Mercury Is Direct!

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Merry Mercury Direct & now, well, things go faster and there should be heaps less of that mixed-messaging style confusion but as I say, Mercury Retrograde purists don’t count it as DONE until Mercury gets back to six degrees of Libra, the point at where it went Retro in the first place. How I Think This Works: The contracts signing being a bad idea, shit breaking down, crazy Freudian slippage and all that stuff is done once Mercury is Direct. But dialogue from as far back as mid-August still has a while to play out. There will be further developments on any important dialogue in that time. Or reversals. Weirdings. Revelations. Secrets. You get the idea. Particularly when Mercury Squares Pluto again for the third time in a row on October 11.

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42 thoughts on “Mercury Is Direct!

  1. This might explain why my perfect plans for troblesome housemate mmoving out, friend moving in have gone tits up.
    Got told today that Friend may not be able to get out of lease until Feb of next year! Am now face with the difficulty of find someone to live wiht me for 4 months and then have to have my home upended twice in a 4 month period.
    This really doesn’t doesn’t thrill me (being a truculant earth sign). My first reaction was to placate the new Scorp housemate so she seems to have taken the stance of ‘Oh good… I’ll take the easiest option for me’. Trying to work out a calm way of expressing ‘I would _really_ like to not have to be a half way house for international students until you get your shit together’.
    Not going to let it get me down tho. Deep Breath. It will all work out for the best.

    • so a job applied for in august and long forgotten about calls me yesterday when merc goes direct to see if I’m still looking for a job. If I didn’t know about astro I’d be surprised by this.

  2. Oh brother has this merc rx been a doozy or what? And has anyone noticed that in going direct, it’s a little like a bumpy plane landing followed by a bit of jet lag as everything gets a tad confused about which direction is actually forward. Glitches with my web host, knocked out email and company website, invoices well overdue, creative juices seemingly still flowing backwards (probably still stuck in some techie loop). Minor glitches that were either quickly resolved or will resolve over the next couple of days, but friggin annoying and one wonders the universal purpose of it all. Tho’ in meditation last night I got told to “go easy over the next few days, a little bit of everything, not too much of anything”. Fair enuff.

  3. Additional info on Merc rx…………..4 & half days of configuring new Multifunction Machine.
    Now to call Mac or Canon & attempt to explain in their language.
    When it’s up & firing, THEN will my life be retrograde free zone:)

    • Pegs Mac & Canon are a bitch to configure – where are you based? Prof Mac (Sydney) saves my bacon…….that’s after repeat reinstalling drivers. when we see that new AV of yr drawing we’ll know you’re up n running!! xox

  4. Nat, you wise and empathetic comments on this blog over the months make it very clear that you have indeed “done the work” and speak from hard-won experience when it comes to matters of growth (forced or not.)

    I am so sorry to hear that your experience yesterday was so distressing. I’m no expert, but am starting to think that there are some things we never entirely put behind us – even if they only surface once or twice again in our lifetime – but the point is that when we have worked and tried to grow, we are better able to deal with them, to look these little monsters in the face without flinching, knowing that they will not bring us low. Even if it feels really fuqing unfair that we’ve made such an effort and yet *still* having to confront this crap.

    Hope you are able to spend some time today doing what makes you feel good and secure and peacful. *hugs and blessings*

  5. This Merc Rx has been THE WORST by far for me. Totally fuqed up my brain but not my computer. My hands have been clumsy (as usual) but also feeling slow & backward in many ways. I feel like my internal CPU is totally overloaded and about to crash or freeze up. Frustrated, way more short tempered and impatient with everyone. Then to finish things off, yesterday I met my husband for lunch, he blurted out something really hurtful and cruel that completely threw me. I left without finishing my lunch and was so upset I couldn’t go back to work, missed my hair appointment and last night we had a huge screaming match – lots of old wounds brought up, old hurtful lashing out at each other – absolutely bloody awful. I have spent all night crying and nerves completely frayed.

    We have apologised to each other and agreed not to rake over it today, be kind to each other and take some space, but I am feeling VERY spun out by the whole thing. Its so OLD, negative & hurtful – how can it still be there in us after all the work and growth we have been doing on ourselves? Or is that what Merc retro does – gives you a dose of something you thought was gone for ever? What are you supposed to do with it? Is it a sign that you are not as evolved as you thought you were or just a reminder of how far you’ve come? I can’t make sense of anything today. Thank Goddess I was able to frock up enough to come into work & do some mundane admin jobs. At least filing and cleaning makes some sense.

    • Wow Nat – massive energy eruption for you both. Can you spend some time meditating on what needs of yours weren’t met by his comment? Really give yourself some empathy around it? If you can (hard I know) don’t dwell on what was said, and no dwelling on ‘what he really meant’. Just love yourself for a few hours?
      I’m intrigued that you had this experience, cos my housemate also came home with OTT energy, lots of questioning of self, lack of clarity, wild and random energy surges, all from a comment her father made.
      Anyway – lots of empathy from me, and I hope you find a way to soothe yourself, and emerge a bit clearer and wiser.

    • same here Nat, one of the worst merc rx in memory for all sorts of reasons..Myst warned aries that sept would be tough and it was. Kataka and I had a big brawl last week, stuff came up we thought was gone also, but making up over the last few days has been sweet. my thoughts are with you honey x

    • Hey Nat, I really think these flare ups are part of the natural swing between hurt and repair and that glancing over them again, spewing up old stuff is actually a chance for the evolved ‘you’s’ to air your current take on the past – and in my book, I think that is a ‘how far you have both come’ occurrence. A hurtful positive necessity kind of thing. Sort of reminds me of healing depression habits – the capacity for the habit is always there, but. with the good hard work, the visits into that space become rarer and the recovery faster . . . all the best, a tauro/sagg who understands a tiny bit in her own way x

    • It goes to show all the work and growth is never done, as in finished.

      Be kind to yourself nat, in the same way you’ve shown such warmth and kindness to so many on this site. I sincerely hope you guys can patch it up. You’re such a special person. Remind yourself of your loveliness and the crap will fall away.

      Also, not taking the piss, but if you’ve been moody or short tempered, it could be a blood sugar problem. Eat some good regular meals.

    • Thank you so much postmod, Lambykins, Anon Taurus/Sagg, Uber & CBA for your lovely supportive & wise comments. All are very helpful & relevant to me. Head is still spinning from this one but a few insights are starting to pop up – much assisted by your kind words. My lovely counsellor just happens to have a cancellation this arvo, so will run through a few things with her. Thank you x

      • Good to hear that insights are coming through nat. You’re so supportive of everyone here. I didn’t have any wise words to add but my thoughts were with you. Good luck with the counsellor. Love your new avatar btw. x 🙂

  6. thank God/dess! My sister and I have been looking for a place to live and yesterday as Merc stationed was a bit of a pivotal day… one place fell through and the one we REALLY like happens to be right across the road from CUB’s.
    GI has been going OFF all week, which of course I’ve handled with compassion and strong boundaries – geez she seems to be getting battier/more fearful and irrational.

    Did I mention I started a new job during this mercury retrograde?? I’m only slightly worried!

  7. My internet connection is working, without dropping out every few minutes, for the first time in months! Thanks Mystic… I’m going to sign up now (finally!) with $ saved by not buying a new modem last week. x

  8. Oh and snake under pillow last night hasnt yet revealed any answers or maybe it has and i havent decipherd them yet ? Its still only early..

  9. Yeah im not so sure guys…. still feels a bit…. u know???? im still gonna lay low for a few more days yet before i stick my neck out so to speak… storm might be over but theres still a mess to clean up if you get my drift.. Fingers crossed my lovely reconsiders / chills the fuq out / realizes im the good guy not the enemy etc… Have a good day everyone..

        • My heart is sad for the samoans. I grew up around them – well not officially – about 60 of them were overstayers living secretly in the garage in the back yard of our neighbours house in the 70s. Police raids in the night would wake me and I’ve felt kinda close to them ever since – all they wanted was a better life and who doesn’t want that? I fear this catastrophe will show the difference between the 2 economies of the 2 samoas. Sending peace & love to you my island friends.

  10. Mixed messaging and a fog on my speedy mercury brain, plus loads of old, mouldy, funky emotional stuff , it’s been ass backward and lets go forwad again, onward, onward! Straightforward is a word we Arians like!

  11. thank fug for that!!
    Mystic – Mega thanks & big love & also to regular peeps here.
    Mighta ducked the Eclipse season (comp to many), but woah this Merc Rx / Saturn stuff / Pluto riding be – well – realization central.

    Bring on the new – whohoo!! xox 😉 xox

    • is it safe to get back in the water yet?

      Merc Rx finale was longterm “onhold” MEGA project – fell over yesterday. Fell over so hard it made the newspapers. So my lucrative role be unrequired. yeah yeah yeah it’ll open the door for something new / better / more stisfying yeah yeah yeah – but after 24+ mths of getting knockety knockety knockety knock back am UBER keen to move forward & get back on easy street!! Even the 8c in the $ from the tits-up client/former friend hasnt been forthcoming……
      3 projects & 2 clients down the gurgler this Merc Rx – None c/ of either GFC or negligence on my behalf……..all random.

      this week’s quip, when asked how biz is going – “what do you call the opposite of the Midas touch?” never fails to draw an empathetic laugh 😉 beats crying xox

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