Astro-Patrick Swayze & Is Virgo The Handmaiden To Leo?

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Young Patrick Swayze

Oh dear, the grim reaper strikes again. I so wasn’t going to do this but then i altered my mind…Poor Patrick Swayze – he was a truly fab & talented multiple conjunct Leo — Sun-Mercury-Pluto.

This is also interesting for Astro-Fiends: at the time of his passing, he had Saturn on his Virgo Asc & squaring the Gemini midheaven exact. As I say, interesting but not at ALL a usual manifestation of a Saturn square…

Let’s think more of his talent and multi-Leo hotness at his best. I know two women – both Virgos – who went really over-the-top bats for him. One had what was basically a shrine to the guy. The other cherished quite convoluted and naff fantasies based on his persona in Dirty Dancing, which she liked to share with peeps when she was a bit drunk.

I sometimes wonder whether Virgos are actually pre-ordained to get hideous crushes on Leos…They loathe their ego, hubris and general glitz factor but are also drawn to it??? There is an old astrological saying and i never know where it comes from: Virgo is the Handmaiden to Leo.

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23 thoughts on “Astro-Patrick Swayze & Is Virgo The Handmaiden To Leo?

  1. interestingly… my mother is a virgo. my dad a leo. when she divorced him while i was in highschool, a year later she remarried.. another leo
    my fiancee is a gemini, i’m a cancer
    a friend of mine is a taurus and her love an aries

    is it as simple as yin/yang?

  2. Cap Sun, with Pluto in Virgo in the 7th (don’t quite know what it means, but sounds a bit dodgy??) – The 2 major, destructive yet ultimately life-altering loves were both Leos – larger than life, gorgeous, totally self-absorbed yet generous with their love (when they had time to focus on me, etc). My mother is a Leo, as was my almost step-sister that I spent a large part of my childhood with, so they were an influence on my early life.

    Funny how as I have learnt to be more strong in my self-belief, that their influence over my life has waned. Now have a gorgeous/mad Aqua man to challenge everything I know… as per the other post re: Aqua and Pisces, I have Pisces rising and we do tend to egg eachother on in the weirdness sometimes!

  3. I read in an astrology compatibility guide once that virgo and leo are the perfect match — leo builds virgo’s confidence, she serves him, he likes that…etc. I think there’s something to it. I have plenty of Leo women friends…

    • As long as the Virgo doesn’t start giving unprompted advice, it could be a good thing. Unprompted advice, no matter how lovingly framed just feels like criticism to a Leo….for the most part. Otherwise, yes Virgo Crit, I can see that working.

  4. When I think about it, I probably love my Leos because I can see the vulnerability that underlies all the pomp and preening. They have these big tender hearts. Whereas Aries are gung ho through and through and Saggos are too autonomous and busy exploring the world to even comprehend vulnerability. IMHO.

    • You’ve got to love that hidden vulnerability… I’m a sucker for it.
      That, and I think we virgo’s like to live through our dramatic Leo companions just a tad… And wonder what it would be like to be so… Regal? Loved? Universally adored?

  5. I’ve seen a few Leo man-Virgo woman marriages and they’re quite interesting. One super-strong and almost intimidating Virgo woman I knew would definitely do a 180 (seemingly to me anyway) and serve her Leo man. I remember being at a party with her and she insisted that everyone save food for her man, because “he gets really hungry after kung fu practice.”mmmmkay. They are now divorced, but they always seemed to have strong chemistry.
    My Gemini-Virgo moon combo does seem to lean me towards Leo attraction…I’ve been dating one for the past 4 years, and I’ve never had a more caring, affectionate man!

  6. Very sad news indeed. BUT look, I’ve got to disagree! LEO’S are the ones that are always falling in love with ME (virgo obviously…)
    It’s really quite uncanny, now I am annoyed that everyone might think its the other way around.

  7. Yup – Dirty Dancing is the basis of my whole sexual evolution…… I love that movie – and I love dancing, and I ADORE men who dance! That makes South America absolutely one of my fave places…… Is South America Leo? But Leo men…… I’m flat out thinking of one in my life….? I just don’t have that many Leo’s around me at all, and the ones I do have are women…. Hmmmm

  8. I’m a libra with Venus in virgo & every single guy I’ve ever fallen head-over-heels in love with was a leo. Every. Single. One. (Just sayin)

  9. Yes, yes, it’s all true. I have mad crushes on Leos, great Leo friends and in my next life I want to be one. Also, I’ve offered in the past to be the Leo Socialite’s slave if she’ll have me.

    Dunno if it comes down to all my Virgoness or whether Leos trine my Sagg Asc, Aries moon. Natal Jupes in Leo?

  10. As a young virgo (cap moon) who never ever thought i’d lose my head in the head of a love.lust affair – i fell BIG TIME for a gregarious, fun-loving and cheeky leo man. I would literally feel a chemical rush bolt through my body when ever he came into site, my brain turned to mush and although we had a brief yet intense and electric affair, it feel to pieces and I took well over a year to get over it.
    Meaning, before leo-man, i could get any guy i wanted – post leo-man, i was single for 2 years. Nothing could come close.
    But it ended very badly – he was rather immature when it came to handling hot potatoes. And it turned out he had a girlfriend who was hospitalised with anorexia which i never knew about, the whole time we were together.

    On the plus side, knowing I could ‘feel’ like that changed my outlook on life.

  11. i concur medusa with your observation – i am leo-virgo cusp and i often say i have the best of both worlds – if i use it – the leo makes messes and the virgo cleans it up BUT the virgo also has the insane BIGPROJECT-LONG LIST thing going on and the leo has the energy to push it. my boss/friend loves that i am both because we get action plus discrimination and discipline. but i haven’t always been able to work both sides – this comes with maturity. very scary to virgos – but just another excuse to lounge around under the booyong tree for a leo. and you are so right about virgos loving leos – which is good for me because, failing anything else, i can adore myself!

    • Good for you, queenbean. I watch my Virgo Dad struggle with liking himself, and it’s painful to watch.

      Strangely now, I think some of his doubt does fuel his achievements…as in he is constantly proving to himself that he is better than he thinks, or was told by his Dad growing up…(as in you’ll never amount to anything school of parenting)…and my Virgo Dad is a thorough achiever. Also I know with rock solid certainty that he does love me, even if he thinks I’m mad.

      • The love of the Virgos in my family aka Virgo sis and Virgo dad for ME are not of the creepy Virginia Andrews crush style btw.

  12. In response to your post about Leo men and virgo women, I just want to make the comment that I am virgo, and I will say that I have *never had a crush on a leo man. In fact I have never had romantic attraction to a leo man at all.
    I don’t know enough virgos to come up with any stats, but just wanted to say it certainly isn’t the case for this virgo lady.
    warm regards..

    • I think there’s a virgo/pisces attraction. I’m drawn to virgo men. But they drive me crazy! All those quirks can be fascinating and frustrating at the same time.

  13. My father is a virgo and my mother is a leo. I think my father is awesome – v likeable and fun loving, my mother is… highly strung to put it mildly. He seems to adore her though…

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