For Wimmyn Only; Which Sun Sign Gets The Worst P.M.T.?

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Lady Gaga with fangsWhich Sun Sign Gets the worst P.M.T???

It would be useful data, no?  Anecdotally, I reckon it’s Capricorn. And weirdly, what if this were to do with their sign being the opposite of that ruled by the Moon, our Cancer/Kataka?

Also, i have NO idea if this is true or not but ages ago a pagan, witchy-poo type whose speciality was something like menstrual correctness (invoke Hecate or Kali, use sea sponges or d.i.y. menstrual pads & pour the ‘soak water’ on your deadly nightshade patch blah blah blah) said to me that it is the In Tune thing to bleed with the Dark Moon…Which means you are ovulating with the Full Moon and thus waxing/waning a la Gaia.

Thoughts? I personally have not had a grotty pmt episode for years – not since i started exercising properly & doing herbs et al. All that lingers is a mild ennui & propensity to clumsiness. Occasionally, if i have to deal with a total bitch, my cycle gets knocked out of whack, but that’s normal isn’t it?

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55 thoughts on “For Wimmyn Only; Which Sun Sign Gets The Worst P.M.T.?

  1. Gemini sun, Aries moon.

    Have always suffered with some form of PMT, lately have suffered quite severely with it. My symptoms include: tender breasts (actually can’t wear a bra at this time, unlike the ladies above, mine are small & they itch!), insomnia for sometimes up to four nights in a row, stomach cramps so bad they can only be soothed by a hot water bottle, suicidal thoughts and at least one day where I can’t do anything but cry. Oh & I am definitely a bitch at this time, but it’s tempting to blame it on the sleep deprivation. I get chocolate cravings year round so can’t really tie it into my cycle. My time of the month keeps changing because of living with my sis but currently seems to be at the Full Moon. And yeah I have moon square neptune, a stressful aspect in lots of ways, so it doesn’t surprise me that there’s a connection!

  2. v. late to the discussion, but still..

    Pisces, Sagg Moon & Rising
    – was v. irregular until acupuncture. almost wished i hadn’t fixed it as I now have periods every month instead of every 2 or 3! (went for weight loss, she thought it best to work on my hormones and cycle first… never lost any weight, haha)

    PMS isn’t bad, some gentle cramps that I don’t mind much, chocolate cravings, sleepiness. I do get a little short and grouchy sometimes too, but I don’t really suffer.

    my Aqua sister (Libra moon) has always had horrible PMT, the getting sick lying in bed variety.

  3. This has nothing to do with what star sign you are, but how much your hormones play up and effect you. Cramps are due to how much your uterus contracts and how narrow your falopian tubes are.

  4. Yes, I think the moon is an important factor. My Libra Moon trines Saturn…. although PMT is horrible, I feel like everybody has to deal with it and so there’s no point in making things bad for everybody else by complaining and I get on with things.

    My Mum, who has a Virgo moon on the other hand acts like PMS is the end of the world… not just for her, but for anybody in the family. Perhaps this is because of a conjunction with Pluto/Sextile Neptune?

  5. i know this is about PMT and not remedies (and a lot of you / us are likely wholistic living types already…) but laying off meat, salt, caffeine, alcohol and refined foods in the ~10 days – 2 weeks before my period really helps…less bloated, feral-feeling. if you can convert that into a lifestyle it works better…. My sis who i mentioned above smokes, has ‘normal’ western diet, ish, and man she suffers. I can’t say it’s a universal solution unless she tried the other ‘healthy’ way…

    my mars-ruled fearless Aqua GF swears by evening primrose oil….


  6. I would guess the water signs because of the tidal action of the process and the primeval connection to the moon. But as all these posts suggest its across the board. Pain is common and elephanitis too. i’ve always had painful periods relieved a little after 2 kids and accupuncture but love the commraderie and sympathy you get when you mention it to other gals.

    it is a very real connection for us all and should be celebrated. Unfortuntely its not as Menstruation has a bad rap. I tell my boys to leave me and my best friend the hot water bottle alone for a while and they do.

    I had a Leo ex who was always sooo kind and sweet when i was going through it. Pity abt the rest of the month when it was all his me me me stuff.

  7. Thanks Ms Mo’ :).

    Oh I nearly forgot for those times when I feel a physical ‘wave’ of depression descend over me just before menstrution I use Australian Bushflower Essences – Emergency (lol) Essence.

  8. I sometimes feel a bit blue with my periods, but I think sometimes it is simply the part of the month when reality sets in about a lot of issues and denial lifts. Sometimes I get excruciating stomach cramps, but not always. In my mid 40’s my periods are still ticking along nice and predictably, following the same pattern they have followed for years.

    About the only thing that freaks me out is my ability to blow light globes just by turning the switch on when I’m ovulating. I have blown all the light globes in my house during one cycle and had to sit in candled light until I could get to the shops the next day.

    For those of you who think you suffer from PMT, how many of you would possibly consider that it is the one time of the month when you say what you need to say to people and justifiably express justifiable anger/frustration etc? I’d be interested to know because a significant number of my female friends who have complained about having PMT and ‘celebrating the bitch within’ have actually had reasonable gripes that needed to be addressed. PMT just gave them the ‘front’ to say it out loud.

    • Jen, thats what PMT is all about! Dealing with the issues that are affecting us, cos they come to the surface so that we can! Holistically speaking, if the issue/tension is cleared, then the PMT is alleviated…

      • That is my point. It isn’t a time when we should necessarily apologise for ourselves. It’s a time when should consider that it is absolutely proper that we insist that our significant others (including ourselves) listen and and take us more seriously rather than trivialise our apparent mood swing as simply PMT and so something to be endured until it passes. That, I believe may be the key to addressing the mood swings. If men could menstruate it would be a very different world!

        As for the stomach cramps, when I have had them in the past I find that aspalgin (asprin and codeine) works a treat, better than any other medication I have tried.

        • That light bulb thing is nuts! To me that sounds like you are so powerful you are literally electric!

          I agree with you about the not apologizing. I don’t have this set of issues and I can see it clearly in my friends who do. The girls with the heaviest mood issues are with men that are the least able to emotionally connect. So I agree and think it is acually like many things in life where the most powerful things can both really hurt and really heal. If women were to express their inner emotional/physical pain, and their partners could respond, it would be a fantastic opportunity for emotional healing and then the moods might actually dissipate.

          My 2 cents anyway.

  9. Debilitating pain to the point that I have missed work (in the past, not so recently). Have always been prone to tears or anger at that time, (never can tell which until it happens) Feel totally body dysmorphic for about a day- ie I look in the mirror, and even though I know I look exactly the same as I did yesterday, I feel like the elephant woman, and nothing can convince me otherwise. As someone said above, only have sweet (particularly choc) cravings in the days before. Take it out on my partner more than anyone else….
    Oh, and yeah, often wear weird combinations of clothes in the day or two before…
    Scorp sun/ Leo Moon

  10. I’m aqua sun and I dread it. I blame endo and dodgy ovaries. I swing between vagueness (more so than usual), irritability, crying (not usually emotional), water retention, painful boobs (I cry when I drive over speedbumps), clumsiness, the day before I nap constantly and the night before I can’t sleep because I feel too hot, and pain like no bodies business.

    All of these symptoms eased up when I lived in Japan, 28 day cycles and no pain! I think it’s the diet and I’m better when I lay off dairy and meat for the second half of my cycle.. although I love to eat cheese and chocolate and that’s when I crave it!

    ps – My Leo mother appears to be PMS for approximately 24 days of her cycle but appears to now be mellowing with change of life

  11. My mum – Sag – shocking – snarling, pick-a-fight pmt. My sister – Leo – vicious pmt which would transition into her turning a delicate shade of olive green and needing to lay down for days. Me – acne (at 38) a few days before just to enhance the lack of self esteem, a tad teary and wanting chocolate or dark red wine two days before then.. my tum swells, breasts swell and ache and the craving turns from chocolate to steak.

  12. Cancer Sun, Scorp rising, Aries Moon

    The data here:
    PMT? Yes. Exactly 10 days of it every time! Nearly always with Dark Moon.

    Cramps? Used to have debilitating cramps for years until I found magnesium (homeopathic MagPhos at first, now take biomagnesium with other stuff that aids absorption). My Granddad (also a Cancerian) suffered with bad leg craps in old age and so does my Dad (Capricorn).

    Moody, short fuse? Oh yes, extra! Sensitive anyway but it increases with PMT and my and self esteem plumets. Feel really uncomfortable, clumsy, ugly & teary. Go up a bra size, incredibly painful. Much better at managing it and continuing to function these days, but I still CRAVE time alone when have PMT. And it is like the minute that I try to keep to myself and do some quiet work, half the workplace/family/town/whomever just has to ring/walk in unannounced seeking reassurance from me about some bloody thing! When it is bad I seriously wish I could crawl under rock or go and sit in a cave someplace for a week. The most common PMT phrase I hear in my head goes something like: “For f*cks sake people, can’t you f*cking leave me alone?!” Traditional Dark Moon advice seems to help with PMT and I do try to schedule around it.

  13. I would think it would be scorpio, as pluto rules the sexual organs?

    Personally, i find shocking PMT and ridiculously strong intuition / dreams go hand in hand. I wish it wasn’t so, but one kinda makes up for the other.
    Exercise and also that Greenridge PMT tincture really, really helps me, and i get it bad.

  14. The dark moon is my time – and I feel exhausted, OTT exhausted, and tender. I have always suffered shockingly from painful periods, but the exercise aspect doesn’t always help (despite my mothers oft repeated refrains that it WILL – it just doesn’t). All I want to do is retreat, snuggle, and mainline nurofen. I don’t get pmt per se – I just space out completely, my digestion heats up to the extreme, and I get totally unbalanced and walk into things, bruise myself on tables etc. I’m just grateful that it only lasts a day – and if I avoid alcohol, its all over red rover, and I spring back to normal the next day! My mother however used to become the most evil mutant known – vicious, fragile, eruption imminent – evacuate now evil… but not so much now…. Chaste Tree toned it all down for her.

    • Hah! How you are with your period is how I am all month long! I am always spacey, have really hot digestion and walk into things. I always have bruises. Hilarious! And you are grateful it only lasts a day!

      BTW, I have been meaning to ask you. What’s the postmodern for? I am really into Post-Structuralism and post-modern Anthropology. Is it theory or art or architecture or are you just way beyond modern yrself?

      • my comment is not quite on topic but I think a lot of scorps are postmodern-ish in how they relate to the world…in many ways not just culture….?

      • PostMod comes from my uni days, my undergrad was in Political Science, and i gravitated to that just out of pure interest (and in the process got a double major) – the types of subjects I was fascinated with and able to study were ‘politics of pleasure’, ‘Politics of Satire’, ‘Postmodern Politics” etc. I adore Michel Foucault, and those fab French thinkers Sartre, de Beauvoir, Irigaray. I was raised on a diet of Greer, Wolfe, Friday, and I grew up in a vibrant alternative community outside of Brisbane where the women my mum had in her life were spectacular artists, healers, thinkers etc. I haven’t even started on my love of design and architecture! Or photography. I guess for me its an attitude, a way of engaging with the world in the most plural way I can, soaking up as much as I can, and then reinterpreting it in my life….. So UP sums it up beautifully – its how I relate to the world.

        • How funny I am a huge Foucault fan too! And my Masters was in Political Science. I went to UQ, so we may have even studied at the same department. Live on Gold coast now where I am really happy, right by the ocean. I have Mercury in Scorpio as well. You? I’m trying to think of a chart synergy we have besides Sun signs. It would be interesting to see what we have in common astrologically.

  15. Im a Sagg, and have never had really bad PMT issues, other than can easily burst into tears, but I do eat healthily etc etc etc

  16. Kataka Moon here, Aqua sun.

    Until recently there was Evil Me, she came down from a parallel universe in her space pod, would kick down the door and get her Japanese fighting spiders ready and anything else and just be a miserable bitch. Telling everyone exactly what she thought cause the real me would put up with a LOT in the in between visits.

    I’ve been taking herbs, menstruating like the old me, funnily enough this past dark moon & feeling much, much better. Also been busy being the real me instead of keeping the peace and whaddaya know things are better all round.

    I have this theory that around 38 for a woman seems to be a change in menstruation. More painful, longer, heavier, more tears and mentalness.

    • True about the heavier periods at 38. Very true! Can sometimes be fibroids or a thickening of the uterine wall. I’ll look up the Greenwich stuff and get back to you. It’s tops.

      Sorry for spelling errors above. Over-tired. Huge weekend. Sold the house. In transition. Lots of my sentences today are merely 2 words….

      • Well done Ms Mo’ with your house sale! Must be exhausting. I’ll seek out the Greenridge/wich PMT mix. So many people recommend it.

  17. I accidently forgot when mine was going to be and had a massage the morning before one…deep tissue massage and it hurt a lot…however it minimised cramping. So I’m almost wanting to do it again…a bit of hurt to offset days of low grade misery seems a good option.

    Sagg daughter and I are both on the same dark moon cycle even when we don’t live together. She has a Cap moon and finds it all a bit much. She’s wired pretty tightly on any given day…menses just ramps it all up a notch…combine that with the dark moon and it’s wiser to just leave her to herself.

  18. Starstrokes – interesting. I have stressful moon aspects – moon opp. venus, mercury and pluto depending on the orb – and I have always had excrutiatingly painful periods. Need to learn about all the herby stuff.

    Aries moon.

    Ms Motown – what is that tonic called? Greenwich ….?? So curious!

  19. My sister the sagg w. pisces moon is a big time cranky pants when she has PMT. Everyone knows it and there is no reasoning with her – she turns into psycho, everyone back away kinda psycho. She even told me the other day that a male colleague at work said to her “Everytime I’ve got a difficult client to deal with, I just wait until you’ve got PMT and let you deal with it cos problem solved in 5 minutes” (they work in a refuge with lots of difficult clients).

    My cappy friend with virgo moon is also quite scary AND emotional.

    I’m aries, scorp moon. I don’t get scary, but I do get very withdrawn and sad. Like inconsolable kinda sad, every negative thing very heightened. Usually the day or two before. I’m completely irregular too.

  20. Am good for a once a year ‘crying for no damn good reason’ spack attack…
    … but that’s only the once. Not to big on the cramping side of things… just makes me really lazy…
    … or it could be that it keeps on being in the dark moon…

    Best mate is a Cancer and she _will_ rip off your head and spit down your neck. Live with a Caps chick and she is quite likely to slam things, pick fights then sulkwhilst mainlining chocolate/ice cream.

  21. Aqua Sun, Sag moon, I don’t get really physical PMT but do get the tendency to go right inside my head and see everyone as a complete f’n moron, displayed via “kill everyone in sight with my laser eyes”

    THe real bad “cramps, migraine” PMTer friends of mine have always been the water signs, mainly Scorp and Kataka –

    • Interesting – my asc is gem I don’t have endo but I do have some of the symptoms. Sometimes I have wondered if it’s like some kind of etheric tuning in to the pain of the burnings etc. And then the rest of the time I just think it’s totally Fuqd and nothing more.

  22. Y’know Mystic recommended this herbal tonic for PMT about a couple of months back. Greenwich something???? I bought it at the local organic veg and health good shop. The woman over the counter told me it may take a couple of cycles to kick in. Not so. (TMI for chaps, but I would get very sensitive breasts. Heavy. Hyper-sensitive. Going without a bra was out of the question. And cramps and water retention~ but no real big deal.)

    Chocolate helped. Only ever crave chocolate when bleeding.

    But this stuff is da bomb! Straight away the sensitive boobs are gone. I think it may have even helped with weight loss. My digestion and elimitation proceses are vastly improved. (TMI again)

    Leo, Pisces Moon. I love my female cycle. Always know when ovulating. It hurts! Great for controlling one’s fertility!

    • I love my female cycle too. I always felt guilty in teen bonding moments when everyone was complaining and said that hated it, when I really secretly thought it was kinda magical.

      Maybe there is not enough of a cultural precedent for some of us to say how much we love it. Though my swollen boobs hurt, my body feels sexy too. V sensitive.

      • Yes, was discussing this with acupuncturist recently, never disliked getting them, it means that everything was working as it should be. Even through the last few years they’ve been awful I still didn’t wish that I didn’t have them.

        • I also loved it as never had pmt, bled for 48 hours every 28 days. Nothing
          could be simpler & sexier.
          Always thought there was something wildly primitive about a some drops
          dribbling down my thighs.
          Felt i was only ready to think of a baby when menopause hit.
          That was also no problem.
          Interestly the countries where i lived, the women never experienced
          menopause as it is depicted in the west or pmt.
          More active? More in tune with nature? Diet or because they didn’t know about it, it was
          never a problem.
          Still, my heart bleeds……….for those that suffer with it:)
          Yes & only used sea sponges & once when caught out in woop woop somewhere, used
          a pink wettex cut in a circle or just stayed in the water for a coupla days!
          Maybe it’s a Sag thing.

      • It IS magical! We are like werewolfs! 🙂

        I really dig how creative I get once I start bleeding. It’s like i don’t need sleep or food. I can literally churn out dozens of art images, stories, articles, etc…

        The only crappy thing is I’m not good with interpersonal communications at that time.

  23. Vulzaen. That’s interesting cause I’m a scorp and PMT for me is also cramps plus increased appetite, fluid and acne (male hormones jacked up), but it never affects my mood.

    I have moon in aries, so if starstrokes is right, I take action about my moonstuff, but maybe this could lead to TOO much action/stress which conversely does the male hormone thing. Interesting. Any thoughts on what would be an astrologically aligned remedy?

    I just looked up my natal horoscope and I have Moon square Mars, and opposite Pluto. That would add weight to the theory no?

    Also starstrokes, to you adhere to the theory that previous to electric lighting all women bled during the full moon together?

    • I love the idea of women being deemed unfit to prepare food/participate in rituals etc when you are bleeding- its an entitlement to rest & be in your psychic space!

      re: electric lighting theory -It kinda makes sense doesn’t it, but I also wonder that sometimes your cycle shifts to allign/disallign with your lunar peak, depending on whether the biological urge for pregnancy is being triggered…if your lunar cycle & ovulation cycle are alligned you can be massively fertile when you ovulate, but not any other time, while if they are separate, you are fertile more of the time…
      its all very interesting!

  24. EVIL PMT always – since it started – apart from a gap when I was working standing up all the time maybe my body thought I’d had enough to deal with already. Vomit, faint, extreme floods verging on noah get the ark – not endo so don’t start please I’ve been through THAT investigation – nothings wrong apparently, I just feel it with with every inch of my being and perhaps even my astral body too. Ginger oil rubbed on belly helps. Dickheads do not. Bleed on dark of moon always – that’s never changed. Sun Libra, Moon Scorp. Bring on the change.

    • Oh I so relate. Curled up shivering on bathroom floor, spew, agony, gastro like symptoms, feel like I’m going to bleed dry – plus extreme lows, logic gone awol, manic libido (as in, oh my GOD I’m horny and I’m gonna kill someone if I don’t get laid!!!), chin acne, weird random hairs sprouting… Not my idea of a good time. And oh it makes me want to be a man. I see NOTHING sacred about periods. No kids and I don’t think I”ll be having them because ppl say “labour pain is just like period cramps”. HAAAAA! Bye bye babies.

      Got sick of explaining to Drs that no, I don’t have Endo as you already checked when I went into hospital for some complete unnecessary operation at age 24. Pill is evil, as is anything oestrogenic, etc flaxseed oil. Crazy weight gain, boobs like they’ve been Barbie-fied, really really awful when it hits and I’m not at home with painkillers, bed and wheat pillows…

      Anyhoo, finally acupuncture and Chinese herbs helped. As did de-stressing. I think when I was in-sync with the moon (full moon as start of period) I fared better.

      Cap Sun, Cancer moon, Lib rising…

      • OH yes the horny thing – MUST MASTURBATE just prior otherwise all hell will break loose – I forgot about that Stressy P – flickin the bean like a teenage boy who just found his first playboy LOL. Will investigate the acupuncture – good tip, never thought of that one – just got over it all you know? just take a day off a month and work round it. Maybe there is an answer out there but you get tired of being consumed by the searching in the end.

    • holy shit girls, that sucks. my aqua sis (forget moon – pisces?) gets similar symptoms – she is bedridden for a few days, i feel terrible for her (and you + any others similar). Once i saw her literally a pale green colour, cold sweats, nausea, WTF is that, mother nature?? come ON.

      me i just notice from higher sugar cravings/ carbs , i let myself indulge a few days a month. … also probably less tolerant of aforementioned dickheads – don’t pick a fight ’cause i will ENGAGE . ?!!

      • Grey is my colour – apparently – I can never drag myself to the mirror to check but others always say grey. Green sounds nice for a change. We all seem to have a good mingling of air / water in this little strand – maybe that’s what it is? not enough fire and earth….

  25. I was going to say kataka until I remembered my aqua friend who gets sooo vague, teary & irritated very easily. I somehow always manage to be in a flimsy stirring mood around this time so I inevitably make it worse.
    The kataka would just grumped around for days groaning while demanding sweets & carbs.
    I never really thought about myself as suffering from pmt but I do get the ‘fat’ days & feel exhausted so much that I want to sleep in the middle of the day.. Speaking of…..YAWN! Oh & I have strong urges to spring clean the house so that keeps me awake.

    p.s. absolutely agree, exercise is great!

  26. I rarely get anything more than the “feeling like a gross cow” shit although…..
    GET UBER PMT if cycle is disturbed by other girls hijacking my cycle when living together for weeks on end.

    Now live with a boy so I am always regular so never really cranky

  27. Its actually more of a moon-sign thing…so if we have a tendency to bury our moonstuff & not deal with it, we are are more likely to have PMT than if we process & let it go.
    Stressful moon aspects, like Moon opp Saturn make it a tendency, Scorp moon can too. I’m an Aqua moon, so my PMT is typified by a sweet, but vague & distant air-headedness.

    For a long time there I used to bleed with the full-moon, like, to the hour, as soon as it rose in the sky. Now that I’m an urban city dweller surrounded by artificial lighting, not so much.

    I often wonder how many IVF would-be mums have an awareness of their lunar peaks & have given natural fertility its due, cos its a helluva lot cheaper, tried & true…

  28. Sagg here.

    Since I came off the pill – with which I only had very occasional, very minor PMT – the PMT has waxed and waned, though I feel has often been exacerbated by other stuff going on in my life. Agree with Mystic that regular exercise helps. I don’t know what its effect is physiologically when it comes to PMT (though swimming is excellent for period pain itself), but I think it helps with the “I feel like a gross cow” mentality that settles over one like a soaking wet, prickly blanket.

  29. Ok. Well, I’m no chicky but I did grow up with two sisters, both Scorpios and a Cancerian mum. All three used to get big-time badass cramps and all three have firey tempers but never got pmt. At least not in the “having a mental at everyone” kind of way. More of a subdued “I’m in lots of pain so I’m just gonna lie down for a while” kind of way, which was good for my father and I as they would basically retire to their bedrooms and leave us alone. *lol*

  30. Oh and like in the picture above, which i love, she also dresses very strangely at that time of the month, suddenly wanting to wear strange stockings and stupid ornamental artistic jewellery and kabuki make-up. Stripes.

  31. My Virgo sister does but then again she makes a complete fuss about everything. She has more of a menstruation phobia that probably causes her awful pmt. i am talking trying to send people out for chocolate and nurofen at midnight and a really vicious tongue on her for about one week a month. I thought virgoans were meant to be earthy?

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