Neptunian Moon

Lily Padula

In the sky right now, you can see Jupiter below and to the right of the Moon….if you had alien-style eye sight, you would also be able to see Neptune & Chiron. So it’s the Moon in Aquarius whizzing along to conjoin Jupiter, Chiron and Neptune…A rare degree of emo insight if you can STAND the Aquarian energy & amazing dreams too…

Random Aqua-Man Note: I rang an Aquarian man today as he’d been calling, texting and e-mailing me for ages but i’ve been too busy & distracted…So i call him and i could SENSE his deflation that i’d called back. It was like i was the Road-Runner, stopping for a nap in the middle of the road. No more thrilling ordering of crap bird catching contraptions and rocket launchers  from Acme. No more Quest.  I have said it before and I will say it again, Aqua-Men are poster boys for ‘treat-him-mean-keep-him-keen’…

Image: Lily Padula


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40 thoughts on “Neptunian Moon

  1. WOW – such insights!!

    firstly – am sending call to IMMEDIATE ACTION TO ALL REGULAR VISITORS OF THIS GLORIOUS FORUM – who are not subscribers.

    1. subscribe to Daily Mystic. you think you learn here – well put yr vote with yr wallet & contribute whilst learning more avec Mystic’s wit & wisdoms. is essential daily astro forecast.

    2. skype consults / astro queries are simply FAB! have even done them n the new business I am starting, the partnerships, the astro of my company…….it makes sense. great for decision making, I swear by it!!

    also Martian confidential, Mercurial Bats, Good HouseWitchery each add to building greater understanding of own situations / transitions.

    early 2008 brooding over broken biz relp (& subsequent lost friendshhip)+ renewed activity with Arian Ex (when he is good he s very very good, & when he’s worse than my worst nightmare….then turns the charm on again) – last new moon ritual was to let go of all angst / pain / obsession with both men, inviting the friendship to return when time’s right. so far so good. no cringe, pangs, no ill will – am at peace with both situations, now well behind me. One day will share the final FULL MOON showdown with Ex…… seeya!!

    to those amid MASSIVE CHANGE – WALNUT essence (Bach flower remedy or practitionor made) is magic for speeding up processing & letting go whilst the changes keep rolling by. try it, it works.

    xox 😉 xox

    p.s Irish AquaFlake FLAKED yet again… becoming a sport!

  2. Ah AAC tis cool I too at times write a thesis here at times – sorry all! 🙂 Good on you for all the growing you have done and for the courage you had to detox all toxic people out of your life. That is the hard thing with addicts methinks-that they have the emotional needs of a child. So you have this man child. When I let go this time, it will be forever. He knows this. All the best AAC for you and your daughter, even though you are sad now.

    Uber, I like the way you shoot straight, no bulldust. Boundaries – ah boundaries. I am learning slowly but surely and am teaching about them to my daughter and trying to show them in action now. Yes, better late than never. Uber when you said “codependent and rescuer” I went “Ouch” but I have to look at it. The rescuer part I accept but dont know about codependency. You think perhaps I am crowning myself as Martyr Queen? Oh Lord hope not! **%#%$#:( My head is hurting with all this thinking!!!

    • Sorry SS. I do aim straight, but not to wound. Codependency is neither a pretty word nor a pretty situation, and it occurs in degrees. You may find it doesn’t fit your situation, but I think it’s worth looking at, as codependency is an extension of enabling behaviour. It may help you with boundary setting. Or read ‘Games People Play’ by Eric Berne.

      People stay in relationships for some pay off or another. At times the pay off is not an enriching thing but the perpetuation of some destructive or unrealistic belief pattern. It’s important to know within yourself why you stick with it and whether the pay off has an enriching future.

      • Uber please do not apologise! I love your honesty and I so like being up front too. I will go to Borders and get Eric Berne’s book today methinks, though I must say I shuddered at the mere word codependency. The fact that you call it an extension of enabling is truly scary for me.
        So AAC it was so timely when you came in saying not to be afraid of codependency and how you experienced it. Thanks so much for sharing your experience. I am sure all our experiences on this site helps so many we dont even know.
        Uber and AAC you guys made me think of why I copped all this junk and AAC methinks you hit the nail on the head. I think I did have an agenda i.e that I can change my Scorp’s life around and give him a beautiful healthy and loving life as a result of living with me. I think i felt my love and nurturing would finally prove to him that there are people he can trust etc. I guess it makes me feel like Joan de Arc doing things that most say cannot be done. So Uber I guess it is my typical Polyanna pattern of believing the best in everyone and I set out to prove it is possible, unfortunately getting singed on the way! I dont know whether the pay off will be an enriching future. I have given it a time limit but also a definite boundary which if broken the time limit does not apply.
        AAC I am so very happy that you are one of those 3% : >. That is trul;y, truly fab and makes me smile with absolute delight. It is so nice to know that it can be done and is done if people are determined enough. So I watch and await.
        Thanks heaps again again Uber and AAC xxx.
        Mystic thanks again for your wonderful site with wonderful peeps. You give us so much more for our subscription. I cannot imagine mot having your site in my life. xxx

  3. I am very sorry to hear about the death of a loved one – of course you are feeling down…xx big hug.

    also AAC? what tablets are those? I undertstand that there are some types of quit smoking medications that are known to have some negative side effects – anger depression etc..perhaps check in case these are not helping you emotionally (but i am glad you are giving up the ciggies)??

    • AAC
      Just a thought……
      I gave up smoking years ago & after a while I began to see how much grief I was carrying (lost both parents when I was 10).

      I was doing some acupuncture & some other therapies at the time & was informed that lungs are associated with ‘Grief’ & after my parents died I had lots of trouble with asthma/bronchitis etc so it kind of makes sense. When I began smoking years later I guess it kind of suppressed the grief & I didn’t have anymore trouble with grief or asthma etc.

      Until i gave it up!! Bang there it was waiting for me, I’m tackling it but I guess it good to know what your own connection is to smoking.

      Good on you for quitting!! 😉

  4. AAC and Uber Virgo, absolutely I actually discovered the word ” enabling” just the other day and mentioned it to my Scorp. That I realised is what I was to him. He scoffed and denied it and said,”oh no you are just a beautiful person”. To which i replied, ” Yeah right, great to be used you mean!” Uber your criteria makes so much sense and I agree, I just have these ridiculous Mother Teresa tendencies wanting to save the whole world. This in itself begs questions I know-why do we do and think as we do etc blah blah. The new me however is insistant on respecting my own wellbeing and life. It is a battle to be consistent as my Scorp is tres fab at manipulation and guilt tripping.
    AAC as I read your response my heart went glug into my stomach because I could so feel your pain. Your life then is a mirror of my life, except that you guys had a daughter too. The good thing for your daughter is that she has a Mum who obviously adores her and thinks of her. Whereas my Scorp has a daughter who has a Mum who is a drug addict too. So this little one has had a life of hell and now is a messed up teen big time. I just feel so sad and helpless at all this horrible fall out from drugs. I like your term the “Uber Vampire” methinks I will adopt it if I may. I am so glad you got away with your daughter and did your own thing.
    Interesting you recognised that you took him on as he was like your Mum. I think I took on my Scorp as he was so wild. I had just come out of a 21 year marriage when I discovered he had played around. So after living like a num for 21 years I wanted to be wild and man oh man did I jump into the deep end!!
    AAC, no being on guard all the time is not healthy and I have given it till the end of this year Max. I hope you get rid off all the Uber Vampires in your life too. Maybe someone can concoct an Uber Vampire Repellent for us??

    • Drat, have to get back to work, but SS, vampire repellent is called boundaries. Boundaries need some self knowledge of how much you’re prepared to put up with. My sister calls me ‘the boundary queen’, with the utmost respect, mind you.

      To add to your vocab, it might be worth investigating the terms, ‘codependence’ and ‘rescuer’. I believe your intentions are loving and good, and come from the best possible place, but sometimes love has to call boundaries and minimize harm to you and others. In other words, get tough. Best wishes SS. xx

  5. Hang in there a,a,c it is probably everything combined and maybe the knowledge that now you are responsible for her totally. Feeling lonely for man company does not help either for sure. Can you find a beach somewhere close and go for a good walk and have a good yell/scream, just spit out all that blah you are feeling. I find this and a good massage really helps me when like this.

    Taurean you probably need this too. So glad for you that you are moving on and leaving the ‘pus’ behind! : >

    • Comment below is awaiting moderation as I added links…But AAC, that grief is still very fresh and if you’ve had no real time off to process some of it, then of course you’ll feel out of whack. Hanging out with supportive people is a great remedy (especially when they are broad shouldered types who are capable of being supportive–sometimes worth being selective) plus some alone time for having a good ol look at where you’ve been.

  6. Hang in there AAC. You have helluva lot on your plate at prez. How about planning a lovely little treat for you and your daughter. Fave food? Like a platter of smoked salmon and goats cheese with those mini-toasts and a glass of champagne> (Of course, that’s my taste and might not suit you).

    I’d also strongly recommend a long soak in a gorgeous bath. epsom salts, mag champa and wonderful music.

    Hugs. Hang in there. All this too shall pass. And a man shall pop into your life when you are a bit more healed


  7. Dearest Darlingest Mystic and All, I so look forward to starting my day with all your wonderful thoughts. Just love your Daily Scope and Weekend Scopes. I will be putting in an Astro Query shortly too.
    Your question of eclipse notes and what started in 2008 and ending now has really made me ruminate. All the wonderful input I have had from wonderful people on this blog and others and my own meandersings have soo helped me sort out stuff. In early 2008 I put up with so much crap from my Scorp a supposedly ex heroin user. I was the gullible trusting twit who just takes people at face value, always expecting the best. We got married and went on a rollercoaster of lies and deceit, no sex, money blown on drugs and smokes and alcohol, however sort of came out the other side ok after rehab and detox etc. However, I always have to be on guard as addicts are such con artists and such liars.
    Now in Aug 2009 I feel great : > Really free and not affected as much by crapiola. (How long will thios last?!?) I adore my Scorp BUT if he wants to go he can, if he wants to stay he can. I have told him that if he uses again he can just go, I dont want to hear from him or see him ever again, for love just is not enough to put up with crap and crippling debt. I used to hang in there as I did not want to lose my home etc but I have let go now. I will happily sleep under a bridge if that is the cost of the privilege of breathing freely not being wracked with doubt and worry. I confuse myself as even though I love him, at times I wish he would just OD and die asI feel I was the victim of a male predator. These guys are out there looking for women they can con with charm and love and great sex etc and then once they get them they just use them as a mother figure, with tales of woe of horrible childhood and suck them dry like energy vampires. The odd thing is I feel sad as it is a human crying out for help and I do help and nurture etc but have become very matter of fact. Hey I did not allow my childhood to make me an energy vampire. I chose to be a blessing not a curse.
    Anyway bla bla bla you get my drift. So I guess this eclipse has taken the wool off my eyes, what will be will be.
    For Astro fiends I do have a lot of Scorp in me too! I am a Sagg Sun, Gemini Moon, Scorp Ascendent & Mercury, Venus and Neptune in Scorp, Chiron in Pisces and Saturn in Capricorn.
    My Scorp had Sun, Mercury and Neptune in Scorp, Moon and Chiron in Acquarius, no birth time so dont know rising but I must say he seems very Acquarius to me. Venus in Sagg, Mars in Cance,Jupiter and Saturn in Capricorn, Pluto and North Node in Virgo.

    • Wow.

      Great posts, great insight and amazing wisdom and maturity from AAC and her planetary kin.

      In these 26+ posts are all the manifold reasons why I love this site. Viva la

      On the mad bad Aqua men – yep, guilty as charged. I remember our lovely MM’s surreal field guides from late last century – back then she likened us to replicants from Blade Runner.

      Even though I’m aware of that comparison (it is so apt!) I can’t help my vague detachment! I hate inflicting it on sensitive peeps who crave / function on more direct feedback.

    • Salacious, you’re much more generous than I would be. I’m a pretty busy little Virgo, with lots on the go and I guess my criteria for taking on a partner would have to be that they are going to enhance my life and wellbeing. I don’t have the time or the energy to take on someone who can give little or nothing or negative back. Being single is vastly underrated.

      Also, I’m with AAC. When does ‘helping & nurturing’ flip over into enabling?

  8. I’m doing the emerging from the chrysalis thing…… My experience has been work/dream related. Walked out on soul destroying job in Feb 08, leapt into the unknown re work, income, future – and so gave myself the space to really trust and have faith the universe will provide – since then have worked in several roles, and now with major multi-national, in an amazing team, just signed new lease on home, and it feels like the world is fresh and new. Still challenging myself, but am enjoying it, and know the pain and trauma won’t last, and I’ll emerge bigger, better and happier. To top it off, many friends and Familiy have been commenting on how different I am, and how inspiring they find me. Which is nice, and puzzling, as I feel the same about them! And thats just one thing I’ve been working on……

  9. I feel re-born, like a re-born Christian or soemthing. I began therapy in 2008 (finished a while ago) and now I feel, like, a re-born person with a more mature “ego structure”…beginning a life with a new skin (and new problems too of corse!)

    • Baristagem and hey hey congrats for fighting the power of old junk and sailing forth. hey hey ” Mature ego structure?” now that is something that sure would make us all have less turbulent lives I guess. I look at why I get my knickers in a knot with some more than others and generally ego is in someway involved i.e not feeling valued etc. Good luck guys. : >

  10. Feb 2008 was the beginning of a cycle of healing some big wounds that i was afraid of. Even though I am still working on it I feel that I come a long way & have been warrior like in my approach to it. I have definitely felt a shift this week & feel like my self again.

  11. since feb 2008 I’ve been dealing with jealousy and denial… my own of course, and others’ too. This eclipse season has really brought all of it to a head and squeezed the pus out of it. (ew)

      • yep. defn.
        dreams, end of heaps of work, beginning of something thats left me feeling very uncertain has left me feeling very flat and tired and desirous of a couch and some quiet.
        re 2008 to now thing. i can certainly think of an emancipating process that i began then, that i would quite like to finish now so that i can get on with another piece of learning as it were. but that requires some input from other people as well. which is that bit that’s leaving me uncertain and kinda hanging about waiting for whoever to sort out whatever. not something i am great at… sigh

  12. After 10 years of dealing with mental illness – post-natal & post traumatic distress disorder & other nasties which left my whole life upside down & self-esteem slashed. Early 2008 began an amazing healing journey, this has culminated in a phoenix like re-birth.

  13. Does this apply to Aqua-Woman???? Do get more by making myself less available.Always wondered if I was an Ass-hole it would be different????

  14. The Aqua astro and dream/man talk reminded me that last night, dreamt of a man with purple shoes and purple type jacket on. The rest of what he wore was white.

    The jacket was fashioned with some type of broach/clasp at the top. It had no buttons and was somewhat long. He looked rather new agey. He was my age but my sister’s husband’s son and that would be impossible as his hair was distinctively greyish/white… Maybe he was my inner animus/guru and the purple color meaning the crown chakra which our meditation thread jogged…We were attracted to each other..

    With my limited exp. with Aqua men Mystic, have to agree that the time I was complimented by one was after I told him off. Barbara De’Angelis considers men who need the chase as immature. I can see how at the beginning it’s exciting but come on…

    But on to the Eclipse!!

    Feb. 8 2008 had the gambling win and then a bit of a downward spiral with it becoming a habit and part of my life. Ended that officially several weeks ago and have given up wine now too. Much happier and clearer lately.

    The Moon cojoining with the Aqua planets trined my Asc/Mars…

  15. ooooh fluid feline – that is so wonderful – reminds of when I used to ‘star gaze’ with my sister and Nana in Coober Pedy (before street lights ruined the whole sky-scape). We’d drag out our banana lounges just beyond the door step of my Nana’s dugout and lie then in the cool night air, just gazing into the indigo blue sky…. a happy memory…

    You’ve inspired me to pass this on to my kids… Once the frost season has passed though…


  16. you’ve inspired me, i’m signing up. note on aqua male cracked me up- sounds exactly like an aqua boy i used to go out with. they are such tortured souls. i make a point of never missing his birthday and i can tell it drives him crazy !!

    • my opinion of Aqua males is that they are only half-human….the other half is robotic………..cold, cold, cold, cold, cold.

      • My Pisces had Aqua Merc/Venus….Simply did not understand how was always preached about as being “best friends” but was a betrayer…

        • Hey Mystic, just reminded me that the way to handle the Uranians is to emphasize the “friend” thing…

          And friends “only”… 😉 But that might have them chasin’ again, eh?


        • ooh SP i know someone (a scorp/libra combo who i have gone on about elsewhere) who was (is still!) always saying, “(unpredictable) is my BEST FRIEND” evah. etc. Since I believe that actions speak louder than words, I figure the main reason she tells people this is so she can then spread all manner of character-assassinating lies under the pretext of me having “told her” – “in secret” you understand, so “don’t tell anyone”. Gosh it doesn’t take much for me to get started does it!

          apart from that I like your take on the ‘just friends’ treatment of uranian r;ships – i think i will adopt this with My Toro, have looked at our charts and uranian conjunctions are EVERYWHERE – interrrestink.

  17. Eeep, I have been writing this damn screenplay since it’s Feb 08 spark of an idea, and now i’m working to stop writing/ rewriting/ re-envisioning and just wrap it up to actually make it happen. Terribly easy to just say “I’ll keep improving it, keep tweaking”, but alas, I think ’tis time I finished the damn thing, said “that’s good enough” and started to make real-world plans.

    But that’s so scary and grown up 🙁 Damn being a Cap with Pluto in Cap.

  18. Thanks Mystic! Last night the kids and I were, err, moon bathing and staring at the moon and we were wondering what that planet/star was. I thought it was a planet. Will have to tell kids (who are with their dad tonight). Love the full moon light.

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