Astro-Analyze This: The Evolution Of The Muff Tote Bag

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Art Evolution of the MuffThe Evolution Of The Muff Tote Bag

Shall we do this by Pluto?

At the start of the  60s: Pluto in Virgo, the 80s Pluto in Libra & the 00s Pluto in Sagittarius.

Could hair-free be a Saggo thing??? I always think of them as haute hippies to busy to be bothered with that sort of crap but if it could vibe to them as liberating, why not???

Aesthetically, Librans are the most likely to deplore the yicky biology of body hair.

Or was it some sort of sexualisation, thank you Pluto in Scorpio?? Which sign waxes the most??

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61 thoughts on “Astro-Analyze This: The Evolution Of The Muff Tote Bag

  1. Perhaps the 00’s herald a comeback of the “mirken” (vagina wig)?

    Meanwhile, I (pisces) don’t wax but go the no.1

  2. I once predicted the big muff was due for a mainstream comeback – not sure now. It still has many admirers lurking quietly, I believe. If the whole sustainability thing gets *really* huge we may see the ‘trim’ replace the full wax – much easier to maintain, only needs a pair of scissors!

  3. Virgo and Libra! …. followed by Scorpio but not due to any biological squeamishness – just for the sake of feeling norti. Personally I find the whole hairless genitalia trend utterly revolting. Not only is it aesthetically ugly, it’s uncomfortable and contrary to popular belief, not hygienic. I went out with a guy once who was into the “crack and sack” wax – god it looked stupid … like some strange beached hairless amphibian creature … ewwwww what a turn off!

    • I agree Prowlncat, I slept with a guy once who was TOTALLY devoid of hair on all parts of his body, it was weird & creepy! Though…we made out to Red Dragon so perhaps that is weirder …

      I’m all for total deforestation, I like the smoothness but sometimes I cannae be bothered so trim it is. Me no likey bushiness – the word alone makes me shudder!

      Taurean btw

      • Oh I am all for mowing the lawn … it’s the ripping out of the entire lawn that disturbs me! lol

        • i have such a laugh with my beauty therapist. we sing a duet to Islands in the Stream & I hit high notes at crucial times 😉

        • ~agree! And wouldn’t it be nice if the fella showed you the same consideration with regular mowin’? lol

  4. is the Pluto in Libra of the 80’s the Librian balance / indecision/ in-the-middle / best of both worlds? Neither bare nor full hair…”hedging bets”

    I’d be putting Earth signs as most waxed, Taurean sensuality of the smooth skin, Virgo tidiness

    I’d put Aquarius as least waxed, speaking from my own experience…my head really isn’t in that grooming head space and I don’t correlate muff fluff with sexiness cos sexiness is in the mind, baby. It’s not what you wear, it’s the way that you wear it.

    Legs are a different matter. Leg waxing means not shaving every day = liberation.

  5. i am all for maintenance but for one’s own pleasure only.

    i love it when guys tend to their nether regions. not necessarily waxing but definitely extensive, er, trimming. this would be for the same reason some men prefer the same on women. shall i go into more detail? yes : i like it because if i wanted to eat hair, i would go chew on my own hairbrush. there i said it.

    having said that, I *think* that Aquas might be least inclined to wax or be high maintenance.

    • I agree UP, as oral sex became more, ummm, popular, the bush had to go.

      Im a trimmer, though when I had my vasectomy ‘it’ had to be totally shaved smooth, it was fun for about 12 hours, then itchy and scratchy for weeks.

  6. The two most prolific waxers (everything, including arm hair!) are both Aquarius ladies… Clearly of the high maintenance variety.
    Me personally, I can’t stand bare nether regions, yet trimming definitely does one well. Bring back the muff I say.

    Last year for my birthday one of my (most prudish, funnily enough) libran friends gave me the Sept 1983 edition of playboy (my birth month and year) and I was delighted to see everything was au naturale. When one is accustomed to seeing so much bare skin in todays erotica, it was like a breath of fresh air

  7. Sagg Sun/Pisces Rising. I am verrry slack on the hair maintenance but it’s much less to do with any philosphy – I mean, do what you wanna do, but who wants to look like a pre-pubescent child, or sleep with someone who looks like one??? – and much more to do with the fact that, as with all other body pampering issues, I never get round to it. And I don’t have an issue with hair on others. Except maybe hairy shoulders. Maybe. I’ve never been tested.

    What amazes me is that most people I know with whom this has been discussed (because clearly I won’t be wandering into my boss’s office on Monday and asking him his thoughts on hair) don’t talk about it from a personal preference perspective but from what they anticipate will be expected from prospective shags. I mean, there are standards of hygiene we should conform to as a sign of basic good manners and consideration of others but isn’t the rest down to OUR preferences?

    Maybe this is why I’m still single. Keep away from Cavewoman.

    Have one friend who insists that ALL – yes, ALL!!! – men expect – yes, EXPECT!!! – us all to be hairless. She is bald as a badger (she tells me, I haven’t checked), and it requires daily attention which already sounds like too much hard work. Mind you, this friend also INSISTS!!! that I must grow my hair long in order to Get a Man. However, other friends report that, as you would think, it differs from man to man, with one mate who keeps everything fairly trimmed and in order telling me that her boyfriend has asked her to let it get a bit more ‘bushy’.

    • i have definitely heard from men who also prefer au naturale so..i guess you could say that there are as many opinions as there are..hairs on one’s head..?! 🙂

      • I’m with you HBB, hair maintenance is a lot of work. I can think of other things to spend my time on.

  8. Nup get rid of the lot….
    I can’t stand hair, I don’t want it in my soup or my bed….icky!!

    Gem/pisces rising

  9. come on mystic, surely you’re not forgetting that libras are intellectually driven enough to see the social issue of unfairness to female baldness.

    On a different topic, myself and another libra friend have both noticed your lack of libra rants, one can assume you’re not a huge fan of the scales?

    • libra86 – Mystic has a Libra Moon!!! Have you not been here long perhaps? Just search “Libra” on her site – plenty of Libra stuff. As a Libra yourself, thought you’d notice her Libran (Venusian) touch – gorgeous website, sensational art and astro. And of course she is tres brilliant.

  10. My grandmother and mother have no body hair, only head hair. I once was noting this fact to a group of friends who thought the idea of discussing my grannies hairless muff was far too much information for their liking.

  11. I’m aquarius and I am completely indifferent. Had a pisces bf who had a strong preference for bare so i did it for him but after a few years he was like “i don’t mind if you let it grow” – which is why i’d never get it perm removed – there are a lot of ladies stuck with thin eyebrows and it looks hideous – hair is a fashion, it changes. My default seems to be trimmed for convenience but I’m really not compelled for hair or bare. Of all the things in the world to feel strongly about it it just doesn’t register.

    • NNNNNNNNNNNNNNOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO matt no!!!!!! Disturbing!!!!!!!!! Let me buy you a merkin for yr bday

  12. Merkin for your Gherkin?? Sorry i had to… hears LL going “eewwww!!” in the distance.

    I had a bit of a hang up early on, the whole ‘pre-pubescent’, taking a stand feminism thing. But once i went there i’ve never looked back.

    • Eeewwwww just for good measure! lol

      I think it’s a bit prepubescent if you have that type of body but if you’re a buxom beauty the P word hardly applies

      ok that’s my story & i’m stiking to it

    • too true AA, once you start it’s hard to go back. I prefer the landing strip… runway?. The very first time i ever had it done i had it ALL removed but i hated it. Looked too weird and i don’t want to look a pre-pubescent child! Might try a triangle next. Quite like the map of tassie look above but below must be bare.
      A Gem boyfriend begged me not to do it years ago. He quite liked a trimmed bush. I think it definitely looks better in photos and paintings… very feminine.

      • Oh we are so on the same page about so many things scorpalish! xox

        I’m so so tired. Must be all this Plutonian stuff and the fact I was up before the sun this morning. Good night.

  13. Loved the brazilian for about 3 days but the regrowth was too much to go through. And is it a bit of a mass subconscious male prepubescent fetish/creepy thing going on. G-wax/trim is the go – still adult sexual beings without the hairy toothbrush.

  14. i read somewhere that the japanese love the whole bushy look…in fact the bushier the more “fertile” a female is presumed to be…which completely contradicts all the fascination with pre-pubescent girls that they have over there…which sign is Japan ruled by????
    there was also a section about porn/boundaries/revisiting childhood and shock value but i fell asleep half way through….
    of the females i know the gems are very fastidious with hair removal down there…
    as an aqua…i’m either slothing around and not caring or going throu volumes of wax.

    • I seem to the be the odd Gemini out. Have tried it all off and landing strip but as i’m related to some really hairy vikings, regrowth starts on day 3… the pain is not worth if for that amount of time. Plus its kinda creepy being bald, plays into the whole p0rn look (it worries me that so many men find a childlike chacha so attractive). I like to let it grow out, then trim.
      For a long time I always thought it was only a small minority of women who got it all taken off – I didnt realise until quite recently that I must be a throwback to the 70s, haha.

  15. I think: pisces would prefer bushs, aquas couldn’t bother, virgos and librans like it clean, scorps like a trim (or, on a whim, bushy, bare, whatever the occasion)…

  16. I’ve heard that shaving is a Sagg fetish even if they don’t actually shave themselves..shaving others. Judging by the 2 Saggs I’ve known closely, this fits with them. You are spot on as usual Mystic!

  17. Sagg rising, taurus moon – Have only ever slightly trimmed the sides of my bush. Love the natural look on a woman. How does one explore the mysteries of woman if there is no hidden treasure to look for?

  18. Libran Sun, Cancer Rising, Sagg Moon – prefer bush. Feel hairless is cheap and tacky and completely about the commodification of everything sexual. Boob jobs, fake tans, no bush, and being prepared to perform all the sexual acts of the porn queen – aren’t about a woman enjoying herself more during those acts – it’s all about being panicked and doing everything to compete and desperately hold on to a man. SO not feminist. SO not self determining. So NOT sexy.

    Suzanne Vega has a great song about the role of mystery in truly being sexy…”Pornographer’s Dream”

    she’s a pornographer’s dream, he said.
    I knew what he meant.
    but it made me imagine: what kind of a dream
    he would have, that hadn’t been spent?

    would he still dream of the thigh? of the flesh upon high?
    what he saw so much of?
    wouldn’t he dream of the thing that he never
    could quite get the touch of?

    it’s out of his hands, over his head
    out of his reach, under this real life
    hidden in veils, covered in silk
    he’s dreaming of what might be

    out of his hands, over his head
    out of his reach, under this real life
    hidden in veils,
    he’s dreaming of mystery.

    Bettie Page is still the rage
    with her legs and leather;
    she turns to tease the camera, and please us at home,
    and we let her.

    who’s to know what she’ll show of herself,
    in what measure?
    if what she reveals, or what she conceals,
    is the key to our pleasure?

    it’s out of our hands, over our heads
    out of our reach, under this real life
    hidden in veils, covered in silk
    we’re dreaming of what might be

    it’s out of our hands, over our heads
    out of our reach, under this real life
    hidden in veils
    we’re dreaming of mystery.

    she’s a pornographer’s dream, he said.
    I knew what he meant.
    but it made me imagine: what kind of a dream
    he would have?

  19. Ahhhhhhh! I think the idea of any woman removing hair is WEIRD!!!! Seriously, I only just shaved my legs again last night after 6 months of non, and I really had to ask myself “why?” Did any asteroids collide with earth because my legs were hairy? Did men run screaming in the opp direction from me? NO! (well, one man did but hey, that’s a whole ‘nother story…)

    6 months ago, I just had that moment of pure logic. Why the fuq to women cave in to “hairless” fantasies? I don’t believe it’s all man-originated. I know most wimmen get weirded out if you don’t shave/wax/ pluck/ electrocute one bit or another – esp true considering my own experiences at an all-girls high school (St Bitch College) – but it really doesn’t make any sense.

    That said, I’m not a raving “hippy” or any other kind of Femmi-radical-etc cliche, I just don’t get it and NO ONE has been able to offer me an explanation. Isn’t is all a tad sexist? I’m asking that in pure innocence. Why the hairless legs/ loins/ underarms? I might trim the loins to “maintain” it (if I remember) but I don’t run around in bikini bottoms anyhoo so I don’t really feel the “need” to have smooth, unnatural inner thighs and bkini lines in Summer.

    I find it all terribly confusing… And i think it’s wrong that women just keep perpetuating it (mother to daughter, friend to friend, etc.) Bush/leg/underarm deforestation is SUCH a waste of time, considering what else you could be doing with your sexy bits… Sigh. Methinks there’s a lot of sheep mentality when it comes to “acceptable” levels of womanly hair.

    Cap sun, Cap venus, Libra rising…

    • I love waxing as it makes me feel more feminine. I have black hair, so when unwaxed I look like a chimpanzee. If I didn’t wax my face I’d look like a cross between Frida Kahlo and Burt Reynolds.

      • OMG, now when Im fantasising about you disciplining me with the brush, I’ll have to get passed the Burt flashes…please UV you must give me another image to work with here..

        • Put it this way, if I quit waxing and put on a kaftan, I’d look like Demis Roussos, except skinny, with tits.

          • now Im crushed..between Frieda, Demis and Burt, my imaginitive gem asc is totally spun out. Maybe tell me about your beautiful venusian hands ? hmmm

    • Virgo sun, virgo venus, virgo rising and I completely agree with this! I don’t shave anything, but do trim down there and under my arms every so often. I love my body hair, but I don’t like when it crawls out from my t-shirt sleeves or underwear. I rarely get rude comments from men (they mostly just want to know why) but I get some vicious words from women for it! What has your experience with that been?

    • I wax, I like knowing I’ve got 3 weeks before I HAVE to wear pants – but its all very minimal – just a basic leg, bikini, underarm….. I am a bit frustrated at the mo tho as I had to throw out my body brush for hygeine reasons, and my ingrowns are a bit much! Its unattractive! But from my experience – Aquas are a if I feel like it I’ll wax – but usually can’t be arsed, libras are just tidy, no real leaning in any specific directions, Leo’s groom according to the current ‘ideal’ (which may not correspond with the Vogue ideal to my amusement), Sagg’s are totally au natural, unless super hairy (fems), then quite strict so they have more freedom, Aries – I’ve got one who is totally groomed, and one who is totally organic, natural and haired…. As ScorpyGal said – Scorps, what ever suits the mood for us! But my Sag loves the freedom….

  20. I kind of hope the full and glorious bush makes a comeback, but it’s a little hard to do with most swimwear.

    I tread the middle ground and love waxing, but hate brazilians. They are also a health hazard — infection risk due to ingrown hairs close to the reproductive organs.

    Anyway I adore this painting by Courbet and its wonderful title.

    • As another Virgo, I agree. A little wax is motivated mainly by swimsuit issues. Also, somewhere in the middle is good from time to time when I remember.

    • I love L’Origine too UV! Totally the best thing about the boring Musee D’Orsay I reckon. I used to have a postcard of it on my wall. It made everyone think I was a lesbian.

  21. This is all so funny, lol, funny. That bag really says it all!
    I blonde my muff so it’s matching collar & cuffs with severe trim
    & tweezing. The tweezing is pure meditation of the state of the world
    for me. It’s high maintenance with me admiring myself in the mirror
    looking androgynous like Metatron in ‘Dogma’.
    It’s just a fashion, a choice and whatever suits you or turns YOU on.
    There is a style called ‘the landing strip’, like for if you get lost?
    As many styles as there are names for our muff’s & i luv that word.
    I learnt everything i know about them from Playboy & Penthouse, meaning ‘male defined’ in femspeak. Lavender not Purple according to Alice Walker.
    Sagg and love smooth shaven/waxed/#1 & #2’s:)

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  24. This triple sag says no way in hell I’d ever shave my pubes! Or my arm pits. It’s true it can look odd with a swimsuit – I never wear one 😀