Pisces; The Twin Fish

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Twin Fish Full Moon

Pisces is not just symbolised by the Fish. It is the Twin Fish.  So it’s a dual sign just like our Gemini. But what if the Fish are imbalanced? What if one half of the Pisces is like a killer whale and the other bit  a sprat?  Or the Pisces over does the spiritual consciousness bit and can’t come back to Earth? Or tries to deaden his/her soulful yearnings & over compensates with ‘earthing’ activity. Some peeps say that one Fish swims up heavenward and the other downward in the general direction of Hell. I don’t actually believe that.But it’s true that Pisceans and the part of your chart where YOU have Pisces is where you generally experience highs & lows + super-cosmic weirding until you balance the thing out.

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33 thoughts on “Pisces; The Twin Fish

  1. explains why mon scales are tipped to point of going crackers?

    tilted Libby scales + dropped twin fish scales = AAAAARGH!!

    will bull moon kick in as the stabilizer?

    • yo RLP i iz baaack …. well ok, can sit upright now – only took a week – but that’s about as good as it gets. Head Full Of Snot. I’m sure you really wanted to know that! 😉

      Bull moon is a great place for the moon methinks. I know heaps of Toro moon peeps and regardless of how flaky/bats/wierd they are in other areas, their Toro moon just seems to act as some kinda force of magnetism pulling all their otherwise at-odds personality bits & bobs into some semblance of a coherent whole + they get a good dose of that serene Bovinity thing happening.

      • YAY feelers – sick so sux!! yr back!
        thanks for chiming in – MM’s post rang true here. Lib sun = scales tilt, but fish riser & I be SO the description above. got blindsided (again) today (biz related). praying will wake with Taura chutzpa. completely OVER the reinventing the reinvention phase!! by now should be moving onward & upward, but rugs pulled from beneath cliches etcs. flat on arse, doesnt suit. grrrrr

        glad yr upright – snot on!! xox 😉 xox

        • UGG prowlers – apols!!!! not back on top & got slammed (again) today / tilted scales got prowlers-feeler segue wrong. been rough week. month. year. mental note – shouldnt multi task in front of cheesy DVD, but you know what I meant above. glad yr back. x

  2. I can’t wait until Feb when Mystic does the run down on High Low Pisces. I’m intrigued by the sign as it’s opposite my six Virgo points and may be key to balancing my Virgo pedantry. Jupes in Pisces next year folks.

    • ubers what be expectations of jupes in pisces??
      btw ‘pedantry’ – good word!!

      • I’m going to ask Mystic in Astro Coven (Be there or be square peeps) as I’m not sure and it will be important for me as it will oppose all my Virgo. Jupes will bring luck and expansion to Pisces, that’s a given.

        Glad you’re both recovered from the dreaded lurgy. Rest and warmth for as long as it takes is the best way to get it out of your system.

        Nighty night.

  3. Being a crab, my whole life I seem to have had a fish or two orbiting around the joint. My best friends mum who became my surrogate mum. My first love. My first daughter. My first husband.

    I have to say that out of all the signs, I’ve never met a Pisces I didn’t like. We just seem to Connect. I’ve also never met a fish who was truly nasty or mean spirited – ok so they can get a bit (make that A LOT) slippery with the truth, have avoidance tactics honed to a fine art and disappear faster than houdini at the first sign of Conflict, but meh y’know … could be way worse.

    I think it’s cute how their duality shows up. They may be a certified practising accountant by day and a demon jazz musician by night. But they won’t be into some everday dullsville jazz legend boogie woogie crap. No it has to be Thelonious Monk on acid crossed with an ambient voodoo priest harpsichordist.

    I have not met one Piscean who is not a closet philosopher. Every Pisces I know has a living, breathing fear of being A Number and of surveillance by Big Brother. I also find they either float too far off the earth, or are headbutting the pavement.

    • same here prowlncat – “I’ve never met a Pisces I didn’t like”

      They’re lovely. 🙂

    • Nice observations of Pisces prowlncat. I like them too. Good to see you back on the airwaves and beating the flu off.

      This Dark Moon is not feeling too good here this morning. It is a really beautiful day… but I feel like all my (Aries) Moon qualities have literally gone AWOL. The usual Dark Moon x PMT equation not helping. I just consulted Mystic’s Oracle for Housewitchery advice and it suggested exfoliating, smudging the house and lilies (yes, I asked for 3!). Sounds like a good plan. The smudge stick worked a treat last Dark Moon. Within minutes of completing the cleaning and then smudging something wonderful and new came in. Hope you all have a lovely weekend.

      • So it’s not just me then nat …. I’ve actually found this whole year literally to be a two-steps-forward-one-step-back enterprise. There’s been a whole lot of movement and change in the inner realms, but outward manifestations? Forget it.

        • the outward manifestations will come i’m sure and once it does you’ll be better equipped to deal with it… grounded, centred, authentic. Before change manifests externally one must change within first. It won’t happen over night but it will happen 😆

          • lol scorpy … now you got the Pantene jingle stuck in my head!! … but yeah I know what you’re saying is true just suxs when you’re in the thick of limboland.

          • robots is right on. Love that word authentic. Prowln love if you are doing the (mostly inner) work, and it sounds like you are, then change WILL come for you… in its own time. It might not arrive with fanfare but be more incremental in nature. You know, you practice making little shifts at a time and then one day you look back and realise ‘my God how things have changed – I used to worry about this or that and I have so moved on now’.

            Many people who visit Mystic’s lovely site seem to have ‘done time’ on some deep life-transforming things. I reckon there are not many short cuts. If people say ‘oh it only took me 2 weeks and one session with a counselor and I/we transformed everything’, I am very suss on just how deep that transformation really is. Sure there are break through moments and concepts (& it pays to write these down to refer to later) but its the tough, long haul (Saturn-style?) attention and effort that brings the capital C Changes. In my obs the 2 year time frame seems to be significant for real shifts, especially for grief. All the best to you x

          • I have been “yeah-whatever-I’m-too-busy”-ing people who’ve suggested that I need to live in the present and be mindful, but I have found recently that it helps enormously to carve out time every day when you don’t have to be “doing the work” and can just give yourself permission to be in whatever state you’re in.

            A while ago Mystic was describing something as being like the point when you’re walking up a mountain and you stop to look back on how far you’ve come, then continue on afresh, and that’s a bit how I feel when I have that break. Before the baby steps start again…Yes, it’s all very obvious and I probably should have listened years ago but I am impatient and like to be in control of things! 🙂

        • prowlers am hearing you re creep forward, slide back etcs
          reinvention is SUCH a process, at times.
          got toppled (Again) yest, but woke with fresh attitude & enlightened heart. not sure if it was the weather or some internal switch flicked. fingers crossed, tho time will tell.
          have opened up to big new concepts. like moving location or industry change.
          done my time in limboland purgatory.

  4. I’m totally pro-Pisces. Have it rising myself. And, esp. in combo with my Gem Sun, I can always see both sides of the coin. Up or down, on or off, life is rarely dull.

    Pisces men are a lovely dream. I love a good dream. And with pleasant dreams, there’s no reason to get out of bed. 🙂

    One downside to Pisces though is the doormat/matyr syndrome. An old housemate of mine was, still is, afflicted by it – working a dead-end job, putting her own hopes and dreams on hold while she (barely) financially supports her vampiric woe-bestruck boyfriend who refuses to commit to anything.

  5. i am sag with my rising in pisces, dual nature with the sag with man Vs beast, higher consciousness Vs base element – reading the ^^ dual nature of pisces very similar, then the fire Vs water = nuts, or maybe balancing…nuts. thanks for the insight

  6. when my sag side hits the “hellish” end its total mischief, when i feel the pisces “hellish” end i tend to indulgences of lethargy, dreaminess, slacking off, grand illusions with hammock and cocktail motivation. perhaps a good balance. really got me thinking

  7. Makes so much sense, I find that I’m constantly trying to balance what I want & what I really need. I have enormous energy & ambition yet find it difficult to channel that into to something constructive & useful. When I do get it, things really work & obviously when it’s off it’s way off.
    I am much better with age & I get that I need to work harder to ground my true sense of self.

    Gemini sun/Pisces rising

    • With the same Sun/Asc, I agree with the grounding and focus difficulties. It’s easy (and preferable perhaps?) to flit and shimmer. Sometimes I find the mundane so very irksome – all that discipline, goal-setting, finances, housework and remembering rubbish day… Blah! Of course, I get it done in the end *because I have to* but it’s not the stuff of la belle vie.

  8. Both my parents are Pisceans, but what I notice the most about the Fishes in my life are that they are ALWAYS harbingers of healing and inspiration, I feel they seek to bring this even unconsciously. Yes, even the ones who swim on the down low!

    They can be moody in my experience but usually that’s just indicative of them needing some space to work out whatever the current concern is. They are the sign I am most likely to hang out with but not say much to as it seems easy to chill with them – case in point, whilst on hiatus from Le Scorp Blowback, I spent loads of time with my Pisces nephew who literally only spoke to me during occasional commentary on who he was killing in the PS2, mealtimes and what movie to watch.

    • And my case in point, is very much all that FA re: my ex Le Fish.


      And the ‘unconscious healing’…So true. Sun, Chiron, Jupiter were in 12th. Because you see even though “I done mah’ Karma” it could not have been possible without the Fish. He really was my best friend for helping me with all of that, so much so I hated him for it…

      But of course I’ve never hated him but loved him deeply with all my heart and I will miss him until next time. Until his healing abilities become even conscious to him.

      Okay, back to the Supremes.

  9. Ive got a Picses Ascendant and my mum constantly says that “you must remain grounded” – i sometimes fly off you see …

  10. Thanks for all the kind fishy comments everybody. You’ve made my day . Have a great sunday. BTW, what is the collective noun for goldfish?
    no, it’s not a school!!

    answer: a troubling of goldfish

    cute, huh?

    • OMG little fish….now I need a cool compress for my aching brow..

      What’s that song by 10,000 Maniacs? “Trouble?”

      If I didn’t know Pisces so well, I’d say a “troubling” is cute. But girl, I known trouble….

      (Just playin’ 🙂 )

      Back to my sometimes crush music…Keith Urban..He’s a Scorp…Just as dangerous if not more so than a fish…? Damn water peeps anyhow…lol