Capricorn One & Faux Moon Rock

Capricorn One Astronaut

“…A treasured piece at the Dutch national museum – a supposed moon rock from the first manned lunar landing – is nothing more than petrified wood, curators say. It was given to former Prime Minister Willem Drees during a goodwill tour by the three Apollo-11 astronauts shortly after their moon mission in 1969. When Mr Drees died, the rock went on display at the Amsterdam museum….”

More here at BBC News

Wow, this is such ravingly Merc Retro serendipity. I was just the other night discussing the 1978 movie Capricorn One with the Scorpio Sex Academic. I was a child when i saw  it and somehow i totally got the idea it was a documentary. Scorpio Sex Academic said she always assumed it was just p.r. Even now, the concept of Artemis & the astrological Moon Signs et al seem way more real to me than that we landed on it. What’s weird is that my teenage son and his friends (the Pluto in Scorpio generation) think it was bogus – their logic being that if someone had landed on the Moon  in the 1960s, there would be McDonalds on it by now.

As for the faux Moon Rock given to the Dutch, what’s that about????  And which Sun Sign is most/least likely to believe in the Moon Landing. I’m thinking it’s strongly Scorp to diss it. Note also: The signature of a super-bonkers Mercury Retrograde is forgotten info, strange facts surfacing about something one takes for granted and weird little twists…strange news days indeed.

Three Astronauts

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18 thoughts on “Capricorn One & Faux Moon Rock

    • Did they though? I reckon it got switched in the intervening years by some begrudged aide or bureaucrat. Easy to do. He or she is probably sitting with their feet up right now, sipping cognac, with a bit of the moon sitting on a doiley on top of their telly.

      Or one of the astronauts is a scheister. I reckon the odds go with the political side, though, and hey it was Holland. Anything can happen where ganja is legal.

  1. The BBC does a beautiful job of dismantling whackjob conspiracy theories, including a brilliant doco on 9/11 and one shown on Four Corners the other night about the London bombings. For the London one, they followed a bunch of theorists’ responses to an internet conspiracy video that postulated MI5 orchestrated the bombings and framed the bombers in order to gain sympathy for the war on terror.

    Anyway after the BBC dug up the facts of the case, including collaborated scientific evidence, and revealed one of the major conspiracy muckrakers to be an official holocaust denier, they also located the anonymous maker of the conspiracy video, who’d used a Muslim sounding name, but was some tosser from Sheffield who turned out to be running a website where he proclaimed himself to be Jesus Christ. When these findings were revealed to the followers of the theory, they were still willing to ignore all the facts to continue with their wild and whacked speculations. It seems the formula for conspiracy theorists and moonlanding deniers is if you can’t (or don’t want) to get your head around the factual evidence, use your imagination and then confuse the two.

  2. The wood thing is easy, he just picked up a bit of the cross that Jesus was crucified on instead of the moon rocks, they were both in his top draw when he was rushing to catch the flight.

    A few weeks ago there was a great mockumentary re the above subject, can’t remember what it was called. basically it showed how ridiculous the conspiracy theory is by of course supporting it.

  3. See. I want to respond to these points you raise but I’m not going to. A simple google search will also explain the points you raise. Of course the people refuting the conspiracy claims are all in on it too, or sympathetic to the cause, or building their arguments from the lies fed to them by NASA.

    And there hasn’t been just one manned moon landing; there were five. Twelve astronauts have walked on the moon. You know – APPARENTLY.

    • LOL that’s the thing – your last sentence – it applies to all of us – and is the reason I don’t usually embark on the whole moon yay or nay thing – god it’s the moon landing – who really gives a shit? I don’t care enough about it to exert energy debating and for whatever reason you won’t go there either. Even though I don’t agree with you based on information I have read and surmised which may or may not be flawed I 100% respect the fact you have a right to believe what you believe – peace out believer :o)

  4. Ahhhh that old chestnut – normally I avoid this topic because believers WANT to believe and I think what right does anyone else have to mess with their idealistic man triumphs over the universe beliefs? It must feel so empowering to believe. I’m almost envious. But for the purposes of this do I think man went there? NO

    Why? So many reasons – the computer paraphanalia necessary for that journey and subsequent images communications etc at that point in our technological history would have been far bigger that the machine the space guys rode there (supposedly) in; it would also have been far too heavy to transport; there isn’t meant to be any wind on the moon yet THAT imperialist flag flutters gaily in the breeze; there are apparently many other reasons the answer is no but I can’t remember them – it’s the fact the yankers were trying to bankrupt the reds by forcing them into an imaginary space race that I find the most convincing – cunning.

    And if you believe but are open to the idea it wasn’t real I offer three words : van allen belt – google it and read about what are apparently such vast amounts of radiation that the tiny little ship and all who supposedly travelled in her would have been fried to a crisp unless it was, again, far heavier and built of far thicker metal in order to shield them from the rays = which apparently would have made it far too heavy to fly. If we did it once why never again? Makes no sense – that Maccas theory is a good one – but I am endlessly in awe of the power of the medium used to dupe the masses into believing. Clever.

    My moon, as suggested by wise mistic, is in Scorpio.

    • In the beginning I simply didn’t care enough about this to have an opinion either way – was always surrounded by those who believe in the wackiest stuff – tesla guys building anti gravity machines etc. they were physics professors and the like but on the fringes of academia and it drained me to have yet another “fascinating” topic bandied about about on which peeps could harp relentlessly but then I met an avionics engineer of the most rational down to earth variety who put it to me in less enthusiastic and more grounded terms and now I still don’t care but I do have an opinion about it – one thing I will say tho it’s def one of those divisive subjects – akin to yelling the C word in a crowded room or discussing religion at work.

  5. Conspiracy theorists are equally endearing and maddening. Enedeaing because you have to love the loopiness and maddening because they zero in on the tiniest bits of supposed evidence as proof – PROOF! -while ignoring the vast swathes of counter-evidence, and the rebuttals of their PROOF! Check out this link:

    Of course, no matter what you want to believe – and that includes astrology – you’ll find your reasons to support your belief.

  6. Interesting. On his visit to Australia in late 69/early 1970, Spiro Agnew gave PM John Gorton a moon rock as a parting gift. Have always wondered what happened to it … Gorton had a very low opinion of Agnew so maybe he tossed it as Spiro flew back to Washington.

  7. OMG, it might be scorp thing not to believe in the moon landing. The minute i read a detailed discussion of it in context of US imperialism and distraction from Vietnam, including physics oriented explaiantions (vis teh fluttering flag ala no atmosphere, concave/convex astronaut helmets etc) in a Big Issue yonks ago, it made total sense to me. HOWEVER, i have mate with same b’day as me (mid scorp) and we have stand up arguments about it. He thinks i am fruit loop for disbelieving. Prob a scorp thing to be dogmatic and refuse to back down, more’s the point

    apparently they did go back, if you beleive they ever went to moon, in around 1972, but no-one ever talks about this…….

    • Yep….I`m a Scorpio and I don`t believe it… somewhere that the supposed ” Moon Rocks ” were really meteorite fragments that were dug up in Antarctica or something and passed off as evidence of the bogus Moon landing.

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