Astro-Beauty: Did Neptune In Capricorn Kill Perfume?

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As an invisible, mega-potent & magic substance, perfume comes under the astrological domain of Neptune. It’s interesting that the passage of Neptune through the hardcore sign of Capricorn (1984 to 1998) coincided with a never-before-seen tweak of most perfumes. Scents that were comprised of essential oils of Rose & Flowers – at least in part – were reformulated to be more in line with the dictates of economic rationalism. Some of them even began to smell more like their own cheap imitators.

You know the pharmacy knock-offs – “If you Like Eternity…You’ll Love Forever…” It’s not good when you cannot tell them apart. I’d read an article about how Aerin Lauder was basically like some sort of a saint for a scent she created Amber-Ylang-Ylang and I’m ylang-ylang mad. I sprinkle the real stuff everywhere and am convinced it’s enchanted. So I spotted this new Estee Lauder fragrance whilst ambling through a department store the other day and avidly sprayed it all over the shop. Okay, on my wrist.

At first, it smelled divine. Yes – ylang-ylang and yes, something ambery….A sensual and divine reek, like being enveloped in a gracious and feminine aura of extra strength & inspiration…how scent should be. But YICK. Within half an hour it had dried down into something that was like the bog freshener used in those service station lavatories. And so many of them DO smell like effing fly spray.

I think, as Pluto goes over the Capricorny ground covered by Neptune in the mid-80s, we’re seeing more and more articles like these about how – for instance – fragrances are 95% petrochemical & that 75% of women are allergic to them…And neurotoxic??? Yick…I love perfume so much but am resigning myself to reeking like a haute (hopefully) hippy for the time being…

Or am i just being over-sensitive due to my Neptune Moon transit???

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41 thoughts on “Astro-Beauty: Did Neptune In Capricorn Kill Perfume?

  1. Not crazy.
    I found a great scent ten years ago from Aveda (possibly before it was bought up by Estee Lauder) and then it was discontinued.
    A few years ago I found a near match at Khiel’s and it smells great in the bottle, but TERRIBLE after a while once out in the real world. I am quite sure that it isn’t about the reaction with my skin. Anyway… yes, just using essential oils now.

  2. Nope – not over-sensitive either I reckon.

    Read and loved the Tom Robbins book ‘Jitterbug Perfume’ two years back, and sadly some of the phenomena he described in between loopy prose about plant evolution and the cerebral cortex regarding the petrochemical base still reigns in the industry.

    I too resign myself to reeking like a hippy. Not great to sit next to on public transport in summer:( Two things I have discovered to reduce the pong without increasing my risk of scary cancers are
    + use sorbolene cream to wash my ‘pits instead of soap (it changes the bacterial composition over the long term in that area – less stinky bugs)
    + spray on magnesium oil instead of aluminium-derived anti-perspirant in the same area.

  3. I’ve all but given up on commercial perfumes. except for Hermes. Stick to the natural stuff. I live in the perfume capital of the ancient world, and the traditions continue, so we actually have a market here that most people call the perfume market, and many of the perfumes are made of natural woods and incenses. Lots are not though…stick it on your wrist and wait for 10 minutes. If it changes flavour and begins to smell chemically, it is! real essences maintain their scent right through.

    And here’s a perfume for y’all. If you happen to come across a shop called Arabian Oud, which is a large Middle Eastern franchise that now has stores in, I think, London and Zurich, ask to smell their black musk (not the white musk). It’s the dirtiest, funkiest, sweatiest and sexiest scent I’ve ever come across, not to be worn to work!

  4. Spot on Mystic.

    I love perfume but if my wrist itches, I know something’s wrong.

    I loved the Tom Robbins book too.

    Without wanting to tax the valuable time of mystic bloggers, I’d be most grateful to know which bottled scents are “pure”.

  5. When will more luscious and perfume-friendly astro prevail Mystic? I too am missing the glorious and beautifully made perfumes of years ago. I have noticed so many awful (yet expensive) perfumes around in recent years. Seriously it would be better to just smell scrubbed with sunlight soap than reeking of these fake chemical sprays. Some of the after shaves young men are using gallons of, smell worse than toxic farm chemicals! And those bloody chemical perfume dispensers in public toilets an offices give my an instant headache.

    Every summer since it started I have purchased (and adored) Issey Miyake’s various alcohol free Summer perfumes. But no more – they have been replaced by other limited edition perfumes, the last one of which smells like dry cleaning fluid! Its back to essential oils for me now too.

  6. I do wear aftershave, farenheit, not often though, usually using water soluble tea tree as an aftershave. Problem with perfume is personal space. One mans perfume is anothers poison. Just go shopping in say Bondi Junction, you keep getting hit in lifts and hallways by the vapour trail of someones perfume, it can be invasive to say the least.

    • agreed … I find it an invasion of personal space + selfish + inconsiderate to spray it on with no concern for how it might effect others. I’ve got an acute sense of smell and most commercial perfumes give me a whopping great headache when I’m trapped with it in confined spaces.

    • Farennheit, kryptonite…it used to make me weak at the knees for the right reasons, but now….

      • Young female bank tellers are suckers for the stuff…one whiff and there like “that cheque is cleared for you David, I’ll make sure…, personally” The sunglasses then get whipped off the face, and a ‘too long’ stare seals the deal.

        • Gee….all my hair twirling, pouting red lips & intoxicating scent earn me is a “listen here Missy, your cheque will take 3 WORKING days to clear & if don’t stop pestering me I will make sure your cheque goes awol”

          • I`ve noticed that too !…..discrimination….sad but true…. All the young chicky female bank tellers always treat the male customers better….if you`re a female customer, they treat you with contempt !!!

  7. I reckon it did…I get so icked at having my nasal boundaries mercilessly invaded by someone elses idea of a good smell… The ‘fume makes me fume!


    • Starstrokes, I’m with you! I loathe most scented things including perfumes, they give me a headache, and smell so toxic. I live near one of those Lush soap shops and walk extra blocks to avoid the smell pollution. I once asked for my money back in a movie theatre because some old lady who obviously couldn’t smell much of anything any more had layered it on way too thick. The theatre was tiny, and there was no escape. The ticket seller understood completely, and gave me the refund. I was astounded more people didn’t leave as well.

      • upbeat scorp, your trapped-in-the-cinema story reminded me of an international flight I took once when CD’s ‘Poison’ was new to the market. Someone on the plane had soaked themselves in it before boarding. I had such a belting headache 20 min into the flight I thought I might die from a brain haemorrhage or something! I was too young and meek to demand that the attendants march the offender into the lav’ to wash the bloody stuff off! I can’t have been the only one feeling nauseous for 9 hours or so. I could smell it on my clothes and hair for days despite repeated washing.

        Were CD’s execs falling about laughing when they noticed that people were actually paying them money for the stuff?

        • Poison, not for the feinthearted.
          A very stange & heavy perfume very very few can wear without wanting to strangle
          them as they are strangling you!

          Guerlain are my faves, a truly great Parfume House with integrity. Annick Goultard
          & Jo Malone’s perfume are truly beautiful sans chemical smells.

  8. Guerlain makes a couple of perfumes that pre-date the petrochemical industry. Stick to those.

  9. slightly off topic, but has anyone noticed before people who use too much washing powder in their washing? And walk down the street smelling like OMO? The laundry isle in the supermarkets make me gag… it literally hurts my nose to smell those smells.
    Essential oils all the way….
    WHEN i win tattslotto, i have one thing i know i will do. Fly to france and have a coutour perfume created just for me. The old fashioned way, non of this petrochemical BS… if only!

    • yes yes yes! to both how awful it is that people smell like clothes detergent and also to have a special perfume created just for me!

  10. I don’t mind perfumes. As long as they aren’t offensive, thick, all pervading smells (like everyone else is saying).
    When I am stressed my smell gets amped up to 11 and highly perfumed products make me very… well… anxious actually. Break out in a sweat.
    I have only smelt 2 perfumes that work with my body (smell nice, don’t make me itch)… butt hat’s only been in the last few years.
    I used to wear sandlewood mixed with amber and african violet. But its expensive when you try to get oils that don’t make me itch…

  11. I think the problem with most modern perfumes is they are simply sickly sweet without any base note. So when the top note has abated there is nothing left except the worn out sweet smell.

    My favourite perfume is Amarige by Givenchy. It is an older fragrance and it reminds me of being in Paris. I have worn it for quite a while now and it still makes me feel special when I put it on.

    Bois d’Armenie by Guerlain is also lovely, but hideously expensive. You can go try it at DJ’s or Myers. it is part of a distinct range of perfumes which include Rose Barbare, Angelique Noire, and Cuir Beluga. They may not be to your taste but they certainly make the other scents that dominate the retail stores seem completely one dimensional. But they are unique scents.

  12. That site is amazing – it makes one wonder, assuming it’s all for real – why peeps even bother doing so much research into what causes certain diseases? It’s scary. And even Dr Hauschka coming up as hazardous???

    • oh, i’m too scared to look at that site, especially if even Dr Hauschka coming up as hazardous!

      I’m using products that really work for me at the moment and don’t want to know that they’re bad.

  13. I gave up on perfume a few years ago when I realised how poisonous the ingredients are – now just stick to beautiful, healing essential oils. If not smelling like an industrial estate means I smell like a hippy, then I’m all for it.

    Check out what’s in shampoo while you’re looking at to finish freaking yourself out. Better reach for the dr bronner’s…..

    • I finally went to a dermatologist for my cystic acne, and the first thing he said was chuck all your shampoo and conditioner in the bin. He has presecribed nizarol as shampoo, that’s all I now use. As for conditioners, he said they’re all gross, all of them, regardless, from Pantene to Aesop, they all contain shit that sits on your skin and clogs everything up. Now I just use coconut oil on the ends. hair looks great, skin around hair cleared up within 5 days and has not broken out since. Cystic bits slowly healing.

      I read up on shampoo and conditioners, and he’s right, it’s gross. I put it all in the bin, won’t use it on my per4fect-skinned kid either. Coconut oil!

  14. I read some where that since the perfumers are no longer permitted to use whale oil as a carrier oil in the perfumes ( believe its called ambergris ?) that all the classic perfumes now smell a bit “off”….I tried a few oldies I used to love from the Dior Line…they now smell harsh, like petrol !!!!

  15. I’m a Taurus-rising girl who loves fragrance, though I have shifted to more essential oils and fewer synthetic scents. I’ll stop “invading your personal space” with my fragrance when I no longer have to endure other people’s cat and dog hair invading my personal and allergic space.

  16. Like “Secret” Asian Pear anti-perspirant πŸ™‚ That’s about as fragrant as I get at work other than essential oils I put in my fountain and oil; Sage, Rosewood, Eucalyptus, a citurs oil….

    Do still love Bath and Body Works “Juniper Breeze” and do the lotion and body spray on personal time, somtimes. No bonafide perfums though. Last perfume I bought was Clinique “Simply” which strangly matched with Bath and Body works Green Tea and some other scent mixture lotion and so wore them together.

    “Simply” $50 bucks a pop and just haven’t put that out on perfume.

    Sometime back mentioned getting Tom Ford’s “White Patchouli” from a Dept. Mgr at Sac’s 5th Ave in Palm Desert, CA. $100 a bottle & ghastly to me.

    Cancer Sun, Scorp rising Sagg Moon daughter didn’t want it, but Gem Sun Virgo rising Sagg daughter took it and said she’d give it a try.

  17. I use an Aveda perfume (they used to have a lovely ‘Chakra’ line, now just one). Or Chanel 5, which was the first synthetic & still smells the same!

    There’s a beautiful gardenia scented oil from Tahiti, Mystic – I think Remo sells it. It’s meant to be body oil, but it’s a bit much all over.

    Agree, most perfumes turn to flyspray – and most men’s colognes reek of gin.

    My granddad was horribly allergic to perfumes – had to leave the cinema if he sat next to someone wearing it. My sis has migranes if she’s too close to a Lush shop for too long!

  18. This is a great read. Wonderful insights. Arabian Oud has a website and I think they may ship overseas! Pity that my computer monitor doesn’t have a scratch and sniff option……

    • I couldn’t find the black musk on their website either. you could write and ask them. Maybe it’s location specific. When I bought mine, the man in the shop told me it was real real real musk from a musk deer, which totally frequed me out as getting musk from a deer means you have to kill it. He’d al;ready decanted it, so I couln’t say hey I don’t want it. But i looked on their website, and researched musk deer, and am sure it was just a weird arabian sales spiel as real musk from musk deer would cost in the hundreds for the size of bottle I got. But still, not cheap. 1 tola (don’t ask me how much is in a tola) for about $35

  19. I haven’t been able to wear perfumes for a few years now… get huge headaches from them and when assaulted by other peoples’ fragrances…

    Can anyone recommend some good essential oils that they are using? Good brands that aren’t chemo laden?

    • depends on the fragrances you like? you could definitely try Perfect Potion (in aust or online) they have some really nice essential oil roll-on fragrances and a good organic philosophy (I think).
      perhaps choose a base oil eg sweet almond then 2-3 essntual oils. skip cinnamon (bummer) as it can irritate your skin. nice blends ‘relate’ to each other e.g. orange, ylang ylang and jasmine, or peppermint, basil, pepper etc….up to u… have fun!