Is Leo Rising More Up Itself Than Leo Sun?

I think Leo Rising is actually more Leo – in the cliched sense of Leo – and likely to be Lower Leo than the actual Sun Sign Leo. I can spot Leo Rising as they always look feline – not so much as limber as they’d like but resembling a plush house-cat, perhaps slightly perturbed lest the sardines do not arrive on schedule.

But really, without a strong artistic cause in their life, they’re so up themselves!

I admit i’m biassed because of the Leo-Rising Aqua Rugger Stud.  But he was a strong example of the genre. He knew nothing about me, though we dated for five months or whatever it was yet i could have gone on television and ACED as in TOTALLY WON a quiz show based on his personality, interests, life, history, ancestor’s history, investments, rugby injuries, planned renovations, tax situation, thoughts on politics, surgeries, children’s marks at school, relatives, real estate and friends. I would SO win.

The 2nd to last conversation we had, he said he found “our” conversations “really fascinating” but they were monologues. And this despite, my best courtesan-like efforts to converse. Okay, running out onto a paddock with an audience, cheerleaders and Eye Of The Tiger playing even though you’ve got a bee sting on your dick and worrying that peeps might mistake anti-bee-string drugs for performance enhancers is a funny story the first three or so times.

But the 45 minute cruciate ligament injury anecdote, the half an hour defence of good guys being schemed against by hos just because they’re naked in hotel corridors innocently losing their keys and two hour rave re paying more tax in one quarter than i make in a year less so.

Is this just me with p.m.b???  I am sure that other Leo Risings have shown similar traits, that even real life SUN SIGN Leos would baulk at. My Saggo friend who dates a LOT says ALL men over 40 are incapable of talking about people other than themselves & that it has nothing to do with astrology but that’s SO gloomy & sexist I can’t believe it.

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Lol! I have Leo Rising but I try not be like this, even if I secretly do enjoy entertaining my audience and being the centre of their attenion…


the rugby dude reminds me – very much – of a friend i realised was qi-vamping me for decades. she is aqua sun with leo rising, a beautiful mane of hair she was always playing with, drama of the lower kind constantly, pretending she was hard of hearing so as noone else could have an opinion/thought/word in edgeways. my leo sun was always scorched by her. i was drained of all my sunshine! when i dropped her it was hard but my life has improved so much. yep. leo rising is more prone to lower leo (just as i was… Read more »


Good article. I am a Gemini with Leo rising, venus and mars in taurus, libra moon, etc. How would I come across being a Gemini with Leo Rising????.

Any comments welcome…Thanks


This is quite interesting. I’m a Taurus sun, with Virgo moon, Venus Gemini, and Leo rising. I think at times I might come across as though I’m really into myself, but underneath the facade I’m truly not. Maybe my Taurus sun or Virgo moon stabilizes the huge ego, and takes it down a few notches or so. Not sure. But I also think, with all Leo risers, it’s just the facade. It’s just how they carry themselves in public, and hide their inner insecurities. Underneath it all, I’m sure they can be soft, and probably just long for acceptance. As… Read more »


Hi Lauren, I have Leo Rising, Libra Sun and Virgo Moon, and I think the Virgo moon definitely tempers the show pony side of those of us with Leo Rising.

Brad Wilson

I probably am not fussed by confidence. I’m probably so confident to the point where I realize self love is key anyway. Well, actually I am very insecure but I like to believe that.

Admittedly I love to get a rise out of people, I love to get emotions flowing, no idea why. It’s just fun seemingly to ‘put on a show’.


I always thought Leo risings were better actually. Leo suns are offbeat and unstable and have mental issues…Leo risers are more profound and confident and sincere. Leo suns are kind of fake and they are way too competitvea nd jealous for my taste.

I prefer Leo risers or moons 🙂


OMG I’m Libra Sun, Leo Rising with Venus, Mars and Moon all in Leo!what to do??????


my 14 year old brother is a leo rising. YES.


well ,i think everyone has good traits and everyone has bad traits,i like to listen to people ,as i have alot of friends that feel im easy to talk to … im a leo sun leo rising and a sag moon .anyway i find certain people very irrating and i look at each person not rising sign or sun sign ,if i ever listened to astrology i would not be with my partner as we are not compatible ,hes aquarius ,cap rising and aquarius moon !!! and been happy for 13 years …..


Bahahahaha, Mystic that is hysterical!!

I do!! I do!! Rehab post sound fabulous & not bother gender specific!


I do too! Rehab posts sound like great idea Mystic. If time is limiting, don’t worry about gender just Sun Sign, then we can interp for the Rising Sign (physical body) and Moon Sign (emotions)?

cheshire cap

😆 panadol!!! Myst, you crack me up!

Leonine Librarian

The nurses sat my Leo ex down after the birth of Spazzy A and gave him a cup of tea because he looked a little pale…mind you at the same time an Irish doctor was asking me if I was anemic while I was still having complications that would put anyone off their lunch.

I would of LOVED a fierce virgo nurse intervention.

Also rehab posts sound fantastic…depends on your time allotment Mystic. I’d be curious re:gender, but also appreciative of a general overview approach too.

sun pisces, moon aries, leo rising

ha ha Mystic. My Leo husband with Sagg rising spent so much time on the gas himself when I was in labour, and made sure he had a full breakfast while I was transitioning.



cheshire cap

I think the Saggo friend is right. Men over 40 do talk about themselves heaps. Maybe it has something to do with the fact that in an ideal world, these men would be settled and preparing to count grandchildren, not still dating. I think they want to communicate but don’t know how but don’t have the charm and conversational skills. Speaking for myself, I’m quite content to let them blather on if I enjoy the company, meal, drinks whatever and toss in the occasional remark or dry comment to make them laugh at themselves. I’m secure enough in myself not… Read more »


I think you’re right CC. I have always gone out with someone younger, and since my ex (who was 12 yrs younger – crazeeeeeeeeeee) I’ve decided NO MORE! Someone my own age or older from now on…..but…’re right, they DO just talk about themselves! Whatever happened to the art of listening?? humph. Though on the flipside of that…I don’t like to reveal as much about myself as I used to… am happy to listen…..a dash of quid pro quo is always appreciated though


Hi CC!

Thought you were gone forever cuz Alpha Tauri whisked you away to Never Never.. 🙂

Good to see you back! x


Welcome back CC. Trust the co-habitation and wedding plans are proceeding smoothly? davidl thinks you & Alpha Tauri have been folding napkins all this time!


I had wanted to call her Mrs. Tauri now nat but wasn’t sure if I should!

cheshire cap

Hi guys xox I’ve missed you all. I’ve been super busy and had two weekend trips to the wild west. My house looked like a bomb-site and the shed’s packed to the rafters plus I’ve had family visiting. Today is the first day I’ve allowed myself the luxury of time out. Alpha tauri loves the new job so all’s well.


I have come across this rising too much in my lifetime to have an objective opinion or anything nice to say about it.


OMG…….Mother and sister are both Leo rising…..up themselves is an understatement….both complete masters at steering any conversation back to themselves…and,yeah, both have a complete fixation on their hair…..LOL !


My sister is Leo rising, spirit. Don’t get me started… Once on the phone and a brief “how are you?”, she then proceeds to talk about herself the rest of the time. Every family member has noticed in one way or another. I haven’t spoken to her in several years. I just coud not take any more and told her off. It was a long time coming and during her emotional tirad she was indignant and hysterical. Should at least mention we are both also Aries but my Moon in Cap and over the years I held my tongue ALOT.… Read more »


I soooo get what you are going thru……my sister rarely calls me…she expects me to call HER….sort of to pay homage or something…LOL!


Haha, as a leo rising myself, I’m pretty sure I’m not THAT bad, the fact that my sun is in scorpio probably keeps me a little more secretive about myself. I have to say though, I’ve just moved house one end of the country to the otherand it’s actually been quite enlightening about how other people see me. I’ve never really seen myself as having many leo traits but after mentioning nerves to friends from where I used to live comments such as “you’ll be fine- you’re Beth!”, “London won’t know what’s hit it” and “you’ll be the centre of… Read more »


‘s OK Beth. I was in London yesterday and I didn’t hear you.


you are so spot on.

sun pisces, moon aries, leo rising

I think I do talk a lot about myself. But only because people seem interested. And what else do people talk about anyway? You can’t talk about politics, art, religion as small talk and to fill the gaps in conversation.

sun pisces, moon aries, leo rising

but I do have Saturn conj my Asc which tempers my ego somewhat, I have low self-esteem and never seem to see the person in myself which others do. I am constantly amazed at the fact that people see me as loud and sociable when I feel like I am “really” quiet and introspective.

sun pisces, moon aries, leo rising

Am I talking about myself too much????


LOL No no do go on – adding the astro that compels you to be the way you are is fascinating – seriously. But you don’t need any encouragement do you 😉 does Saturn conj your leo asc make you feel a bit like you’ve been chained to a post in the front yard unable to express your true leonine gloriousness? Bit of a wet blanket on the fiery leo?

sun pisces, moon aries, leo rising

It’s funny, but no I don’t feel that way. I don’t want the leonine gloriousness as that is the only way that people perceive me, plus my Saturn makes me feel like I don’t have what it takes to be so glorious anyway. I fel like I am living a lie most of the time, with so much effort having to be put into being the image that people have of me, when really I want to be “alone”.


hmmm the way peeps perceive us is tricky – my experience is it’s best to choose whose opinion is relevant to your needs and what resonates in that moment. I did think I felt a bit of the leo gloriousness radiating from you… but then I have no problem with peeps who come across as having that radiant self-assured quality to them. It reeks of overt survival instincts – I respect that in a person and it makes me smile – but the perceptions peeps have it’s never who you really are I find – often who they want you… Read more »


Aaw, no don’t say that. I was just starting to make psychological friends with my Leo-rising side… I’m relying on those strong artistic causes to save me.


You’ve never stuck me as up yourself ariel – just sure of yourself – which is another thing entirely.

lib rising ramzilla

OMG the timing of this post is too spot on. Was just this second on the phone reading Mystic aloud to Toro buddy trying to convince her to sign up. It comes up in convo that Toro buddy is LEO RISING and I say, “that’s funny, you don’t seem that up yourself…. not like my sister who is leo rising…” Sister leo rising is Sag sun – you know what I love about Sag? they’re all warmth and enthusiasm and foot in mouth self-centred but without being up themselves… But a Sag with Leo rising… All of the above *and*… Read more »


he was so competitive he needed to pay more tax than you earn to feel good about himself? wtf? it’s a shame he didn’t mix brains with brawn and get himself a decent accountant so he didn’t have to pay tax – isn’t that what smart peeps do? soz I know that’s scathing but really who did he think he was? I’m sure he was virile and toned etc but god how tedious.


I have only dated one man over 40 – very sexy and smart he was – but yes! I did find he only talked about himself? Why would that be? My dad talks about loads of stuff not related to himself though.


oh soz that wasn’t for you LRR – must’ve had a random click

unpredictable pisces

aqua moons (or i am thinking aqua in general) is usually cruisy as. it’s just when they are backed into a corner or you have an argument about Principles that they dig their heels in. Otherwise it’s a case of “do whatever floats your boat”……seems to be my experience with Many Aquas

unpredictable pisces

in fact, I suspect Aqua (anythings) get off on knowing their pal/ lover is on their own self-designed campaign trail, that they are an Individual who refuses to be Controlled…ok sorry leos I know this post is about you not Aquas (but maybe that’s why Aquas have official crushes or whatever on leos.

unpredictable pisces

clarification: aquas having official crushes on Leos, because Leos do indeed have their own self-designed campaign trail. If anyone follows my idea here. good night!

Leonine Librarian

UP I read somewhere in one of Mikey Lutin’s books that he thought Aquarians can sometimes out leo a leo…something I think to do with shadow sides and polarity(could be hooking some disparate theory in here though)…have noticed myself a sort of love/hate thing between leos and aquas…on some level we do get each other…a point of irritation for me though is when an aquarian feels they are RIGHT [with some completely off the wall fuqed up theory (that usually works anyway)] they have bugger all sense of humour about it.

unpredictable pisces

ah yes. the zealot perhaps

Ãœber Virgo

You might be right about the Leo rising. All I can say is that Virgo risings out Virgo me at times. And with five Virgo planets, that’s saying something. p.m.b. I’m guessing is premenstrual bitcherel? Not all men over 40 are incapable of speaking about anyone but themselves, but a hell of a lot are. Wtf? Were those generations of men spoiled by their mothers or something? I think it’s the post feminist evolutionary lag I’ve raved on about before. ‘Hello, I’m a man, I’m physically powerful, economically advantaged, I’ll never need to be professionally or financially disadvantaged for great… Read more »

Ãœber Virgo

p.s. my nephews are much, much better conversationalists than their fathers. And they listen and they already have healthier relationships with women than my generation.

unpredictable pisces

hehehe P.F.E.L = yes when you’re on a good thing stick to it right? My evolved post-modern (well to label her would already make it out of date) ultra-multi-gemini mother with aqua rising and virgo moon (i.e. spot the informed, subversive anarchist in the cashmere cardigan and pearls) has the same problem and she’s 65………..imagine her fresh, questioning and status-quo smashing mind confronted with stale old men (well ~the good married ones are ..still married!) stuck in their 1970’s heyday when they were In Charge…no wonder she’s chosen (…) to remain partner-free….

Ãœber Virgo

Yep, she’d be doing it tough. She sounds amazing, though. I bet she has a heap of younger friends and with all that gemini I bet she’s an amazing conversationalist.


or is it pre-mercurial blues

Ãœber Virgo

Nice one. Although I never feel like there’s a chance to get the blues before mercury goes retro — things start going bats before you know it.

Champagne Bearing Aquarian

My Mum is a Leo rising and has the hair to prove it. Though I think she’s more fearsome tiger than overfed housecat! She’s generally pretty reasonable – thank goodness for the Cappy sun.

upbeat scorp

What about Leo moon? I feel mine v strongly at times… but hopefully not it an ‘up myself’ way.. this is going to sound awfully typical.. but sometimes I waffle on about myself if I feel the other person I’m talking to be too shy or too nervous to talk about their own stuff, and I can see they are uncomfortable where we are, work function, party etc. I don’t try and corner them in, and talk at them for the whole night though, by any means.


i just love that kitty in the picture… he’s so tiny but so gruff and at the same time completely haughty…


I know isn’t it gorgeous? I just love how cats can still manage to look superior with their leg stuck up in the air after licking their own butt. hehe

unpredictable pisces

LOL!! yes the look is “and this is your business HOW??”

Ãœber Virgo

I LOVE that pic.

Leonine Librarian

Nah it’s boring. Mutual stroking good…nothing back bad.

Had similar convo yonks ago with sun Leo ex…where I stood there after this long spiel by him and just months of bugger all and went …’you know it’s not ALL about you.’


And I was accused of being too emotional! Just for asking!


Oh Myst, that sounds sooo like the leo rising aqua ex. I remember actually saying “but what about me?” after a long discourse on his needs etc. Every time I intimated that I wanted to talk to him he ran a mile, but he was quite happy to spend hours talking to me about himself. Control freakery aside, it was the lack of meaningful communication which finally did it for me. There is nothing wrong with stroking a leonine ego to make it purr, but when you get nothing back, it does get rather boring. Or is that Venus in… Read more »


Can’t wait for my 10 year old leo rising to grow up to be a complete ponce. With a Leo sun mum though there is little chance though as i hate ponces and can spot them a mile away. Funny I got that kittys face the other day from him when iwas pushing him into some practice and he gave me that Taurean/leo rock solid don’t mess with me look.

Leo X too

Thank heavens for my artistic cause…I think it’s saved me from complete self absorbtion…….I have both Leo sun & asc…….and didn’t think I was that up myself……sun in the 12th might make my ego more introverted ??? & am much more of a listener that a waffler……
I do like to think myself rather feline & limber though…..ooh out she comes !!!!!!

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