Lion Statue with Lion Tamer cloak in teethWannabe Leo-Tamers, get a grip!

I don’t think many of you realise  how the transit of Saturn (from August 2005 to September 2007) chastened our Leo…Saturn in Virgo hasn’t done nearly the same amount of ego-dinging to our Virgo because they LIKE being encouraged to get into shape. 2am shredding and filing orgies don’t phase them. Whereas a Leo thinks he/she should only be up at 2am if they are prancing in the moonlight to Rhapsody In Blue, in first class en route to open some fashion week, at the most fabulous party or receiving declarations of lust/admiration/adoration from someone suitably HOT and preferably FAMOUS.

So Leo was chastened. But from October 17 to early June in 2010, Leos are gonna make up for all that. Mars has not been in Leo this long since 1970 or something…I had it previously on the blog…Ages, at any rate. So, if you’re in love with or otherwise enmashed with a Leo, recognise that his/her ego, ambition, libido, creative urges, performance artiness and energy is soon going to be magnified ten fold. And anything other than abject devotion and 24-7 “support” will be deemed a betrayal.

Image: Banksy


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Hell yeah, bloody brilliant I am a Leo with a ton of combo’s in Gemini plus Gemini Asd. so let the good OTT times begin…..


Great Ga Ga 🙂 no one can say that Leo’s don’t enjoy being a leo!


So true


Oh my god Mystic, you have truly made my day, week, month year… being a leo and going thru my saturn return has been some kind of journey through the ringer…
thanks bloody god for mars!!

taurean alchemist

good grief…. I just completely power tripped on DLE. Well, I’m kinda OVER his power tripping on ME, so I told him that he has nothing I want, that because the children live with me, I have what HE wants, so he can kiss my arse instead of showing up at my house with his assumptions and his sense of entitlement. I can sense what is coming next… legal threats, threats to stop paying school fees etc. If Mars in Leo makes him worse I may need the number of the Hungarian Mafia or something. *sigh*

Ãœber Virgo

Will a mouthy Virgo with a Lilith complex suffice? I detest people who punish their children to get back at their exes.

taurean with the HMBOTS

in my opinion, observation and experience, it’s not really about the children, it’s about power over women! they just can’t stand not having the woman under control even if they were the one doing the leaving which 9 times out of 10 they’re not anyway. my ex did all the usual stuff, threatened, didn’t pay, played the sugar daddy then when the child was 15, started the whole control thing that men do when their daughters start looking at men and played his hand soooooo badly that said daughter will have nothing to do with said father. all with me… Read more »


Did he learn nada during Saturn in Leo TA? Or just stuff that didn’t pertain to you and the children?

And, he has no right “to just show up”, does he?…Aren’t there guidelines set in joint custody, etc. as there are here in U.S.?


Dear Sweetpea,

My be you can help me. I am lost in all these. I was born in India on August 02 at 0.56 AM (which is technically August 03.
According to Hindu / moon base it’s cancer. But August 02 (Sun sign) is leo. Can any one in this crowd help me understand this ?

I also invite people who hates Leo to dump on me. I can take it and learn from it (it will be a mirror for me).

What is good and bad for leo in 2010 ?

Mauvellous Capricorn

Dear Harshad, If you’re inviting people to dump on you !?! then I’m thinking you may be veering towards being more Cancerian than Leo. Just a thought. Take care, and hope you find your answers. May your mirror always reflect beauty, rather than hate.



You would want to do your chart according to the EXACT time you were born as this gives accuracy esp. for the Ascendant and determines a definitive Sun (and all other planets of course).

You didn’t mention a city in India so it would have been diffcult to run your chart.

Sorry I cannot assist you furthur but will be away from the blog for some time.

Best Wishes, Sweetpea


Ãœber Virgo

Harshad, go to astro.com ,enter your birth details and use the free horoscopes. Then in September, get yourself a copy of ‘Mystic Medusa’s Astroscape 2010’, which will tell you everything you need to know AND MORE for Leo and your rising sign (Ascendant). Good luck and don’t be dumped on.


Yeah, my dad died in 2007 too. Isn’t it fun to have deaths during your SR? Well, at least the fiance dumped me before it, so I didn’t have that happen then too 😛

I have Mars in Leo natally too, so this could be interesting.


had an enormous falling-out with a Leo best friend in 2005…..also my Leo brother died unexpectedly in 2007….


Oh yes, I do feel that way!

The last four years has been “brutal” for me, maybe venus in virgo did me in. Nice to know I may feel better soon.


As a Leo, with Saturn in my 2nd house, that period of life was incredibly difficult and challenging. My nanna fell down and broke her hip and I had to take on the challenge of being her care taker, then I lost my Nanna who was like my mother to me and took care of me after my mum had passed away years before. I cheated on my significant other, upon which he found out, and we took a very long time to put the pieces of our relationship back together. I am so effin glad that it’s out of… Read more »

Ram Tormented by Librans

Ms Mystic – is it truly your birthday? Happy, happy returns of the day.

I am a bit worried about the whole Leo ramping up – my Leo son who turns 15 very soon can really live without an increase in ego, libido etc.

Ay caramba!


Ha !….yes, my Leo nephew of the same age is always looking at himself in the mirror !

The Leo Socialite

I LOVE this and i LOVE the picture and i really LOVE that it is right next to the Buddha all serene. Was just saying something about Buddha in the meditation post. I think it is like the Lion Goddess right next to something more patriarchal and she is not taking any of it. And i am not Matthew Mineva’s MOTHER. I just like doing CAPS tonight.

fish out of water

my leo husband has saturn in virgo and it has been a particularly hard year or so for his mojo in general, but on the up side, he can now bench press 160kg and we have both been benefiting from his low carb kick!

i will be very happy to let him know that some hope re energy / ego etc is coming his way. leo’s are so sad without their mojo 🙁 he is a little bit lost at the moment


Fish Out of Water- Are you me??????
Whilst my husband has his saturn in Gemini, MOJO has been the word of the year, and his lack of it. He has also joined the gym, wants to run a marathon, despite being initially obese, and we are not allowed carbs after dark!
And I am pisces too.

fish out of water

isnt that funny?!? he’s also been having all kinds of dramas with his work, spent a few months out of work, then a few months of 7 days a week kind of stuff but all the time questioning what he does for a living. been hell for him but, you know, living next door to hell for me. all i can say is BRING ON OCTOBER!!!


This is too freaky! We have been living our own personal hell for the past 14 months, with my husband doing long stints of 7 days a week, (studying a masters degree at same tme) at least 18 hour days, while at times also having no employment prospects. He also has had setbacks which have made him all existential about what he should actually do- pursue work for its integrity, or for the money and sell his soul. And of course I know all about living next door to hell- we had another baby during this period. But things are… Read more »


Oh geez, this is going to be one hell of a household needing a lot of love and support. Leo Sun, Moon, Mercury, Mars husband; Leo Sun, Mercury, Venus, Saturn daughter and me Leo rising.
Funnily enough, August 2005 was when we started our renovations and September 2007 is when we finished them. Was a very heavygoing time.

Leonine Librarian

Personally and yes it is personally for me, I think me having some vim and vigor means I’ll be less objectionable than I ever was through Saturn’s stomp through Leo. I was clinically depressed for most of it. And didn’t I find out the people who depend on me to mary fuqing sunshine through that….? Alternately I had a couple of people who were waiting to move in on my life to reorganise it to suit their agendas…or deal with their own shit….through puddling around in mine….or attempting to…even brought pretty low, injuries in car accident, constant financial uncertainty,loss of… Read more »

virgo cat

nicely put.

Ms Motown

Ooooh! Yes, from August 2005 to September 2007 was a truly ‘orrible time. I’m glad it wasn’t just me. I lost (in chronological order) 1 My darling dad to cancer, 2. A “great love” who suddenly dumped me without notice, days before Christmas. He went from being utterly devoted to me to pushing me out of his life in the blink of an eye (gotta love the Neptunian Aquas). 3. My job. I complained about being bullied by a shocking Virgo female-control-freak boss. Guess what? The upshot was I lost MY job. And she moved to a better paying job… Read more »


Does sound (Happy B-day by the way Ms. M!), that Saturn did indeed pay a visit. So sorry for the loss of your Dad.

Oh gee, did dump the Leo influenced love just prior to Saturn going Lion. Sorry agian that you were treated that way but did treat someone that way who actually deserved it. Sort of snickered with glee when I later saw the astro signatures coming upon his planets.

Yes, like DL, glad I did that prior to now as could not bear anymore arrogance…But you a sweet Lion like my Mom…we know that…


Champagne Bearing Aquarian

Bloody Aqua men! 🙂


agree !!!!!….can`t stand them either


Ms. M,

I read that Jessica Simpson was dumped one day before her 29th birthday.
That was pretty cruel…Guess she’d wanted a ring but he wanted to concentrate on his football.


Leonine Librarian

The price of transformation seems terribly steep Ms Motown. Glad you’re able to find something positive …ie if it doesn’t kill you…stronger mode…Hope you shine really freaking bright in these coming months… Maybe not halogen stabbing eye pain bright, but good sustaining bright. Same as a shout out to all Leos but espec TLC…she sounds like she could really do with an upswing in fortune.


I can relate. I feel like God flushed my life down the toilet – everything went bye bye.


I’m having wildly luxurious colour cravings…a sure sign the amping is imminent…


Thank god I dealt with (as in excommunicated with) my leo business associate during the saturn in leo phase, now I don’t have to deal with an even bigger problem now ! 😎

something fishy

So a lover with sun, mercury, venus, mars , jupiter and pluto all in leo might be (even more) heavy going for a while???????


Oh, so DO need a new man to rave about…But not missing one really…Just tired of commenting about the Pisces…So, will now and then getting on for a bit..


Was to just say, that with his Mars in Leo (and Moon), so glad I’m not around for that gloating, gluttonous crap..

But wishing all our other Mars in Leo peeps fab times ahead. Will be in my third and at one point conj. Uranus…

Raisin’ hell…Or at least considering a mini revolution…

triple cancer chick

oh dear….. maybe i’ll move overseas for a while…

virgo cat

hey! how about Venus in Leo folks? Saturn in Leo was BRUTAL for me. Saturn return PLUS conjunct my natal Leo. Truly insane.

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