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Ancient Astrology diagram “A blighted tree is said to be planet-struck. Epilepsy, paralysis, lunacy, etc., are attributed to the malignant aspects of the planets. Horses are said to be planet-struck when they seem stupefied, whether from want of food, colic, or stoppage. The Latin word is sidertus…”

From the 17th Century Bills Of Mortality, when “planet-struck” was considered an official form of demise.

Image: Tycho Brahe

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6 thoughts on “Planet-Struck

  1. Somewhere in the preface to the encyclopaedia of medical astrology (I don’t have a copy but its named something like that) it makes mention of the fact that as little as 200 years ago or so, the practice of medicine inherently required the practice of medical astrology. I think our prescription pad addicted GPs might be planet struck!

    • perhaps they relied on medical astrology because they didn’t have much else to go on…remnant of the dark ages…remember it was a crime to dissect human bodies only ~400 years ago…we were pretty clueless. not that there may not be some interesting tidbits to gather from this

      • sorry. not dark ages. that was when people still believed everything revolved around earth too (well until copernicus sorted that out ~1530).

  2. Since electricity, i think we have lost touch with planetary vibes that were previously
    felt before large cities & their lighting that nullifies tuning in.

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