Would You Date An Eccentric Male Billionaire Fashionista?

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James Goldstein yellow jacketThis gentleman is James Goldstein – billionaire, ardent basketball fan & fashion follower. He’s also, if you go by the ‘friends’ section of his website linked to above, a modelizer. Or does that just come via his fashionista status? His Beverly Hills house is famously fantastic & infuriatingly, all i know about his astro is that he is born in 1943.ย  He came by his billions via mysterious means, he gives himselfย  over to passionate crazes & vibes kinda Piscean but his site screams Leo. I dunno if a Pisces would be comfy with that many pictures of themselves around. Unless they were Liz Taylor. So, thoughts re his sign please and whether or not you would date him. As with our Finding-My-Goddess-Guy, i highly recommend you look at Mr Goldstein’s site before commenting. I was thinking it would be amusing to suggested to Find-A-Goddess-Guy (did we finally establish he a Gemini?) that Mr Goldstein back his Global Planetary Brilliant & Visionary Television Vision but I fear Goldstein would incinerate him with one scathing glance in a nano.

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44 thoughts on “Would You Date An Eccentric Male Billionaire Fashionista?

  1. date?? no way i’m not the biggest fan of older (much much older) men.
    plus i am probably too fat for his tastes ๐Ÿ™‚
    although he looks fascinating and i would definitely have a few lunch / dinner get togethers for a hopefully fabulous chat !

  2. I am thinking he is a fishy, fish man…
    … mainly cos he looks like my families fish magician (who has the same bitchy fashionista bent to him). He also has a portrait of himself on the wall of his house, sitting on a throne like chair and holding up a magician tarot card (there is a portrait of his wife next to him. An artist friend painted them as a thank you/love you present.
    So none of Mr Goldstein’s flamboyance seems out of Fish character…

    • Oh… and I would not date him. Not in a month of Sundays… he can be my frock fairy though… if my current fish magician would relinquish his duties.

  3. I admire the fact that his links are Architecture, Fashion, Basketball, Friends and Contact.

    like those five things are all he does. no, like… ‘Day Job’

    I think the ‘Crocodile Dandy’ (French Vogue’s lol, not mine) look could be the key. what sign develops a trademark but weird look that they never let go of?

    Im going Aquarius, or Aquarius Rising.

  4. I don’t think I could ever date a billionaire fashionista such as J-Go. The whole thing about him is just too terrifying, I don’t think it would work.

    I’m guessing a Capricorn….

  5. The eclectic interests tell me Aquarius, or Aquarius Rising and that stare is so Scorp

  6. I wouldn’t date him – nor him me, in all likelihood – but I think he sounds loads of fun and in a completely different personality league to Finding-My-Goddess-Sad-Creepy Guy.

  7. That’s a tricky (and somewhat disturbing) one to pick.
    I’m think he may be following the Scorpio trend to get more eccentric with age, and almost detach one’s self from reality at 60.
    But the architecture and interior designing is screaming Air sign to me… So Aquamaide, I reckon I’m with you. Scorp sun, Aqua rising…??
    But god – that still doesn’t explain the yellow vinyl jacket…

  8. I’m going with Leo sun with Scorp rising. A 1943 Leo has Pluto/Jupiter/NN conj all in Leo. Scorp rising (secretive about his fortune and his closed expression) puts all that Leo conj his MC. Aqua IC/4th house would trine his Uranus in Gemini in the 8th. Uranus in Gem trines his Libra Moon conj Neptune in the 11th house (all those famous stylish model friends). Venus in Virgo also in the 11th – basketball stats/ beautiful people friends. Mars in Taurus (7th) trine Venus in Virgo. Jupiter/Pluto/Sun in Leo trine cusp of 2nd house Sagg – love of the athleticism of basketball = donating $$$ to the sport.

    I like him ๐Ÿ˜‰

  9. Oh the Uranus in Gem trine the Libra Moon/Neptune conj may explain his style. The Virgo Venus has kept it together – eclectic but signature style. I’d love to hang at his house. Wouldn’t want to date him but i think i’d like him.

    • Very impressed with your sleuth work and interp FF! Really very plausible indeed. Would have thought that Virgo Venus would have noticed his photographer’s shadow was in the shot, however, and used Leo ego to crop it out… perhaps?

      • Thanks Lexi. I’m just dying to know for real. That shot with the shadow wasn’t on his website so thinking it’s not under his control?? I think the multiple Leo would explain that yellow jacket no? Or Uranus trine Neptune.

  10. He’s so individuated, his house is fabulous and if i could pull off looking like the that latest big money girl being carefully shielded and yet fought over by rival model agencies as i am so intensely fabulous and fronting the next dior and kate moss wept when she saw my pic and i am not even 20 yet then yes. Actually no. He looks interesting though. Date yes. Sleep with – no.

  11. Eccentric + Male + Billionaire + Fashionista = he gets 4 out of 4 ticks on those boxes, however he loses all four points again due to his appearance.

    Shallow? Moi??? ๐Ÿ˜›

  12. I’m feeling Peter Pan syndrome; the child that never grows up and demands infinite amounts of attention. “Look at me, look at me”…. I’d say Leo moon, loving the spotlight, and late pisces rising with first house aries sun. Also looks as if he has had major addiction; haggard…which would go along with pisces rising. He lives in his own dream world. Wouldn’t touch him with a ten foot pole. Creepy. Money makes him no more attractive.

  13. Looks to me like he’s just a naughty jewish boy who is trying to cover his sheltered upbringing and fathers wealth with a new wild and weird exterior, being of the faith Ive seen it a hundred times. Possibly pisces…

    • He does look fishy….. and not in a good way. Pass on that. And what’s with the outfit? A bit try-hard, methinks

    • David have you actually read all on Mr Goldstein. And i suspect he’s got an Arian ancestry with those blue eyes and complexion – born before WWII ended. I too got a Pisces vibe initially but Mystic’s right, no Piscean would do such a Leonine website. His look is very consistent and it looks like everyone he’s photographed with genuinely loves the guy, like you know, everyone loves a Leo (ha ha). He’s not pawing or fawning over them; and he can keep secrets (Scorp rising, possibly Virgo Merc??).

      Don’t know why i feel strongly about this, i just do.

      • I have Dutch maternal ancestry and he looks just like a Leo version of my Mother’s youngest bro – a Virgo of the same vintage. Mother’s family emigrated to Australia at end of WWII.

    • There is some drugged out eyes in his folio of photos.
      Smashed to the eyeballs. One model has huge speed-coke pupils.
      The best pix is with George Clooney, he looks ok in that.
      Needs a good hair designer, hair too wispy & fine to have long.
      Does have fish eyes.
      Date him?
      Not looking like he does at mo…..if he put on an Armani suit & tied his hair
      or plaited it or put it under a slick fedora maybe.

    • I agree with your assessment Davidl.

      Would i consider dating someone like him? Too much ego for my taste, so no.

  14. If he was some vacuum cleaner salesman this would be a no brainer. i.e. remove the money and none of us would touch him.

    I like his pad, but he himself looks like he’s been dragged from some sarcophagus and reanimated, or maybe he’s been cryogenically frozen, then thawed out and left in the sun for too long. But hell, you’ve got to admire his chutzpah.

    Feline has done too much research to argue about his sign, so whatever she said.

    Would I date him? No, but he’d make an interesting specimen for a social experiment or a ‘reality’ show, whatevertf that means. And I’m over 18, so I doubt I’m his type.

    • You know Ubes, that sundried LA look, drug fried at some stage but think he got it together or never totally lost it drug wise, just sun worshipper Leo but with Scorp style. His bod looks good for his age. Check the legs in the pic with Matt Damon – he’s healthy for a 66 year old. He looks a tad detached (embarrassed, beneath him??) in the Hugh Hefner with Bimbos pic. I shall shut up now – feeling a tad obsessed and i don’t know why.

      • nice work there FF. I’m curious to know too now. It’s good to file away info like that for future reference.

      • Any naughty jewish boy with time and money knows that sometimes you’ve got to be a a good jewish boy, a ‘mensch’ to really survive. Im sure he’s a wonderful guy FF..just naughty with time and money, as Ubee said, the look is, to an aussie eye, odd, in the US he possibly fits in. Then of course there is the Gold Coast ๐Ÿ™‚

        • Thank goddess you’re around David. Have been driving myself mental trying to find out this dude’s date of birth. I have no idea why i am so obsessed with him. Current scorp moon doesn’t even begin to explain it.

          What’s a good website to get birth deets please? As far as I can gather he grew up in Milwaukee, Wisconsin and his father owned a store there. Mystic got a year – i can’t even find that!

          Don’t mention the GC – eeuuww. I live an hour away and avoid it at all costs.

          • Im working on the Goldie next week..hope its 35C,, sorry. I just get into the ‘gold chain fast lane’ mode. ๐Ÿ™‚ Might even rent a gold Fairlane and go to Jupiters..now where are my white crocodile skin loafers ?

  15. Firstly, eeww!

    He’s a hermit from the Tanami Desert NT, found some gold or swindled it from the mine out there. Went on a bender here in town dropped some acid and found himself in America the darling of the shallow set, high on his own (& their) bullshit.

    Aqua/Leo somewhere there. Did I say eeewww?

  16. oh he’s probably a together dude if he’s jewish they’re all so grounded
    (one way or another I mean) not like completely bizzare like so many of the super rich..(obviously not hung up on his looks, at least get a haircut dude, wow…) the jacket kinda says leo don’t it? yeah if you’re rich it can make a problem with relating to people I mean basically you just split ….. never get to the real gifts of what people have to offer, (but I don’t know that much)

  17. eeeuuuw… i don’t care how much money he has – i wouldn’t date him. And even if i hadn’t had sex in 20 years i wouldn’t sleep with him. Eeeuuuuuw!!!

    I reckon he’s an Aqua – it’s those blue eyes. Moon in Leo and Pisces rising for all those wacky coloured clothes.

  18. Absolutely NOT.
    Absolutely “Nothing” about him is appealing. Nothing.

    You could not even pay me. It’s all I can do to even answer this question!



  19. Cap or Sag. He is waaay skinny looking and seems addicted to wearing those cowboy hats.

  20. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA hahahahaha i just looked at his friends section on his site, its UNCANNY, everyone who stands next to him looks ten years younger. apart from bruce willis.
    paris hilton looks twelve. good lord.

  21. Vassup? I LOVE this guy – just going on his ‘friends’ pix but I love his style, his clothes and i think he’s a very good looking guy!

    Notice how he manages to dominate every shot he’s in? clever? or natural charisma?
    I love his totally laid-back facial in the shot with hef and the bunnies – he steals the show by not being OTT.
    Love him – thanks for the link. (and what a great web design)
    he must be a piscean – i just love his clothes and hats and the whole ’70’s rock star vibe…

  22. Goldstein must be both an intelligent man and a great entrepreneur. Above all, he is very successful. Could I date him? I guess I can only date someone where the attraction is mutual. But the answer will be no, since I am not at all into fashion – and our personalties will be from different planets. However, I do doubt he was born in in 1943 – I rather believe it could be 1928 …..