Mercurial Bats Rage

Ren Yelling At Stimpy In BedSo a soon-to-be Retro-Bats Mercury squaring Mars is really quite something huh? And note that both Mercury & Mars are still well in zone of planet Pluto, stationing Direct so sending out mega-depth-psych rays…I have been trying to take my own advice and not go flippo at the endless array of small, trivial but SO irksome crap that has cluttered my morning.

At least you’re not a child warrior in Somalia,” said my Gemini daughter, parrotting me. Ah yes, perspective is vital. That + Libby-Fleur serenity & grandeur.  Soz for the infrequent postings in the last few days, i really have been extremely busy & I don’t wish to sound churlish but e-mails of complaint/disappointment/fury don’t do much for me!

Image: Ren & Stimpy


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26 thoughts on “Mercurial Bats Rage

  1. *sigh* so glad it is not just me. Where is the local kickboxing class when I need it? About 150km that way!
    Here’s my solution to the dickheads, the low grade (occasionally high grade) annoyance, narky texts/emails/comments and general bitcherel:
    1. Drafts.
    In your head, on your phone without adding the recipient, by email without an address, down the phone without calling them. Sure I look like a crazy lady (and generally feel like it too at the time) but I feel better. And then I remember breathing. Out.
    2. Stomping.
    Especially once I feel the burn in my arse because it seems to serve more than a perverse purpose.
    3. Music
    Loud, so I can scream along to it.

    Ahhhhh, thats better.

    No wonder we’ll soon be phoenixing, we all current feel like our arses are on fire!

    • Good suggestions Aqua Fey. As I am usually clumsy when angry, I’d stick to scrawling the draft on a piece of paper – in red nikko – as too easy for me to send e-messages accidentally!! I love burning those draft messages. If I am feeling better after the scrawling, I also thank them (the annoyance) and let them go up and out into the air with the smoke and ash.

      Tip number 2 made me remember something I heard once: it is impossible to feel anything but happy when one is skipping. Its true – try it!

  2. Ren and Stimpy – the classic gross comedy – God, I love those guys! Don’t let the turkeys get you down, Mystic. Stay beautiful and dreaming of a future filled with light and love.

  3. Speaking of Ren & Stimpy……

    I could never eat breakfast while watching that show, some of the graphics & details of like a hair or pimple or a close up of something gross & it would have me green around the gills….. I shudder just thinking of it!
    Oh & yes it was hysterical at the same time…..


    I bet the complainants aren’t subscribers either, but site freeloaders. Perhaps the slickness of the site gives them the false sense that you’re some sort of yahoo style internet mogul with a vast staff of minions.

    I’d charge them for an astro query if they expect a reply. Send them your fee schedule.

  5. Have been doing Scorpio since last week’s Scorpio Moon, huh?
    Having had the Ultra Scorpio Mother, this phase is easily identified!

  6. “I’m… soo… HAPPY!” (through clenched teeth, thanks to influence of happy helmet).

    God, I love Ren & Stimpy too 🙂

  7. Stiiiiimpy! I love it too !!!
    I am totally channelling the anger, not sure what to do with it! But it seems to dissipate. Probably because I know it’s not me being crazy but responding to the changes by going with it 😉

  8. I can’t believe people would write in to complain that your updates are infrequent! This is by far the most frequently updated blog I read. How rude!

  9. Peeps might be wondering why you have all these emails plastered over the punching bags… The complaints department is replying, kick send… lol

  10. Yeah nat … live in the solution! Be the change you want to see in the world! Whingers remind me of Philip Adams churlish, narrow minded and just as fundamentalist in his ideology as the fundamentalists he seeks to put down. But isn’t being a Whinger like a national Australian pastime? lol

    So far I’ve noticed with this Merc/Mars/Pluto shebang that time seems to be speeding up – ideas are whizzing past faster than those atoms in the hadron collider – brain is in warp speed mode, plus loads of energy and gobsmacking insights just dropping in at blur speed. It’s kinda cool.

    • Yep, whingeing is right up there with being outraged. If you don’t love a good bit of outrage, well, you’re just UnAustralian!

  11. I just LOVE Ren & Stimpy, thanks Mystic. I sometimes channel Ren’s voice when I am going off, just to give myself a laugh. Can hear the theme music now. And this Mercury Retro-Mars square, Pluto brew… crikey! Angry thoughts, angry words and dopey dickheads-a-plenty in my path at present. I nearly got out of my car and popped someone yesterday after she just about backed into me because she was parked so stupidly and did not look what she was doing. Of course I didn’t. But I felt like it.

    And I am SOOOO over whingers! Espec’ the kind that whinge but don’t actually contribute/do anything towards a solution for what they deem as being whinge-worthy. Whining in and of itself does not help anyone, in fact it is effing annoying. My take is: if you don’t want to DO anything constructive to improve things, then shut the f*ck up!

    Serenity (now!) and detachment are such noble objectives but under these stars anger is just flashing up so quickly, one has to let out a bit of it out doesn’t one? Suggestions as to any effective or funny ways to release anger and general pissed-off-ness would be most welcome.

    • I’m thankful for the Ren and Stimpy reminder as that chiming phrase of ‘Don’t wiz on the electric fence’ is quite the defuser.

    • That’s the first thing I thought when I saw the picture Nat: I love Ren and Stimpy. Especially the episode where they take the place of twins in a family and have a bath with Mummy, hilarious.

      As for the ‘soon-to-be Retro-Bats Mercury squaring Mars’, I don’t know whether I can take too much more of this astro-shiitte stuff. The beginning of the year was just paralysingly bad for me. I am so hoping everything doesn’t go pear shaped again.

      So Nat if I am one of those ones who have been whingeing (which I think I might have been, not to you personally, but generally) and bringing down the general vibe, I am soooo sorry. Just post a little note about one of your favourite Ren and Stimpy episodes for me to laugh at and it will help all the angst to abate just a bit for me to get back over to the sunny side of the street.

      • Jen Scorpio, hope things do not go pear-shaped for you, but if they do, that you will cope much better. I like the episode with Stimpy’s nose goblin collection – yes I know nauseatingly gross but strangely hilarious. Also like Powdered Toast Man and love the theme tune any time Stimpy sings Happy Happy Joy Joy La La La La Mmm Mmm Mmm Mmm.

    • nat! your typically serene ‘voice’ sounds much perturbed….I hope your weekend is more peaceful and serene 🙂
      I (as lotsa others) was feeling SO on edge today and yest, after a good rock-solid week of workaholism, focus and determination, dammit where did that go…and with so much still to do!

      PS. Steeempyy! you eeediot!


      • Thanks for your kind words UP. Much appreciated. I am definitely more Ren than Stimpy at the moment! People who carp from the sidelines but offer little in the way of actions or contributions always annoy me for some reason. And I seem to be attracting them this week (or maybe just focussing on them too much so I need to DETACH – ie. my problem not theirs?)

        I am generally a serene and positive person but I do like to get in and do things. But I am not all peace and light… My Moon in Aries can fire up and my Scorp Rising sure knows about intensity! I can usually feel it when Mars & Pluto are up to something. With Mars I hear myself saying things like “get out of my effing way!”. And with Pluto I feel like a cartoon character stalking about with a detonator looking for something to blow up! Hope you have a peaceful and serene weekend too x

  12. it’s not churlish to put the whingers in their place mystic, in fact I can’t believe people still send that sort of thing to you

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