La Luna In Capricorn

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And so here we have the shift in weekend attitude, as the Moon segues into Capricorn and conjoins Pluto.Β  Saggability gives gracious way to Saturnine true grit & determination. Even if one is officially relaxing under such stars, one will do so with a vengeance. Intense emo realisations (or even psycho-dramatics) as the Moon passes Pluto, the once a month Moon-Pluto Shitzone.

They are THAT much of a potential grudge flashpoint!

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22 thoughts on “La Luna In Capricorn

  1. Yes, Moon in Cap here and feeling very productive but also a tiny emo too this a.m. as it seems to set off my Moon in 8th which again, brought up some fears as to if Mom should leave this earth I’m feeling a little lost and told her we need to sit down and I take a notebook and literally write “Step One, Step Two” of who to call first business/insurance/death certificate wise. We’ve talked about it before but I want it in writing.

  2. Told my SO last night that I loved him and then started crying. He was all perplexed and asked “but why are you crying?”

    I didn’t know how to answer, since I didn’t really want to be all annoyingly emo with no real reason (again). But my thoughts inside were that either of us could die at any moment and we should cherish these times and prioritise the important things, so if either of us died, say, next Tuesday, at least I had told him something very important and in an alarmingly important, authentic and plutonic way.

    Now I understand, there is totally astro behind this at the mo!

    • And today Lark we have Senator Edward Kennedy being buried and it’s being televised presently. It’s been a long day esp. for our older generation. x2 Leo Mom cried today.

    • I bring him up because in keeping with this Saturnian theme this weekend, he has Capricorn rising natally, Saturn in first house. Trans. Capricorn North Node was conjunct his Saturn when he died.

      Saturn don’t mess, no? And hell, I never really knew the guy…

      But when the reaper comes, he wants his due and he’ll take your Soul….lol…That’s just my morbid 8th house playin’ around cuz all so heavy this Cappy Moon weekend for some….

      • Oh and as Mystic relays, Pluto on the scene….

        “You in the jungle baby”…..(guns and roses…)

    • ah lark. i can relate to the tears in a moment of emotional honesty. It happens to me not infrequently. I think it is a release for you – you put the feeling into words, maybe you’ve held onto it for a while, you have a lot invested in what you are saying. Whether this is fear, sadness or yes indeed, Love. I think you are wonderful for saying it to your SO. and yes these things should never go unsaid!
      (one of my lessons too I think is Self Expression – say what you need to say when you need/want to/feel you have to say it. Let life flow as it should for you..then it’s up to the listener to decide how they choose to respond πŸ™‚ )

      good luck !

  3. My Capricorn Rising & Venus gives me sense among other 3 planets in Sagg.
    thank the heavens.

  4. Nope Sweetpea, I’m a moon in aries, but the SO I speaketh of is a cappy moon…

    And it’s been a total Saturnine weekend for me! All work work work and turning down invites to play. But I felt good working, like I was accomplishing something πŸ™‚

  5. Oh man oh man, had big blow up with flatmate, because i am moving out, no big deal can get someone else in….but still I am a maniac and crazy apparently and very selfish… shitzone before the offical; shitzone. It was in the making though….Thanks mystic fpr the astro query…I am so getting in early to sort out my house issues…
    Oh jeezzz, flatmate is scorp and leo moon…hhhmm should i be prepared for a head f&&&%$??? arrgghhhh hmmm my mars in scorp is up for the challenge!!!! yeeahhhaaa

  6. Aaah… So the moon’s gone into Capricorn… Hence I’m in the office on a Sunday…

      • Now you’ve made me crave popcorn! πŸ˜‰
        Surprisingly efficient on a Sunday, although I shouldn’t make a habit of it, its amazing how much you can get done when there’s no-one else around, no phone calls, no emails, no stupid questions, no Mystic Medusa posts going up…

  7. For once I wasn’t involved in the shitzone it was others on the phone to me about theirs all morning. I put down the phone & sighed, turned back to enjoying my nanna movement activities (drinking tea, doing tarot spread for my son’s girlfriend, grooming potted plants, lounging about like the cats in the garden).

    My shitzone is to come this later week. Everything in good time.

  8. sigh…moon-pluto shitzone at 2am saturday night………i was wondering what wld happen as I do feel the s’zone…well would you believe I had a bad dream about the Toro πŸ™

    The sad dream was: I was at / near a big party he and many many friends were having on a boat moored at a wharf, everyone was getting off the boat, heading home as the party was ending. He was sitting on the railing (hm, sitting on the fence??) as I walked past (I can’t remember if I was at the party). I chose to ignore him as I decided that I hadn’t been treated well enough by him to want to get hurt / embroiled again. Then he said a smart / cutting remark as I walked past, along the lines of “thanks very much, now you’re ignoring me” or something a bit guilt-trippy (in waking life he’s not the guilt tripping type). I then fell for it and we ended up having a big fight about something stupid. πŸ™
    So I couldn’t escape the shitzone even in my sleep…sigh..oh well bring on monday

    • My dream last night UP was similar in an old boyfriend type of way. Your dream has several symptoms of my own experience…..”sitting on the fence” (he, conflicted), guilt tripping in order to control…”not treated well enough”. Then, I couldn’t get into a gym class I wanted to attend. Guess feeling a little “love locked out” as Pegesus states in her post.

      Also, was on an operating table and I felt the anesthesia taking me under but I didn’t lose consciousness. Thats a good sign on the one hand but on another not if I’m going to be operated on! Luckily I don’t remember after that as was wondering if I should be frightened or not as to what I might feel.

      Going to do a little research and see if I can correlate that dream to astro transits but do suspect it’s very tied into the Moon and Pluto and the underworld of the unconscious..”going under”, etc. I have Psyche conj. the Moon so maybe surgery symbolical of working on my psyche and certain feelings down in there as of course we can’t really do it without being conscious on some level.

      • hi sp, operated on…maybe doing some work on yourself – ‘surgery’ but you will be aware and conscious of this? anaesthesia so no pain, but the operation is for a good reason? perhaps try to get yourself back into that dream (?dont know how to do that!) and then watch what happens – what will the remove, fix, add? etc…

        sorry to hear you had the ex-dream as well. I was probably a bit mopey yesterday, i think maybe just the moon+pluto making me a bit more sensitive than usual. (being quite tired wldn’t help!) , but as this was also all happening in my 7th house ..not 8th as i was thinking…well that’s relationships innit πŸ™‚

        take it easy..

  9. was thinking the delights of winter beach activity was as far away from ‘shitzone’ as possible…..but WRONG!!

    recently keen guy grilled me on friday night re why things havent developed ‘romantically’. aside from being barely over both Aries, this guy, significantly younger & yet to have career / finances etc sorted tho well old enough to have a resolved game plan – next night delivered a personal charactor assasination. woke with that dreadful feeling one has after a big dust up, wondering where it emerged from in the first place to find text mssgs claiming he ‘thought I ought to know & someone had to tell me’ type stuff. from a kid that barely knows me. put the delete button to good use, but felt crap all day. boy have had a run of unpleasant encouters of life-stall-jags of late, and beyond over it!! a series of projects get to 90% only to fall over for some totally unpredictable reason. it’s like saturn return, only with the patience of wisdom to ride it out. am overdue for an inspiring dalliance, windfall &/or grand opp to land. YAY I got a strong ‘hit’ when typing that……

    am so getting on board the 2010 scopes & flagging all future ‘shit-zones”!!