Taurus – The Holy Celestial Cow

Hathor Ancient Egytpian Cow Goddess

Every now and then a Taurus e-mails to complain how annoyed they are that their emblem is a Cow but this is SO sacred! Taurus is aligned with the divine Hathor, an ancient forerunner of Isis, Inanna, Aphrodite, Astarte and all.  Pre-patriarchally (yes, it IS that time of the month again) the symbol for Taurus was not the Bull but the Cow. And not just any old cow but the original Holy Cow herself – Hathor…

From her Wikipedia;

“A hymn to Hathor says:

Thou art the Mistress of Jubilation, the Queen of the Dance, the Mistress of Music, the Queen of the Harp Playing, the Lady of the Choral Dance, the Queen of Wreath Weaving, the Mistress of Inebriety Without End.

Essentially, Hathor had become a goddess of joy, and so she was deeply loved by the general population, and truly revered by women, who aspired to embody her multifaceted role as wife, mother, and lover. In this capacity, she gained the titles of Lady of the House of Jubilation, and The One Who Fills the Sanctuary with Joy. The worship of Hathor was so popular that a lot of festivals were dedicated to her honor than any other Egyptian deity, and more children were named after this goddess than any other deity. Even Hathor’s priesthood was unusual, in that both women and men became her priests.


In recent years, the theory of matriarchal cultures existing in profusion before 3,000 B.C.E. has taken root and bring into question the interpretation of Hathor as only wife or only mother. Hathor wears the head-dress of 18 serpents (traditionally associated with wisdom and women), the cows horns (horns were associated with the crescent moon and thus, a woman’s menstrual cycles). Hathor may have, quite possibly, been the original Mother God of the Egyptian citizens….”

Ancient Egyptian Moon Goddess Statue

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Right on


“Holy Celestial Cow” Batman, the Joker is getting away….knew I’d heard that line somewhere.

Taurean Love Expert

I’ve always been quite happy with being associated with images of the Divine Bovine – though the Global North (plus Aus/NZ) treats cows terribly disrespectfully. I think the cow’s generousity is mistaken for weakness… what a mistake.

As for Hera – yes, she’s painted as a ‘jealous shrew’ in patriarchal mythology, but she was a very powerful goddess, & had LOTS of serious devotees in her day. Patriarchal Greek myths only had 4 roles for les femmes: frigid bitch, nagging wife, amoral homewrecker & rape victim. But SO much going on under the surface 🙂


I am as i have stated beofre an egyptian fanatic! and i am quiet familiar with the egyptian gods & goddess’. I think that the “Hathor-Cow-Goddess” is a symbol of nearly ALL feminine worship symbols.

LMFAO at Luinae “Kataka” – THAT IS SOOO FUNNY! lol i remember even when I first started liking astrology in like grade 2 or something – we used to compare them
“HA ur a crab”
“yea well what are u?”
“Im half a goat!”

Luinae "Kataka"

You think being a cow is bad?

Try being a DISEASE. Cancer indeed. Humph


I love this space! I especially love how a discussion about Hathor ends up at bull sperm hair treatment! LOL. 🙂

year of the fox

Bull sperm treatment for you hair. Much better than Cameron Diaz’s hair gel.


bull w sting in tail

Hey Mystic,

You have also donned the headdress of hathor, non

Glad to be of the bovine

sorry missed yr poll, but vienna is all consuming at the moment

keep it up Empress of the ethereal


venus a-go-go

If anyone is awake for this…

…hopefully this will be impressive…



Last year, I read The Myth of Matriarchal Prehistory by Cynthia Eller. Eller is a very modern, very cool feminist and anthropologist, and I fell in love with her work. She has a really intelligent take on the idea of matriarchal socieities, and she pretty much shaped my perspective on the whole deal. I highly recommend that book to anyone who is interested in prehistoric matriarchal societies and their relevance to modern feminism. Translation: Read Cynthia Eller because she is an incredibly smart woman.

Ãœber Virgo

Sounds good. Must make time for this. I might have to devote a page in my diary to tips I get from this site. Ta!

year of the fox

I don’t see why anyone could hate cows/bulls. We as humans, esp in more primitive times, depended on them for everything. We got milk, meat, medicine, & leather from them. Modern life puts down bovine sacrifices to society I guess.

Ãœber Virgo

Yes, urban life removes us from the sources of our nourishment. How sad that we can become so disconnected.

What a beautiful post, Mystic. This site has really inspired me to learn more of mythology.

Leonine Librarian

I remember that time as a time where I doubted my own intuition, as everything was reforming around me…so any flakiness was probably mine.Although the idea of having a goddess at my back is pretty good support wise. I do like that Hathor had a positive relationship with mirrors. ‘Hathor was also the goddess of beauty and patron of the cosmetic arts. Her traditional votive offering was two mirrors and she was often depicted on mirrors and cosmetic palettes. Yet she was not considered to be vain or shallow, rather she was assured of her own beauty and goodness and… Read more »


A well timed nude dance never fails to get a laugh in our house.
Hooray for the site gag.

Leonine Librarian

I had a reading at the beginning of Saturn stomping through Leo when I was only a little bit interested in astro matters. So in other words I knew my sun sign and that was it. Anyway the psychic said to me that she could see Hathor standing behind me…which might be what a lot of psychics say…? Though this was the only time someone said this to me…and then when I found that I had taurus rising it reminded me of the psychic’s comment.


When I lived in dairy country, the cows would often be crossing a rd or something going for milking and would walk around the car. They have the most beautiful faces, especially milk cows like Jerseys. Their eyes are, as myst says, stunning.
Where i lived there was quite a large krisna community. Krisna was a cowherd, and the respect and admiration of cows and their beauty really is a major part of the imagery of krisna and his nature.

scorpalicious robot

I agree, cows are beautiful creatures.

venus a-go-go

Personally… I have never had problems with being a cow…


Hera is often referred to as the ox-eyed goddess. She gets a bit of a bad wrap, but it is useful to remember that she was the only one of all the goddesses that Zeus would commit to (he was faithful to her for the first 300 years of their marriage, it was the following eons that he strayed). She was by all accounts the most beautiful of the goddesses (Aphrodite might have the va va voom, but Hera has something else) and her history actually pre-dates Zeus’. The worship of Hera can be traced back to a time when… Read more »


Ive always been a sucker for that dewy cow eyed look. Eyes, give me that feeling of the ‘depth’ of someone, you can fall right in.

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