Nefertiti Is The New Napoleon

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Nefertit book cover

Synchronicity strikes again!

It was but a few weeks ago that I posted about the asteroid Nefertiti & I just saw in the Daily Mail that this poor thing of a woman has had umpteen operations to try and turn her face into Nefertiti as she believes she is the reincarnation of the Egyptian Queen.

Not, mind you, that this concept has encouraged her to do anything such as read up on Egyptian mythology, magic or even history. It’s all very much about her feeling the vibe and spending $$$ on turning  herself into a creature who looks so trag – given she is meant to be chanelling a legendary ruler of enigmatic power & beauty – that i could not put her pic on my blog. I didn’t want to fuq up the Feng Shui.

It’s funny –  i  never get annoyed at peeps who want to spend their own money on looking a certain way that they like – but this woman invoking Nefertiti irritates the hell out of me. I know it’s an old cliche that lunatics always think they’re Napoleon or they used to but they never had cosmetic surgeons going along with that.

Mind you, Napoleon would be more simple. If you’re a lunatic, you’d only need a double breasted sort of military cloak and an imperial Leo-style strut. It would, however, be interesting to get the birthdate of the Nefertiti impersonator and check out where the asteroid was at her birth. We know she is not a Leo lunatic as she has not googled herself and thus found the blog mention of asteroid Nefertiti and e-mailed me to say it named after her.

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9 thoughts on “Nefertiti Is The New Napoleon

  1. I’ve been referring to cosmetic surgeons and their ilk as medical whores, but may have to find a new tag as it’s a serious insult to sex workers. Any whackjob can have their delusions enabled if they have the money, and any addict can have the assistance of medical professionals to destroy themselves for the same. So much for Hippocrates.

    Which brings us to the news about MJ, that his ‘physician’ had been injecting him nightly with a surgical anaesthetic to help him sleep. In other words, his pethidine (demerol) addiction was so far gone, it’s the only thing that would work. A doctor has to know drugs this powerful WILL kill the patient. Homicide it is.

    • Right & the Doctor was hired by his new financiers & promoter’s who had millions
      to make in insurance & sales by his death.
      New Rolling Stone has special tribute to him & this month’s Vanity Fair (must buy),
      as i always thought from the start it was for insurance. Worth more death than alive.

      I love MJ merely even because he wrote the world’s first love song to a Rat & it became
      PS. yes, madam in the pix doesn’t look a day over 48 years!
      And who did spoil MJ’s beautiful looks, destroyed bit by bit, poor love?

  2. Not to be a bore, but again this makes me draw a link between ye olde Nefertiti and the mysteriously missing Anastasia Romanov. How many Anastasia ‘impostors’ or ‘pretenders’ have there been? Now this woman fancies herself the second coming of Nef.
    Could Nefertiti be the original Anastasia, Beaumont Children, Madeleine McCann and what-his-name who was married to Olivia Newton John..??
    New possible interpretation of the meaning of the Asteroid Nefertiti in your chart… It signifies the things that you have left behind from the past but won’t quite let themselves be forgotten. Karmic closet skeletons.
    Sorry. Getting carried away….

    • Interesting – what is weird is that i’ve known a few women who were intensely intelligent but angry & moody fantasist types who both claimed to be descended, via very murky means from Anastasia/white russians/something similar. I did not know them at ALL well so could not quiz them re how they came to this conclusion.

      • Are these delusional or plausible claims, you think? And if the former, what does your Astrologer brain tell you could be behind it…? I’m thinking either Leo or Pisces, somewhere in the chart ??, would be responsible for irrational belief that you are descended or reincarnated from royalty… Yes?

  3. Looks 25? In what planetary system?
    I can’t imagine being so disconnected, that getting surgery to really “channel” your former being makes sense.
    I like how she has these vivid dreams – but is not a servant, or slave – she’s the head honcho…
    I’d love to know more about her husband….

    • husbands – plural and both gone. i wonder why. What i’d like to know is what kind of psychoanalyst would encourage the past lives b-s. Plastic surgeons are becoming the like used car salesmen IMHO.

      She looks a bit like a tragic Angelina Jolie wanna be.

  4. Obviously the ops haven’t achieved there purpose as she looks bizarre
    & nothing like Nefertiti.
    Seems like it is to draw younger men, huh? She still looks her age.
    She has the same problem as the Wilderstien woman who wanted to look
    like a frightened alley cat.
    Another example of the Heavy Wallet Syndrome.
    Beyond tragic……..and she hasn’t even been to Egypt????
    And if she did, i doubt whether they would prostrate themselves
    & worship her, for what?
    Besides we know Kim Falconer’s the channeler of Nef:)

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