Mercurial Magical Weirding Afoot

Messenger-Of-The-Gods Mercury is – yes – heading toward a smack-up conjunction with Saturn & exact next Tuesday…That’s oh, i dunno, kind of factual.  BUT before then Mercury is opposing Eros & Isis as Pandora conjoins Neptune in Aquarius. This is tres foxy astro – cunning, mercurial enchantment.  No matter how hard you are working or how irritating this final crunching of Saturn over the same turf he has been covering since late 2008 is – some magical astro-weirding is weaving its wiles invisibly. Did I just suddenly start checking out the orbits of Isis, Eros and Pandora to cheer  you up from that nasty Mars-Saturn bingle and do you care if I did????

Image: Swanbones Theatre – Kelly Louise Judd

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I love dogsocks (tha family name for FoxGloves…..).

I’m longing for a bit of magic….

xox rockstar libran publicist xox

David – here’s ANOTHER for the ladies – HOT!!



The best ever….and i heard recently that they are pretty sure he was murdered by his manager for insurance money..tragic

libran tiger

ah so it was garth from wayne’s world who made those rayban sunglasses cool. classic!


oh, no..that would be Bob Dylan on the cover of Infidels album..

libran tiger

yeh they do look much better on him!


Another lovely image Mystic. Thank you. I had a nice encounter with a fox just a few weeks ago. Driving home at sunset and saw a fox by the side of the road. Normally they slink off and you cannot get a look at them. But I slowed down anyway and put my window down. He just stood there and looked at me. We had a chat and then he went about his business and me mine. Pretty little face & very fancy tail. I know they are a feral pest but it is not their fault the English brought… Read more »


WAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHOOOO fat saturn moves off my jupiter in 2 days and I have had ALL of the manifestations suggests you will experience: This influence can represent different things to different people. It can be an opportunity for very careful sustained growth through patient endeavor. Or it can be a period of extreme restlessness and impatience. During this time you may expect any of the following: a change of job or residence; a change in financial status, often for the worse; withdrawal from others in order to work; fondness for solitude; industry and perseverance. Of course I have experienced both… Read more »

Champagne Bearing Aquarian

Thank you Mystic 🙂 Hope it cheered you up too!


Yes thank you made me feel a bit better that there is something positive coming. Aside from everything else my saturn return finished on Monday, well that was when Saturn was smack on my natal saturn. I thought I should feel good (or relieved) now that it’s all over but I’m not. I’ve been snappy and stressed and screaming at everyone around me about minor things since Monday. Also giving everything and everyone from the past 12 months a thorough postmortem. I can’t stop it, if I distract myself during the day I just end up dreaming about it. Over… Read more »

Ãœber Virgo

mons, our darling Saturn moves fairly slowly, so if it was exact Monday, you’d be feeling it intensely still. I think the whole of Saturn return lasts around a year, with several exact passes due to retro motion. Even if it was the last pass, it will take a little while for the influence to ease, but it will pass. Keep telling yourself ‘this too shall pass’ etc. Try looking at the period in an unemotional way. What have you learned?


Thanks for that. Yes it’s apparently the last pass so onwards and upwards from here I guess. Thanks for explaining why I’m still feeling a bit tense 🙂

The Leo Socialite

Darling Mystic who art so wonderful, maybe you could have two sections of the site? One for people in the mood to get the dirt on Saturn and one for those who enjoy readnig about beautiful Eros Pandora astrology…

unpredictable pisces

Can Isis, Eros and Pandora cheer me up from splitting up with the Toro? 🙁 I think he even has his next female in the bag, what a total jerk.

*stumbling on in life*

sad pisces.

Champagne Bearing Aquarian

Whether they can cheer you up or not – we can!

Sending healing vibes and blessings your way – it does and it will get better, but right now you are entitled to vent, drink red wine or curl up and eat chocolate ice cream as much as required (as long as you are taking care of yourself.)

Bloody fixed signs! 😉


So sorry to hear about that UP. Has it just happened? Sadly it is very common for people to use another ‘relationship’ as an excuse to avoid facing up to what they need to face up to on their own. Happens all the time – its part of avoiding growing up and relating as an adult. His choice. He will have to face the ramifications. And there will be ramifications… Whatever he is or is not up to, you need to look after Number One. Get your finances in order and just do what needs to be done – one… Read more »


Big hugs UP. Feel what you need to, release it all & move on. You may not see it just now but this may end up being the best thing for you. Remember, it DOES get better. It also feels good to mutter “he bad man” every once in a while as you down a glass of vincay (but not too many!!) xx

Ãœber Virgo

Sorry it didn’t work out UP. 🙁

If I know you, you’ll be back in the ring in no time, with your WWF tights on. Look out it’s the flying fishZILLA!!!

unpredictable pisces

fishzilla! omg. you are the greatest. thank you x

unpredictable pisces

thanks CBa and nat. Yes, the red wine stash will be taking a beating. It wasn’t unexpected but he just went about things in a really shit, immature way. BTW, language warning…. Also, last weekend I stumbled across him and a ‘friend’ in a pub looking a bit too comfortable together if you ask me , this gave my suspicions a big nudge. Honestly I feel that the last 18 months has been a total waste of time, energy and caring. He has some major personal issues to deal with that I’ve tried to be supportive of but you know… Read more »


UP, where ever we go, there we are. We don’t turn into different people by grabbing a new girlfriend or moving town or changing job… they are EXTERNAL things. I’m guessing that what needs addressing is on the INSIDE, therefore, it will go where ever he goes until he does some inner looking and makes inner changes to address it. His choice of course, and he may choose the Path of Avoidance instead. Its a popular route. A Superhighway even! Buggered if I know why people avoid looking inside, doing some growing up and learning how to behave & relate… Read more »

scorpalicious robot

“Intimacy & Solitude” is a great book.

UP, now that Toro has gone it leaves room for someone more wonderful to come along! x

Leonine Librarian

UP would it help to clean as we go all dark moony…just get rid of the stale sad qi and breathe something new into being?

unpredictable pisces

funny you should mention that LL, I’ve been cleaning like a demon lately. De-cluttering galore. I wish I could de-clutter feelings, swoosh some emo-bleach around :S

Leonine Librarian

emo-bleach, I’d say there would be a ready market out there UP.

I think it’s one of those things you just have to let yourself feel to heal faster…the swoosh of the emotions, alternating between kicking, red wine, healthy food, conversation, directed soul searching, with fresh sparky qi…and eventually you come to a new place. A place where you don’t just tell yourself you’re stronger for what you’ve been through, you know it, and embrace and actually feel good too.

I love Uber bestowing the title Fishzilla on you…long may you swim strong and true.

unpredictable pisces

yep you’re right – not just saying “better off without him” or “i am above this” or whatever – actually KNOWING that. and feeling it. I’ll get there soon…xx


Sorry , UP 🙁 I left a video link down below for you, if that can’t raise a smile, Im not sure will x

unpredictable pisces

i am totally amazed at the awesome support and words of wisdom everyone has offered..thank you so much *big bear hug y’all*. Wayne’s world is one of my fave ridiculous movies. FITHS indeed!! hehe. i will be thinking that when i look at him from now on. quel cagey prat. and i do like reading what Stephanie dowrick has to say, i know that book…will locate… have such great mates it’s been a big boost. just that initial stage of dealing with ‘i don’t want to be with you any more [but i’m keen to be with someone else tho… Read more »

xox rockstar libran publicist xox

UP – FIHTS!! (fug I hate that shit…) a lot!!

dreaming of Prince Perfect for YOU – lots of love xox 🙂 xox

xox rockstar libran publicist xox

he obviously suffers from FITH syndrome (fugged in the head…..)

xox rockstar libran publicist xox

FIHTS!! he’s totally got FITHS!

love to you for yr pain. dialing in Prince Perfect for you now xox


yes, and no


Thank you Mystic, it is great to know there is something to be cheery about in amongst all this work. 🙂

Salacious Sagg

Thanks Mystic for your thoughtfulness a always : > xxx


I believe you did and I thank you.

Leonine Librarian

Yes Mystic, very much care that you care to find some balance/positivity to the Saturn/Mars dust up…grateful too for knowledge of foxy astro…and do love images you provide with posts.

virgo cat

I love it! Thank you thank you thank you!!!

Plus was wondering what wierdness was afoot with series of recent encounters.

sweet sanity

Ooooooh this sounds exciting Mystic, foxy enchantments, and what a gorgeous imag of Miss Vixen in the Lupins!! Also my apologies on not being speedier on the poll, I didn’t know there was a deadline, I feel so bad…..D’oh!!!

sweet sanity

It was in Tuesday’s mail out, looks like we both missed the boat then. And I so love contributing! Oh well, we’ll just have to be more vigilant.


yeah….foxglove is used in digitalis….Brand name Digoxin….cardio-tonic


Digitalis is the Latin name for foxglove. Used in cardio med to slow or stop the heart. Very effective! I took prescription beta blockers for a couple of years and they turned me into a zombie. Never again.

Yes Myst, do care that you want to cheer us up! I felt the mars/saturn thing move off suddenly, and could really do with some mecurial magic. Hope springs …

xox rockstar libran publicist xox

well this little one hope’s so Mystic – Saturns’ traversing is doing my head in!!

loving your ‘FOXY’ notion. love the image. thank you!!
Fox in Sox.

irrelevant fact #165 – can recite Fox in Sox from cover to cover without tripping over tongue or stalling. boys & men are captivated by this rarely performed feat. I do have a life, promise!! xox 😉 xox

fluid feline

u r hilarious rlp – i too love the rhythm of that dr suess book, though as my kids now 9 and 11 can no longer boast off by heart.

ps I love the picture too – have a very soft spot for foxes. xx

xox rockstar libran publicist xox

or FOXY!!

so get the book out & try it. like dancing, is all in the rhythm!

….when beetles fight battles in a bottle with their paddles and the bottle’s on a poodle and the poodle’s eating noodles they call this a muddle puddle tweetle doodle noodle poodle beetle bottle battle thingo……..

these days is bit like doing the ‘splits’ flat up the wall (as in vertical ballet move) – requires warm up!!


virgo cat

Yes! Great image!!

fluid feline

Thanks Mystic, anything to take my mind off the effing Pluto opp my Venus which is being squared by both trans Uranus and Saturn. Won’t even go there but some will know how I feel.

little fish

foxgloves, …how cute! also known as digitalis, a good little heart starter.

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