Hekate Again

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ancient picture of Goddess HecateA la my post on asteroid Hecate/Hekate the other day.

She is now in Saggo being squared by Venus in Virgo. That’s interesting. That would be – if we were giving asteroids heaps of credibility – like Venus in Virgo trying to be discriminating, witty, worldly & Hecate in Sagg just wanting to go for a wild gallop/do what thou wilt and maybe really angry at not being honoured. Remember Hecate is like the darker feminine. You could argue that her and Lilith operate like lady Plutos. There is a long conversation to be had re all this.

BUT i am actually just posting as the other day, i said Hecate is goddess of Trivia (as in the three roads – three-via) but somehow the name has been, well, trivialised over the years.  Trivial pursuit etc. Where-as note that that hasn’t happened to Jovial – from Jove aka Jupiter and, obviously, a male deity. Anyway, Trivia IS the Roman name for Hecate. So sorry for getting that wrong and is that not interesting?



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13 thoughts on “Hekate Again

  1. I have Hekate in Sag in the 3rd,conjunct Persephone,not conjunct anything but square Pluto in the 12th,trine Moon in Leo,and as the apex of a yod with Sun/Venus and Mars.Would love to know what it might mean—

  2. This november 16 (2009) is considered one of Hecate’s sacred days -er, nights (aug 13 and the 29th of every month being the others). It also happens to be a new moon, sacred to hecate, and a scorpio new moon at that.

    Hecate’s name is rooted in “hekaton” which is Greek for ‘hundred’. She was the 100th asteroid discovered.

    awesome eh?

    while researching Hecate for ritual magic work I looked her up in my own chart. conjunct my sun by -1 degree. yay!

    Hecate is also directly analog to Astarte the chaldean Goddess of love/sex/ect (ala venus/aphrodite/innana) and the Solomonic Daemon Astaroth (see Goetia, lemegeton of solomon, grimoirum verum)

    see yall at the crossroads this new moon!

  3. Very interesting, Mystic. Love the asteroids and have found a site where you can get so many shown in a sort of strange birthchart. Pretty and fun. More food for thought. Astrodienst is great, too.

  4. Tones, it’s difficult to know when/if a personal response epitomises one’s sun sign and so I don’t know if I can generalise that my response is a Saggy prescription for “processing sex & death”. I do know that I would be interested to learn how you think it is apt to respond, without presumption.

  5. ‘Interesting’ is a diplomatic euphemism, I would say ‘sexist’. Thanks for this insight Mystic. I never knew the derivation of the term “Trivia”. Mind you, Trivia can be powerful. Once at a Trivia night, which coincided with a Pluto conj Mars transit for me, I got out of my chair, while contemplating a quiz question, tripped and seriously broke my elbow. My friends kindly called an ambulance and I was in hospital for a week. So know, thanks to Mystic, I can revise the events of that evening and call that ‘Hecate’ night!

    Stay strong bluelibra! Pamper yourself to the max. Don’t settle for second best! It is generous of you to share yoru experiences vis Mystic’s insightful site. The Pisces and the Gemini don’t deserve you! Your Hecate cleansing ritual sounds wonderful!

  6. Does this mean we are supposed to be processing sex & death in a saggy way? Like… going on sporty excursions? Travelling? And having sexy morbid flings?

    • i like that approach. why not brood on the big issues while flying to a new, fun destination? mentally cull that which no longer serves, while saddling up the horses? sweat out the angst and pain (via any mans necessary? oops i mean *means* necessary)? etc.

  7. An attempt to tarnish the reputation of the Goddess! Bastardos…

    Maybe the peeps were confused with the presence of the owl that Hecate had, & seeing it as being wise…. Anyway she is powerful & amazing!

  8. Also, in honour of Hecate, I scattered at each entrance and a sturdy handful of sea salt to ward of unwanted visitors, mopped my kitchen floor with strong eucalyptus and cedarwood oil, dried some eucalylptus leaves in the oven (in defer to the practices of my people) and burnt Nag Champa in the living rooms.

  9. Ah yes well Mystic, I finally did it and told Pisces fireman that I never want to speak to him again – or to put it in a more Libran way – don’t want to speak to him anymore. I emailed him last week saying I missed him, then a day after asked if he’d like to go to the local for a countermeal only to be told BECAUSE I missed him it was best that he said no. That just killed it.
    I also got fuqed over (again) by indecisive non-comittal gemini on the weekend – who pointed out my ‘sunshiny one day, rainy the next’ mode and could I please be more consistent for the sake of his busy buys lifestyle. This was after he went out with his mates sans me and didn’t bother if there was anything I wanted to do.
    I went out by myself (as I posted previously) and now realise that I have indeed become one of those embittered ‘who needs men’ women of a certain age prepared to face the future miserably alone. I wrote an epic email to gemini finishing it all to which he replied with a very expensive bunch of flowers from the local florist and a simple ‘sorry’, then a number of emails saying I was too negative and inconsiderate etc etc. So I gave the flowers next door and am valliuming my way through potential Libran indecision / hysteria.

    • BL, my take is : don’t think of being ‘on your own’ as a second best, it can be awesomely good if you let it, IMHO

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