Mercurial Bats Alert – Retro-Mercury in Libra…

Vintage TelephoneA telephone used only by Librans to talk to other Librans.

Mercury is soon to go Retrograde in LIBRA, a whimsical little astro-passage bound to make for interesting relationship quadruple entrendres, delicate gameplay & strange back and forthings in nigh everything.

It is, as always, not the time to sign contracts & you need to factor in an extra dimension of potential screw-ups for all arrangements.

But, apart from a few squares to Pluto which i will be dealing with (lol) in the Daily Mystic et al, this is a fairly benign bit of astro-weirding.

It will be – i think – excellent for random flirtations and Libran style synchronicity. There will be a certain charm to it, because it is Libra.

V.hard on impatient Arieans, Pluto-tripping Capricorns & Cancerians who prefer a more emotionally upfront version of communication.

Mercury Retrogrades on September 7 and is Direct on September 29.

Image;  Ma Bell

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20 thoughts on “Mercurial Bats Alert – Retro-Mercury in Libra…

  1. i actually searched the web until i found one of these and i LOVE it…. i bought an old darkwood telephone table/chair to go with it

    it is definitely fantastic.

  2. ‘excellent for random flirtations and Libran style synchronicity……’ whoohoo!!
    bring it on!!

    torrid times here supporting nearest & dearest amid life crisis (health, death, pets put down – list continues) shouldered while fending 3rd consecutive head-flu thingo / quietest biz time (setting up new ventures) – so BRING ON the disctractions!

    quipped today ‘when’s the bit I wake up & get the good bits?’!!

    BTW re phone – if it has curly cord either vertical Erickson handset(dial underneath) or Swatch phone. or some futuristic Apple product that only Librans get to sue cos its so Goddamn HOT!! xox

    • I hear you RLP. Love apple stuff and am surrounded by them but my powerbook charger nearly set my doona on fire last week. probably was some warning about that I never read and I guess they don’t test them covered by doonas for hours at a time.

      hope some smoother sailing is headed your way – i’m looking forward to some of those flirtatious synchronicities too!

  3. HA!!!!!!!!
    THAT IS SOO FUNNY – my grandmother (Aquarian with Libran Asc) Lol her house is like full of this stuff but its a bit more querky and odd LOL!

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