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Robby Williams in dressing gown with light sabre

Life is way quieter since I stopped seeing my two Aqua Men although the Uranian turned up at my house the other night, to try on a bit of Hunky-Doorstopping. It is a technique that I am convinced he copied totally off an old Paul Newman movie. I will post the exact You Tube clip if enough people want to see a PRIME example of Hunky Doorstopping technique. Or even understand what it is.

Anyway, whenever i see Robbie Williams (above, in dressing gown with light sabre) it makes me miss Aquarius men and all their battiness. Robbie Williams is Sun-Mercury-Jupiter in Aquarius, as personified by this quote: “I didn’t lose my mind, it was mine to give away.”

UPDATE: Hunky Doorstopping is like the Aqua-Man speciality. They hate it when you call them and they’re usually quite freaked by “arranged” dates as they have a spontaneity fetish. So they just turn up, on your doorstep and so they have to be hunky to get away with it.

The Uranian actually studied the movie Harper for some diploma thing  & I had never seen it. When I finally DID, i grokked how he perfected his Hunky Doorstopping technique.  The other Aquarian – ex-league player – has NEVER seen it or any movie as he was “against” culture and was (this is real) concerned about his glutes stagnating if he had to sit still for as long it would take to watch a whole film.  So his Hunky Doorstopping technique not nearly so good.

And yes, Paul Newman an Aquarian. Has anyone else been Hunky Doorstopped by Aqua men? Note also sudden surge of recent nostalgia on the Dark Moon and with Mercury Retrograde. This is another reason why it’s good to diet and stay sober on Dark Moons – so you don’t start calling the fiends. Finally, if you ever Doorstopped an Aquarian (as in turned up sans notice) they would call the Riot Squad.

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70 thoughts on “Aqua-Man & Hunky Doorstopping

  1. yes pls Mystic – post the Hunky-Doorstopping vid !!
    Robbie Wiliams is hot. no fan of his music. just his charisma……

    • Ok, then it’s the spontaneity thing…just in the area, thought i’d drop in?
      Carrier Vulture sounds good to me!

  2. LOL I love the cook me some eggs woman scenario at the end – well I have been hunky doorstopped and it only works when you live alone as housemates tend to intervene and reason with you as you weaken otherwise. In the pre love times I was all for hunky doorstoppers tho – and I had my own thing going on as well but it involved windows not doors. Whats with her hair? is that a “night wig?” Hunky doorstoppers def not for keeps but sometimes that works depending on how busy the rest of your schedule is – I certainly never cooked any eggs… and they never showed up all wounded and melancholic like that vid, more frisky and usually with neptunes bounty in order to enhance the overall ambience. You know, like a kid at the sandpit with a new bucket and spade.

    • Oh mine were mostly scorps tho – but I am libra sun conjunct uranus so maybe my own uranian vibe encouraged them…?

    • oh god, the Toro did doorstopping, but it was more often tapping on the window, drunk and stinking of cigarettes, at 3am when i was fast asleep. after the 3rd or 4th time he wondered why I didn’t want to sleep with him on these occasions. *sigh*

      • well that’s just self indulgent – he’s meant to bring things for you to share not just arrive after he’s imbibed. Ashtray mouth is gag worthy.

  3. Gasps! Oh my god!
    The desperation in his hunky eyes & the fight she puts up only to lose in a very passionate moment!

    Oh wow, go Mystic!!!

    • really? I thought she was a bit of a pushover and did nothing to further the women’s movement and the no means no cause LOL nice grecian nightie i wonder if it was silk or nylon…

      • I KNOW BUT if this had been edited by feminists and she’d said “no fuq off” when he was still outside practicing his goobly eyes we would not have got to SEE him…

    • It could be worse! A Leo would hunky~doorstop with bedhair, a bottle of something expensive to drink, a prez of some description (perhaps their bod) and smelling FABULOUS, ~ daah~ling!! :-))

  4. OMG! I used to get hunky doorstopped by my Aqua boyf when I was 19 and lived with my folks… only one night I awoke to the sound of him throwing bits of sausage roll on my window (luckily he couldn’t find any rocks) to wake me up. I kid you not, I had to clean up the mess the next morning as the sausage roll bits were all over the roof near the window, and soggy after the night air. I didn’t cook eggs afterwards either. Nor was I wearing bedwig hair or a floozy nightgown. However I am sure I did not further the women’s movement by letting him in! And on countless other occasions!

    Latest Aquarian dude would have totally hunky doorstopped me if given half the chance, and this scene and previous Aqua postings explain literally everything about this man!

    Love it Mystic!!!

  5. i’ve done a few doorstops in my youth, to one gemini man in particular, though i usually just wandered in at whatever time through open doors, and once a window, rather than bothering to pose on the doorstep. Needless to say it was a highly flawed fling.
    I’m gem, though do have aqua at 7th.

  6. I’m sorry, did everyone miss this? the league boofhead being “against” culture? Mystic, wtf babe? he had better have been REALLY F@#*!^* HOT for your lovely esoteric mind to put up with that crap. sorry I am sensitised to this, living in a town where locals are proud that they don’t read and to go to university is a big deal, and where the price of maintaining one’s intellect is eternal vigilance. xx

  7. I too was once a doorstopper in my late teens. The sagg man didn’t have a phone so I use to waft in after the pub. Tho I was beaten once by a quicker doorstopper and no room in the bed for me that nite. Left him and he started doorstopping me!
    I now fantasise abt doorstopping the Tortured crab (wth Mooin aqua) who has a queenslander with french doors perfect for waftin in on but have not had the courage yet. No need really he has a phone. ah new technology has taken away all the romance of doorstopping. Must be my aqua rising.
    Janet did give in way too quik but I wuld too. I’m a complete sucker for the tortured type.
    I have door stopped an aqua this year however. he lives on the 9th floor so not easy but the mission was accomplished. he was a bit stunned but abtl of red later and he was putty. Chucked that in as he was extremely illusive and probably loved the door stopping type which deep down in my venus Cancer and Leo sun I am not. i’m far too mature and sensible for that kind of teenage behaviour now anyhow ( yeah right)!

  8. I’ve done it and got a kick out of it every time & I’ve had it done to me & succumbed like Janet. I wouldn’t mind it happening these days actually.

  9. I’s always associated Paul Newman with Caeser Salad and Ranch Dressing bottles…. now i have whole NEW appreciation…




    that has made my day. i LOVE him in Hud and cool hand luke. this should be compulsory in like man school or something. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. no not really but good god, what a heartthrob.

  11. I’ve been Hunky Doorstopped by a Pisces ex quite a few times. Like Janet I put up what I thought was a fight but really was a complete pushover. He had a drinking problem (I know – quel horreur! a Pisces that drank like a fish) and he knew I found him irresistible when he turned up all sober and charming. When I was younger I thought Hunky Doorstopping was sexily cheeky and was flattered by it. Now I think it is a home-invasion and shows a despicable lack of respect for one’s space. Unless it’s Paul Newman …

  12. How is it that Paul Newman, an absolutely gorgeous Aqua man and deft doorstopper, was madly in love with one woman – his wife – throughout his life. What’s her astro I wonder?

    Never been good for random dropping-in, its irritates the shit out of me. If I want to see you, I’ll make a plan to do so. The only times I have been guilty of same are highly questionable, emo-overload scenes… generally break ups where even at the time I am out of my mind. Never ends well, best no doorstopping.

    Favourite part of this clip is her line “I don’t think I even like you”.
    Swooning kiss.

    Ba ha ha ha ha ha ha ha, we’ve all been there!

      • 27th Feb. my daughter’s birthday..just several decades later …many several.
        My daughter is the coolest nicest gal. She has never had a fight or bitchy moment with anyone. She’s like my Dad. Perfect.

  13. Where’s the line between stalking and doorstopping. I had a thing for a guy at uni whom I had been with once, and called by at all odd times of night, knocking continuously calling out his name, but he would tell me to go away. I was hopelessly madly in lust. But then whenever he wanted me, he had me. His red hair drove me insane wth lust.

    I would seriously love to have a hunky guy doorstopping me! Never happened, I have always had to initiate…. do the running after.

    • OK so the way to find a hunky doorstopper is NEVER run and certainly not after them – you have to ignore them and be as aloof as possible. THEN they will be at your door stopping. The other rules are : they have to be seriously flawed or addicted to something – legal or illegal it matters not, tesla coils, mountain biking, drinking, playing their instruments, whatever – you will be able to pick them because they are either entirely socially inept or the other type, 100% seemingly in control god like being but they will have a wounded look in their eyes, some kind of deep unresolved pain. You are not part of their real life, neither are they part of yours – you are both diversions for each other and have no place in the day to day. It’s all part of the package – its’ a fantasy world where you do not go too deep. You can never have them for keeps and they don’t want you for that either. They’ll never be there when you need a shoulder to cry on and they won’t want to meet your parents unless for some perverse reason they want to check your mother out. It’s not about love, it’s about something else which usually depends on what their/your addiction/predeliction/greatest relationship fear is. Don’t ever get too close to whatever it is that pains them and they’ll be door stopping until you tire of it.

      Do you really want one? (if it was paul newman I can understand that) It’s nice if you fear committment and have time consuming hobbies or work a lot but it’s never going to leave you feeling emotionally fulfilled.

      • Almost all my boyfriends from age 13 through to my recent ex husband have been redheads- definitely had a thing for them. Or perhaps they were just available because noone else wanted them!

  14. I was serious tho – is that or is that not roman polanski robbie williams is escorting from the building?

  15. i got thatted by a sagittarian guy. i called them the lost weekends. i kept one text for years, it was the recipe. couldnt do it now but id be like go away man…unless he was there to be useful, to cook the dinner or summat but they are always feckless them lot. heehee.

    • Doorstopping polite?

      Compared to the use of a battering ram, I guess so.

      Can’t tolerate people who just rock up. My father is a serial offender and I suspect he has Aqua rising. He’s been sent packing tout suite. This Virgo is too busy for the ‘saw the light on thought we’d drop in’ types, unless they want to help scrub the bathroom tiles or trim my edges or help me rewrite War & Peace. Although Paul Newman wouldn’t have been a doorstop for long.

  16. I couldn’t figure out what being “door-stopped” meant until I watched the video. I would call that a booty-call. A booty-call by an expert booty-caller.

  17. I was thinking about this post but in a different light.. I have a crazy Aqua mother who has managed to iritate both me and my sisters with her own version of doorstopping.. she tends to show up at inappropriate times (sometimes with stray grandchild or freind in tow) at all times unannounced .. although not yet at 3.00 am.. and no warning. She is quite out there in many ways but the funniest one was when she rang me (we live in a Melbourne beachside suburb) when there was a tsunami warning in New Zealand recently to see if we should go to my sisters on the other side of town. Now that would have been crazy door stopping.. “Hi there.. just running away from the tsunami have you got a cup of tea for us”…

  18. Okay – yes doorstopping is bad. And generally i loathe it. The novelty wore off real fast with my Aquas…But the first few times (and it has to be a Hunky Doorstopper) it’s fantastic. Especially if you’re just wafting around with green tea, wiping out a sink or lying in bed listening to whale music and suddenly it’s ON and there’s wine +outrageous compliments. But yes, once it settles into a “routine” it reeks of contempt and lack of respect etc etc etc.
    And is that Roman Polanski? I think that is how Roman looked several decades ago so it is maybe a relation of his? Or a doppelganger?

    • With you. My longtime Aqua Rising obsession once popped in unannounced with a 6-pack (both on him and in his arms) just as I finished a full-scale psych cleansing session of the whole house. I was in total he-witch mode and he couldn’t be more intrigued, charmed and pleased to pass me a cold one in congrats. That was 8 years ago and very cute.
      We now live in different cities and the last few times I’ve seen him he’s called out-of-the-blue from the pub around the corner saying – “so do you feel like a drink? I happen to be sitting in your local and I’ve already ordered for you…”
      Easily mistaken for Romance when really its just keeping the options open til the final hour. AND doesn’t give you an opportunity to be looking your best, when they’ve had the luxury to plan what they’re wearing for the surprise stop-in.

    • Yes, it’s only to be done or have done to you once or maybe twice after that it’s disrespectful. I think when you do do it it’s got to have some humour & cheekiness about it.

  19. IMHO, it is not Roman Polanski. He’d have to be well over 70 now, surely? Sharon Tate was murdered around 1969. Here we are in 2009. You do the math…..

    Don’t like the man, but lurve some of his movies. The man has a SERIOUS Lolita complex. “O, Lolita light of my loins~!”

    I have an autobiography of him at home in a box somewhere. Or did I lend it to my sister??? Fascinating story… Did you know that he was behind barbed wire in Warsaw as a child? (WW II) He used to sneak out to try and pinch food. Then he got billeted out in the Polish countryside and had to masquerade as a “proper” German~type

  20. OK thanks doppelganger when middle distance staring it is then. He has lilith conjunct gemini I suspect that has something to do with his thing for pubescent girls.

  21. The Pisces never “doorstopped” per say, but would call from around the corner after driving an hour….Sure of himself, yah?

    Yes, I was perterbed and probably shouldn’t have answered the phone to begin with. Then, if I did not “give in” right away, he would follow me around like a puppy.

  22. Hi all , couldnt resist commenting on this post being aqua and all… as much as i dont want to admit it im guilty of these “doorstopping ” traits. Either you look at it i think my doorstopping days are over as my relationship with a gorgeous intelligegnt somewhat manipulative libra deepens day by day and she wont let me get away with anything!!! and yes she scolds me like a child at times saying i remind her of a lost puppy at times….

    • Damons,

      Were you the bloke from threads and threads back that was going on a trip to the Never Never/Outback or something like that?

    • Damons has got a ~girlfriend!!~ (I chime in sing song voice).

      You go guy and good to know your not doorstoppin anymore… 😉

      It’s Dawg eat Dawg out there Darlin’

  23. Thanks heaps and yeah the gf lets me know if im acting up , has this amazing way of showing me to myself if that makes sense? i shudder and cringe at times when im enlightend to the fact that i act a bit precious and spoilt . When im in wizard mode . Jesus mode. Confuscious mode . Sloth mode king of the freakin universe etc. I tried to present her with a small statue representing my ego but after a few weeks she was taken aback by the giant marble sculpture of Zeus. It was a bit heavy to lug around … now im just being myself . nice guy there for her when she needs me or feels like my company ( or a foot massage) . Im in love.

    • nice damons – doorstoppers and window shimmyers fall hard and fast when they eventually find true love – If the other libran and 22 jan guy I know are anything to go by yours is a match made in heaven – love to hear peeps have found love thanks for sharing the news.

      • shes gone ….. back to her ex , a girl btw. said she never had never will have any feelings for me . im gutted. she had a hystorectomy 12months ago and suffers severe depression and mood swings but i cant deal … i cant make her love me or feel well . i dont know what to do except leave her be..

        • that’s a sad thing Damon.
          bloody hard work to leave people be, I’m crap at it, but sounds like at least a little of that is needed.
          I hope it goes okay.

  24. Jim Mc Nulty, of The Wire, hunky-doorstops Rhonda. And yes, following the rule as noted by whatever, he is always inebriated.

  25. oh wow. I just had a full body flashback to the swoon engendered by an Aqua Hunky Doorstop. The eyes, the physical presence, the puppy dog attitude – it all scans.

    And the Aqua Authority accompanying the most outrageous statement (usually designed to motivated one towards the boudoir) is always laughable, so why does it WORK?! In the end I decided all this ‘charismatic persuasion’ was actually bullying and called the Aqua on it. I haven’t heard a peep since.

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  28. Omg this is laughable and makes me joyful at the same time. Totally been slam dunked hunky doorstopped by super aqua a la rising+sun who did this often