Are You A Spider?

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Woman with long pink hair and spider tattooSylvia Ji

Okay, so I don’t back the Spider theories & there are many different versions. This is just F.Y.I.  I think it has to do with how people love the recovery of ‘lost’ information. Some say that there are 13 signs of the Zodiac, not 12. That the 13th sign was dropped to make the whole system more patriarchal or because the 13th Sign is just so scary/threatening.

It’s the Spider, The Weaver, The Cosmic Spider, Arachne, the Serpent Bearer or Ophiuchus- you can google this stuff and find endless esoterica related to it. It’s either from May 16 to June 13 or 30 Nov to 17 Dec.

Depending which site you believe, the “actual true zodiac” means the sign of Scorpio gets to be only seven days long. Fancy thinking you’re a Scorpio your whole life long and yet really you’re a breezy Libran. Or thinking you’re a Saggo but you are this cosmic Spidery thing…

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40 thoughts on “Are You A Spider?

  1. I am a Scorp but have been told often that I look more like a Libra. I am on the cusp so only a few days into scorp… but then I do feel very scorpionic… always

  2. Betty Rhodes – bats 😛

    Note there were no negative traits attributed to her 13th “sign” Ophiunchus.

  3. My Dec 12 Sagg daughter vibes Scorpio sometimes…maybe having Venus in Scorpio explains some of her intensity. When I say intensity, I mean she can out intense my Scorp moon sometimes. She also has this allure, having a sharply sunny nature, with this sensed depth just lurking. Oh and her focus is awesome.

  4. Well, i love spiders, have utmost respect for them. Dec 8 would put me in that constellation
    with the Chiron aspect resonating with me as well.
    My love of snakes & spiders unsettles some of my friends:)
    Although no Scorpio in my chart apart from a node, my fascination with sex & death is strong.
    Wasn’t there a 13th Moon as well?
    New Mayan Calendar starts 09/09/09 this Wednesday just as i start new
    Yoga classes! Good omen.

  5. That was so interesting about the symbol of staff & snake (worm?) being because
    under skin worms were ubiquitous & were wound around a stick as they were removed
    from the skin.
    The staff where the double snakes entwine, each crossing point was said to symbolise
    the chakras.

    The truth is out there……………………………………………………………….somewhere.
    Has anyone seen it, I’ve lost it:)

  6. eek am a little afraid of spiders, respectful & afraid, maybe it’s from having a giant one crawl onto my knee as a 7yr old while sitting at the table… shudder. Anyway I am often intrigued by the 13th sign & born on 13 june people I am often inform it is bad luck etc… As an advocate for 13th anything I think 13 signs is cool!

  7. I think there is a basic misunderstanding here of the idea of the 13th sign. In the hebrew calendar which was based on lunar cycles, it needed a 13th month every few years to align it with the solar cycle. So there was only a 13th sign each 3 years, not for a particular date range each year. Those born during this 13th month were possibly given their own sign.

    In order to bring the calendar in line with the annual solar cycle, a 13th month of 30 days is added in the 3rd, 6th, 8th, 11th, 14th, 17th, and 19th years of a 19-year cycle.

    • Again my sagg daughter has an extreme adversion to spiders. She is also not all that keen on clowns either, but spiders send her into a little bit of a tizzy.

      • I’m with your daughter LL. Clowns freak me RIGHT OUT! As do balloons – espec in the hands of small children lurching toward me.

        • Nat you should of seen her face when Spazzy Aqua and I gave her a brief description of ‘It’ by Stephen King. It was in a discussion of shared fears and myth building…but still.

          • You 2 are CRUEL! I can’t even look at the cover of a Stephen King book, let alone see or hear about one of his movies 😯

          • Nat I’m with you on the horror stuff – too distressing and haunts for ages. Is that a Kataka thing i wonder?

          • We kept it bland, I mean porridge bland (no almonds, no honey just gruel bland) and it was just the concept…the idea of a clown um doing the things that this character did(which we did not expand upon)…um we did mention the storm water drain…but other than that blaaaanddddd.

    • Spiders and me are like Ice in Fire!
      hell no!
      i saw like a massive huntsman and i swear it was liek as big as my face – NO JOKE LIKE SWEAR!
      ew and cockroaches i hate them!
      i can bere Lizards, snakes, ghosts and all the supernatural stuff but NO COCKROACHES PLEASE!

      • Hey Matt, did you see the pic of Rove in a box covered in cockroaches – i think it was in a Who weekly mag i read at the drs – article about all the crazy stuff Rove has done over the years. There’s Rove in his white underwear in a coffin like box covered in cockroaches – eeeuuuwww!!

        • Oh and i think it was like his worst fear and someone – can’t remember who dared him to do it – might have been Hugh Jackman’s wife, Deborah Furness who came up with that one.


  8. Holy Shit I’m actually a VIRGO!! That doesn’t feel right. Libra maybe but VIRGO?

    Thanks for the info Davidl? At what time of the year was the 13th month added every third year?



      • Thankyou!
        I MEAN – its not really a compliment is it –
        whats your starsign?
        Oh.. im just a spouse eating, manipulative, creative blood sucking spider – care for a web?


  10. nope, i’m nothing like a taurus. I don’t think…

    although I wouldn’t mind a different sign’s forecast at the mo!


    • Yesterday spent 8 hours reading tantra texts translated by a Uni in USA.
      Most disturbing. Now i know why Stuart Wilde says it’s a no-go zone.
      Have to re-evaluate everything iv’e thought over the last 15 years.
      Perhaps a consequence of Pluto into Capricorn…………a get real evaluation.

  11. I consider spiders sacred in the esoteric sense. Many years ago had a dream that a spider was chasing me but turned and caught her in a jar.

    Looking upon her knew I could not kill her because she was my sister. That doesn’t mean I haven’t killed a black widow since. Maybe once in the last twenty years? A neighbor was afraid of the widow hanging in a web in her garage and so she came next door and asked if I’d kill it. I took off my sandals and squashed it between the two. I did tell the widow I was sorry however.

    Ancient lore tells of Priestess’ of Light that were called “Dream Weavers” as they brought certain energies into the world. Think the spider gets a bad rap just like Lilith, Medusa, etc.

    • footnote…

      After all, the spider sits in the center of her own universe and weaves her own creation/reality

      Sure that pisses some off…

  12. Right SweetPea, that’s why i respect spiders so much & regard a huntsman’s visit
    as a lucky omen.
    We have Redback spiders here that can be lethal, iether same or same family of black widows,
    and same, if i MUST send them off as too close to house, it is with regret & apology:)

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  14. I often refer to libra as a spider instead of a scale at times hahaha spiders are elegant balanced creatures and make the most perfect webs and live in the air by their webs like birds lol. They also crawl and are ground loving too which balances the airy webby part lol! Also they like things to come to them and enjoy peaceful surroundings. And they swing back and forth like a scale hahahaha :) Halloween season also starts in Libra and is often portrayed by the spider instead of a scorpion. Christmas is the same way. I think Sagittarian throughout the season instead of Capricorn lol that’s more New Years haha