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The Goddess Hecate by William BlakeLike Lilith, Hecate is a Dark Moon Goddess & deals with the more shadowy aspects of our lives. Especially secret woman’s biz. She is sometimes considered a Crone goddess (Crone comes from Chronos, for time) and sometimes a Virgin goddess…but generally she is a Goddess of magic, ghosts, storms, the night, dreams, cross roads and wild animals. She is able to see into all worlds and guards the border between this world and the spirit world.

She is considered the Goddess of Trivia which sounds stupid until you remember that trivia comes from the Latin “tri via” or three streets. A retired Roman soldier was posted at each such junction and was supposed to be able to answer any question at all…no matter how trivial, lol.ย  Hecate has similarities to Hermes and to Isis along with others. One of the titles was The Distant One and it was her who rescued Persephone when she was taken to the Underworld.

Hecate rules in this time – the Dark Moon & she is who you are meant to call upon when crossing a MAJOR border in your life, to aid in dream messaging and divination or during dark times…If you have a prominent Hecate in your chart, all these themes are infused into your everyday being. She is Asteroid 100 and you can add her into your chart using the Astrodienst Extended Chart Options. This statue of Hecate is in the Vatican City. Ancient, of course, but nobody knows who did it.


In fact, you could see her as a kindย  of Lady Pluto when interpreting her in your chart…Go ON have a look! And this is cool too…

“..Lucius Apuleius (c. 123 – c. 170 CE) in his work “The Golden Ass” associates Hecate with Isis:
‘I am she that is the natural mother of all things, mistress and governess of all the elements, the initial progeny of worlds, chief of powers divine, Queen of heaven, the principal of the Gods celestial, the light of the goddesses: at my will the planets of the air, the wholesome winds of the Seas, and the silences of hell be disposed; my name, my divinity is adored throughout all the world in divers manners, in variable customs and in many names, […] Some call me Juno, others Bellona of the Battles, and still others Hecate. Principally the Ethiopians which dwell in the Orient, and the Egyptians which are excellent in all kind of ancient doctrine, and by their proper ceremonies accustomed to worship me, do call me Queen Isis…” From Wikipedia

Image: Hecate – William Blake

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38 thoughts on “Dark Moon Goddess Hecate

  1. Well I have Hecate in Scorpio, which sounds sort of apt to me…hmm moon in scorp, hecate in scorp…cool.

    Along with a predisposition for research, I have mad corners of my mind filled with trivia.

    What would a prominent position of Hecate be though?

  2. I think I need to call upon Hecate for some assistance!
    She seems really strong…. I love that!!

    I have Hecate in Leo 12 5th sharing with true node & is moving over sagg (neptune lives ere’) & squaring chiron.

  3. Gads, I always check my Centaur partner’s chart whenever I’m squizzing for Circe, Isis or whomever Mystic waves a lantern at. Yet again, he outdoes me in the interesting astro aspects! I have Hecate semi-sextile my Leo sun, while he has Hecate conjunct Merc in Sag.

  4. Prominent would be conjunct (right next to) the Sun, Moon, Rising Sign, Midheaven or a planet. Prominent is when you look at the chart and go “fuq!’
    I have Hecate (pronounced Heh-kar-tee) conjunct my Midheaven which i never knew till just before…
    Honey you go on a little Dark Moon Diet jag – the best time for it!

    • I had to laugh when I read this. Because I barely have a clue, my first reaction on discovering anything new in my chart is fuq, and then I try to find out if there is a positive spin I can put on it.

    • “fuq!”…;-)
      just discovered a brand new world here.
      thanks Mystic, your awesomeness in writing and finding out always new things is ….wow!

      I just discovered a LOT about myself reading this. I just come back from my astro dye activities and found out my Hecate is just on my South Node conjunct Saturn, all in trine with Uranus and Mercury. Hello! It’s me there I suppose ๐Ÿ™‚
      thank you!
      and I loved the image and the description above!

      • Holy fuq! LOL I have Hekate conjunct my Taurean moon in the seventh house and opposite Neptune in my first house, but I’m not sure what that means. Also, Lady Pluto is apropos to my Pluto chart ruler.

        I was known as a walking encyclopedia when I was a kid. ๐Ÿ™‚

        • Haha – hekate conjunct mercury in my Leo 12th & merc rules my chart . I was also given the moniker “walking encyclopedia” ๐Ÿ˜‰

  5. Ok from what I can work out, I have natal Hecate in Capricorn & transit in Sag, right on my DC (which is?!?!) & natal Jupiter & Neptune. What could that mean?!

  6. hey there aac, this is prolly a redundant and obvious suggestion but have you seen a naturopath/ acupuncturist/ kineseologist re; sick, depressed and tired?? i know youve been going through some heavy duty emotional stuff, and the mind and body are so connected…perhaps a really good health therapist- of whatever modality tickles your fancy- would get the energy moving and get things shifting in a positive direction? my usual prescription to myself at such times is proper massage (the immune system, as well as our hearts, need good touch to thrive- esp when we arent getting any good lovin’), natropath consultation, kineseology, reiki and some regular oxygen inducing exercise. gets things moving in my energy body, gets my health back and i start feeling better…

    plus, just from a purely medico standpoint, have you had your thyroid checked? under active thyroid is one of the most common female afflictions, and often is woefully under diagnosed. even if not ‘technically’ in the bad range, it can still cause a whole host of symptoms- most notably depression, lack of energy and feeling the cold. and it can be treated with herbal stuff, like kelp tablets from health food store, acuptuncture etc. its a quick blood test to check it out.

    my thoughts are with you aac!! good luck with it xx

    • Thanks sagigal… though it wasn’t intended for me that has been very inspirational! I’m getting my thyroid checked asap!

      Hecate in Gemini with the mooooooon! I think I like it!

    • wow aac, it sounds like you are doing pretty well!! you’ll be good as new in no time.

      and sunshine…i hear you. i go a bit nuts if i see grey skies/am trapped indoors for too long.

  7. i have always liked the idea of hecate. I see her also as the Baba Yaga that the author talks about in women who run with the wolves (which i am now loving having now grasped the writer’s style). and maybe the western equivalent of Kali. someone who is in charge of all the skeletons of time. etc. and i agree that her three faces as sign of representing / helping women with three of the big transformative periods in their lives.

    • I have always considered her a western or westernly form of Kali! I find this awesome you mention it as many go “hm well maybe” ๐Ÿ™‚

      I just realized the date of this post… eh either way cool you mentioned if you are still on here!

      • I’m still “on here”! Well, I haven’t been able to check out the entire site (I’ve been busy lately) but I check my e-mails regularly.

        So, where’s your Hecate?

  8. Another Virgo Goddess in amongst my now 5 planets in Virgo, 4 in very tight conjunction – within 4 deg. Hecate is exactly conjunct my Mercury. So have Uranus/Merc/Hecate/Dionysus/Pluto all in v tight conjunction in Virgo – no wonder peeps sometimes think i’m a Virgo. Also Sappho at 23 Virgo conjunct trans Saturn and Sun in opp to trans Uranus. No wonder it’s been hot (and i don’t mean good hot) around here since Saturn trawled over all of that.

    What does it mean all in the 7th house. I so want to own it!

    I think i should change my name.

  9. Oh and Hecate is right now 7.33 deg of Sagg – so it’s squaring my natal Hecate.

    Fabulous stuff Mystic, thank you!

  10. interesting – 2nd house trine neptune in the 6th. As is Isis – 2nd house trine chiron – and I have earned a living from the occult so that seems kinda apt. The crone is one of my favourite energies to work with.

  11. I have Hecate in 3rd house close conjunct with both my True Node and IC in Scorpio. I guess this is pretty prominent.
    I am going through a major transformative phase at the moment, so I wonder how she might help…

  12. I don`t know—–never liked the word Crone to describe a wise woman in her more mature years—-sort of smacks of derogatory Patriarchy…..like a dried-up old prune—— Much prefer the word “Crown”—as in reaching the wisdom of Sovereignty—-much more complimentary term.

    • You know I never think of anyone as a crone in a derogatory way spirit – it was eye opening to read your words and consider it in that way. I always think of a woman full of knowledge and wisdom – although sometimes a cantankerous energy and to be forgiven for being unforgiving themselves – the energy I have felt when working with it is profound. Your words prompted me to go on a quest and the etymology of the word crone is interesting – as in not the negatory slang connotations – from the anglo french carrion due to her close proximity to the forces of the “other side” or death. And from middle dutch Kroner meaning old ewe. It was originally a scottish insult and the middle english word sheran (shearing?) means to cut with a sickle. I do wonder if it was originally used to describe a woman who gathers herbs with a sickle and then degenerated into an insult.

      Thanks for the thought provoking input spirit – I love it when people make me think in a different way about things I take for granted.

  13. Hecate – to me was always a very powerful influence into the lives of religious leaders especially women leaders. She offers (in my opinion) that BACKBONE they need!

    I have Hecate Conjunct My south Node – so maybe she greatly influenced my past life??? But now she is transiting like DIRECTLY CONJUNCT over my SUN & MERCURY. AND SHE IS SQUARING MY SATURN! SO I AM IN THE PROCESS OF LEARNING BOUT MY MAGICAL PAST, RESENT AND FUTURE??


  14. How disappointing. Hecate is nowhere on my chart, except squaring my sun & merc. I love these kick arse goddessses and so wanted her to be a strong influence. Her poor position might explain my dread of electrical storms though.

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  16. This november 16 (2009) is considered one of Hecate’s sacred days -er, nights (aug 13 and the 29th of every month being the others). It also happens to be a new moon, sacred to hecate, and a scorpio new moon at that.

    Hecate’s name is rooted in “hekaton” which is Greek for ‘hundred’. She was the 100th asteroid discovered.

    awesome eh?

    while researching Hecate for ritual magic work I looked her up in my own chart. conjunct my sun by -1 degree. yay!

    Hecate is also directly analog to Astarte the chaldean Goddess of love/sex/ect (ala venus/aphrodite/innana) and the Solomonic Daemon Astaroth (see Goetia, lemegeton of solomon, grimoirum verum)

    see yall at the crossroads this new moon!

  17. This is a bit strange but my Hecate is right on my acendent which is 6:23 Aquarius, and I was born on the Hecate moon, or also known as the Balsamic moon – the dark moon. I have been a medium and a psychic and astrologer for many years, and it would appear that Hecate must be very prominent in my chart.

    I had not studied that asteroid until I happened in on your website, but I’ve been reading a lot about being born on this dark moon and wondering about it all these years. Now I know why my path has always been about ‘the other side.’ Thanks for helping me find this information out.

    BTW, I’m new here, and I love finding new astrology sites.


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  19. I also have Her in my chart as I was also born on the balsamic moon…(my sun and my moon are in Taurus)…After reading this I now fully understand why I have always been drawn to certain things in my life, and in which direction I need to go…which was my whole purpose for research today. Thank you so much!

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  21. wow! that sounds synchronic to me. Hecate as the Limina Goddess ๐Ÿ™‚
    i had a vivid dream last night, in which i read from an unknown journal lines about the so called “bardo” , the Tibetan Buddhist concept of the in-between state of the soul’s journey after death.
    i had never read about it anywhere before, but the lines in that diary said “Bardo is the place where our infancy is redeem”.
    my beloved awasome piscean uncle, who was a interfaith very open buddhist, passed away three days ago… i found this dream was sent in some way. isn’t it wonderful? ….?

  22. Ok so it’s in between my Sun and Mercury in Sage and it squares Saturn in Pisces. Guess this must be why I reckon I can have a go at finding an answer for everything then? Hahaha… or not ๐Ÿ˜‰

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  24. I have Hecate in the 12th house in Aquarius. Hope someone can help me translate this.

  25. I have 8H Hekate in Scorpio (!) forming a conjunction with my 8H Scorpio Sisyphus (!!) and a sextile with my 11H Capricorn Medea (!!!). It also conjuncts my 9H Scorpio Sirene, opposes my 2H Taurus Cupido, conjuncts my 8H Scorpio Psyche, forms a trine with my 5H Cancer Moon (!) and a sextile with my 1H Pisces Ceres (!!). There are two trines with my 7H Virgo NN and P Fort, a conjunction with my 8H Scorpio Chiron and a semi-square with my 10H Sagittarius Sun.

    Is it my idea, or is my Hekate pretty intense? Thereโ€™s some serious mythological stuff going on in my chart! (Ceres-Moon-Hekate-Medea harmonious aspects)

    • How do you see things details?! I see the position and the house she’s in Jupiter 4th house for me and beyond that I’m confused. LOL I can not find my south node on the list…. maybe I haven’t one. I need a good book or something or follow this site around a while!!!

  26. I have Hekate in Sagittarius in the 3rd house,square a Pluto/Chiron opposition in 6th/12th.Actually it touches nearly everything in the chart–I would like to know more about what it means——I think I like Hekate!