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Captain Haddock cursing

Face it – With Mars the way it is for the next few days, there are bound to be opportunities for us all to go totally bats. My in-box is full of people wigging & if I hadn’t had acupuncture, i’d feel like it myself…As Mars is still in orb of aspecting Saturn and the action planet is also aspecting Neptune +Uranus (the latter being the main  instigator of all this shite) I have decided there are six basic options of how to react to ‘stimuli’ of the next few days…

You can channel:

* Mars-Saturn – the Low Version:  Sulk. Climb into hair shirt. See whatever is going on as manifestion of downward cycle. Do some pass-agg whinging. You’d be vengeful if you weren’t so exhausted.

* Mars-Saturn- The High Version: You get a stylish grip, clean your house, floss your teeth, go for a walk and put whatever has annoyed you into a dignified and worldly perspective before coming to a really rational and peace inducing realisation.

* Mars-Neptune – The Low Version: You go straight to the pub, bottle store, liquor store and connect with anyone willing to get s-faced and bitch it up with you. After two drinks you start to consider some real sneaky manouveres.

* Mars-Neptune – The High Version: You pray or meditate and connect with your higher self. You get some Reiki or take a salts bath. You send golden rays of forgiveness to the soul who has hurt or annoyed you; all is one on the Golden Qi matrix.

* Mars-Uranus – The Low Version; You whiz off a quick fuq u missive to sever ties with the person/entity/wanker you feel is constricting your lifestyle options and initiate several radical changes (house/sexuality/lover/job) as fast as poss.

* Mars-Uranus – The High Version: You never-ever-give up or in.  You take whatever is bugging you and turn it into sheer hare-brained genius by dint of some intellectual alchemy yet to be officially recognised by science but which works a treat.

Note that Mars is in Gemini so you could easily hover between the High and Low version of any of these.

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33 thoughts on “Mars Options

  1. Trying to go the High Version…

    laying low at work. very quiet with ipod on…

    and outside work – no talking, no texting…

    looking forward to this day/week being over.

    didn’t help that my stars in the herald said gems should watch out for explosions today… nice.

    that’s why I love you, Mystic – you’re never negative (and always spot on…).

    take call today, all.


  2. To almighty hell with haute.

    Four weeks of other peoples fk-ups have activated my Mars-in-Scorp.
    Or as I like to call it, my inner Sicilian.

    There will be blood.

  3. Until I read this I was so near to giving the boy the flick, but now I’ve settled down and would so not like to be a ‘low’ anything.
    So, when my gf asked me away for the weekend to do girly things I said yes. I’ll rethink while away. the girls always come up with good ideas.

    BTW, how does one put an avatar on the blog? I’m quite a luddite at this sort of thing.

  4. oh yes. thank you. I am feeling the reverse. Feeling like am under an anvil. Thoughts all foggy/fuzzy/muggy.
    Am cranky though and fighting urge to be snarky.

    (natal mars in gemini).

  5. Being a Gem, I’m gong for multi-options: high Mars-Saturn (to-do list, walk with groceries); a bet both ways with Mars-Neptune (pinot noir + bath with some Pacific Ocean added); high Mars-Uranus (enthusiastic about future). As above, so below. Even when it’s weird, I love to feel the planetary vibes.

  6. AAAhh Mystic… explains so much, swing between the ‘not got the job’ that they have spent months training me in… and blaming every b….for it and trying to see sense in the decision, and work hard to have an extention to my contract….. one minute up trying to focus on the hight IQ stuff, next driving myself nuts with low IQ…. then trying to rest in the dark moon as well…. while working – job hunting – studying – running a home – and achieve restful sleep.
    Sons advise was to go out on the turps, stop stressing and have fun….. think he is chanelling your advise too…

  7. Trippy!

    this must be best astro blog around
    I swear. I view a lot of them and this
    one takes the cats whiskers hands down
    also the cake, takes the cake I mean
    and is cats meow… (don’t know where
    whiskers come in, maybe after he eats the
    cake he wipes them , not sure…)

    – Mr. Gimball (all coked up)

  8. i am choosing a range of hi & lo options 😉 thanks mystic for elucidating so well! will now investigate the other hautes choices

  9. I am SO ON the Mars-Saturn High Energy.
    My god I have achieved so much today. And its all nasty back-log that has been eating away at my conscience for weeks, months in some cases. Just powered through it in some insane fit of Capricorn / Virgo get-le-shite-togetherness.
    I’ve flitted between writing HTML code for a website, reconciling last Financial Year’s accounts, and writing witty press releases.
    AND I cleaned my desk!! AND AND I even found time to read and write comments on this lovely site in between chores.
    Where does this personality hide when I need it??
    I am celebrating with some serious Mars-Neptune time in the pub. Now!

  10. Love that I can actually understand this! Yay! And I will really, really TRY to stay high….I mean on the high version, of course. House cleaned (almost) now to the gym! Mars me up baby!!!

  11. right there with ya sassy and not-so-virginal. Am swinging between Kate Bush song ‘Deeper Understanding’ and resisting the urge to down a bottle of sav blanc before telling certain fuqed up men what I REALLY think of them when I’m saying, ‘No, its fine really…’ I’m in awe of you fallen angel – so very sunshiny yet amazingly cool. ….

    Ta Mystic – this helps.

  12. instead of hovering, can you just vacillate wildly between high and low? alcoholic binges followed by dark moon cleaning and planning for the future?

    • Well, I find a little glass of red whilst sitting on the sofa post-salt bath and meditation can be quite therapeutic, and definitely assists in the sending of golden rays 🙂

  13. oh my frickin… Mystic, thankyou for explaining and providing ways to deal with the fact that i feel like i’ve been feeling like i’m losing my mind!!
    is it just me or has the last month been some kind of tumultuous whirlpool of life?!?

    • no sassy – is not just you!! hang on babe, the evolution is in place….but as it happens results outcomes just aint that apparent. but things are moving & results will appear. often suddenly!! xox

  14. Hovering here!

    The Dark Moon has me almost comatose with exhaustion…. so am doing my best to honour that, which in turn means that its just my thoughts swinging between the haute & bas versions of all of the above!

    Plus I am also having a shocking hair month, and am about ready to ditch hairdresser for someone new – I’d deliberately organised to get my hair done in Leo, thinking that would be auspicious, but the date got changed on my hairdressers request to other times, twice, and I am OVER feeling ugly…. I just want a new do to perk me up… uh oh – I think I just did a Mars-Saturn Low sulk impersonation…

    • Have actually had hair trials for what feels like all this month…except was really only a couple of bleh times…but it felt like all month….because it was a fair to middling hair day on my B’day, and then the leo hairdresser went spare on doing hair on women and has banned them, and then a couple of scheduling mishaps, and then a general on my side, falling out with a hairdresser friend, and then went to see another hairdresser who told me all about her relationships…so she felt better, which was nice, but then somehow in the midst of it, the little bit of hair that was meant to come off turned into more.

      My children bless their positive[get a grip mother] little hearts just looked at me and went ‘it will grow fast enough’. Which wasn’t quite the same as it looks good don’t worry…so I postmodscorp you may of dodged a bullet.

      • that was meant to be I think postmodscorp you may of dodged a bullet…having all your hair stuff rescheduled. Oh and the leo hairdresser who declared she had had enough of doing hair for women, had first come in late and hung over and then had the requisite ‘difficult’ customer…

        There has been good thing happening this month too…but this ratty behaviour, myself included, keeps coming up. I’m feeling a bit seasick from all the tossing about.

    • postmodscorpie – also totally BEZAUSTED today….. shackled self to desk, aim was productive output would trump over chronic fatigue. it worked. but have (non glamorous) industry function tonight. would rather swap writers garb (trainers, leg ins, puffer vets) for PJ’s, doona Tele….but that will have to wait! At least tomorrow’s ‘doable’ to-do list awaits. ticking off niggly duties bides good time till energy springs back.

      what about face scrub or mask?
      does wonders for upping self image. as does mani-pedi treat, those crumby massage chairs hit the spot!!

  15. Mystic,

    Mars Return at 25 Gemini in less than one hour PST! (Sq. trans. Ur). No wonder I feel like getting in the car and blaring my stereo…lol

    Mars Return chart 14 Taurus Asc…..bringing natal Venus 14 deg. exactly to the first.

    Chart 26 Capricorn MC…natal Moon 26 Cap.

    Mars Return Chart NN. 0.06 Aquarius conj. chart MC and natal Moon…

    Should be an interesting next two years….Definitely feeling the never give in or up despite my reservations at times… Just not an option…

  16. Darling Divine M, I love your wit and wondrous humor. And yes, the fact that I have been trying to channel all higher versions except for a brief incursion into a bag of crisps.

    After having been almost laid out by the Dark Moon into well..darkness, I am so feeling the pull-myself-out-of-my-own-sticky-merde instinct. So bath, check. Gym training, check (in newly purchased trainers I may add, if one must battle then one must be dressed for it). Witty banter with Martian Trainer, check. He actually took the time to patiently explain foot ball to me and explicitly told me he had positioned himself next to me with the express intent of breaking my fall should it happen.

    Comparison of injuries with Martian Trainer, check. Golden rays of forgiveness check check check. I am now the sun. Or at least on this particular cycle I am hee hee

  17. Phew – must be evolving. had tonne of bricks dump from all directions BUT instead of traditional buckling have channeled Dark Moon action plan – cleaned. then the cleaner cleaned. washed windows. cleared. e-bay designer clothing store in progress! meticulously tending OVERDUE duties – biz, personal, magazine articles, bills……

    Heeding Daily Mystic advice re rest, sleep, rejuvinate, recluse & emerging after New Moon. thank you also Mystic for wise words above!!

    Am dark moon exhausted, but for once, not cracking to multiple pressures or opting to run away (way overdue for holiday)…… instead tending details, surely solutions are bound to emerge?? now will also channel HAUTE MARS_URANUS above!! xox

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