Mercurial Bats

Surreal Modern Art eye and rose

I reckon this is going to be one hell of a Mercury Retrograde. It’s only just in the shadowzone now & yet already my week has featured people sending me text messages that were ABOUT me not supposed to be sent TO me, three phone calls to web hosting service trying not to be shrill as i say it doesn’t really seem like a server ‘upgrade’ if my site  has crashed, one lengthy phone call to Optus who decided to alter all their users e-mail addresses without telling anyone and a totally stuck back gate.

So, if this is the form now…yick. My Mercury Retrograde speciality is sending off lurid, intimate gossippy e-mails to completely the wrong person, having failed to check the auto-fill feature & Freudian Slippage. And, whilst we are on Mercury, the Mercury-Mars square now building is making many of us tres ratty….Bear that in mind before you bitch it up. Does the world really need more bitcherel???

Image: Lou Beach

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57 thoughts on “Mercurial Bats

  1. My main computer fizzled the other day, it hasn’t missed a beat in years and literally went Im hooked up to it via numerous other devices but cant access my key stuff. Grrrr.. Ive had the same impending feeling about this retro, feels strong already, watch the economic mood shift for a few weeks too before that saturn/ uranus opp. We all remmeber what that did a while back.
    Feeling that November though could be a bit of an economic rebirth. crossing fingers.

  2. Communication Companies!!!
    Two hours & 5 different peeps to explain my overcharge of $500 on
    Telstra bill. Then find out they have been charging me for wireless AND cable
    at same time, huh?
    THEIR error & they were going to suspend all my services.
    Time for me to get bitchy, am in the mood after this fiasco.
    More to come? If so shall drop my please & thank you’s & kick butt.

    • Give Telstra the flick pegasus and sign up with Adelaide based Internode. Much better value and service.

      • I’ve been with Internode for years. They are great!! They were recommended by IT at work.

      • thanks Uber I am always looking for a way to stick it up Telstra the money grubbing over charging crap servicing bastards … mutter mutter mutter

      • Thanks UB & UP, Have heard these peeps are The Ones to deal with.
        Can tell it’s gonna take 3 months to sort this out with them, then will
        change, for sure.

      • is like a techie/geek vox populi. Great for finding best communications providers.

        • ohh those whirlpool forums (fora i guess) are V USEFUL I second that recommendation too!

  3. My communication network went down last night….

    I was out cold with a migraine, my first one since Jan 08! Grrr…

  4. Total Retro Merc here – lots of lack of clarity, mixed messages, comms stuff ups, things forgotten…..

    Will knuckle down and maintain Virgo attention to details, Saturnian doggedness, and some sort of blithe laissez faire attitude…

    Am also about to book flights to UK – gosh I hope this goes well!

    • Yes, the devil in the detail scenario’s acomin’ up.
      Good Luck with your reservations, read fine print, make sure it is what
      suits YOU not THEM.

  5. Ta for the wisdom, MM. Altho fantastically busy, I’ll do my best to ensure that all text messages, emails and bitcherell is addressed to the correct person. Better yet, I’ll double my efforts to hold my tongue

    Best to all our coven

  6. So… the ditigal playout system for our national broadcast got a virus 2 hours ago and is still on the fritz. My shift is now over. Am going home in a style that is akin to ‘I’LL LEAVE YOU TO YOUR DEATH TRAP LADIES’

  7. Yep, had one of those conversations yesterday that went along the lines of
    what?/oh i thought you said?/huh?/yes!/long pause/hello?i said yes/what?/oh right!/so thats ok?/huh?
    I’m prepped!

  8. OMG Mystic… Last week, just as Mars moved into Cancer and picked a fight with Pluto… I received an email on my blackberry that was NOT meant for my eyes. Mr Cancerian guy, after telling me how much he adores me (Pluto ruled Scorpio girl) …… sent an email to “Kris” (not my name) telling her everything he would like to do to/with/and for her! Imagine my surprise when I opened the email thinking.. “We just talked.. I wonder what he wants”… and I get ..”Kris… I too want to create time like this …. blah blah blah”

    Little piglet on the couch photo you had up says it all.
    I think I’ll sit this September out!

      • Yes, and thanks so much for the kind wishes 😉
        It was indeed a very painful experience. Like lightening cracking right through the psyche! (painful!)
        However, now that some time has passed I’m thinking it was most likely the lesser of the two evils and I’m counting my blessings that his true character was revealed.


  9. how horrible – messages NOT intended for you!!

    backing up computers / itunes / contacts / phones as we speak.
    very slowly & methodically.
    tripple checking all emails – except invoice incorrectly dated 06.09 vs 08.09…….

    am applying own version of personal spring makeover (exercise, diet, meditation, kind thoughts, virgoan style dilligence) intending to emerge in super-sonic-form by bday time!!

  10. Yep, it’s all on. Electric kettle shorted out the house this morning, couldn’t find stove top one, then car nearly didn’t start as battery is almost clapped out. Checked the motor oil and it’s nearly empty, so rang mechanic, then got to work and my nearly new watch had stopped, although that was the little winder finding its way open, but how? Viva Merc Retro plus Saturn vs Uranus.

    • Snap! Found my dear silver colt was completely out of water.
      How did i miss that! Same for oil. Filled all, said a prayer, it started!

      Sure some unusual stuff going down.

  11. Love the plumb bob hanging from the rose in the pic – gorgeous!

    Aye time to flatten out and go into hiding I think.

  12. I’ve had all sorts of strange synchronicity and things manifesting themselves in the last few days – I’ll hum a song and turn on the radio to find the same song playing; get texts from people as I think about them; thought about ex’s flatmate and he drove right past me on the Harbour Bridge; was thinking about how 8 seems to be my lucky number at the moment and pull up car in traffic behind a carr with an 888 numberplate outside the 888 hotel. My favourite was on Saturday, looking for four leaf clovers, finally finding one and then saying, “Oh, if I find three four leaf clovers today, it’s a sign that….” and looking down and finding another two.

    I think we just need to go with the flow in merc retro, and if that flow is a little all over the plave, so be it! Easier said than done, I know.

    • CBA – also synchronicity here. woke this morn thought of close friend no word in ages. 10 mins later she texts for coffee. had tight chested feeling all day re major client – just got email work on hold (!!!). also have feeling that keen young guy who was miffed we’re NOT going to be romantic will arrive unnannounced with flowers. also have strong feeling am on cusp of mega luck – the juice that keeps me calm & going. Pluto square sun for another 8 weeks – FARKN over it!! REALLY!! am officially in hibernation for Merc Rx.

      • Michael Lutin described that feeling of being on the cusp of something big today…I think he’s onto something (though his scopes are not as detailed and fabulous as our lovely Mystic’s)

        • well pointed CBA, re Mikey’s wry take on life / the sky etcs. yep we be on cusp of grande change. really really big stuff. can’t see it yet, but can feel. curiously that spawns patience… to day frustrations aside!! 😉 xox

  13. I so don’t need Merc RX to be bats, I manage that all on my own with little effort. The only thing I’ve noticed creeping in over the last week is a certain tetchiness that was not present before, a desire to mouth off at the slightest provocation and a desire to listen to “classic hits of the 60s, 70s and 80s”

    “single bed ssss single bedddddddd aint no room for your sweet head” lalala

    • I can empathise, I have ‘fox on the run’ loop through my head semi regularly….

      • classic tune LL classic tune … I’ve also got “the sun ain’t gonna shine anymore …. etc” on heavy rotation … oh and ELO the evil woman

        • that song is for me today prowlncat. i feel so heavy in my heart. my ex has arrived from a vacay and i told him to move out of my house. haven’t seen him since he came as im afraid i might give in again. but so sad because he is moving…

          • love & strength Delilah,
            seek solace in nuturing friends & keep yourself bathed in a bubble of purple or gold light. reflective mirrors even.

          • delilah I think all of RLP’s suggestions are good strong healing methods…just wondering though if you have any strong earth in your chart…I find sometimes when I’m knocked sideways with sadness, that point where it’s all still happening in slo mo…that if I go out into the garden, and pull out weeds and create some clear space there for something new to grow, it heals me on a different level…or I do my own wuthering heights and find somewhere with strong gusty wind ( rug up if necessary) and plod into it, and just stand strong in the midst of it( bluffs are good)…this works well in a field or beach situation too.

          • LL – so true re earthing – my garden is the first to be whipped into shape when amid mega change confusion. the result be so satisfying, & the process simply cathartic. gardening, animals, sun / moon / clouds – toes curled in the grass. Taura sis lets it all out on a cliff in a storm. practises screaming into the wind. she swears she sheds skins in doing so…..loving the notion of the stoic walk into the headwind!!

          • would love to do those. thanks everyone. i really would like to help myself in everything that i have felt but sometimes this feeling of sadness s overwhelming that i just cant seem to focus on doing anythng

          • oh it’s me delilah the anonymous one. im a cap with cap ascendant so i think gardening would help. im just afraid of this coming mercury retrograde since my horoscope for the year says that my lovelife will be hit by all these mercury retrogrades. in fact my ex broke up with me last may when merc was retrograde

          • Stay strong and look after yourself Delilah – we are all sending good vibes your way. I know it feels truly crappy and painful right now.

            Visualization is so powerful.

            One thing that has helped me a lot over the past few months when it all gets too much is just saying to the Higher Power/God/The Universe, “OK, I am going to trust that this is all part of your plan and that things are going to work out for the best, even if I can’t see how that’s possible right now, but I’m really struggling so I’m just going to take a break and let you carry me for a bit and trust that you’ll take me where I need to be.” (Or something less wordy!) And then just let it go for a while – ten minutes, an evening, a few days and take the time to look after yourself.

            Good luck. x

    • Delilah – if you’re into energy work – imagine self in gold bubble of light, connected by gold cord to person you want to disconnect with. imagine farewelling that person as they, also in a gold bubble of light, fade further away. practise sending them off with love. about half way see big pair of gold sissors cutting the cord, as the other gold bubble disconnects & fades off to distance, til gone. sent with love. if wrestling with ‘let go’ or aim to ‘disconnect’ – practise daily for coupla weeks. best results when avoid self-medicating, &/or drug affected peeps. Epsom salts bath (aura cleanse) & Walnut essence for fascilitaing change / letting go. quaffing the latter here at the mo xox

  14. Can someone DO something about current planetary alignment ? Right now ?
    Currently, at war with close friend over her savage txts, working on a complaint about a nurse I worked with on Sunday that hit a patient, knowing it will end her professional life and that I will forever be known as a whistle-blower, but never to my face.
    Packed the boyfriend off with a tear-stained face and an explanation for the end of our relationship that I know he can’t possibly get.
    Computer fritzing, and txting someone who is txting me at the same time when we haven’t talked for weeks has been happenign since last week…

    • its mercury retrograde once again and its says in my horoscope (capricorn) for the year that through all this my lovelife will be hit by these retrograde. got hit last may retrograde…my bf ditched me for somebody he said he have a love at first sight with…phew!!!

    • I accidentally whistle blew today and felt pretty crap about it afterwards but someone eased my mind by saying well if they hadn’t been stealing other people’s stuff then there would have been no reason to say anything would there? You’ve done the right thing – it’s prison code not to “narc” or “dob” – you are not a prisoner and no-one has a right to threaten harm or carry out the threat of violence and especially not in a patient carer situation. If they hadn’t done it you wouldn’t have needed to blow your whistle would you? Don’t shoot yourself messenger.

  15. Blerg.

    I just started a language course, to run intensively more or less coinciding with the exact mercury retrograde AND I just bought an expensive computer accessory even though I knew we’re in the shadow, but I had to buy it.

    Starting to learn a new language over these next few weeks could turn out to have a strong comical flavour…

    • I’m currently doing an editing course…and have not been looking forward to a large chunk of the assignments landing in the merc retro zone. I figure all I can do is my best, check it multiple times, get an impartial literate bystander to check it, and then hand it in….and remember to breathe.

  16. I have somehow managed to cancel my subs to Mystic (eeekk!@!). Was just trying to change debit card deets as it expired 31 Aug but somehow ended up cancelling my subs – WTF 😮

    Also having probs with texts, taking many hours to days to receive/send – only to iphones (from my iphone, providers differ) and I’m not alone with this.

    If this is the shadowzone can’t wait for the zone, not!

  17. so this one is out of the blue – i think it was last merc retro or maybe one of the high level mars schisms a few months ago I had an experience with an appalling taxi driver who broke several laws and was kinda scary on a personal level to boot. When I (finally) arrived home my lovely man refused to talk to me until I had self medicated such was my level of angsty rage. I then called the taxi peeps and complained and a week later received a form letter saying he had been reprimanded and had to undergo training. It was 100% gone from my memory – I had exorcised that demon immediately and it felt resolved. Life goes on until yesterday when I receive a phone call from the government watchdog or whatever who was asking me questions about the way the taxi company handled it – it was weird having someone read back what had happened when I had forgotten about it and then ask me questions about it – tres merc retro.

    AND who the hell has a car alarm anymore? they are like, sooo last century – what about a demobiliser you conspicuous abusers of peace in the name of security – where’s YOUR saturn at I ask you? For the first time in ooohh so many years there are car alarms going off outside my window like ya wouldn’t buhleeeeve. grrr

  18. Oh dear, this is terrible timing for me. =( My computer is completely on the fritz, especially my e-mail. Of course, this happens right after I get an e-mail from my 2nd choice college to apply early sans fees/essays/references! The worst part is, I only have until when the rx is over to send in the application! Aghh! I’m terrified to do it. So far communication has been a bit iffy, mostly from my bad hearing I think, so I’m hoping this will be a fairly easy rx for me. I’ve been decluttering my room like crazy the past month, tackling one shelf/drawer/box/corner/etc at a time and I’m making super progress so my head is not as crazy-cluttered. Freudian slips have been jumping in left and right as of late. Fingers crossed everyone, we’ll make it through! Knock on some wood, eh? 😉

  19. My tally so far:
    two washing machines (mine and then the one at work too)
    my mobile – texts all over the place and timing all skewed
    my sashimi delivery (had been salivating for a week as living so far from the coast, it is a far between thing)
    any/all arrangements this week with Mr Scorp
    computer at work

    *sheesh* add to that pmt and full moon, crazy dreams, a new puppy, Aqua boy threshholding puberty and a need to resign sometime this week to meet new job start deadline (and yes, its AFTER the Rx)…

    For the love of the goddess, SOMEBODY DO SOMETHING. Pretty please.

  20. i was just thinking nah no mercurial bats in my neck of the woods and then i realised i’ve had heaps of junk mail that i never usually get, and windows said my virus checker was switched off when it wasn’t and i got about 70 facebook messages (i’m not a user!) because my 17yo psycho daughter pressed the wrong button so i got to see a totally inane conversation that makes mystic’s site look like we’ve all got PhDs, LOL!

    bats indeed! 😀

  21. freudian slips …yeah! my ex called me schatz yesterday. schatz is his term of endearment for me. was flattered but sad