Your Mercury Sign & Swearing…

Donald Duck cussing

Your Mercury sign = how you talk & communicate.

I’m really interested in which Mercury signs cuss the most.

I try not to do it so often – lazy vocab isย  not so good – but my Mercury in Aries means when i DO – peeps are shocked. I still think it’s the sudden pre-menstrual stubbing of the toe situation that evokes the fruitiest language, followed by some ludicrous statement from a bonkers lover that requires a hitting of the ‘end’ button – on the phone and the relationship, no doubt. But the toe is worst. Nerve endings on the big toe presumably go straight to the part of the brain that regulates revolting language.

I think that the Mercury signs least likely to swear EVER would be Cancerian & Libran.

They wouldn’t bear it. Mercury in Taurus would make a ‘class’ deal out of it. Of course there is a difference between cussing when annoyed and casual tackiness when relaxed & enthusing as in ‘oh my god, fuq,ย  how hilarious.’

I think swearing became more acceptable and commonplace during Pluto in Sagittarius (Sagittarians are happy to swear loudly and tell luridly lewd tales at 1000 decibels in public places) but ever since Pluto went into Capricorn, peeps are becoming a bit more anti-cussing & swearing.

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100 thoughts on “Your Mercury Sign & Swearing…

  1. My dad is Cancer and my Mum is Libra – they blame me and my siblings for introducing them to cuss words when we reached upper years of primary school : )

    Donald Duck is the quintessential pop-a-vein-in-the-temple swearer! Good choice of pic MM. Also I remember fondly the G-rated cuss words Robin Williams created for sitcom ‘Mork & Mindy’ – “shuzzbuck” is a particular favourite.

    Kiwi-Aussie comedian John Clarke also made up a great one sanitised for broadcasting: “farnarkle”

    Guessing that neither of those three were under Cancer or Libra when born / first drawn.

  2. I used to say “fuq OFF”a lot as a Leo tween, usually to tween boys. When my brother dobbed on me to our Sag mum, she thought it was hilarious. Ditto the time years later, when I described myself as “completely fuqing mad” when asked what I was at a coma-inducing gathering of the extended family. Any other swearing doesn’t seem to suit me & yes Mystic, I have culled the fuq-saying as Pluto conjuncts my Cappy ascendant. I’m learning to be ruthless…

  3. I’m Mercury in virgo and I have a potty mouth…… especially behind the wheel. My kids hate it and I am not proud of it. As a result, they are unlikely to ever swear. Leo sun sign (hot-blooded combined with Pisces Moon and Mercury in Virgo. Go figure…

    • shnap Ms Motown – was writing my comment and did not see yours til after i posted!

    • YEP ms m – also MERC in VIRGO & swear like a friging fish mongers wife. so does Taura sis. Mother’s response is “how many dollars a term did I pay for that?”!!

      even in public speaking – if one slips out (even ‘crap’) – running joke (excuse) is “it’s a technical term”……..always gets me out of it!!

    • Merc in Virgo also… i find my language (whilst fairly potty at the best of times…. there really is nothing like dropping the F-bomb in particular circumstances) is heavily influenced by those around me – people around me swear heaps? I will too.

  4. I never ever swear when I talk & communicate. It just doesn’t flow from the vocab.

    I have a few friends who do swear during conversation & for whatever reason it does shock me I wonder if they have Merc in Aries too….

    I love it though & it always makes me laugh!

  5. Merc in Virgo conj Uranus and Pluto in 7th house. Guilty of verbal visciousness toward ex, tho not so much swearing – only at super high tension moments when enraged.

    I swear in traffic (not yelling out abuse) – there are so many d*head drivers around. Have to curb it with kids in the car as they hate it when i swear. Have explained to kids that people who swear a lot have low IQ’s and can’t think of an intelligent way to express themselves.

    And yes to kicking toes – instant link to swearing centre ๐Ÿ™‚

  6. mercury in aries…I swear a fair bit, apparently. I don’t notice, to be honset. but I think I picked it up off living with my scorpio ex (mercury in scorp too), he swore as a way of punctuation.

  7. i feel like i cuss like a trucker… and i have mercury in Virgo, which to me doesn’t make sense!!

  8. I have scorp in sun and mercury. In my early 20’s I did a religious thing full time for 18 months. My sanctimonious American roommates at the time asked me what I was going to do about my potty mouth and I said I would simply stop. I then felt challenged and kept a tally. 7 words in 18 months! Not bad eh! Mostly because of that toe-to-brain nerve as well, inadvertant taking of the Lords name in vain. Now I am back to same old lazy (read fun) colourful language.

  9. Love swearing!!! It’s my only ‘vice’ and I won’t give it up (especially not this month… ๐Ÿ˜ ).

    Swearing is so versatile: funny, eloquent, emotional, out-right ยง$%$! Even more fun in different languages – brilliant in Italian.

    Sun in Lib, Moon in Crab, Merc in Scorp.

  10. I swear. not a lot but I do when angry. Versions of fuck and fucking combined with other words… ๐Ÿ™‚ Sometimes bloody. and shit too. I work in IT and things go wrong. It’s a good release. This bloody fucking shit code! FUCK! They fucked it up again etc.

    Sun moon mercury cancer.

  11. Merc in Sagg – casual swearing is the norm, and I have a shocking influence on friends around me, they start doing it as well…. it always sounds odd!! When I lived in South America, my host brother loved listening to me and a kiwi talk, everything was punctuated by fuq, fuqing, or fuqed…. As a scorp, it is punctuation usage mostly, but when totally frustrated it gets utterly vicious and fruity….. sheer rage however brings on the icy calm, and the use of Very Precise Language.

    • Oh yeah, postmodscorp, when I’m enraged I never ever swear. Swearing is handy for physical pain. However, I’ve found if I say something like, “Oh fudge!” instead it kind of lightens the situ for me.

      Sagg sun, Mercury in Capricorn.

      I do swear but I prefer not to because I think it’s really unattractive, and I think it is totally not on at work, in front of kids and in front of the oldies, in-laws, etc. For me you really have to think about and show some consideration for your audience.

      However, words I wouldn’t consider swearing and find completely acceptable: bloody and bugger (though rules about oldies etc apply to these). Oh and c*nt.

      Ha ha. Got you there. Only joking about bloody.

  12. Where are you Scorpalicious – what sign is K Rudd’s Mercury in? He’s notoriously foul-mouthed.

        • But surely, the Virgo bit suggests they might actually enjoy the cleansing sensation of a good soap mouthwash?

        • Yep, Merc in Virgo here too, and I love to let rip! It’s liberating, almost cleansing…

          I did quit for a while, but it wasn’t me. It was while I almost belonged to a yoga cult and the guru was always expressing disgust at the use of ‘foul language’. I took it up again with gusto when I found out the guru was actually a quasi criminal if not actual criminal fraudster. All the purity was just an act.

  13. I have mercury at 2 degrees pisces, I don’t like to swear, but when i’m around other swearing people i accidentally absorb their lingo and start doing it without realising it! Maybe language is also a rising sign thing? I have gem rising and i just absorb / mimic people by accident. I once worked with three english girls and started talking with an english accent within a fortnight, it was really embaressing…

    • Also Mercury in Pisces, something like 15 degrees, and actually I do the mimicry thing too! Virgo rising for me. I agree, I also get embarrassed about picking up others’ accents, it’s completely unintentional.

      • hey mercury in pisces here too. I pick up accents from foreign films – drives me nuts because i end up having those voices going around in my head for ages afterwards (whether swedish, irish, russian – you get the pic).

        and i am a very good mimic of accents and mannerisms

        and i swear like a trouper…

        • When my London based Fishy Aunt came to stay I thought she had invented a whole new range of swear words. Except it was really because it was uttered with the roundest vowels imaginable. So when she would say fuqin Americans…it would be focking Americans. She also worked in IT.

        • I pick up accents all the time, but my Merc is in Virgo (yes, I swear too). I don’t have anything in Pisces, and I have taurus rising, but I was born on the 7th though, and that should make me ruled by Neptune… does that make sense ?

      • swearing? me? never..hahahahahahaha. merc in pisces
        trying to curb the enthusiasm for swearing but i do use some v bad swear words just to stir up my virgo male friend ๐Ÿ™‚

  14. Mercury in Aries. I don’t swear in normal conversation but get me behind the wheel of my car and it’s on! I realised yesterday that I’ve been using the words “f*@&ing moron” way too much of late. And there is nothing so fulfilling as using the c word when I’m REALLY riled ๐Ÿ™

      • I know it’s AWFUL but so viciously pleasing to say in the privacy of one’s car

        oh dear god i’m remembering a ‘cult’ my friends & I started many many years ago called Combined Utilitarian and Nationalist Tyrants. Ah the folly of youth…….

      • We have to reclaim the c-word. I know I’m preaching to the converted here. But it is a beautiful, miraculous part of the female anatomy. see Erica Jong on this. She introduced me to the work “quim”, which I love. But I truly think that c**t should be a beautiful, spell-binding thing rather than a dodgy lying bloke.

        • The sound of the word is disgusting not the anatomy (think grunting neanderthals). It implies complete disrespect to females. Plenty of better words for our anatomy that are so much sexier ๐Ÿ˜‰

        • i have desensitised myself to c**t but still a bit of a shock sometimes when others use it! depends on context and company……… lol had some VERY funny moments using this word..that i could never repeat properly here

    • c**t’s a versatile word.
      it’s meaning changes with context.
      now part of common vernacular – non?

  15. Most foul-mouthed middle class female I knew – frenemy outed long ago. Anyways she has Merc in early Aries conj Saturn/Eris and Lillith. Sun in Aries too but late Aries. Truly charismatic but crude in the extreme and always on about her sex life – way too much information. Her gorgeous hb – also Aries (that she doesn’t deserve) has left many a party embarrassed/humiliated by her crass loudmouth behvr.

      • He’s a whisperer – not that he actually whispers – just has that totally calming vibe (he coaches under 19’s in a state football code in which he played for Aus in the 90’s – fit, sporty yet calm and very sexy thou not essentially good looking). They are few and far btw but my son’s year 4 teacher is one too. I wasn’t in lust with Aries frenemy’s hb way back when just good pals; but talked to him just the other day (voices really do it for me) and yes *sigh* i probably am in lust with him – it’s been a long while TLS! I must look up his Merc. Son’s teacher is a Gem but no idea of b’day etc – not like I could just ask him lol. Also frenemy got way too close to my ex-hb and i’ll never know how far they went but i would never stoop so low.

        Also did what Mystic advised not to do (but ionly read it after i did it) – phoned Gemini love of my life from 20 years ago on sun nite – had the best conversation, catching up on the past 20 yrs – he now living in Melb married with 2 year old son. It hit me again – the voice – another whisperer – his Merc conj Sun in Gem conj my Venus. There was no weirdness – just realisation of how easy our relationship was – didn’t feel like 20 years at all.

        • Astro is so sublime – checked astro of the Aries hb of Aries frenemy – Merc in Pisces conj Pallas Athena in the 1st house. Also he has 2nd house Aries conjunction of Sun and Mars (earning from sport). Venus conj Asc in Pisces – his Venus trine my Moon/Mars in Kataka and his Jupiter in Gemini conj my Venus – hmmm ๐Ÿ˜•

  16. My boss (of 13 years now) uses the most swearing per square sentence I’ve ever heard in my life – he uses all swear words to whomever he is dealing with including the c-word regularly liberally and without any qualms – so much so that the people he’s talking to, however prim or conservative they maybe, just politely show no reaction, like he’s disabled or something. He is a (very successful) Aquarian, but his mercury is in capricorn and he has aries rising…

    • Interesting combination – I am also an Aqua, Aries rising (amongst other things) and Mercury in Capricorn, and I have to confess I can be a complete potty-mouth at times too. That said, I don’t do it all the time, and I can go cold turkey if I want to.

      As an aside, I recall my father once telling me when I was a teenager that swearing was a sign of a limited vocabulary. We were fighting at the time and my response involved a beautifully formed sentence containing lots of esoteric words melded together with expletives (yep, I was pretty obnoxious, but he never complained about it again…).

  17. I swear like a sailor and am unapologetic for it. I have a great love and appreciation of language and there are certain situations, instances or descriptions that to me absolutely require expletives.
    That said, I am capable of reeling it in now in circumstances that require a tad more decorum (round kids, at work, when pretending to be a delicate flower….)

    Aqua with Leo moon, Merc in Pisces.

  18. I love swearing… it’s such a great release when i’m frustrated (Virgo mars opposite Saturn) Of course i can control myself at work but occasionally it slips.

    I have a Scorp friend who swears more than i do – every second word is a variation of fuck. It’s how he expresses his passion. My friends think it’s hilarious.

    I’m sure it was Mystic who wrote about Martin Scorsese swearing like a trooper in one of her books. She describes Isabella Rosellini asking him why he swears so much and his response was something like “it’s a mantra, helps me start the day”
    It always makes me laugh when i think of it.

    Sun Scorp, Merc in Scorp.

    • Weird – ex-hb – Scorp Sun and Merc conj – puritanical about swearing – hates it and doesn’t do it. Must be his upbringing. My (builder) father swore like a tradie whenever he had a few beers under his belt – but it was always witty – think that’s why i’ve got the swearing gene tho i’ve repressed it.

      • My dads a builder, and he has the most creative cuss gene there is – but whats better is his mum (quintessential little old white haired lady) also has this gene, as do his immaculately coiffed sisters! It is too much to watch one of them get irate, and then let rip, mum and I have to find towels to mop up our tears of laughter.

    • That’s me too… and I have a Scorp friend who sounds exactly like yours! ๐Ÿ˜‰

      Sun Sagg, Mercury Scorpio, Gemini Rising (which makes me never shut up)

      • hehe… my scorp friend has Gem rising too. So not only does talk a lot but he’s funny as well! We met at work and the first time he called me outside of work was to just have a chat. It was so cute. Very rare for guys to call just for a chat.

  19. merc in aries , if a tongue can be a sword…. not so much swearing just able to come up with the sharpest put downs, they just fall out. Im not a nasty person by any means, just a quicker draw than others, can leave them speechless to say the least.

    • You? Nooo. Haha… I know what you mean davidl. I have Merc in Gemini, so it isn’t so much swearing as an eloquent speech I somehow whip up at the last moment punctuated by penetrating truths (Cancer Sun) fully evidenced with details (Virgo Rising) and we’re talking dates, times, nuances, etc. all balled up and delivered in a coldly, quiet voice for max dramatic effect (Venus in Leo) usually at the least expected moment (Mars in cancer).

      I do have the awful tendency of making rapid fire sarcastic quips bordering on the humorous essentially confusing the object of my derision. Usually it helps because the inadvertent levity lightens the situation.

  20. Have never cussed on a site like I do here at Mystic’s because, well, it’s fun! Mercury Aries.

    In day to day life most likely to use “crap, idiot, damn or ass”. Never the real deal “f” word though other than “freaking”. And never bitch either or the “c” word. The “c” word is deplorable…

    Like you ff, my Kataka Sun, Leo Mercury ex did not care for any cussing at all in the home so we didn’t do it. Never called each other any curse words and even at my most upset with the Pisces didn’t call him anything as well. I think when you you start calling your partner names things really begin spiraling in a negative, disrespectful way but then again, I grew up with an Aries Dad and Leo Mom and heard a lot of yelling and foul language when they were mad. Terrible on a kid.

  21. merc on taurus/gem cusp, gem sun.
    i swear more than i would like to.
    i don’t mind it when expressing frustration, or as the kind of opps thing. but get a bit annoyed/embarrassed when i start using it as punctuation, particularly given its usually only fuq that i’m throwing about.
    i love bollocks, what a great word. and often intend to start using words like numpty and muppet rather than more boring versions of insults to others.
    there is some research apparently about how the hard sounds in swearing work to dispell the negative energy/hormone thing that has led to the swearing in the first place – so like swearing is healthy!

  22. Mercury in Libra.
    Rarely swear when I stub my toe. Usually just yell.
    I do throw around the occasional explitive, but then feel TERRIBLE afterwards.

  23. Mercury in Scorpio.
    Libra Sun: Scorp Moon

    I swear so often, so vividly, and so loudly when things go awry that parents cover their kids ears when they walk by.

  24. mercury in pisces,
    I never swore at home growing up, my cancerian parents would have been so shocked ! especially my dad, the most I’ve ever heard out of him was “bloody pommy shit bastards” coming from under a (British made) land rover. hence the pommy bit!

    Between leaving home and having kids I think I’ve sworn in almost every breath, funnily enough, my cancerian mum doesn’t mind the swearing so much, she actually feels a little repressed at home these days!
    hmm, just checked their mercuries and both parents have merc in leo. go figure. both have cancer suns and moons as well! spooky

    have to agree with fishgirl and squeakmaster about the mimicry. its too easy and as you say, can be a little embarrassing

  25. Worst, most offensive cusser is my miserable Virgo father. He could shock the unshockable, and it’s not the words themselves but the way he strings them together into the most jaw droppingly dreadful combinations–honestly stuff you couldn’t and wouldn’t imagine in your right mind. He has merc in Leo opposite Saturn in Aqua.

    Most elegant cusser is my darling friend the Uber Pisces, who has Merc rising in Pisces with a wide conjunct to Venus. She’s the only person I know who can say ‘fuck a duck’ and sound classy.

    • dad used to say ‘fuck a duck’, haven’t heard that in ages!

  26. merc in cancer and my swearing depends on others as I rarely swear when alone, even if I stub the toe.The times I do swear and then there is barely a lucid word in between the swear words, is because no one listens to you when you have merc in cancer lol, they ‘always’ speak over the top of you until ‘finally’ you burst and they have no choice but to listen! If I could actually complete a sentence without being interrupted or spoken over, I doubt I would ever swear!

    • Interesting crabalicious as just now was recalling how Khole Kardashian (from Keeping up with the Kardashian reality show), has such a foul mouth on the show. She is bleeped out alot and in one particular episode the family was taking her brother’s girlfriend’s parents camping and they were mortified that she would blurt something out that was offensive.

      Sure enough she did. Was surprised to find she’s a Cancer with Cancer Mercury and Venus. Maybe as a kid she wasn’t heard also?

  27. lol everyone…

    I’ve got mercury in gemini… I prefer strategic swearing, not sure how that fits with gemini-ness… also I can’t stand it when people don’t speak to me ‘properly’.

    CUB, on the other hand, has merc in scorp conj his asc ( in the 12th house tho) and has SUCH a way with words… “she’s got a p**sy like a gutted rabbit” (try to get that image out of your head now) and “so and so copped a c**t full-a-cum and now the poor c**t has to pay 20% of his hard earned cash” and the like. Obviously he doesn’t speak like this around my children, but when he’s on a building site he talks like, well, a construction worker. YUCK.

    • TA that is APPALLING!!!!!!!!!! but god i love it! lol

      Has anyone seen an american comedienne called Lisa Lampanelli??? Can’t help but think of her

        • don’t know anything about a monkey.

          I’ve watched a few Roasts she has been a part of – esp William Shatner’s – i had to keep propping my jaw shut! rude, crude & lewd – needless to say i loved it all ๐Ÿ˜‰

    • *shudder* thanks for that image TA – puleease – i know boys will be boys but i so do not want to hear it (or visualise their words). I’ll never look at a rabbit in the same way again ๐Ÿ˜ฎ

    • Lord, TA, I don’t know how you ever put up with that. When I hear language like that my Lilith starts doing chin ups and my Pallas Athene starts sharpening the sword that is my merc in Virgo. That’s viler than vile, total misogyny.

      • I’ve learned not to take it personally Uber…. and also not to spend time around CUB when he’s in the mood to talk like that. He’s actually good at behaving himself around me. He is such a nebulous fellow, really, he seems to reinvent his persona according to the company he keeps. Like I said, when he’s on a building site he talks like a construction worker… when he’s around me he’s learned to keep his mouth clean or go home.

    • Oh honey, that is CRASS but so funny. The Bunny rep will never be the same again

      But C*nt has always confused me, honestly I just find the word erotic so when someone snaps it out I’m like, is that supposed to be bad thing?

  28. sweetpea :O you could be right, try getting any sort of word in with my mother lol another cancer, and it is the day to buy a lottery ticket! Her merc was in leo however and her fave, fave word was the c-bomb! EEK!

  29. Mercury in Libra, conjunct Pluto/Saturn. Exactly opposite Aries Rising.

    I swear a lot. in a funny way. But I hate swearing during arguments/fights.
    It disgusts me. When I am in rage I dont swear. It is then that everything inside me gets very calm and I am talking soft and cool. Besides physical abuse, the thing people can offend me most with is yelling nasty words at me or anyone. Especially when people are close to each other and supposed to behave respectfully. If someone deliberately swears (in order to hurt) I feel insulted and I can just not bother to enter this level of communication. I stop talking at all. Interestingly, this infuriates those people even more.

  30. Interesting topic this. Seems to be a study of how we express our rage. My parents never swore in front of us kids ever. But I let it rip can’t help it. Like davidl I have put downs that would singe your eyebrows but i’m not a nasty person just quicker than most.

    I’m always apologising afterwards (merc in leo) and you have to be able to read body language real fast too just in case you ahve offended someone ( which is most of the time espec sensitive souls)

  31. Hahahahaha this thread made me laugh! I am also a Mercury in Aries. Luckily my Libra moon keeps me peaceful and calm in expressing myself most of the time, but when I get angry I can come out with an impressive amount of cussing!

  32. Interesting to note how few contributions there are from fellow Mercurials in Gemini. I think that’s cus we’re social chameleons with no taboos/ worry about having a dirty mouth. Such feelings are totally alien to me. I can’t imagine while you’d feel bad about saying words which are made up of the same letters as any others. I don’t even notice my swearing to be honest. But i have gone through periods of not swearing at all, and some evenings when socialising I say fucking constantly. Hmm.

    • Has anyone heard the dissertation by Baghwan Rajneesh (osho) on the word fuck. Its really good, basically he explains why fuck is the most flexible and useful word in the english language. its a noun, a verb, an adjective..its incredible.

  33. i absolutely love swearing too. mercury in taurus, what’s a class ‘deal’ swearing BTW??

    on reflection, don’t like swearing so much when it might be meant, just when its funny or emphasis or suchlike though make an exception for bad drivers!

    totally detest the word ‘bitch’, don’t mind anything else, LOL!

  34. agree!!
    I love swearing – but not for name calling or arguments, no no –
    used well, can be f**ckn funny sometimes ๐Ÿ˜‰ !! xox

  35. Mercury in Aries here and the reason I took up swearing was because I was tired of coming off as a goody-two-shoes. Then people were horrified to see swear words coming out of my round innocent wittle face…this still sometimes happens.

    My mom is a Mercury in Taurus and yes, it’s a class issue. So declasse to swear with her.

  36. I’m a cancer and my Mars is in Cancer, I do tend to swear a lot but maybe not as much as others. I presume this is my Sag moon or Leo rising making an appearance.

  37. ogod, please stop slapping me in the face with your cock all covered in shit
    from fuc—ing jesus -(famous arab curse, generally considered the worst
    in the world…)

  38. i have a cancer in mercury and im a leo born on a cancer cusp & i cuss alll the time ๐Ÿ™‚
    my favorite is the f – word haha, i dont know why.
    it just rolls of the tongue haa. & when im mad i just go offf every other word is a cuss word .

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  40. Mercury in Cancer and swear a blue streak… But am loads better now I have a Moon in Cancer man who is deeply offended by my Moon in Sagg that is no doubt responsible for this. Just a rebel without a cause, not even Merc in Cancer can cure that.

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  42. I have Mercury in Cancer and curse quite a bit. Am trying to stop though. Not so successful.

  43. I know this is an old one, but I just LOVE that so many Merc in Pisces peeps are such potty-mouths! I am a Merc in Pisces, and I swear almost every other word. I actually have quite an extensive vocabulary, which I use and don’t dumb down, but I happen to think swearing can be really descriptive. I also like the dichotomy of throwing in a naughty word in a haute conversation. I think some of it is definitely my Leo rising attention-seeking, enjoy being shocking in a charming way sort of thing (big-eyed sensitive Pisces with a gregarious naughty streak.) Also have lots of strong Aries placements (Mars and Lilith) and fire in my chart in general, so when I get mad, I can really let it loose. But I, too, can reign it in when I’m in polite company.