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Metal Ankh Amulet

The Ankh, Ancient Egyptian symbol of eternal life, deathless love, enduring beauty and talisman of Isis…I found this amazing magical talisman shop whilst looking for information about something totally un-linked, as you do. But i adore ankhs. They are said to be enormously luck-bringing and beautiful symbolism of course.

Occult Designer Fashion Jeans

And how awesome are these Ankh embroidered black jeans from the House of Balmain?  Not much over $10,0oo I gather. Annoyingly pricie – i think EVERYONE should have an Ankh embroidered item of clothing.

Gemstone Ankh AmuletI so want this thing too – a Hemetite Ankh pendant…it apparently zaps up your Qi, is grounding and even helps one’s martial arts! Perfect for powering on with Pluto Direct and post that dratted Saturn-Uranus Opposition situation.

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11 thoughts on “Adorable Ankhs…

  1. My mum runs a childrens clothing business all home made crafted products – some of her products such as her jeans, hats and kaftans are like covered in anhk symbols and pace signs! LOL its all Hippy style laid back – Unique denim range lol!
    she should pay me for the advertisement! LOL

  2. I find it really powerful as well as beautiful. Mystic you should buy the haemetite one. It’s such a beautiful stone, I have 2 haemetite balls which help me stay grounded 🙂

  3. God knows i love the idea of embroidered and stylish spiritual anything but w.t.f is wrong with the waistband on those Balmain jeans? They make her look like she has an ill defined waist and presumably she is a model?
    Is hametite the stone that is said to come from outer space.
    if i still had my pre Pluto in Capricorn budget going on i would have been at lunch right now, on my 2nd bottle of wine and ringing around to try and find an interior stylist who understood what i meant about redoing the living room to incorporate haemetite and ankhs..

    • moldavite is from outer space, it is a kind of tektite, a lovely translucent green colour vaguely similar to uranium glass which makes sense because it is formed in meteorites, outrageously pricey and weird things/people will happen or be drawn to you when you have it around/on your person.

  4. Hematite is silvery red & comes from Britian Italy Brazil Canada but not from Mars.
    Because of colour is regarded as healing for circulation & blood cleansing. Assists legal situations, boosts self esteem……from ‘The Crystal Bible’ book.

    Well back in the 70’s (when young beautiful & talented:), used to embroider jeans for friends with Horus
    & Scarabs but no Ankhs.
    This has reminded me resurrect mine from the bijoux box & WEAR it as it’s like being part of a ‘club’,
    like you kinda nod when you see one on someone else….’you too, huh?’ It might facilitate renewing my usual that’s gone a bit awol.

    The wearable position is close to Thymus (said to be where spiritual heart resides) so i’d be more inclined
    for a rose or clear quartz, even fluorite with it’s blues violets & greens.

  5. I had an ankh , wore it for years till one day it fell off me and literally split in 2. Some one told me at the time , if something falls off, keep it off. Might get one again..

  6. I love the Ankh… it is a meaningful symbol that I agree with totally…
    it is part of my Business name and has been for a few years now…

    I also have one tattooed on my lower back… it needs a big touchup though, as was done by someone who I think maybe needs to retire
    from using the ink needle… or maybe he just felt rushed… giving him the benefit of the doubt here.

    It is going to be refilled and outlined more appropriately… more golden inside and outlined in deep royal blue.
    Can’t wait!

    And then I might get me some snake tattoos… a la Kim Falconer… hehe

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