Dark Moon in Gemini

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Twin figures Surreal Art Red Brick lanewaysIt’s the Dark Moon in Gemini & so a degree of ambiguity or ennui is totally normal. Ditto naff cravings – always a worry with the waning Moon. The Moon is also trine the North Node in Aquarius just as it slides out of Aqua and into Capricorn – tres profound awareness for some; the meanings of past patterns & themes…Future trends. Be sweet to Geminis this weekend, they’re not in the mood to be court jester & with Mars in their sign moving to square Uranus, they’re ready to snap at the slightest provocation. In fact, a lot of people might be ready to go over-the-top with the uncluttering of the next few days. Amazing for dream work and don’t let anyone diss you for being in two minds…it’s astrologically apt.

Image: Remedios Varo

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28 thoughts on “Dark Moon in Gemini

  1. so watching the entire first series of Mad Men with a joint in hand falls into appropriate Gem wane activity schema??

    • Oh, yes! Sounds wonderful. With the tipple of your choice… Johnnny walker Black with a splash??

    • I am more tired, a little hungry & have a nice tan all while having a big catch up over the last 24 hours with my bestie. I heart him…

  2. “Geminis…not in the mood to be court jester & with Mars in their sign moving to square Uranus”

    Yikes, I’ll remember that this weekend as I see my eldest Gem. Her Sun on my Mars and Asc. Maybe we’ll get into a brawl in the kitchen over the pot roast or something…But not court jester? Near impossible for me esp. after a couple glasses of wine..But that’s usually when my Gem tries to reel my reigns in. Maybe I should have spanked her when she was a kid…

    Trans. Uranus has been square my Mars and Asc for sometime. Haven’t noticed anything different really except there have been some minor irritations and dropping things, etc…

    The day trans. Uranus is exactly sq. trans. Mars (the 18th I think), is the day of my Mars return. Did the return chart and is quite hideous..lol But if those square pay off, Return Mars chart has Mars in second so all about putting energy into self esteem, going after what I want and hopefully some money because of it.

  3. Oh my god the shadows in the picture are reaching out to one another even as the people walk apart? I am feeling it within – when will this end?

    • TLS I hadn’t noticed that about the picture. They are separate shadows though right? It feels to me like the shadows are a mark of the past with the present being where the moving people are? Keep on keeping on TLS.

    • I figure every relationship that separates still has hooks. Had shadings of this conversation with Taurean coffee dude the other day. As in he was still finding sometimes an unasked for closeness with his ex, after years apart. Especially seems to crop up as significant exit stages occur…and probably the bloody dark moon too.

      There is a large part of me that would love it to be cut and dried within a certain time span…and the hurt of shitty times and or remaining residue of good stuff would just evaporate…and that I could say to you that this evocative pic would stop resonating after a emotional end zone.

      It does get better. For people I know there are stages where you think your ex will have no impact on you at all…and you are able to just go forward strongly…then sometimes a glance, or a word, just anything can open it up again. Except it’s never as bad as in the beginning…it just mutates until it fades and the odd twinge pops up. Enough to make you notice, but not inflict hideous hurt.

  4. This past week I’ve been all over the place and really feeling a bit weepy tonight especially, and as I was driving home from Brisbane I realised that I’ve not only been accepting less than my due from other people but also myself….which would segue nicely into past themes and upcoming events.

    • Oh, LL sweetheart, I feel for you. But PLEASE please don’t beat yourself up, you’re here to live – and as a Leo, fully ever so from your golden shining heart. Of course it’s always a wake up call to be reminded of what we haven’t yet quite got but so truly deserve, but if you’re doing YOU in full stereo, you will come round to magnetizing your due.

      You have tapped into the most important point – which I’m also guilty of, and yes, accepting less from yourself. The only person you can control. I’ve felt awful on and off, but there are times I’m just so tired of giving a sh*t that I just happily go on my way. I figure I believe enough and have seen enough of who I am to know I will do the best I can when situations arise.

      I did have a long bath last night though…as water always soothes me. Maybe a sit in the sun afternoon for you?

      • FA that is such a good suggestion, to live life full stereo…it’s different than going all fortissimo, all the time…it’s got some balance happening. This latest ‘little’ reveal was just me waking up to where I need some more balance in my life, from those I have around me, and what I expect of myself. I’ve been glossing over what I can achieve, and while I have some wonderful genuine people in my life, somehow I’ve also allowed some casually spiteful people into my life….and this life is too short to watch people cause hurt through carelessness and glib attitudes. It’s shitty energy and I don’t want it in my sphere.

        Gawd FA I just realised it’s like I’ve been stuck up the back of the school bus with all the ‘cool’ girls for a little too long.

        So I guess in ways it’s been a bit of a heart reveal, looking at how I am to fulfill my hearts desires, and it’s just not hanging with mean people.

        I’ve been having long hot baths all week…and then finding a sun spot in the morning it’s helping….it’s just all this dermabrasion of the soul takes a toll…

        • Ooh, I understand. It’s like having refocus your lens and suddenly a few peeps just shouldn’t be in the scene shot anymore. Then this feeling of blame over “how did I let that happen” come over you like a flush creeping up your back… but the thing is, you probably were just giving everyone you meet a chance.

          Sometimes people don’t fully reveal themselves until much later (I should know!) and then it becomes a case of judging yourself for not seeing through that – when really perhaps you weren’t meant to at the time. So much of what we really learn is experiential – we need to be there and be immersed to truly understand if something is or isn’t for us.

          But yes, draining…this has been a particulary hard dark moon for me as well. I’ve just slept almost 10 hours which I never do unless my heart needs it.. it does, but I wake up so tired. Hugs, my sister.

    • LL, you sound like a good person who is doing a lot of reflection and working on some new ways of being. Don’t be too hard on yourself when realising those less-than-helpful past themes and patterns. It is precisely the recognition of these patterns that opens the door to changes. It can be tres embarrassing (or worse!) to see what we have been doing & how we have been letting ourselves & others down, but be thankful for the insight and set about trying some new approaches. ‘Onwards & upwards!’ as TLS said the other day.

      I was feeling a bit under it & weepy yesterday too, so went back to my note book where I keep bits of inspiration and found this from Stephanie Dowrick (yes I am a big fan!). I’m offering it here as it might help some one with the Dark Moon vibes at the mo’: “Our lives are an unfolding experience, best cherished when driven by curiosity, truthfulness, openness & love. Remain open to discovering what strengths you need in each situation or what uplifting attitude you could ‘borrow’… It is more than helpful to remember that you can call on any strength you need – they come to life as you put them into practice.”

      • Apropo about the “past themes” as looking at why in God’s
        Green Earth I went to the casino yesterday….But I did… think I’d wanted a cigarette and had a few…And enjoyed every single puff…To the HILT…And a glass of wine…

        I work my ass off all week and it’s too hot to step outside for a smoke should I want one…Which I normally don’t for the most part, but if I have a couple glasses of wine, I do like one if I shoud WANT ONE…dammit…

        Inside the casino is cool (temp wise). They call 105f degrees “mild” here….

        What the hell have I gotten myself into?

        ha! Yes, I forgot…HELL…

        Sorry for ranting and cussing Mystic…Need to go the post office now…
        Shall I go “postal” while there?

        Hehe. Think uranus-mars sq. making me psycho..

      • Nat thanks. I don’t think I’m being hard on myself as such. Writing that I’ve been accepting less of myself lately is just true, for me. Not good, not bad, just is.

        I’m usually a bit quieter and reflective with the dark moon, and am ok with the lower ebb…this time though I had a moment where I was sitting with Spazzy A and just looked over some friendships I’ve had over the last couple of years and went whoa…did I just gloss over the careless spite these people display because I thought they couldn’t possibly be that mean…that it was glib humour and not to be taken seriously…and I sat there thinking how could I be this clueless.

        Part of it is that I find spitefulness hard to understand. I do think that a lot of is lack of care…it’s just I’d be looking so hard at what I liked about them and we’d be moving a million miles an hour that I just pushed it aside.

        Then I was asking Spazzy A if I did that inadvertantly? Because my life has had this fair serving of the casually spiteful lately, did that mean I was casually spiteful? While I can do the cut severe, I’m pretty careful not to…I probably was casually spiteful as a teenager, but now not in any marked way. Spazzy A has that ruthless aqua honesty going on…so she’s not going to soften anything just to make me feel better.

        I think this may be a bit of a hold over from my marriage, even though it has long since ended…just that I put a positive spin on some less than pleasant stuff so well, that I think I may of just got used to it. So while is confronting to see what I’ve been doing, now I see it I can alter it too.

        Also thanks for sharing particularly…

        “…It is more than helpful to remember that you can call on any strength you need – they come to life as you put them into practice.”

  5. OMG the Gemini Impregnee has been going OFF at me and cub for the past few days, in compleat BLAME mode… and in true bas gemini style repeating every last nasty thing said about me by cub so that I ‘know what he really thinks’ etc at the same time she has been calling cub and telling him I’ve been evil to her and ‘please tell her to stop’. Cripes. I’ve been ignoring her for want of a better strategy. I hope that’s the right thing to do

    • TA I’ve in a way been experiencing this…or at least I can see shades of this in my recent discoveries. Allowing yourself to breathe in other people’s spite is not the best use of time. Or at least that’s my take on it.

      For instance would you prefer to watch a tree grow, or listen to the bile?

      Personally I’d be limiting exposure.

      Trying to change someone is just an uphill battle, trying to even get to understand the impact of their words is similarly time consuming, and or futile. Unhappy people spew this to try to distract themselves from working on themselves…at least in my experience.

      So I’d say yes, ignore her on one hand, and also limit your exposure to this nonsense in whatever way sits comfortably with you.

      • thanks LL… you are so right, I’m not willing to expose my self to anyone’s bile any more. Unfortunately some people don’t respond to authentic boundaries (i.e thank you, I wish you well but I have many things to do and I’m not the right person to be involved in this scenario etc) and continue to crap on way past the point of common decency – thus I must simply ignore and hope the diatribe runs out of steam.

        • Any way you can change your phone number TA? Know it’s a huge inconvenience though, and costs extra to do that usually, at least here anyway, but I’ve had to do it a couple of times.

    • TA baby, I cannot believe the gall of some people. I had this about a month ago when the Gem Tit Monster emailed me about Le Scorp, using a different name and pretending to be his wife.

      My response was a very cool, I hope you didn’t marry him officially because that would be bigamy ya?

      She kept at it for a bit spewing a few more things. DO ignore the impregnee, after all this is really between her and the cub. LL is absolutely right, this is complete displacement and consider the source.

      • thanks Sweetpea – I’ve already changed my number a few times (to prevent the Pole Dancing Stalker from spewing – she kept getting my new number from CUB’s phone!) I really like my new number… the ignoring policy seems to be working from the looks of things – not a peep since late saturday nite.

        FA !! Le Scorp has entangled himself with a Gemini too?? I’ve been soooo self absorbed lately I must have missed your news! So sorry hun, hope you’re holding up OK.

        Yes, exactly, displacement. Blame and shame and denial – and the need to demonise someone so why the hell not me (especially as I’m the only one here keeping their cool).

        On a brighter note I visited my Gemini hair dresser at his house – with the kids as he has a little daughter who gets on very well with mine – and wow, what an abode. We enjoyed a lovely early supper and chat… Some Gemini’s are just amazing, and he is one of them (although Delia Antwerp Aars would not have been out of place in this situation as the entire building is a work of art). He also introduced me to an incredible woman – a very well known business woman in these parts – an Aquarius so we were all vibing very Air and light. A nice way to end the weekend.

        • Oh TA, was the same Gem Tit Monster who home invaded me back in 07, apparently she had emailed him late last year and there was some going back and forth via email for a bit so Le Scorp says. Though he swears they’d not seen each other again, he certainly didn’t hesitate to send her new photos.

          It all came to a head when she found our music website then started harassing me to say she was his wife. I tiredly emailed back and just said, do you want to talk to his REAL wife? Cause neither one of us is it baby.

          Le Scorp groveled off in shame saying it was cheap and tawdry of him. You think? THAT resulted in us not speaking as he said he needed to be away so he can finally resolve his issues, but essentially lasted a week as he had missed me so much.

          I just said, sweetheart, it doesn’t matter if I’m here or not, it’s superfluous to the core of this, and that is YOU. I wasn’t trying to be mean but it’s the truth. Flat, plain and simple.

          Gawd, the Impregnee must be feeling a right dolt now, does she even know who the sire is???

  6. Oy…shoulda read this one friday and seen the storm that was this weekend coming.

  7. Hey LL, TA and FA I just wanted you guys to know that I am sending you guys flying hugs and loving vibes. Hope you guys can find somewhere to really scream out loud and let all that stuff that others have dumped on you. A nice hot scented bath and massage to follow would pep you up heaps. Just know that you are all such beautiful people and spiteful, bilious types just cannot handle that, hence they need to vomit out crap in the hope it sticks. I am so glad you are all so gutsy and will stride out from under that fall out. Hugs xxxxx