Lilith: The Bitch Is Back

Promethea with CadaceusGuess what???  Those primal throbbings ain’t just Pluto in slo-mo, stationing Direct. Nor Saturn revving up to oppose Uranus again. Dark Moon Lilith is conjunct the North Node in Capricorn. Let’s just say Lilith is the Bitch Goddess & that she is a Good Thing. Archaic feminine power and all that. And so we have Dark Moon Lilith conjunct (very powerful) the North Node (manifest destiny) and in the mega-pragmatic sign of Capricorn at 27 to 29 degrees of Capricorn.

So who has been vowing to be (productively) more of a bitch lately? Especially where it pertains to clearing out the crappy old residue from being too nice, sentimental and goo-goo. Like Saturn Girl, Lilith in Capricorn hasn’t much time for L.O.A. style thinking – she’s set & forget when it comes to boundaries/standards et al. But with the North Node involvement, the boundaries are more like borders between two different eras.

The Saturn-Uranus opposition links in nicely as well – Saturn in Virgo is trining Lilith & Uranus sextile. So it’s like harnessing the power of Saturn/Lilith to achieve Uranian ends, if you like. Ditto the North Node ends as being our “ideal” future. And being enough of a bitch to jettison those elements of the past that don’t work or not wanting to go back to a place you CAN’T revisit…and why would you want to???

And, btw, this is so beautiful and such a lovely omen: if you look up in the sky at night right now, you can see the nearly Full Moon very close to Jupiter, the Greater Benefic and official auspicious planet. Fab for Aquarians! Have a look and make a wish.

Image: Promethea

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PLEASE, Ive been searching the internet for hours and nothing solid, PLEASE CAN SOMEONE TELL ME WHAT LILTH MEANS IN THE 29th DEGREE



I just discovered my, er . . . a person I know quite well sometimes intimately, has Lilith conjunct North node in Aries. I can’t really get my head around what this means. He also has Mercury Conj Psyche in the 12th. My natal Lilith is in the 12th conj his Mars my Psyche in the 1st.

Pisces in CQ

re: bitching

Hello all. Haven’t been here for ages.

Is the current astrological pattern in particular effecting girls? I’ve been working at a high school today and girls were fighting all over the place!



To process takes me 24-48 hours, that’s just the way my subconscious works. NOW i know why i created tension with Butch…to view the relationship based on authenticity. Found none…nada…rien…ziltch. Brawn & no brain, but guess it wasn’t his brain i was wanting. 8 days later & still a bit down (Sagg remember:) about it but it was a choice between the Sacred & the Profane. Have completely OD’d on the Male Species in S.A. Beyond hope. Beyond redemption most, they don’t know why (I do & it’s about respecting the feminine ie Lillith par example), don’t want to change… Read more »


lilith is now sextiling my Natal Mars and Conjunct my Natal Uranus


Had problems for years with being TOO nice…Pisces 7th house…talk about porous boundaries !…..LOL….much too idealistic concerning other people…..was a classic door-mat….the pedulum has swung the other way……in full Lilith-mode now…no more “free-passes” for any boundary violators……much healthier re: what I will and will not put up with now.


I indeed saw the moon and now I know it’s Jupiter and it was so lovely.

Aqua Fey

Isn’t it funny how when you reinforce the boundaries you are a bitch. I still fail to see how pointing to a line in the sand (read: shit) or even just calling someone on bad behaviour makes you the Bad Lady. Venus-a-go-go, I have been traversing a similar terrain. It’s the push-me-pull-you (seriously Dr Seuss was a visionary). Set your standards and stick to them sans buying into the drama (the toughest part for me). Let them take it or leave it. Either outcome sees you standing firm on your principles, accepting nothing less than you deserve (and sometimes, if… Read more »

Leonine Librarian

I personally don’t see being a boundary setting ‘bitch’ a bad thing…Sadly strength is threatening to some…and I’d rather embrace my inner boundary setting bitch than subdue her in a corner somewhere. Do like your comment AF…I figure it’s about having some inner integrity and fortitude…yes usually someone asked to not treat you in a way they may find convenient for them, isn’t often going to say thanks…at least at first. It does take a different level of honesty to go there…I think most times if the friendship has some good core stuff it enriches it by clearing the air… Read more »

Aqua Fey

Agree, agree… and this to me is what Mystic has been pointing out in the stars through the eclipse season and before. Paradigms will shift under such skies – and whatever doesn’t serve us will be whooshed to oblivion. More fool us if we try to cling to it.
Foul lesson though and not very easy to do. I found the lack of a band and a parade unsettling when I was left standing solo on principle, lol. Must be my Leo moon.

Leonine Librarian

Yeah this transformative stuff is not for wusses.


Weird synchronicities Aqua Fey I just sent an email about lilith in which I described push me pull you behaviour on the part of the bullshitter. Day spa was arranged for tomorrow – I spent today sittin round deciding which fabulous look to book :o) Re being a bitch – the thing with not being afraid to call others out on something you perceive as wrong for fear of being called a bitch is that often the bitch being called on the perceived wrong doesn’t see your call as relevant to their experience of a situation and (obviously) vice versa.… Read more »

Leonine Librarian

whatever I’m glad that I had something helpful to say in that regard…as I’m learning here I tend to do some free range research and then sort of throw it all in with what I’ve personally experienced…so I’m glad that resonated…can’t remember the trigger source of that comment though.

I do like your imagery of bees…and work, and the sting…the sweetness.

Ãœber Virgo

I don’t have to vow to be more of a bitch.

Remember, the boundary tramplers of the world love to take advantage of those who are afraid to say no or call bullshit when they see it for fear of being labeled a bitch. I have no such fear. Saying no to bullshit is the new nice. Lilith rocked.

nebuluos virgo


unpredictable pisces

‘saying no to bullshit is the new nice’ .i love your work UV. I have gazetted this as Official Pisces Policy. (do policies get gazetted ? or just legislation? ah whatever)

Ãœber Virgo

Ta UP. It’s sad that women think they come across as bitches when they are standing up for themselves or truth or something worthwhile. Lilith has been portrayed as an evil bitch simply because she refused to be bossed around. So I don’t think of her as a bitch at all, more as a woman who couldn’t see any good reason to bow to men’s bullshit. Lilith’s bad press has been so enduring because women buy into feeling weak and ashamed for their emotional involvements, especially when they we become emotional about sticking up for what is right. But what… Read more »


Tiresome double standard indeed! Here here to that. Nothing wrong with actually understanding and expressing emotion. Humans become emotional mutants if they don’t acknowledge and explore the emotional aspect of being human, whatever sex they are. And if we were better at honouring our own and others boundaries, my God how much better it would be in the world! I still don’t understand what people mean when they accuse someone (a woman) of being a “bitch”. To me it is a vague word and says more about the accuser (and their own insecurities?) than it does about the person they… Read more »

fluid feline

Go Nat Lillith, don’t hold back 😉

venus a-go-go

Capricorn. Why?

venus a-go-go

Sorry… I should not be so blunt. All I know about their chart is that they are an early Jan Cap. If they were Aqua… I probably wouldn’t have been so damn offended and confused by their waftiness…
I have a brother who is Aqua. They love you loads when they are there… but they drift alot and you have to be _very_ bright and funny to get their attention in the first place.

venus a-go-go

Am actually having huge problems with being nice vs being a bitch. My Toro-ness doesn’t seem to let me be a complete bitch to the people how might possibly deserve it. Its very hard to quietly avoid someone till they don’t miss you and disappear without offending when they KEEP ON SHOWING UP PLACES and CALLING ME. The irony is that I decided I should stop being around this person because they never showed up and they never picked up the phone. I guess I don’t want to do the same thing cos I know how bad it feels. OH!… Read more »

Ãœber Virgo

Saying no to an unhealthy relationship is not being a bitch. Would you rather be a doormat?

Leonine Librarian

I think it might be finding that happy medium…you know between fishwife rage and docile acceptance of being ignored that people sometimes find challenging.

I don’t personally see pass/agg behaviour as a viable alternative. It’s figuring out whether you have the time, or energy to set out what you find desirable and then doing it.

Personally I see a bitch as someone who cuts through the crap…which I guess is similar to UV’s approach of taking no bullshit behaviour.

venus a-go-go

I was not trying for pass/agg. I was just trying to not be a doormat or some sort of needy person by going off and doing other things and resisting the urge of ‘oh… they will like this I will just tell them’ and putting my energy into it. I thought that would be the end of things… did my sighing and my grieving. And now they pop up going ‘oh HI!’ Not responding would be pass/agg, but I found myself going from ‘I will not talk to them’ to this 20 min incredibly involved conversation about their feelings on… Read more »

Ãœber Virgo

Only you can decide where those boundaries are. Does this person have your interests at heart or is this all about them? I remember a particularly difficult individual used to do the old ‘dump and run’ thing with me, except it was more like ‘dump, bitch and snarl at the attempt to be helpful, and run’. I told this person if they couldn’t speak to me reasonably, not to speak to me at all, which worked for about two peaceful years, where they avoided me, then they decided enough time had passed for them to try it all over again.… Read more »

Leonine Librarian

Venus et al, I wasn’t meaning to come across as calling your behaviour pass/agg, if anything I was defining stuff I’ve inadvertantly done in the past and my new method…because at one time I thought I ALWAYS had to deal with it…and now well the idea for me is whether I want to put my energy into engaging in the level of honesty needed to set boundaries.. ‘Cos I’m totally up for polite banal surface engagement with some people. Sometimes the time has passed on what has created a friendship…other times it’s well worth the work. I see your present… Read more »

scorpalicious robot

always patrol your boundaries. I love it Über!!! brilliant.

venus a-go-go

Thank you for the excellent advice guys! I am just trying to get my head clear. Life is being a bit rough with me at the moment sometimes the energy to patrol boundaries is hard to come by… but I know it will be worth investing that little extra. The Caps conversations aren’t all about them, many questions are asked about me… mostly I am not too forthcoming or indepth with feelings because I feel hurt. Then they withhold info. Then things get awkward. None of this should really matter as I have found out I have to go to… Read more »

Ãœber Virgo

OMG, poor you. Is this the young friend who fell ill a while back? That’s a lot to deal with and no wonder you feel emotionally drained. I say give all high maintenance types a wide berth until you have dealt with the more important matters at hand. Apologies if this is not the case, but when this person asks about you, it’s not to gather ammunition or to suss out your vulnerable points is it? Disguised as caring? I have seen this and seen people kicked when they’re down. Truly supportive people won’t be asking or expecting anything of… Read more »

Leonine Librarian

venus a-go-go so sorry to hear what you are going through. So very sad to be losing a friend through illness.
Treat yourself gently…trust your instincts.


Sometimes mirroring a person’s behaviour is the only way they are able to ‘get it’!
Sad to say but it works much of the time.



and beautiful ~ so needed this today, sweets! X


Oh good Gawd Mystic,

You are one awesome Babe-O-Rama as had wanted to post on subscriber Pluto thread about feeling like a bitch!

Now you’ve nailed it because of natal Moon 26 Cap with trans. NN conj. and Lilith too.


I love you.

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