Astro-Beauty: Gloss Or Matte?

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beauty shot red lipstick glossIs there a Sun, Moon or Venus sign signature that totally always goes for Matte and one that goes for Gloss???

I am so lip gloss attached that i cannot imagine ever using a lipstick again, no matter how awesome the ad-spiel or Freudian the packaging…It doesn’t seem nourishing enough…Just so retro and non-me.

But I think Earth Signs prefer the solidity of an actual lipstick & that a proper lipstick tube seems somehow more statussy and adequate…non? And Fire Signs might even find them less fiddly…

So, i’m calling it: Air & Water like Gloss. Fire & Earth prefer Matte.

Plus: oh this is going to sound  horrid, but it’s true – Aries and Saggo women tend (unless they actually work in a fashion-forward industry and are obsessive beauty fiends) tend to stick with whatever worked with them the year of their high school formal or something. Even when they are madly modern and current in every single other context.

Image: Van Tri Le

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61 thoughts on “Astro-Beauty: Gloss Or Matte?

  1. Not a fan of most lip products in general–too much fuss about eating/drinking/speaking/kissing people…just give me some lightly tinted balm, perhaps a stain if it’s a big to-do. I’d choose gloss over lipstick if I had to, though, as long as it wasn’t really sticky.

    Scorp, Leo rising, Venus in Libra and just about everything else in Cap or Scorp.

  2. I think the pic is just hyper exposure and some good old mushed-up jelly with maybe food colouring. It’s great what effects you can get with everyday things!
    I am airy-water mostly and do like lipstick on occasion, even matte. But I do agree that Saggs an Ariesessas do get stuck in the style ruts of yesteryear. Or they go get their colours done by some beautician in a low-rent department store and spend the rest of their lives avoiding brights because some colour-blind moron told them they were a ‘spring’.

  3. oh yes, matt for special occasions – MAC Viva Glam for preference or a beautifully packaged and fragrant Geurlain red.

    For everyday I love neutrals and am rapidly running through the remains of my perfect Jurlique neutral, gleaned from the remains of about 20 tubes around the house when I discovered that they weren’t making it anymore!

    I still haven’t found a satisfactory replacement.

    ps, best tip for a perfect base for strong colours: neutral lip liner – what a revelation!

  4. Her lips remind me of the hemmorrhoid surgery a co-worker had to go in for.

    The office mgr. said that it was to make him “a perfect asshole”


  5. well, aries here (venus in pisces and moon in aqua) and definitely matte red lipstick (pale skin and dark hair)

    btw in high school I wore horrendous brownish stuff, so I definetely improved but i work in a graphic/cool environment so maybe it’s the reason for my being not stuck in the plain ’90s…

  6. I have so much lip gloss it’s getting ridiculous.

    I have it stashed in places so that I’m never far from it: 3 colors in my car cubby, pen holder at work, some in each of the 2 main purses I use, my backpack and of course the bowl I keep my keys. I do have lipsticks (my fav’s are a bronze & metallic rose that come in neon orange tubes from MAC’s sci-fi line)

    As to the Sagg/highschool link, I didn’t wear makeup in HS and wasn’t interested at all in fashion back then, and as an engineer I’m totally in an anti-fashion industry. Is it a saturn return thing? that now entering my 30’s my inner femme fatal is coming to the surface?

    Sagg sun, Capricorn rising, Leo moon, Scorpio Venus

    • might be Pluto hitting your Cap rising? I have Cappy rising too and have started changing my look… around the time Pluto went into Cap. I’m slowly evolving from tomboy to woman 🙂

  7. Hey MM – I used to love gloss but somewhere in my late twenties switched to light coloured lipsticks – def obssessed with them now – am a pisces with Venus in Cap

  8. I’ve tried everything, Gem with Leo Rising so I experimented crazily from the age of about 12. I think matt lipstick is kind of gross. I’ve tried all the nude colours, and seriously, they do not suit me, I think they are for Librans, Cancerians & Pisces. I wear deep red glossy lipstick at the moment, as and when I do, and the rest of the time a glossy lip balm. Sticky gloss fingers are creepy I admit so a brush is handy… Honestly I love lip stuff the most of all cosmetics, I practically collected them as a teenager.

    • By nude I really meant pale pink, frosted or whatever.. my Libran mother was always encouraging me to buy those & they just look wrong on me. I have dark hair & pale skin so the red is striking, otherwise I don’t bother. So Venus in Taurus = love of red?

  9. Aries Sun, Cancer rising, Libran Moon. I love matte lipstick – especially something in blue/red or hot pink (I have pale skin and dark hair). I use gloss only when really having full on smoky eyes and just the palest lip. I attribute my ability to move with the make up times and not stick to what I wore at high school to my Libran moon.

    I spent the many months of Venus in Aries this year perfecting my eybrows. Bloody fantastic job – if I do say so myself.

  10. Yes .. gloss only for this Gem too!
    Gloss with lipliner, gloss with sparkles .. as long as it is not matte.
    I have treid to wear lipstick occasionally and it always ends up a mess. The seldom times I have ever used blood red lipstcik-lipstick, people comment … but I get the urge to wipe it off after about 15 minutes.
    And .. my Cap friends mother taught her never to leave home without lipstick. She is the only person I know who still has coral in her collection and isn’t affraid of frosted pink!
    Oh Moon = Pisces & Venus = Taurus .. that must be why I keep trying the red.

  11. Interestiingly, today, just noticed double Cap Sun Moon co-worker had matte lips and soft smokey lids. Not her usual and she looked pretty so I told her so.

    She’s a blonde, 40, (massage therapist too and is an escort every year for the Palm Springs Film Festival red carpet stuff where she gets assigned a star to look after. She’s met all the stars and when she fixes up, look out! Gorge…She asked me if I’d like to do the Film Festival thing but I said no thanks…Not my bag..)

    Anywho (I know, who cares really… but point of interest perhaps for those who like that kind of thing).

    I do soft shimmery lip gloss simple for everyday. Like Lexi must have moisture somewhere within reach or I go bananas…At the desk here I keep “Carmex”. Purely for practical reasons, no color.

    Aries Sun, Cap Moon, Gem rising…

  12. For years i could never understand why lipstick just did not suit me & impossible to find a colour
    that looked good with my skin tone.
    The when trying to find a shade at Dior counter last year, a cosmetician said ‘you have naturally red lips’.
    DUH, how come i never knew????
    This is the reason only lightly tinted berry shades of gloss are suitable.
    Coulda saved a lot on buyin the wrong lipsticks if had known earlier.
    Yes, of course i look in the mirror but the penny just didn’t drop:)
    All i need do is bite my lips, a trick my Mother taught me at 13 yo to colour them more.

  13. LOL! saggis sticking to what they wore to high school formal et al. 🙂

    i am obsessive about natural lip balm, my lips feel naked without it, and i can not stand lipstick, feel like a drag queen when i put it on. so er, yes, still wearing what i was at 15!!

  14. Sun in Libra; Moon in Aries; Venus in Virgo.
    If I remember to wear lip stuff at all, it’s usually light. My libra self loves glitter & glamour but I worry about the chemicals in lipstick (is that a Virgo thing?) Burt’s Bees Lip Shimmer is a big favorite.

    p.s. I thought the photo was very icky. I might have been reminded of berries if it wasn’t for the sickly pale color of the lips themselves. Sorry.

  15. Two things:

    * Recommendations for a shiny red GLOSS but natural preferably.

    * I looked the girls lips in the picture and saw crushed berries – i so totally did and yet some of youse are seeing herpes. Yick!!! But w.t.f? I don’t even THINK like that. I would never post an image i thought gross.

    • I recommend Benefit (benetint companion) lip gloss for color is perfect altho, i know, it comes in a pot – and the tint is v nice too but tricky to get to know well, tho once mastered you can color by degree and then put any topping over – not sure how ‘natural’ Benefit products is/are.

      btw i know everyone thinks the pawpaw stuff in the red tube is the natural biz and people are practically inhaling it universally but unfortunately it is full of parabens (i read an unmasking review about it)… i also think palmers cocoa butter/creme etc is crap and full of sulphates

      Thought the lips were ‘a hard day at vampire central’ type pic.

      • Actually Stila also does some v nice lip stuff/s, tints and soft glosses. Her packaging is v cool and i’m sure she is completely eco

        • Burt’s Bees have a tinted moisturising gloss which is like the best of all worlds (lippie, gloss and balm).

          I do that during the day, but go for my matte Mac Russian Red when doing the retro vamp thing for evening or performing.

      • Lucas Papaw ointment is petroleum based. Non petroleum brands are Pure Nutraceuticals or Simmons Paw Paw Salve.

        I scour the ingredients of everything now. Alchemy and Akin range are good as are Perfect Potion.

    • i thought it was a crushed raspberry or something on her lips.

      shiny red gloss – DJ’s store brand has a pretty good red gloss but not that natural – anything really glossy would be full of acrylic-y things. I think if you’re after natural-based glosses you’d need to run with brands like Aveda, ummm don’t know who else , i never buy makeup…oops
      BUT chanel infra-rouge if that still exists does really nice light-textured and not too bright lippies in fab shades of subtle red. i know you’re a gloss fiend but might be worth a try?
      that’s all from me… unless you moosh up your own face shade of red with some beeswax or olive oil and DIY your own shade… (test at home for longevity!)

  16. I often tell myself my lips are perfect without cover (I’m an Aries!). Possibly because I was clueless in high school and did very little – except those Bonne Belle flavoured things, which I ditched when I discovered your lips get addicted to them and can become permanently dried out. I love Nars lip pencils – easy to apply, dramatic, and yes matte. The glassy lip thing – isn’t that over these days? ;o)

  17. Libra sun and moon. Virgo Rising. Sagg Venus

    NEVER leave the house without lipstick. I literally carry at least 4 different ones with me at all times. I like to look of gloss but i hate how it feels – so gluggy, messy and fiddly and the colour fades too fast.

    I love lipsticks with high moisture/shine – you get the shine and the colour and they never get sticky and gross.

      • Me three! I never leave the house without at least 2 lipsticks. And my fave colour….I have four tubes of it on make-up bench in bathroom, one in my bag , one at work, and a spare in the top drawer! I can’t stand the feeling of bare lips especially while I am driving long distance so I carry clear lip conditioner with me always too, also x4(see above)
        I love the idea of gloss but I live in a really windy place and it does not look cool or sexy peeling your hair off your ticky tacky lips!
        Having denounced the gloss though, I am still searching for “THE ONE” that truly glosses and comforts and has a bit of sheer colour but isn’t sticky!
        I am a make-up artist and I went through the matte /poppy stage in the 90’s and truly , it is a hard look to carry off and a semi-matte is MUCH better, lasts just as well without the dried up dregs in the corners of the deissicated mouth look, and much more comfortable to wear as there is a hint of emollient in it.

        Cap Sun, Libra Moon, Venus in Aquarius

  18. moon in scorp…
    gloss…for the sheer ‘i’m not REALLY wearing lipstick’ self delusions.
    most days prefer the old rosehip balm… tried a luscious red once…only to discover on sighting post event photos that I am cursed with chicken lips. soooo not condusive to scarlets and power pouting…

  19. I cannot actually be apart from my lip gloss for more than a few hours. It is a kind of extension of my body. But, as much as I am a gloss fiend, I rarely use the tinted stuff anymore (even girlie boys grow out of tinted lips), and NEVER the sticky dewy stuff. NEVER. For me its more about lip comfort than lip appearance.
    Earth Sun, Ascendant and Moon.

  20. hmmm if I wear it at all I go to excess.. liner, lipstick and then gloss…. and strictly red, or I am strickly pawpaw ointment… in high school I was a bonne belle addict I went through boxes of the stuff, was lipstick packaged but was a definite balm…

    Scorpio Sun, Aquarius Moon & Libra Venus….

  21. ohhh I’m going to be a spoilsport and say pisces (gem asc) who prefers matte! gloss is messy and I don’t like eating it. matte is good for knowing which glass (and man…) is yours! however I only wear it when going out at night and I want to look dramatic, usually I go with nothing (less chemicals for me to eat that way).

  22. Am lovin the pic in a grossed out way. True am air/air rising & nevr thought abt the gloss/matt debate – i am lovin the tinted lipsticks which are slide on hint of color (ie ysl sheers). still get the lipstick chic packaging but not the stuck-to-lips hair and the ‘i’m so 18 with my mac lipglass or my juicy tube (?!)’ too right abt what worked way back then – my aries friend still has the awesome 40+ body but her clothes! …. lucky they are all coming back in again, she never throws anything away, so all those one arm boob toobs she keeps wearing are fashionable recyles but really up-close/front-on you do need to smear some vaseline on the lense. But she will not accept a mutton observation no matter how obv or how many friends offer it up …

  23. subtle gloss. nice, maintain-able, you don’t notice immediately if it wears off – bit of leeway. …in my exp men don’t go for the fly-catcher mega gloss – plus not v kissable? am averse to most lippies due to sticky lip marks – harks back to my days as a bar wench trying to scrub off impossible gunky lipstick marks off wine glasses.

    • in fact, i usually run with a lipliner and a normal lip balm – fits in your pocket so you can travel light 🙂 venus in aries, moon in cap.

  24. I’m a Virgo & as long as my lips look lush, I don’t mind so much. I do like a bit of sparkle but lip balm is okay by me too. The only thing is I CANNOT ABIDE having to stick my fingers in a pot. Gross. What are you supposed to do with the rest of it left on your finger?! Ugh!

  25. Yah, freaky pic Mystic! But I am a gloss girl – in fact, can barely cope with lipstick on unless I have a layer of gloss over the top!
    Water… you are so right!

  26. Matt can only be done by the sultry woman, otherwise its awful. As a water, I prefer a slick of shine to my lips, I totally LOATHE the ‘nude’ look (if I want to look like a corpse, I’ll die first), but I can do the sultry deep red matt look with my black eyes, and dark hair…… I mightgo put some make up on now….

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