Saturn Crashes The Uranus-Venus Club

Saturn with rings

Oh well, at least the planet LOOKS good…But guess what? If you are a member of the Uranus-Venus Club – that is, your Venus is between 22 and 29 degrees of ANYTHING but especially a Mutable Sign such as Virgo, Pisces, Gemini, Saggo – you are having a Saturn-Venus transit as WELL as Uranus Venus.

Uranus-Venus is weird yet emancipating & youthifying- see the above link for a rant re THAT. Saturn-Venus is a tad more sombre, obviously. I am having it at the moment and there is an infuriating nostalgia. Not the wisteria infused nostalgia of Neptune nor even the oh-my-godding of a Uranian flash. It’s just Saturn so more like a forensic analysis – totally unbidden – and recognition of long term patterns or themes in all relationships. Saturn telling Venus to shape up, be mature etc. Yick!

But Saturn is trundling along quite quickly now & so if Saturn has crashed your Uranus-Venus club, the ‘stock-taking’ sober-socks phase of your love life is done by November & you are left with just Uranus zinging about.

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54 thoughts on “Saturn Crashes The Uranus-Venus Club

  1. – this is my theory de jour and very quickkly put so pls be kind to me !learning to eat differently is really about learning new behaviour – if you were brought up in a home where meals werent properly prepared etc for a variety of unhappy reasons (as i was) then learning to do this for yourself breaks that connection with the past – it means that you start to live in the now so you stop repeating all the attendant behaviours that go with eating poorly – and maybe stop attracting in all those people who come with the behaviour and food – patterns. yeah pluto has kicked my buttly but this is a saturn in virgo thing really isnt nutrition and behaviour.

  2. this is for savannah however it might help anyone else – i had problems with diet and went and saw a naturopath and she suggested apart from eating sensibly (dur !) taking chromium as apparently it can help with low blood sugar which can lead to tiredness etc – in my case when i got tired id eat a whole pile of rubbish for quick energy etc and then the whole vicious circle would start again. i’ve been taking it for over a year now and yes i still carb out every now and then – no i cant give up chocolate – but that and the better diet has helped a lot. so this might help you savannah ? and rockstar lady too ?

    • Thanks Bubble :), I can’t give up chocolate either but I make sure it’s good chocolate not that sugary supermarket stuff. My acupuncturist has mentioned chromium I will ask her next visit.

  3. well, that would explain my more-hideous-than-usual moodiness, but no nostalgia. too busy being stressed about my stupid band’s cd launch, moving countries in 3 weeks and what that means re: my virgo boyfriend who’s not coming til January let alone how I’m going to have any kind of income or where I am staying…

    oh, right.

    (venus 27 deg pisces)

  4. Venus @ 26 Sag. After much thought, I don’t know what I can write about this. I know some areas it might be affecting me, but it seems all very esoteric when I try to put it in black and white.

  5. Venus in 28 degrees virgo. I’m reaching my limit with the infuriating nostalgia. I get flashes of terrible things from my past that explain tons and tons of stuff. While it’s great I’m remembering all this so I can accept it and all, it’s like this constant horror-movie-of-my-life in my head! Agh! Half the time they’re not even a big scary deal, just someone teased me or something, but then I get ones like being forgotten at the circus one year.
    Also: Completely avoiding having a love life. Not for me right now, can’t deal with people like that. I’m focussing more on myself (thanks, Saturn in Virgo!).

  6. Greetings DavidL – trust you are well and happy.
    Where is your Venus – mine is 29 Aquarius. The most bizarre thing happened today – this whole period is indeed mental! I just got a firm-ish job offer which looks fantastic – HOWEVER, it is going back to something I hate and I feel that the profession has little respect by the outside world. That is why I wanted to get away from it. This is really astro weirding at its most batty.

    • Hey, RTL,
      Venus, Taurus, 26ยฐ37’25 so yes, Im in the club.
      What type of work, is it banking, real estate ? some other type of soul destroying activity ?

          • You obviously agree , RLP? Lots are great but the ones that aren’t just ruin it for everyine. Do I try and rise above it and give in to temptation? It would mean I could get away from my Libran mother (apologies RLP) … or is there something better around the corner and this is just a test?

          • RTL – libby best-man at mon wedding (who be female) successfully did healthy stint in that industry. her way / their way – it worked. cut ground separating out from real estate perceptions etc.
            follow your heart ??
            does the offer offer freedom? long term, or med term, or hell yeah short term… part of the journey, stepping stone etcs?

            BTW not slightest offense re Lib slants, more-so adjourning to YOU be cool re yr decision making xox

          • RLP and DavidL – thanks so much. I guess there are tons of occupations that, once mentioned in a crowd, elicit responses of “ohhhhhhhhh right”. Insurance, superannuation, law anyone? Shall think strategically and maintain a strong sense of self. Have the best day, you guys!

  7. Oh yes Mystic, you are so spot-on as usual – yes me too with that infuriating nostalgia, (Gem with Venus 26′ Aries) it’s just been making me feel so damn old (as this is what I was attributing it to – a recent bday) and I was wondering where (and why now??!!) it was coming from..phew at least I know now…roll on November…I can at least brush it off bit better until then, knowing it’s only the planets playing tricks and not a permanent thing..I hate living in the past at the best of times! Life is just feeling like a huge slog at the mo, am working very hard on feeling grateful and up…more slog!

  8. Man my head hurts, but am not complaining I swear!

    Just going with it, working hard, being optimistic & mature about it all, except now I am having ‘affairs’ in my dreams. No so mature but kinda interesting to ponder, it is giving me a different perspective on current relationship weirdness.

    Venus 26 Gemini

  9. I’ve been trying to ‘reconfigure’ my life with my partner, he’s been in the denial stage for sometime now. I knew it was on the way out in 2006 but had my own denial for a bit. So I’ve had to exert some “we do it the right way or else” which fuqs me off but hey that’s what I’m dealing with.

    Today I lost patience & took it up to him & we had some progress – we are entering mediation. It’s been hard, many times I felt like going spazzy & doing things I would later regret but no, I hung in there & have been hacking it. (no drugs or booze or food – nothin’). Jeez it’s been draining but there’s ….I don’t know the word for it at the moment.

    • food be essential Savannah, even if you dont feel like eating do heaps of water, herb tea, soup, juice, fruit, nuts……brain food to feed the emotional drain. you’ll make better decisions – lot of love xox

        • D – am taking own advice. 2 wks ago bestie #1 couldnt walk to corner post lunch. next day – Hodgkins Lymphoma………. bestie #2 nursed a mate who had no family thru to the end. she hosted his funeral friday. then put her no1 dog, kids pet, down on saturday. theme of those around me….. am enduring 3rd consec bout of head flu thingo amid quiet cash flow times but ful of gratitude. other 2 besties – one married last wknd & gone to Europe to live w husband. another moving north.

          family, friends / our connected people are unified in practising ‘gratitude’. applied gratitude for the simplest of blessings.

          contemplating ditching my mane for bestie #1…………

          • you sound like a good friend RLP, big hug x regards to the crew.
            Now the cold thingo ? are you iron deficient ? so many women I know are living with iron deficiencies , zinc maybe ?

          • D – Iron & Zinc all in hand here, is Irish constitution – YOU understand lol. bestie #1 complained of exhaustion for 18 mths. Asthma, anemia & iron deficiencies feature in most recent ‘scientific’ conclusions. even so, one day she cant walk cos she cant breathe, & next, 2 tests give the current answer. she never drank, smoked or did drugs. she’s how I met everyone from Kurt thru (put yr seat belt on) – Shaun Cassidy. the latter post junk. we played skateboarding frisbee. you get the drift.

            re me & oinkish flu – am fine. bieng able & present friend / family member, openly & giving with time & care ……..practicing empathy be right behind, gratitude. life is infinitely more rewarded & connected.

          • I hope all goes well for your besties and yourself RLP. Funny that you mention meeting Shaun Cassidy – am currently on ebay waiting to win a Hardy Boys dvd!

      • Thanks RLP ๐Ÿ™‚

        I’ve been sticking to my naturopath issued food plan which is all the foods you mentioned, though, I faltered at the fete on Saturday and had a few too many carbs. I don’t know which is harder the breaking up or the no ‘crutches’ to cope lol.

        • Savannah – dont’ worry re carb (sugar) binges….. but if you keep the snacks hand, make it easy for yourself. stressful times – nuts, tea, even fruit shop fruit salads or thoes fab organic pre made soups – is life blood. plus when hyper processingm as you no doubt wld be at times – yr brain needs food. even if we forget our body needs it too xox be true xox

  10. Hi AAC, am 38 & somewhat grown up! It IS all about letting go….she’s always been the most amazing woman, have never known anyone as strong as her, able to survive all that life has thrown at her. she’s always supportive of me & encouraging me to do anything & has never held me back … I only wish she would be all this for herself.

    I feel like I’ve hijacked this post so enough of me!

    Thanks to you all for your words of support xx

    • L_L you sharing what you’re going through gives others a venue to empathise…even what you just wrote about your Mum being this towering strength who is finding it difficult to reflect that strength inwards helps me understand another facet of my Mum…So thanks for sharing.

      My Mum, also has been brilliant at helping others and creating positive change for the most part, with her own life challenges…from my perspective a lot of my Mum’s challenges have kept hammering away at her attempts at control…which as an Aries are pretty effective control structures. Recently she has been experiencing anxiety….something that she cannot rationalise or organise into a neat compartment. So the anxiety in a way is forcing her to let go on every level…as when she does it eases.

      Hoping comfort finds you both.

  11. my question is how does all that uranus/saturn messing about with venus add into that pluto messing about with venus stuff – have they all been having a little bit of a fiddle with her since feb? that perhaps came out wrong – or maybe not.
    it’d be nice if they’d all bloody just do their thing and move along so i could have a bit of certainty…
    or perhaps my venus in taurus is enjoying it all a bit too much…

  12. funny. just had a
    ‘taking stock’ conversation with “my” aquagir this eveningl! nothing we didn’t already know, but still weirded out by our weirdness/togetherness…

    it’s just all out of sorts, relationship-wise.


    i’m used to all that s*** by now (since the Uranus/Venus has been going on for a while— and til FEB. next year so you tell me, mystic. ) break time in november?


    (venus 28 gemini)

  13. EUREKA FLASH – that’s what this is all about – ‘you can’t help someone that doesn’t want help’ – that has been my new motto in the last few years & god now it’s striking way too close to home for me, with it being my mum. Can’t believe I haven’t realised it till now. Derr!!!!!!

    • Congrats on the eureka flash LL. Small comfort I know, but that IS true. All you can do is love them for who they are, even though you have to detach a bit to stay sane. Don’t do what I did and get angry about the hurt their choices do to others. We are each responsible for our own actions and reactions. It took me several years to release the rage and anger after the inevitable death, and the stress triggered serious health problems. Not something I would recommend to anyone.

      It’s kind of like you have to deal with the grief now, whilst she is alive. But try and look for the good and enjoy the moments you can. I’m sure she knows what is happening on some level, so knowing you still love her will make it a little easier for her.

      Stay strong, and lean on people you trust.

      • Thank you Bella & Ms Motown (there was no reply after yr message so putting it down here). Am going to go home, give her a big hug, make my peace & then bath time & doona with a dash of True Blood for escapism.

        You’re right about the grief Bella, I feel as though I’m letting go & saying goodbye to her as if she has died already. Am going to take your advice & start looking for the good & enjoy the moments I have with her now & stop fretting. It’s really tragic when you find yourself going to check she’s still breathing before going to bed each night! Am stopping it all now & focusing on letting it all go…..

        • LL huge hugs fly your way. Would your Mum share a glass of bubbly and celebrate memories perhaps? Can you drag out old family photos and have a look and chat whilst celebrating life?

          Good luck and may your letting go be tinged with sweet memories xx

  14. Whatever – thanks for the really kind and encouraging comments. I look forward to all the work paying off in November once Saturn has left the building!

    • YEAH that’s it – cos forward is the only direction we can really make a change in – obviously it’s crap in the meantime but thre’s always some kinda crap to deal with it’s just that this is saturnine crap good luck with your stuff xxx

  15. Just do the job and Piss Off, Saturn. And thanks for the memories.

    It seems my life de-fragging process has now reached the “Men, relationships and family dynamics” directory.

    til November?!?! since Feb? after all this already ???????


    ah feel better now. thanks :0)

    • OMG that’s hilarious – not sure what it is but there is a glitch in the website and your yargh has totally run off the edge of the screen out over the teal frame and into the big beyond – they can hear you in deep space I’m sure of it – SATURN has heard you :o) You’re prob in it knee deep if that’s where your saturn is at UP – the zones we always avoid – the zone where the good you do will help all the other areas of your life fall into place more easily. The basic networks and structures that form the foundation. All good you do WILL grow exponentially and spiral outwards as positive growth – keep your head up babe – you will get through it.

      Mine is on the IC – no permanent abode or job no security but also no great obligations – uranus is conjunct it and the sun so it’s kinda liberating but also intense and helping to bring up awesome psyche stuff. I live in hope and work on the psyche in the meantime…

      • Davidl i think you might be onto something. what’s that from you reckon – mars square something? earth square itself? mid-season madness? maybe i get sick of my placid-ish manner adn just go nuts.

  16. funny just realised I could, if I chose be a member of the club – have been wondering wtf is up – realised my venus at 28 degrees of libra has meant I put others first to the detriment of myself in close relationships always. Had a total spaz about it a few nights ago – realised this is shit I have brought upon myself but the root of it based in something from childhood where I was let down in a big way by the mother and as a result turned into an adult have never wanted to let others down- being let down is what the childs mind thought though – not what the rational adult mind looking back thinks – revelatory. That’s the end of that I say – luckily the sig other is onboard and knows it’s true and is pushing moi to be the one who comes first always from now on so onward and upward. Don’t diss saturn peeps if you can get your head around it and what it brings up it’s 100% forward thinking as opposed to that stuck thing that it feels like until you work it out.

    • I was majorly guilty of the same thing Whatever – ALWAYS putting other’s needs before my own, unable to set up boundaries etc I’m with you on onwards & upwards. Am hoping, when the time comes that I next find myself in a relationship, that I know how to correct old behaviour. Of course, I got this trait from my mum – took me a while to realise it’s not wrong to put yourself first. Wish she could come to the same realisation…

  17. My venus is 28 degrees in aries. I’m having a huge falling out with my mum, she’s on a path that I just cannot cope with, it’s like she’s slowly killing herself & is unable to do anything about it & I just don’t understand how she cannot help herself. I know I have to let it go & respect that this is how she wants to handle herself but it’s hard & it hurts like hell that she doesn’t want to take better care of herself, not just for me, but for her grandkids, nor even for HERSELF. I’m having to watch someone commit suicide whilst still alive.

    Was feeling on top of the world till yesterday afternoon when it all went to hell in a handbag…..I’m with ttd – how long till it ends???

    • LL have you ever used bach flowers? horrible to watch someone do the style of thing you speak of – bach may help her if she’s open to but would def help you in the meantime. xxx

      • have rescue remedy at home, plus my mum’s friend has made up a special mix for her, am going to see to it that she takes it! thanks for the advice xx

        • ok i’m really going crazy. Just had a complete breakdown at my desk. Am an emotional basketcase. I want to go home, pack a bag & walk away from my life. I feel like Dr Jekyll & Mr Hyde. TO think, on saturday, i was on top of the world & feeling the best I’ve ever felt. I think I’ve gone schitzi mitzi ๐Ÿ™

          • Honey! It sounds like you are far, far too upset to be at work today. Go home! Run a bath. (Essential oil…. lavender will help calm you. Francinsence may help you find acceptance)

            Then, I reckon hop under the doona.

            Sending hugs and blessings!~

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