Mercurial Bats Alert – Retro-Mercury in Libra…

Vintage TelephoneA telephone used only by Librans to talk to other Librans.

Mercury is soon to go Retrograde in LIBRA, a whimsical little astro-passage bound to make for interesting relationship quadruple entrendres, delicate gameplay & strange back and forthings in nigh everything.

It is, as always, not the time to sign contracts & you need to factor in an extra dimension of potential screw-ups for all arrangements.

But, apart from a few squares to Pluto which i will be dealing with (lol) in the Daily Mystic et al, this is a fairly benign bit of astro-weirding.

It will be – i think – excellent for random flirtations and Libran style synchronicity. There will be a certain charm to it, because it is Libra.

V.hard on impatient Arieans, Pluto-tripping Capricorns & Cancerians who prefer a more emotionally upfront version of communication.

Mercury Retrogrades on September 7 and is Direct on September 29.

Image;  Ma Bell

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THAT IS SOO FUNNY – my grandmother (Aquarian with Libran Asc) Lol her house is like full of this stuff but its a bit more querky and odd LOL!

xox rockstar libran publicist xox

‘excellent for random flirtations and Libran style synchronicity……’ whoohoo!!
bring it on!!

torrid times here supporting nearest & dearest amid life crisis (health, death, pets put down – list continues) shouldered while fending 3rd consecutive head-flu thingo / quietest biz time (setting up new ventures) – so BRING ON the disctractions!

quipped today ‘when’s the bit I wake up & get the good bits?’!!

BTW re phone – if it has curly cord either vertical Erickson handset(dial underneath) or Swatch phone. or some futuristic Apple product that only Librans get to sue cos its so Goddamn HOT!! xox

libran tiger

I hear you RLP. Love apple stuff and am surrounded by them but my powerbook charger nearly set my doona on fire last week. probably was some warning about that I never read and I guess they don’t test them covered by doonas for hours at a time.

hope some smoother sailing is headed your way – i’m looking forward to some of those flirtatious synchronicities too!

taurean with the HMBOTS

i’m an apple tart!

scorpalicious robot

me too…. or maybe a whore 🙂

xox rockstar libran publicist xox

am a tart apple!

btw thx guys *gals* is mon besty that needs support – for me be (Monty Python) ‘mere flesh wounds”

……..I reckon shedding mane in support is essential……..

taurean with the HMBOTS

ROTFLMAO!! ‘xacly y i lurve this site!

Champagne Bearing Aquarian

UV is on fire today!

Ãœber Virgo

I suppose it goes *tinkle tinkle* when it rings.

libran dreamchild

i actually searched the web until i found one of these and i LOVE it…. i bought an old darkwood telephone table/chair to go with it

it is definitely fantastic.


My libran father in law has a phone just like that one, seriously..

virgo cat

My libran mother bought a bright orange retro (60s?) phone at a market in Milan which she claims that she will one day rewire to use in North America.

Watery Libran

I’m much rather have the bright orange retro phone than this confection – every time I see something like that all I can think of is how to dust the sucker 🙂

Leonine Librarian



Oh don’t encourage them – it’s aural pornography 🙂

Watery Libran

great idea!

Leonine Librarian

I thought you might like that a hairdryer can be used for acts other than good hair…and it really does work….brought to you by my 3 planets in Virgo by way of the Sun.

Watery Libran

That’s what it is with this idea – it appeals to my Virgo rising 🙂

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