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Sylvester Stallone topless with medals

Muscles (they like a symbolic ‘shell’) with big goo-goo eyes that have loads of white beneath the pupils goes with a lot of Cancerian guys a la Sly Stallone…

“Hi there Mystic,

I’ve been an avid fan of your services since I was a teenager, and today, at 23, it interests me just as much as it did when I was fifteen. I have a question I would like to pose – (I am a pisces sun, taurus ascendant and saggitarius moon). Normally when I meet people sometimes  I like to guess their sun and ascendant signs.I rely on the emotional vibe I experience when I am in their presence,  their facial features, the way they move and hold them selves, as well  as the things they say. Lately, I have gotten better at choosing  correctly – A form of education comes through your blog. my picking  specialties are virgo, gemini and cancer. through the past years i have built a kind of library in my mind which  regards all the people i have met, their characteristic, their vibe etc. I was wondering if you have your own system of identifying people – I  must add that of course, my knowledge of astrology is no doubt  miniscule compared to yours.

have a wonderful day,
best regards,

Nico The Pisces…”

Dear Nico The Pisces,

Thank you! I do but it’s not really anything i would describe as a system, as such. It also depends on what mood I am…And often a strong Rising Sign can throw one out. Or a planet rising. Anyone daring me to guess their sign as “astrology is not scientific” will be an Aquarius. People with their head poking forward ahead of their bod make me think Aries. Cancerian men have goo-goo eyes & muscles, as above. Leo or Leo Rising ALWAYS have a feline look about them.

Taurean men make me think of bobby calves – I think even George Clooney is quite bovine. Geminis fidget and their eyes dark about. Librans really do have symmetrical features and pleasing voices…Saggos & Saggo Risings intensify the decibel level of their conversations every half an hour or so. Scorps have that scary fixed gaze like they’re shape-shifters in a sci-fi novel or 1950s detectives…Saggos always have fab legs. Pisces vibes tricky & deshabille, like they’ve just been up to something. Capricorns have the cheekbones but mournful in repose. Aqua sounds bats the moment he/she opens their mouth but will often LOOK v.normal. Virgo reaches out to ‘fix’ things & will accessorise with heaps of thought.

There are so many things! Your thoughts???

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22 thoughts on “Guessing The Signs…

  1. Definitely agree with the bovine Taurean comment. Libran girls that I know are usually quite small and slim with round cutesy faces, and a bit hyper.

    A girl in a shop complimented my hair today, actually (hennaed red- Leo rising :P) and as for Scorp legs, mine are long a nice shape but usually pale. That’s one thing I’ve noticed about scorpios actually- no tan, ever!

  2. So charmed by Nico’s post. Soo nice to hear someone else there like me, and a guy!! I thought I was the only (female) pisces rising to do this with the library of people i’ve met/etc. or not met. I’m in a rush here so apols for the funny grammar marks… And also love Mystics response and agree point by point! Far outt!! :)))) I’m aquarius btw and remember watching video cams of me when I was 13, finding myself to be hillarious. So random! ..todally bats. Which is the only comment ever levelled to me by friends much to my chagrin.! or was it just one typical aries? i forget . 🙂

  3. I’m great at guessing Leo men, I seem to be able to spot them as soon as they open their mouths… They always vibe like they know the meaning of life, the universe and everything, and it’s at that point i think, ahhh, you’ve got to be a Leo… One guy was so shocked that i’d guessed right off the bat that he claimed to be a Gemini! Of course, I’m completely useless at guessing anyone else’s sign, but it’s fun to try 🙂
    I do have the scary scorp stare down, but like you Scorpinthesky, heavy legs.

  4. Pisces falls into a couple of parties they either tend to have very round features and dark eyes, or have a kind of beaky nose and a leaner face with fine eyes. female pisces of this variety can sometimes be nasal and squawkey, and brazen – wildly outspoken and sometimes embarrasing in public (like lady gaga).

    Scorpios have totally intense stares (they say you can’t beat them in a stare down) and their face is generally dominated by their eyes

    gemini’s have a tendency to be very very outgoing and bubbly- Alot of the ones I know have blue eyes and brown hair. their colourings tend to be quite milky with rosy cheeks. They can also be swayed about what they want to do by people as they are always in two minds.

    Virgos sometimes come across as nervous and indecisive – they have bodies like mannequins which can be droopy at times depending on their self esteem. they tend to clam up when they have issues. when talking to them its as if they are searching for something – scraps of information which they can order or categorise things in.

    Leos also tend to have either feline features or have ‘pop’ eyes. Sometimes brash – natural leaders, very forthcoming. their inner knowing can sometimes come across as arrogant. stubborn as!

    cancerians can be identified by their eyes which slope downward, and are prone to sentimental nostalgic drifts in which you cant seem to get to them in.

    Saggitarians are very bold characters and dont like to feel tied down unless its with someone who entertains their reality or becomes them

    Taureans have a very grounded vibe with very round top of the head – they also generally have beautiful smiles which creep above the cheeks and into the eyes (like robert pattinson)

    Capricorn men can be quite lanky, and are well know for their cute noses. they also have eyebrows like a moth. Women too also have thinner faces, and thinner feet.

    Aries are really good at getting other people to do their work for them and often have minds that race. lots of energy and outgoing ones like to create friction

    All my aquarian girlfriends have FRINGES. they have eyes which they like to decorate with mascara, making their eyelashes curly. they tend to differ between a sage like untouchableness, and being totally WACKY!!!

    The Aq men tend to not let things phase them

    Of course, sometimes its hard to differentiate star signs. guessing is just the fun part, and shouldnt be taken seriously 😀

    • nico, I love your observations. The squawky voice is totally right for a Pisces rising female that I know! I also link a big-eyed trait with Pisces – and lovely feet. Also agree with your obs on Scorps & Scorp rising re the intense eyes dominating the face. I’ll be looking for some of the other traits you mention.

    • nico, your description of Virgo is ME. Every detail, including the posture. Well done!

      I’m complete crap at guessing people’s sun signs and invariably make a dick of myself.

    • My little notes on star signs are a bit more odd I think..

      Scorps definitely have THE stare, and their eyes are either piercing and dark, or light and flashing. There is a fleshiness to them, no matter how svelte, they just look like you can touch or squeeze them, not cutely – but like they can take some pain. And well..enjoy it 😉

      Aqua Men always look to me as if their eyes are holding water, not tearful or anything but it’s almost like they reflect the ocean but are not of it. This applies even if they have dark eyes. It draws you in and seems to hint at a bit of chaos. They also seem to age beautifully. Unless they’ve abused something along the way.

      While Libran women appear very pretty and girl-ish, it doesn’t take long to realize that the old “steel behind the velvet glove” adage applies. Whereas Piscean women are old-fashionedly feminine, very womanly, there is something about them that says damsel in distress even if this isn’t something they’re putting out. No matter how capable they are, there is always some vibe of needing to be rescued I always sense. Very princessy. Sometimes they linger too long in the tower 🙂

      Taureans have a sense of style that’s either great or horrible, I don’t really see an in between with them. And by great, I mean, its practical, really fits who they are, quality materials, not dolled up like a tortured mannequin. By horrible, I mean Cher.

      Virgos always appear as they have things put together but there’s an undercurrent of restless activity, you can almost feel them organizing things in their minds. Despite being an earth sign, they really do need periodic breaks out of their normal environment. I don’t actually think ugly Virgos exist, the women are quite goddessy and the men have very even features.

      Aries Men always have a great sense of humor, a bit combative at times, but eternally playful. They come off as if they HATE it when you get into that emotional crap, but they’re quite protective and after the initial outburst, quite willing to sit there and resolve it. As long as it doesn’t take 5 hours..

      Leo men are always overly neat in appearance for me, very precise. Leo women, regardless of the state of their hair, always seem to me to have a crown of fire, I don’t know if its the way they bear themselves but they always appear lit from their crown.

      Sagg men always seem to me as if they have just got off a horse or are running off to get on one, while the women do give off a horse taming vibe.

      With Gems I always get two vibes, one kind is a fantastic conversationalist, light sparkling, flitting about, and the other is shifty, nervous and a bit ADD. Sometimes these alternate in one person. They like to go for a style that is more now, though there always seems to be one item of clothing that isn’t quite matching as they have either forgot or lost interest in it by that point.

      Many kataka women I’ve met stick to ye olde classics, once they find a style they like they don’t really want to fix what ain’t broken. I’m one myself but I have multiple wardrobe personalities as per occasion, period of life, color of the day – I’m a bit atypical in that I actually have looked so different at points in my life that people don’t recognize me. My dento is convinced all my money goes to clothes as he digs the outfit variety…

  5. Had to look up deshabille! Thanks MM. I love your adjectives. Definition for other readers not in the know: the state of being dressed in a careless, disheveled, or disorderly style or manner. Also a loose morning dress. Interesting.

    My mum is a Saggo and my sister and I always joke about the decibel raising bit. My dad the Leo always cuts in and she just keeps talking louder and louder to not let him. ie “turning down Petina St. TURNING DOWN PETINA STREET!”. It’s so funny.

    I do have that stare. I stare into space over people’s shoulders when I’m thinking and they always turn around to see what I’m looking at. But the legs? Do scorps or saggos have good legs? Cause me and Saggo ma both have ungainly heavy legs. I’ll have to look at other Scorps legs now.

  6. Not sure its that straight forward except Leo and their hair. What happens when a male Leo goes bald? Do they wither away or start wearing loud hats?

    • My Leo (bald) friend started wearing attention-seeking outrageous glasses ( a la Elton John ) to compensate for lack of mane…….

      • A Leo man who is losing his mane would rather DIE than comb-over. They’ll shave it off as soon as it starts seriously thinning. Better bald than bad hair! And they pull it off very well as they will be seriously well-dressed

  7. Cancerian & Virgo men are super-easy to spot, to the extent that I’ve known these people’s signs long before they tell me. Cancerians have round faces and a mild look – when animated, they are so expressive. Virgo men are finicky about details & super-polite, & their clothes are always carefully chosen.
    I am a Leo Rising & a former boyfriend used to call me puma, like the cat 😉

  8. Libra sister–always beautifuly dressed, smooth talker
    Leo friend—Loud, center-of-attention ( or else he sulks )
    Capricorn friend—a bit grumpy,doesn`t smile much

  9. Does Sly have much Pisces in his chart?- He’s got those fish puckery lips…& what about his mama- isn’t she “THE” astrologer to the Hollywood stars?

  10. MM you are so right about Leo and Leo rising, and spot on with Geminiis. My ex-husband was a Gem and couldn’t look anyone in the eye.
    But I’m not so sure about Pisces. I’m an open book, can’t keep secrets about myself from anyone. Of course I can be discreet and loyal about my good friends.
    My libran son has the most divine speaking voice and is paid to use it.

    Pisces sun, Leo rising,

    • I am Cap with very strong Libran rising (ala MM dubbing me Very Venusian when she did my chart) and I have been told several times now when talking on /or answering the phone that I have a great “telephone voice”… one smarmy telesales man even said he” owned the business” and even though I was not interested in his faaaabulous offer … that I should consider a career in marketing as I had a killer voice on the phone and he’d employ me tomorrow if I wanted to give up Beauty Therapy!

      I can vouch for the fat controller cancer ex, having the muscles(coated in blubber since his retirement from A grade football) and the goo goo eyes though they are an evil shade of green that I should have been more wary of 16 years ago when my fave nephew announced that “I likes your boyfriend Aunty, cause he has eyes the same colour as a ninja turtle”
      eew it was/is true.. I thought it funny then, now they are just evil green goo goo eyes!
      Saggo daughter with Leo rising is all, loud, mane flicking, long legged and the upturned eyes, that can bore holes in the unworthy.
      My double Aqua partner listens to me talk about my “airy fairy shit” but ALWAYS asks me to read out his scope from the Weekend Aus Mag!

      • V Venusian, that is so fuqing Aqua it isn’t even funny!

        It’s like my ex Aqua, the Well Hung Uranian who swore he thinks all this “esoteric sh*t” is just stuff people made up so they can make movies out of it and that nothing defies cold, hard logic. So we then end up talking about the exorcist and I am recounting how scared I was as a little girl watching it but the whole cross scene was disturbingly erotic – THEN he gets turned on.

        It’s like wtf?

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