, if your 2nd house starts midway in aries, then aries rules that house. Your first house must start in pisces?
            And yeh FF’s 2nd house reply up above is way more articulate than mine.

          • ha, i wrote that being all ‘yes i know this’, and then went, oh god, no really do i? aries in the 9th in action?
            So, I think that might be the way it goes RLP….

  17. Moon in Aries conjunct Jupiter in the 9th!! So true, I am a fighter fro my emotions & beliefs. Will strongly defend my feminist and leftist political beliefs to anyone who dares to take issue with me. I also took a solo trip earlier this year for my birthday – even around me thought I was crazy as I really had no money & didn’t speak the language; but as you say, I didn’t care. Currently studying for an MA & very academically competitive, I would call it one of my core motivations actually. My North Node is also in Aries.

  18. Sun aries, mercury aries, south node aries…in sport, and other ‘games’ very competitive and ruthless, never give an inch, totally opposite in work and family, Im a soft touch. Im very protective of friends and family..I really listen to them and care about there stuff, get involved and help push the barrow up the hill.

  19. So…
    I’m aries sun with saggo rising., and aqua moom
    My 5th house is is Pisces, and my 6th house is in Taurus.
    Any comments? Where does this aries energy go? Nowhere?