Saturn in Virgo & Orthorexia Nervosa

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A rise in so-called Orthorexia Nervosa seems to totally coincide with Saturn-in-Virgo…Since September 2007…

“…An obsession with eating healthily could in fact be bad for your health, scientists warn. Those who deny themselves entire food groups or worry too much about the ‘purity’ of their meals are risking their mental and physical wellbeing. Experts have reported a rise in such extreme behaviour, known as orthorexia nervosa. Sufferers or orthorexia nervosa tend to be over 30, middle-class and well-educated.While anorexia patients restrict the quantity of the food they eat, sufferers of orthorexia, named after the Greek for ‘right or true’, fixate on quality…

“The ‘rules’ vary from person to person, but the drive to eat only the healthiest foods can lead to sugar, salt, caffeine, alcohol, wheat, gluten, yeast, soya, corn and dairy foods being eliminated from the diet….Foods tainted by pesticides or that contain artificial additives such as MSG are often also ditched. One orthorexic is reputed to eat only yellow foods. While such habits may seem quirky, they can have a serious effect on health.

Cutting out entire food groups can leave sufferers malnourished, while rigid rules can make eating out impossible, putting a huge strain on friendships and relationships. Ursula Philpot, chairman of the British Dietetic Association’s mental health group, said: ‘I am definitely seeing significantly more orthorexics than just a few years ago….”

More in the Daily Mail here

Okay it’s SO Saturn in Virgo but isn’t msg like poison? And what is the ‘rexia’ for when people eat junk food all the time? This is making my Mars-Pluto-Uranus in Virgo feel defensive. And eating only Yellow foods??? I thought it was purple foods that we were meant to eat more of; blueberries, purple cabbage…Infuriatingly, i feel heaps better off wheat & dairy, sugar, salt & caffeine…most people do – isn’t that why health farms don’t feature them…And it IS annoying as i would much rather thrive on a modified mediterranean diet of non-stop pasta & wine et al. One almost wonders if labelling people who are careful re what they eat as orthorexics is a way of propping up a – i don’t know – industrial sugar cabal or something. And all the discrediting of The Gwyneth – is Mars Uranus making me conspiracy theorise?

Saturn in Libra coming soon & I think it will coincide with a rise in arranged marriages, relationship arrangements & new fangled contracts, marriage sabbaticals, polyamory and heavily negotiated deals to better delineate the nexus of love, sex, money, time, desirability and convenience.

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30 thoughts on “Saturn in Virgo & Orthorexia Nervosa

  1. I just think every one can do what they want and mind there own biz when it comes to other people’s food/diet choices. Unless it is your friend or parter and directly effects you – leave em alone.

    And yes, I am almost vege – omit sugar, white flour, dairy, things am allergic too, caffiene. Feel better for it and look better for it, my skin glows and I have more energy, my digestion is faster and all that.
    And I don’t set these criteria as rules, they are choices that i make based on what my body is telling me. Just as if eating meat where a choice, so too is omitting it. Am no food natzi though, european background means I still have a bit of baguette and butter when I want it and don’t feel bad for it.

    Personally, I find nutrition and the whole study of food as medicine fascinating. Recently read up on the detrimental affect meat/fish farming has on our planet and our health, it’s pretty eye opening.


  2. Geez they make it sound like a bad thing….. I’m pretty sure you will not be malnourished if you omit sugar, salt, alcohol etc.

    I have been eating clean organic food ever since Saturn landed on my door step a few years back & if I have learned one thing is that Saturn will only stand for good quality produce. Sure it’s not the norm & I haven’t been out to dinner since last year, tragic I know but my peeps understand & are following similar regimes.

    But hey at least I have my health right!

    Mars & Saturn in Virgo

    • Actually buy my veggies at an organic market. Suprisingly, fresh herbs are cheaper there than the maiinstream markets.

      To me, it’s not a bad thing…Just the extreme stuff which makes one about as interesting as someone who ate too many hardboiled eggs and now has a corked arse…

      LOl…heard that somewhere (too many hardboiled eggs cork one’s arse..), and liked it… 🙂

  3. “The Rules”…

    OMG, there are enough rules in this world already!! Must we impose them on ourselves as well? Taken to extremes, these kinds of “rules” are for those who feel morally or spiritually bankrupt and so “the rules” make them feel better about themselves….Justify some sort or “purity” that they can only find “out there” but has little to do with authentic character.

    Quality is good but not to a crazy extremes. I use olive oil, cracked pepper, sea salt, etc., whole grains…but also like my indulgences…Didn’t Buddah say everything in moderation?

    LA gets a bad rap for people being strange. It is NOT the norm with the general public. That is fashion/news/celeb 411.

    I grew up North of the San Fernando Valley which is North of Hollywood. Mom put cupcakes and chips in my lunch box and you would not believe the extremes Leo Mom went to to keep us out of the lunch box goodies….She literally had a padlock on the cupboards. Think a ten year old Aries cannot master a screwdriver and put all back without nary a trace?

    Well, I did and to this day, eat what I want. The whole subject of food snobs, etc., bores me to tears…Eat what you want…Tomorrow you’ll want something different probably….The body knows what it needs and craves those elements…foods with more minerals, etc.

    Dear Mystic, do love the mediterranean….Also, cook some mean middle eastern food stuffs myself, as well as baklava…

    I learned much from my girlfriend who lived in Tehran for several years and, from my ex husband.

    • mmmmmmm *drooling* that reminds me I’m on Greek Week …. so chunky white crusty bread with kalamatas and goats milk fetta cheese and chunky greek salad with the cucumber cut up properly and chargrilled lamb marinated in oregano, lemon juice and olive oil and fassolakia which is green beans stewed in garlic and chunky tomato sauce and and …. yum food.

  4. I agree that people can overdo the ‘correct diet’ thing and take it too far, but do they really need to give it a label? If these people published a book and called it an official diet would it make them legitimate, and not ‘sick’? Some of those published diets are sick. Seriously, I grew up in the 80s and nobody was ever stressed or depressed. Now everyone is – they labelled it! Why do they need to label it? Can’t they just point at the healthy food chart and tell people that’s what you need to eat, anything else is not so good for you?

    I always reads the labels, have a husband who was recently diagnosed with diabetes and a child who needs to eat a lot of fibre, and I scramble to find the best Low GI, high fibre, healthy and nutritious food I can. Incidentally, I read this article on another news site before seeing the posting here, so I’ve been stewing on this for at least a day.

      • Yes too many labels! 🙂 And not the ones on jars.

        My favourite is oppositional defiant disorder, which I have in spades. I suppose someone will want to medicate me now.

  5. Ok vaguely relevant fact alert here … I do volunteer work at a rehab and to my shock and amazement after a certain period of astro investigation amongst the residents, discovered that the sign most overly representated (at least at the joint I work) is none other than Virgo. And usually for booze problems … tho’ they like their valium as well. But I was shocked. I say SHOCKED. Surely not Our Virgo??? At one stage out of 35-ish residents there were 8 Virgos. Yes 8! That’s a shit load of Virgos all detoxing at once let me tell ya. And I mean proper detoxing with seizures and stuff not some poxy hand-to-brow-I’ve-got-a-wheat-withdrawl-headache business.

    So anyhoo, this lead to the conclusion (probably erroneous) that Virg’s really are prone to being stress puppies and we must all be Kind to A Virgo Today OR that Saturn really has bitched up the poor buggers, as you know I’ve only been there just under 18 months which was after Saturn went into Virgo. And the funny thing is they rock up there after basically mainlining four litre casks of Fruity Lexia, looking like Amy Winehouse after a bad crack binge, then after a few weeks are the first to start complaining about too much Sunblest white bread, the lack of proper yoghurt, the chef doesn’t use 100% extra virgin olive oil, general lack of bleach around the place (apparently people like … ingest the stuff or something) and why don’t we have pilates/aromatherapy/naturopathic consultations for my gluten allergies etc etc …. to which the staff point out “dude two weeks ago your liver count suggested that you may well be one of the undead and btw this is a Government Institution (spoken with great emphasis) and if you want the $1000 bucks a day option it’s that way” … with a general handwave toward the Indian Ocean/California.

    So lord knows what’s going to happen when Saturn goes into Libra!! A swan (I think that’s a nice term for a large group of Librans) … a swan of Librans all rocking up with military strength hair styling equipment and a bit of “go” stashed in their macrobiotic seaweed supplements???

    I guess working with those guys has put things into perspective for me rather a lot. Don’t stress the small stuff. Quality not quantity. Everything in moderation .. too much pedantery about anything, including health and the state of one’s intestines, saps the joy out of living.

    • Trust Virgos to be the most high maintenance rehab patients!!

      So true about moderation prowln. I never got into substances, but seriously went too far the other way.

    • LOL that was too funny.

      Yes, I agree just get on with it! We get far too precious about ourselves like we’re living with something terminal & any deviation is gonna send one right to hell. It’s commercial madness just live one’s life ffs!

      I’m doing a naturopathy thing at the moment, but I refuse to bang on about it to others (even myself). It’s doing it’s job I feel great, weigh less and I’m nicer to be around that time of the month & it’s controlled my blood sugars. End of story.

      My Taurean sister is a pain in the backside about it trying to give me lectures being militant eating, we had words on this last Sunday. It’s taken ages to get through to her that it’s her thing not mine. She’ll scoff down a block of chocolate if you produce it though lol.

      • I know a couple of Taureans that have a certain scary zeal about food restrictions. My generally scary sister for one, although she also comes equipped with boxes [literally] of her health history…and the highly literate fashionable bull [daughter of my heart] who is aware her dietary rigidness can be offputting, yet makes it less so by turning out stunning spelt and almond meal concoctions…ie my yoghurt and raspberry birthday cake.

  6. Yeah, don’t think the article is implicitly dismissing the dangers of eating too much garbage, but is pointing out the potential for lack of balance in the ‘healthy’ direction also. Interesting that the sufferers are squarely in the educated middle classes: people with the time & money to be that fussy – sorry, *careful*.

    This item re Gwyneth amused greatly:

    While I’m at it, and am prepared to be ripped apart, why can I can go to my doctor and be given a clean bill of health and the general instruction to keep on doing what I’m doing but can never come away from a visit to a naturopath or similar without a diagnosis of some malady and a very expensive bottle of tonic?

    • Because most doctors aren’t well trained in preventative healthcare and can only recognize disorders that show on tests.

      Also, presumably you go to a complementary practitioner because you have some symptoms, and it’s fine if they sell you some expensive stuff that actually works, but remember they need to make a living/profit and too many practitioners do so from selling you stuff you don’t need and having you make unnecessary return visits.

      In either case patients need their heads screwed on.

      • So true Uber.
        You may be healthy, but you’d be surprised how the right complimentary tonic for you will make you feel BETTER than just healthy. Positively Vital even.
        HOWEVER – One of the (many) reasons I had to drop out of the natural therapies game (and I was really only in the retail end of it, lets face it) was because the boss kept pushing us to ‘up sell’ supplements.
        It infuriated me and we’d argue about it all the time, but I just couldn’t naturo-babble some poor customer into buying unnecessary products. No matter how desperately the business needed extra sales.
        I swear, some people would walk in with a slight vitamin B deficiency and walk out with a daily supplement regime capable of GIVING THEM renal failure, liver scarring and irritable bowel syndrome… Just shameful.

        • I know. I’m so pissed off with the commercialization of healthcare. I seriously went broke trying to get well. And even when they knew I was financially strapped, the therapists weren’t going to stop me from returning for treatments that weren’t working or take me off supplements that were doing nothing. Please folks, make sure you’re getting results, especially if you’re spending a lot of money. Truly ethical practitioners won’t sell you stuff that isn’t getting results and won’t let you come back if the treatment isn’t working.

    • hazel, I’d comment if I managed to finish reading it but goodness, she annoys me. Granted I’m happy for her but something about her just gets on my nerves, kind of like the beautiful giving tips on how to be beautiful. Perplexing. Though I enjoy her in films well, certain ones, I can’t deal with any of her lifestyle advise or the freakin’ gap between her inner thighs.

      I’d rather watch Nigella’s boobs shaking suggestively in the background as she mashes something in a strainer… haha..look I live in LA, and there’s ALWAYS some trend here about what not to eat etc etc yet we seem to have extreme figures – either anorexic with Hello Kitty Heads or oversize.

      At the end of the day, food is nourishment and healing, it is also love, joy and sharing – I’m all for healthy eating and a healthy life, you can monitor everything you put in your mouth but if you don’t monitor what comes out of it, in words, thoughts and expression then what is the point?

      And we have SOOOO much food here that its ridiculous that its become a topic of trauma for so many. I agree with Uber and prowln, as long as its fresh, healthy and good, then we need to put it in proper perspective as an important aspect of a whole and full life. It shouldn’t be badge of honor to eat well, it should be a natural right we can exercise quietly.

      I think I’m ranting…soz…

  7. I reckon I had this orthorexia nervosa–instigated by naturopaths and exacerbated by being Über Virgo. Was told my digestive problems were due to my system being ‘toxic’ and that I needed to go on elimination diets etc However, when my symptoms failed to improve I actually believed it was because I was more toxic/sensitive and that I needed to eliminate more stuff from the diets. As a result I became more neurotic and miserable for a couple of years, until I realized the diet was making me sicker and snapped out of it. Then I went to live in Japan where the food is awesome, people love and appreciate it and aren’t neurotic or restrictive about it. That helped. Now I belong to the Jamie Oliver school of food appreciation that promotes fresh food, healthy eating and the preparation and sharing of yummy food as a way of expressing love.

    So yeah, I buy that this condition exists, and is a pathological extension of preferring to eat healthily.

  8. Roll on UP! Once I balanced my body from its ‘overload’ of wheat/dairy, I found I can have it occasionally, and I’m fine – I just don’t eat it daily (or even weekly or monthly to be specific). The same goes for alcohol/caffeine, I detox regularly, so that I am able to indulge sometimes.
    Its not rocket science – and I object to having a “rexia” just because I eat organic, and limit my intake of known bad foods! Even my cakes are luscious, organic, and GOOD for me!
    This reminds me of the “medicalisation’ of childhood debate out there at the moment!

  9. the author sounds like they have been living in LA for too long and exposed to wayy too many food wierdos who are proud to be fusspots and crow about a parsley allergy etc. S/he could also be one of those types who has an iron stomach and can eat meat pies and a coke for 3 meals a day and feel fine – and can’t understand why others can’t do the same!!

    i think his/her message is that people are getting unbelievable fussy about what they eat, and it can be a pain in the ass for friends who would like to just go out for a coffee and slice of cake or whatever, or have myriad food foibles to cater for when having people over for dinner. and that as middle class whiteys we can afford to be fussy. then again i don’t think that article is quite targeted at your average person who doesn’t want to eat crap manufactured food.

    oh and MSG occurs naturally in food like tomatoes. It’s just that when it is added there’s much more than what nature would give you. I definitely know when it;s been added to food as i get all woozy and tired.

    i think just eat the stuff that you love in moderation and be happy. beautiful slim italian and czech women don’t sit in front of the TV with a giant bowl of spaghetti and a bottle of wine, and feel sick after eating – they have small amounts, conscious of flavour …quality ..and their waistline 🙂 ..and eating with friends keeps you slim (more talking, less eating!)

    end of missive… 🙂

    • “Saturn in Libra coming soon & I think it will coincide with a rise in … relationship arrangements & new fangled contracts, marriage sabbaticals, polyamory and heavily negotiated deals to better delineate the nexus of love, sex, money, time, desirability and convenience.”

      This is exactly what happened for me and Scorp this morning. We worked out a ‘relationship arrangement’ that suits both of us and yes, it was heavily negotiated and no, it’s not conventional. Feels good. Will such a relationship thrive when negotiated at this time, I wonder. Have the inkling it will be healing (in intense bursts) for both of us.

      Lib sun/Aries rising

  10. will join you on the modified mediteranian diet Mystic!!
    could oscillate between that & Japanese & be in heaven – if only able to ditch the caffeine……..

  11. What is the ‘rexia’ for when people only eat junk food? Why, its ‘McRexia’ of course. Now available with an upsized waistline and free home enema kit.
    I too have Mars in Virgo, and while I wouldn’t recommend only eating yellow foods, the idea of orthorexia makes me roll my eyes.

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