Neptune in Pisces – Barefoot?

African girl in white dress barefootI reckon Neptune into Pisces (sooner than you think!) is going to coincide with a big barefoot trend. Totally. I was reading this article on the weekend and it resonates. I have been thinking for a while that the more women do Pilates, yoga and osteopathy etc, the less sense high heels make. Once you’re aligned, they’re hard to wear because you can’t stand being thrown that out of whack. There are all these shoes coming out that mimic being barefoot and a whole movement of peeps saying ‘fuq shoes’ and going all Jesus on us.

Okay, i had a boyfriend years ago who was an ambo and he had the most hideous lectures as to what might happen to one’s feet should some disgusting bit of viral material enter the bloodstream via a puncture from some dirty microscopic shard of glass on the filthy street pavements and all. And maybe this is like some psychological reaction formation as i no longer like to fly down escalators post-champagne miraculously able to sprint, squat, do more or less anything in sky-high stilettos…Okay, i did used to twist my ankle a bit.

But what if this is really liberating and amazing? Like new era stuff. Pisces rules feet and Neptune rules Pisces…Or would one also have to have a litter and some  peeps to bear it and then put down satin for when-ever your precious tootsies had to touch the actual earth? Would litters be  more ECO? O.m.g. there is a problem with obesity, they say, and there is a problem with the environment. Everyone gets litters and we have to take turns being litter-bearers? It’s amazing I am not employed as a consultant.

Okay, back to the bare feet…Thoughts?

Viggo Mortensen barefootViggo Mortensen hates shoes, says they make his back ache & goes barefoot where-ever poss, even on the red carpet. Ditto Lenny Kravitz and Travis Fimmel.

Trsvis Fimmel barefoot with long hairEven Enrique Iglesias…Seriously, I saw him in concert a while ago with Not-The-Typical-Virgo practically having to be hospitalised for swooning, women doing pole vaults to try and get onto stage & the audience hissing at Anna Kournikova when she ponced out. Anyway, he was barefoot for most of it and said he hates having his feet constricted in any way.

Enrique Iglesias barefoot

Top Image: Brenda Joysmith

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60 thoughts on “Neptune in Pisces – Barefoot?

  1. I’m too busy swooning over Viggo to give a stuff about shoes at this point in time *sighs* ….. ok back to regular programing. Shoes. Well I love shoes from an aesthetic/style perspective but don’t actually enjoy the wearing of them. I’m a big barefoot afficionado, always have been … I think Saggo is also a sign of bare feet along with Pisces. I have Sagg moon and the freedom of being bare foot symbolises for me non comformity and cutting loose from the corporate paradigm. It’s one of the reasons why I love working from home – trakky daks, bare feet, bed hair = priceless.

  2. ‘Those long haired barefoot hippies’……………….makes sense now doesn’t it:)
    MY work is done barefoot to better feel the wood under my feet & get a grip, so to speak.
    Am in heels for 15 minutes before & after session in receptioniste mode.
    One does get a different angle on the world being 4-5 inches taller. Of course walking in heels is an art form.
    Feet don’t fence me in.

  3. I like the concept of being barefoot – but having stood on many a nail in my childhood (aries asc) I am also a BIG fan of the appropriate shoe for the appropriate activity. I have naturally slender and pointy feet – so much so my ballet teacher refused to allow me to move onto point shoes, so have not tended to mind the narrower profile of pointy shoes – but in recent years I have had the odd pair that have caused ‘issues’…. Being a corporate bohemian I do have ‘office’ feet – but after a few days barefoot I can scamper across gravel with nary an issue. I say roll on Neptune in Pisces – I’ll be wearing barefeet! And I’ll also be making a pilgrimage to that barefoot mob in London – those boots are the bomb!

  4. was only discussing yesterday this with step-son’s-mother.
    how we’re respectively carving up our shoe museums & plonking em on ebay. Ok a few (?) pearls remain – but we’re ‘just not that into them’ now!! go figure. from this pair of reformed shoe-aholics that is.

    walking to & fro morning trip to beach is a barefoot delight.
    even the pavement bits.
    that other week, it turned 30 degrees outta nowhere – went to supermarket in bikini, T-shirt masquerading as dress & straw hat.
    no one blinks at such behaviour in these parts.
    its not for show. its liberating.

    even, when on site with clients – heels kicked off the minute the customers are gone. clients (predom gay) have no prob. and it is luxury end of the market – a market that’s had the living bejezuz kicked out of it!! reality bights in some parts it seems.

    nude feet wherever poss – my fish riser?

    and YES VIGGO IS HOT – remember when he rocked up barefoot to De Niro’s door with a 6 pack?

    • BTW bare feet has inpsired (even) greater foot care.
      nails painted never chipped. the pumice. and of course the essential scrub from pattering around the street / hard surfaces / road etc.

      always have thongs in the car, enabling rapido descent from heels to street level if required!

      culling the shoe museum was a declutter I never realised to be SO cathartic. Balenciagas dormant in box for 2 years…..& my feet NEVER grew the extra size to fit them…….better get back to EBAY. Stepson’s mother advised listing USABay & adding ‘buy it now price’ for big label stuff. last week she sold 15 pairs in 24 hours!!

  5. Love barefeet, always have, but my otherwise good lookin’ feet are detracted from by having wonky second toes- they are conversation starters if nothing else. A reflexologist suggested that they were symbolic of a bent mind.
    In his single days, the centaur hubster always were polish on his toes- the CFM look.
    I love seeing performers do their thing barefoot but I saw KD Lang perform in a tux, shoeless & I think what she really needed were some supersoft moccys for that supersoft skin of hers.
    Just (lol) Moon in Aquaring airing here, happy day to all!

  6. i wear thongs everywhere…including indoors…i have no idea why im so neurotic about it, but i def. am. also obsessed with moisturising my feet (hate when they feel dry), and wearing socks to bed.

    i have nooo pisces in my chart! tres weird.

  7. i love driving with bare feet. you get a nice “vrrrrrrrr” through the accelerator and feel every bit of the clutch’s movement (i love feeling connected / communicating with my of transport, i think it comes from years of horse riding).

    am an avowed shoe lover but being the dual nature i also love feet flat on the ground, mud, soft grass, sand, dust, footpaths (altho i might not do that so much in Sydney/cutues, but there’s always soap and water, altho city grime has a way of being hard to remove)

    may i also restate my ..infatuation, in a sane, grown-woman way, with viggo m. one day..

  8. the only good shoes are flat shoes – i hate the feeling of different textures under my feet. i also love walking everywhere where poss. so barefoot is really out (i also think that bare feet is slightly ‘povo’ but that could be a mother thing along with walking & eating or smoking & eating or wearing navy blue/brown with black etc ). have to go higher heels for work but i like to be ready to move and go and i don’t like the stiletto limitations so wedges are in my life. i think tottering on heels looks completely ridiculous – also i can never stay inside for 5 mins at a time. so haviannas, nikes, birkenstocks etc the collection is endless. gem/sun; fish/jupiter (whether that means anything to support the fish theory i don’t know)

  9. Isn’t Viggo absolutely delicious?? bare feet is pretty dodgy in the street – aren’t you worried about catching something? but at the beach, at home etc is fine. For all those other occassions there’s the barefoot-replicating Birkenstocks (wear just about nothing else these days – with a wardrobe full of beautiful but uncomfortable shoes) being a pisean i respect my feet too much to make them uncomfortable. The feet have to be happy for me to be happy.

    Thanks Mystic for honouring the feet by focussing on them – there should be more of it!

  10. its funny how if your rich , famous , beautiful , artist etc and barefoot its chic and if your poor, not so good looking, maybe you surf alot like me, and your barefoot your a “bum”….. i cant stand wearing shoes, never have ,love to feel my feet on the ground so to speak at all times unless theyre planted on a surfboard riding the waves. BTW just rode the most perfect , clean, 4 ft of southerly swell at the point a short walk from mine this morning . MAGIC !

  11. I love bare feet & hopeless when it comes to covering them! Obviously I have to wear them to work or venturing out but other than that I do not wear them at all. Even in the winter months I have bare feet, I feel it regulates my body temperature somehow. My friends even laugh at my winter tan mark on my feet. I also can’t stand anyone touching my feet, very sensitive & verrry ticklish!!
    Gem sun/Pisces Rising

  12. cool I’ll stop trying to force my 4 yr old to wear shoes which he absolutely refuses too and when I get those judgemental stares I’ll just say look it’s neptune in pisces ya know! He’s ahead of his times.

  13. I have super-sensitive feet too – if there’s even a micro-sliver of something sharp on the ground, I will feell it (Princess & the Pea style). No barefoot outdoorsy-ness for me!

  14. My Piscean brother is permanently barefoot, except at work where he suffers through boots. I’ve seen him happily tread over beds of bindis utterly oblivious. However, the soles of his feet look like Simpson desert salt pans.

    The soles of mine are soft as a baby’s bum, due to full time Naot wearing and I have an aversion to gritty pavements, syringes, filth and hepatitis.

    Best surface for barefeet is a healthy lawn on a summer day. Also, I wouldn’t recommend being barefoot too much for those who suffer cracked heels. From what I’ve seen, it makes it a lot worse.

  15. Growing up in a beach suburb, only pussies wore shoes. Except school, was always barefoot, its like an initiation walking on the hot footpath till it doesn’t hurt anymore. Lived in the bush for quite a while and of course had to have some foot covering, and of course they were birkinstocks. Women, often dancers, comment about how sexy my feet are. Whatever turns you on..

  16. And while I think of it, barefoot on hard or cold floors is a major no no for those who suffer back pain, sciatica or joint problems AND bad news outside of summer if you suffer recurrent colds. In Chinese medicine, feet need to be warm. Kidney meridian begins on sole of the foot.

      • I’m the same – I ALWAYS wake up during the night to take socks off in winter as I overheat – which led to my creation of The Feet Sheet! I try the idea on every bed partner & I get weird looks as a response 🙁 My idea is to have a top sheet that has a hole in it so you can slip your feet out whenever you want to cool yourself down. I like having a foot dangling outside to remind myself it’s cold out there & how snug I am under the doona. I really should make a prototype….

        • my youngest has the sweaty feet thing going on. After school his socks are soaked, and in winter he just throws the doona off, he would love the ‘feet sheet’ for sure, in my case anything, even a sheet is too much.

      • It’s a sign of yin deficiency. Always thought you were a hottie david. If it gets too uncomfortable it’s treatable with Chinese herbs (yin tonics).

        Yang deficient people have cold hands and feet and need to keep them warm otherwise they’ll fall sick easily.

        • its not uncomfortable, but often think my body is running at 3000rpm when it could be 2000, always has, always will, probably run out of fuel quicker though..

    • There was a huge increase in menstrual problems in Hong Kong years ago because of the rise of cold tile floors – and the women walking barefoot in the home. So the barefoot on cold floors ban also needs to be extended to women who suffer from painful periods…

  17. This is so apt!!!! I was looking at my shoe collection the other day and a year ago i would screamed the house down if i had seen myself writing this but i thought ‘is this not actually a bit neurotic?’ And i was told by an extremely attractive german woman of a certain age i met at a party that high heels etc are aging and worse, CREATE JOWLS and CELLULITE. That did it.

      • Yes NT, I’d never wear barefeet to the shops in this town too much glass, spit & lord knows what else eeeww. But around the home when it’s hot, barefeet, thongs (there’s some pretty ones) & flatties.

  18. Barefoot is the only way to be. yay! I love my Vibram 5 finger shoes. 🙂 It’s for a barefoot feeling but you are in an urban area that’s got glass and whatever else.

  19. God please don’t get me started on thongs – they irk me beyond belief – I would prefer to be barefoot always tho. Pisces Midheaven.

    When Neptune hits Pisces does that A: mean it’s no longer square my natal neptune in Scorpio and B: That I will stop falling down and off things (yes serious and no, never drunk when it happens)?

  20. LOL – Just received an email about Aqua-friend’s hen’s night. We are going to a Japanese restaurant so, “no shoes ladies – make your nails are painted and pretty!”

    Another little bit of synchronicity.

  21. i am forever barefoot i love the feeling even when my feet are burning on the hot tar in summer i still refuse to wear shoes how interesting

  22. Neptune in Pisces!! Time to get prepped and grounded already.
    I’m so over being a boundary sagging, space-cadet.
    Thank the Saturn-Ops for hammering in the harsh light of day of late.
    How do you structure fog?
    Maybe we should ask the artist Olafur Eliasson,
    his “Weather Project” at the Tate (2003)
    looks like Sun and Neptune in Pisces.

  23. I broke my leg and ankle and ended up in flat shoes or barefoot by default. Then I got hives for six months and couldn’t wear any shoes as my feet would blow up like balloons as soon as I had shoes on (no, couldn’t go outside at all so bare feet in shopping centres didn’t come into the equation. But really, how liberating! I feel grounded, balanced and terrific, haven’t looked back. I’ve always gone barefoot here in Australia as I had pigeon toes when I was born, had them in splints, but have always worn out shoes really fast due to not quite right feet. So not wearing shoes is just bliss! Yes, I do wear them to shopping centres but for years I’ve worn white soft shoes from Big W, amazingly comfortable, and I will go into mourning if the line is ever discontinued. It is also great not having to worry about what shoes to wear.

  24. Barefoot = hawt

    I always prefer no shoes, including times when most people think it’s a little too much…hot pavement, unknown beaches, gravel roads. I used to get stung a lot as a kid, because I would walk in the fields and then step on a bee. After one or two very painful experiences, I decided it really wasn’t that bad, compared to wanting to not wear shoes, and have therefore never been scared of bees or any kind of stinging since. That ‘s prolly Arian for ya. But a good life lesson all the same. It really don’t hurt if you are enjoying yourself!

  25. I LOVE the look of heels etc but just can’t do them myself. All shoes seem to hurt my feet! right now I live in a pair of dr martens and some vw melissa flats (travelling means 2 pairs of shoes only!) and I don’t miss my fancy heels one bit.
    I am a piscean with bunions so I hate my feet and will NOT wear open toed anything, no thongs, no sandals, etc. which also means no bare foot in public! I even wear socks around my bf’s house so he can’t see my hideous feet, haha. but I am barefoot when alone at home and love the feel of walking barefoot on grass or sand. a foot massage is something I long to try but am too insecure about my feet!

    • Nancyx……..Don’t worry bout what someone might think about your feet. Comfort is what counts, and your really missing out on feeling the wonders of nature on your feet. It’s a lovely feeling. If people don’t like how your feet look it’s their problem. Live, and let live.

  26. Wow, another synchronious Mystic observation.

    I just completed a week-long training intensive on Friday. I’m now a certified Nia white belt and instructor. Nia is a fusion form combining martial arts, dance and healing arts and performed BAREFOOT. My first class a year and a half ago was a healing and transforming doorway. My feet love it, and so does the rest of my body and spirit.

    Classes and trainings are world-wide, but HQ is in Portland, Oregon, USA. Find a class and try it :

    *this is in no way a sales pitch*

  27. Wear shoes as little as possible.
    Often in town, in the supermarket.
    Anywhere I can get away with it without people asking me to leave.
    If it wasn’t for bindi eyes and snakes, I probably would never wear shoes.
    Both my son and nephew are developing hobbit feet from never wearing shoes.

    It’s a simple pleasure.

  28. I love barefeet on guys. I have a foot festish. I find Viggo so sexy when he is barefeet. I have his picture on my computer. Viggo is hot and sexy. I like to see more pictures of him on barefeet.

  29. I’ve been a barefooter ALL my life! Born smack in the middle of Pisces (March 6th) One day when I wore shoes outside in the dead of winter, a young neighbor kid said “hey you look funny today”, I asked him why he would say something like that to me, and he replied “because you have shoes on” 🙂
    I do have to wear socks, and shoes when my feet are cold, but usually it’s just socks or my comphy moccasins. I’ve even told people that when I die to bury me barefoot, or with socks if it’s winter time, or I WILL come back to haunt them!! Hate high heels, and if most women saw what they do to your feet through the years, they would never wear those god awful things ever again….. Going barefoot massages your feet, and I adore a good foot massage! Wishing everyone more Peace, Love, and Happiness with the coming of Neptune right where it belongs at home in Pisces! Peace…..

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