What Was Your Most Wuthering Heightsie Love Affair?

Pre Raphaelite Girl Buffetted by North Wind with Veil

If you have not read Wuthering Heights, here is the ‘study notes’ version lol!  But this question works best if you HAVE read the wretched thing. I read it once as a teenager & adored it. When I re-read it a few years ago, i freaked at what an a-hole Heathcliff was. So, what was your most Wuthering Heightsie relationship & with WHAT sign??? I am thinking tortured, requited but never quite happening, Goth-toned and possibly adulterous with shitloads of yearning and banked up sexual desires. With or without the ghosts and wandering the Moors at night…

Also, while we are on this, Wuthering Heights is MEGA Venus-Pluto& what signs are Cathy & Heathcliff???  How BAD is he?  And is  it just me or is the spookiest bit of the book right at the start, where she comes back as a CHILD ghost???  Soz for the spoiler but the book HAS been out for centuries…

And how unreal is Kate Bush doing it as a song???  She is Leo, of course – hair, red dress, lit references, love of art/performance.She has the same birthday as Emily Bronte, the author of Wuthering Heights.  She also has Venus in Cancer sextile Pluto and trine Neptune…She should do a whole series of Gothic fairy tale love style songs & epic poetry…Venus aspecting Neptune does NOT like the mutual obligation, counsellory end of love. They live for Great Love, soul stirrings and Poignant Moments. Sometimes they prefer things to be left undeveloped, unrequited…anything to avoid the non-poignant Menstrual Bickering In The Carpark At Ikea moments.

Image: John William Waterhouse – Boreas

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59 thoughts on “What Was Your Most Wuthering Heightsie Love Affair?

  1. Most Wuthering Heightsie relationship:
    …was with a man 11 years my senior; Capricorn-Aquarius cusp. Me, Libra-Scorpio cusp, Venus in scorpio and a Leo Moon. Both Tiger years.
    Crazy, fast, intelligent, engrossing, passionate, lose yourself experience.

    He married a Pisces a year ago, two years after breaking my heart.

    I was obsessed, co-dependent, and reluctant, all at the same time.
    We were on fire, and oh how we laughed! Quick witty conversation, long talks, he was a best friend. I miss him very much.
    It was adulterous for us both. He divorced his wife…then remarried, the Pisces.
    I …seem to have regressed.

    Not sure how I feel about the Kate Bush video; my first experience with that song was Pat Benetar’s rendition. I would say it’s still my personal favorite. Will listen to Tori Amos’ version.

    The book; have honestly never read it, though eventually I will. I have watched several versions of the movie. Love the story. Love the intensity.

    Sorry to hear some of the stories shared here; suffering hurt or loss is nothing to take lightly.

    Thanks for this thread, and the topic!

  2. Most Withering Heightsie relationship:
    …was with a man 11 years my senior; Capricorn-Aquarius cusp. Me, Libra-Scorpio cusp, Venus in scorpio and a Leo Moon. Both Tiger years.
    Crazy, fast, intelligent, engrossing, passionate, lose yourself experience.

    He married a Pisces a year ago, two years after breaking my heart.

    I was obsessed, co-dependent, and reluctant, all at the same time.
    We were on fire, and oh how we laughed! Quick witty conversation, long talks, he was a best friend. I miss him very much.
    It was adulterous for us both. He divorced his wife…then remarried, the Pisces.
    I …seem to have regressed.

    Not sure how I feel about the Kate Bush video; my first experience with that song was Pat Benetar’s rendition. I would say it’s still my personal favorite. Will listen to Tori Amos’ version.

    The book; have honestly never read it, though eventually I will. I have watched several versions of the movie. Love the story. Love the intensity.

    Sorry to hear some of the stories shared here; suffering hurt or loss is nothing to take lightly.

    Thanks for this thread, and the topic!

  3. HI- I have Venus in Pluto in the 7th – sextile Mars, opp Saturn, conj Neptune and sextile Pluto so who wants to guess what my love life’s been like?

    Curently mixed up with an aqua dude who’s started leading me the merry dance, just got tip from mystic to treat him mean to make him keen but not sure if its in my passionate nature!!!

    heartbreak hotel, Im checking back in.. is my room still available??

  4. LeMar, this story reminds me of european movies Ive seen a few times, somehow in France or Italy or Spain its acceptable behaviour or within the range of normal. It amazes me how many french movies have an older man and a younger woman as the love story ?

  5. Oooh Kate Bush!!! My English teacher – an old Waterhouse painting herself – made us watch this over and over and over in Grade 12. She loved it so much. We would wet ourselves laughing and then get up and start dancing it. So funny. So very odd. Can you imagine the director/ producers/ record ppl sitting around pitching it and going “yeah, that’ll work. Awesome!”

    But I think said English teacher has since died of breast cancer. I hope they played this for her at her funeral.

    Thanks for the memories, Mystic! xx

  6. hey scorpinthesky…
    I think venus conjunct pluto still has all the same intensity feelings for love and sex, but not in the deep dark bad way that sometimes goes with the feeling of the square, when one cant seem to get enough of it, an insatiable appetite for love/sex…So i think conjunct is good?? Hmm may have to ask Mystic… your relationships must be quite a ride…??

    • conjunct means Powerful – it’s the strongest aspect. It usually has a beneficial influence but not always. If the planets have other difficult aspects in the chart a conjunction may intensify them.

      • … quite a ride! Ha ha! Thank you so much Sassy and scorpalicious! The conjunct (at least possibly) being good is excellent news! I have had an insatiable appetite for one of those things since I was 12! And put it this way at the now age of 31 the insatiability has moved onto the love. I think its sort of a good thing except that it is always unrequited. But not forever. The deep dark bad stuff must be kept for my intellectual life then. Hmmm… Thanks again. I love this blog!

  7. Heathcliffe is SO a Scorpio … I mean c’mon all that intense, broody, obsessive, grudge holding carryings on! Cathy is a Cancer … a bit spooky, but nurturing and fundamentally made sure her security needs were taken care of, but still clinging to the past whilst she was at it.

    I’m nearing the end of a Venus Pluto opposition. It was not nice.

    My most torturous Wuthering Heightsy relationship was the one that occured recently during the Venus Pluto transit with the Double Bullshit Artist. Nuff said about that.

    But the first one was my first love – the Piscean philosopher who had a Taurus moon and it was just intense and full on for years until he died tragically of early onset leukemia in 2003. I could write reams about this but you know … he’s worm food now. *sigh*

  8. Virgo here, my Heathcliff was a Sagittarian, whose sun was midpoint my Eros/Neptune. Never clear what we were, only that it was HOT, weird, and dangerous for both of us.

    • i loved that movie!! Love Kate Bush and Wuthering Heights is one of my fave books.

      Healthcliff has got to be a Scorpio. Who else would go digging up a grave to gaze upon a beloved’s face?

  9. Glad to get some tips on the cancerian male. I may be heading for the WH type love which I can handle with a cancer in venus but not sure if I want the angst of it.
    Unrequited love is my middle name and I am expert at it. it was tres romantic as a teen but now in my forties I can’t be fuqued. So maybe I should chuck Cancer farm boy in now before the song ends tragically as it always does.

    LF I had that disappear into each other sensation many times with a leo lover and too lose 2 Leo ego’s at once was mighty powerful force.

    • “to lose 2 Leo ego’s at once was mighty powerful force” 😆 😆

      I agree about unrequited love being tres romantic in teens and even 20’s/30’s but who could be fuqued with all that in the forties.

  10. Hmm I have both venus opposition pluto AND venus trine neptune… that’s a killer queen. Indeed my initial repsonse to this was what relationship have I had HASN’T been like this?? Am currently with a Scorp & he is very dark, super-intense, swears that he hasn’t loved like this in years etc.

    I love Kate Bush, of course. I think Venus trine Neptune makes one very disposed to watery/ethereal/ye olde gothic beauty, rather than the concrete or futuristic.

  11. “he hated me because he loved me” I have been there but I am afraid it is a novel. We had known each other as kids. He saggi and charismatic/bipolar and narcissistic. and only ever loved me (so he said..I think he hated himself) INCREDIBLY good looking. Once, when we made love,( decades after innocent love and a lifetime apart, ) we both felt like we were inside each other’s bodies(like in a glove) wise friend said it only happens when we lose our ego. Only know two other people it has happened to. Any more out there? Sadly he died too young. He haunts me.

    • sorry to hear about your friend little fish…maybe when you have a connection like that it goes beyond the body and this existence in time.

  12. Good Goddess, need I really comment? Ok..if I must – for moi, contrary to the expected, it would be the Adulterous Toro.

    That was the completely unexpected yet fully consented to illicit relationship that exploded into a million tender feelings and he suddenly stunned like he made the biggest mistake by having married who he did, yet held himself rigidly to the promise that he would NEVER get divorced. EVER. For reasons of tradition, obligation, et al..

    Not that I ever asked him to. Because I think deep down I never really did share myself with him completely, I was always hiding somewhere. In the end, he hated me because he loved me. If that makes any sense at all..

    Not familiar with Kate Bush but this video reminds me of Chinese Opera…

    • oh yeh been there too FA & little fish… re the “he hated me because he loved me”

      I had a guy I was in love with once in a wuthering heights type thing say to me that the way he felt about me repulsed him – WTF?!

      …and that was about a week after he told me he had finally found me.

      Men – I don’t think I ever will understand them.

      • libran tiger,

        that’s awful! repulsed? That’s a bit harsh. Was he a Gemini? They can often be repulsed by their feelings.
        I flew half way across the world to see a Gem guy to be told after 3 days of living with him that he didn’t have feelings for me. He could have bloody well told me before he invited me over. 🙄

        • hey scorp – that sux – hope the Gem paid for the airfare. Did you at least get a nice holiday afterwards? greek islands or somewhere? did he just want to know that you would fly across the world for him?

          The guy i was talking about was an aries. it was a bit harsh – I reminded him a few years ago about that – and he was like all innocent, “really I said that to you?”

          We were friends for yrs after that but not any longer. Mostly as he didn’t want to be with me but couldn’t let go of whatever I gave him on some level.

          Probably for the best really – it can take a while to let go of those ones.

          • yes it can take a while to let one of “those” go (mine was a Virgo) but the Gem was not of them. And no he didn’t pay for the airfare. The whole debacle was my own stupid fault. Well actually, i blame my moon in Sag for thinking it would be fun and romantic to travel to New York to see a lover. It was something i had never done and i like to try everything once just to tick it off my list.
            Gem guy didn’t speak to me for 2 years after i sent him one of the nastiest email i’ve ever written. It was my one big regret and something i will never, ever do again. Anyhoo, so happy we are friends again. It wasn’t him that i missed but the sharing of music. He’s the only person in the world that knows and shares my peculiar/eclectic taste, the other is a Libran in the music industry.

          • I am having this with a Taurus……says he loves me…very much….great tenderness bla de blah then doesn’t want to know me – SO dissatisfying and..disappointing. the highs! the lows! we’ve split up and got back together about 6 times. I am so tired of feeling completely not-valued but the connection we have at times keeps me coming back. but not for much longer i think.

            I have got to a point where I am writing poetry about our (lack of) relationship – once I start writing poetry, it’s serious. here’s a demo (haiku, my fave) – write it last nite hope it’s not lame.

            Heart grows emptier
            I don’t know if I can
            love you much longer.

            *sigh * 🙁

        • Scorpalicious, that is VILE. Flying across the Pacific and OVER all of the US is no small thing. But when all is said and done, anyone who can’t be CLEAR enough to spare you the time, effort and expense which indicate the strength of your feelings, wouldn’t have what it takes to make you happy. You would have outgrown him in a few hot seconds I think…

          Libran Tiger, yes, WTF. How DO they come up with these lines? The Adulterous Toro said something derogatory to me once, I can’t even remember it now but essentially, it was in the same spirit as the shite you got. My response was, “Well, it’s a good thing my opinion of myself does not remotely rest upon your shoulders and thanks for sharing yours btw, I’ll be happy to ignore it now.”

          UP, hugs. It IS a process. And sometimes we just have to go through it until we don’t. Anymore. Trust yourself – you will find what makes you happy and that doesn’t necessarily fall into a stay or go equation.

          • Thanks FA – yes I dunno how they come up with that stuff – I mean really what can you say.

            And what was up with all those bronte girls – they had some serious venus/pluto stuff going one. Like Jane Eyre – her lover had his ex wife locked up in the attic.

            I think things have marginally improved over the last 200 yrs. Hopefully.

  13. I’m going to join the ‘I love KB’ sing-song. She is gorgeous. As a wee little one, I thought Kate was the most beautiful woman in the world in her flowing dress dramatically dancing in a field. It appeals to my Pisces-rising, Neptune-MC trine Venus-Vx (with Pluto sextile in between).

    Thankfully, I don’t really have WH relationships. I just want that ‘Great Love’ Mystic mentions, the Love that transcends the mundane world… I live in eternal hope. And it’s eternal hope that sustains me.

    I am, however, sick to death of being (there for?) someone else’s Pluto transit. ie ex-husband I was Pluto in 7th; last bf, Pluto square his Sun. Why don’t they ever transform into something beautiful, something beautiful that includes me? *sigh*

    (If I sound like a madwoman… well, I sound like a madwoman.)

  14. I’m going to have to read the book again. My most Wuthering relationship was with a control feak Aqua psycho.
    I love Kate Bush, she’s a genius, wonder what Matty Minerva would make of the clip? LOL!

  15. i’ve had five…
    all before lunch. 😛

    Seriously though… I have very intense psychic connections with some people and tend to keep these people in my life one way or another.

    Some noteables include my now boss but also very good friend who i was totally in love with for years. I dated his best friend (met them both the same day) for three years but dumped the best friend for a lot of really good reasons ONE of which i was in love with the scorp. He would appear on my door step at the weirdest times just out of the blue but when I really needed him too. I have found out recently that his wife is convinced i’m “waiting in the wings” for him. pffft. not the case.

    My other boss and him are very close and I can see the patterns turning out like the scorp and his best friend. Very triangular stuff happening. Am much more self aware now and will not be dragged into his scorpionic mind games!! I still have an enormous amount of affection for him though. 🙂 And as all our work functions are partner free I still get to hang out with him without his wife.

    Another one is my Leo best friend. I think he is mars scorp? He is now my landlord too. We were never girlfriend boyfriend but have occassionally slept together over the years but not for 8 years or so?? Very intense powerful connection. He moves me like no one else can but not in bed so much but on an emotional level and weirdly enough on the dance floor too. . I think we used to try and fight the connection or try and read too much into it but we both go with the flow now. I have learnt many many lessons from him and vice versa I think he would say too. We can seperate and come together as needed and is appropriate and it is beautiful.

  16. My vote goes to the Cancerian.

    First relationship. Messed me up good and proper. Only just cut him out of my life.
    He can stay on the misty moors of damnation.

  17. One of my daughters is/was reading W.H.. Don’t know if she’s seen Kate B’s version of the song but she does like Tori Amos and think she did one.

    Am going to send her the KB youtube link sort of as a side dish to the book…On the Venus-Pluto for subscriber’s thread, someone made mention to me about Kate Bush as the book had upset my daughter quite a bit. I had never heard KB’s song before, and I’ve never read WH but have seen bits and pieces of the movie…Shame on me…

  18. Up to the age of 21, I thought they were all bloody Wuthering Heights. I mean really, what other kind of relationship could there possibly be 😉 ?

  19. Have Taurus Venus 11th opposition Scorpio Neptune 5th, and what exacerbated the whole thing is that my/his Vertex conj. Neptune. In walked the Pisces…Good-bye heart…Fated…..

    So do understand the Wuthering Heights thing but will never need go there again…Eyes too open now but that kind of love perhaps does come around only once maybe….All the ultra intense feelings. The tears, the drama!! CAPITOL ‘D’!! There is no rationality to it, it’s beyond one.

    Remember the song from P. Benatar back in the 80s.

    Aries Sun, Cap Moon, Gem rising, Taurus Venus opp. Scorpio Neptune

  20. I dated this guy once who was a cancerian – he was bursting with testosterone, devilish, unfairly cruel; a total emotional robber. He even looked like a picture of heathcliff from the cover of one of the books.
    I myself, a piscean.

    For me it was totally emotional, Flash in the Pan magic.
    …I know they suck, but its nice to have that sort of thing every once in a while, allowing one to feel the full spectrum of relationship emotions in a limited period of time.

    In the mean time, check out the SWEPTAWAYS rendition of Bush’s ‘WUTHERING HEIGHTS’ on youtube. YOU WILL LOVE THEM! and their norwegian 80’s spandex costumes.


    • Did we date the same guy? Just ended with a Heathcliff lookalike Cancerian, big testosterone, cruel AND tortured, backload of yearning and sexual desires, only requited some of the time though. No moors but we did talk about the ghosts we’d seen first time I went to his house. I get the comment about the big, deep emotional thing, but right now I’m trying to figure out what the hell all the pain was FOR. Maybe I don’t have enough distance yet. My Venus is in Libra and has a conjunction with Pluto. Conjunction is good right? Do you get this Sassy?

      • Neither of you are in Darwin are you? Because my Cancerian Darwin based brother is still ‘bursting with testosterone, devilish, unfairly cruel; a total emotional robber’. Horrible twisted emotional relationships with women sustained by I imagine all that broody bad boyness. Lightening swings from charm to rage….and yet seldom seems to lack a woman in his life.

  21. oh lord….my wuthering heights relationship was my marriage…met him just as pluto passed over my sun (thanks pluto transit…). Yearning, drama, requited but painful…doesnt even begin to describe it. felt like we descended into some murky deep darkness together, which was like quicksand, almost destroyed me…but didn’t- though marriage itself did not survive. i actually described it once as a cathy-heathcliff affair. but the thing about pain and turmoil is it gets boring. its so b-grade on one level, and i got sick (literally) of it draining my spirit, and stopping me from accessing any simple joy anymore.

    am glad to have it safely behind me…

    and that film clip has had me in stitches for YEARS, i LOVE it. 🙂

    • oh, he a libran with cancer rising (VERY cancer rising…), me of course sagg with sun-venus-neptune all very close in my 8th…

  22. How weird, I JUST read this — for the first time, in fact. The whole way through I kept thinking Cathy would’ve been a Pisces, as she pulled the same sort of acts of melodrama as another Pisces I know.

    I think Edward could’ve been a Pisces, too.

    Heathcliff obviously has something powerful in Scorpio, maybe his Sun but also definitely Mars. At the same time I saw him as having an odd earth-sign influence, like maybe a Taurus moon or something.

  23. oh yeah that would be the `relationship` i had five minutes ago. lots of long distance yearning etc etc while i got my stuff ready to move to her city. then her jealous `ex` gets involved, starts being abusive, moves back in.

    my `apparent` lover being like `oh it`s not my fault, i still do have feelings for you it`s all her being an asshole.` and maybe to a point she was right but still…

    so when i told her that she can`t keep letting her ex use her if she wants to be with me… then she kicks the ex out. a week later i move to her city, we meet at her house after four months of yearning and blah blah drama and `i can`t wait to see you`…….

    and she`s interviewing prospective housemates for three hours. then when we`re finally alone, she says… `I think… I think I need to work on a lot of things in my own life… and I decided I need to go celibate for a while`.

    um. i was gobsmacked.

    she has venus conjunct pluto. and so do i.

    • Holy infuriating confusion, that sounds like more than Venus Pluto on her part. Is there an astro signature for spineless indecision?

      Maybe there’s something else to be gained from moving to that city. Try the phoenix thing and frock up and find someone else, preferably who has their shit together.

      • thanks U.V. !! i dont know about spineless indecision.. but she is a gemini… maybe its that split personality thing

        definitely working on the phoenix type scenario… and I have gained a lot in other ways from moving here so in that regard I don`t regret anything.

  24. a sagittarian artist/teacher who was a compulsive liar, melodramatic and suffered from meglomania and bipolar. He attempted to diagnose me with the same, promised me the world and drugs to go with that, and let me down not only in the sack department, but by chatting up woman on msn whilst minding my children as I worked. he attempted suicide a few times and I looked exactly like his ex wife, which is rare, as I don’t look like many people. Great cook however with a fabulous sense of humour and a wonderful romance in the ‘dream’ world. He also had chiron opposing his pluto/uranus conjunction in virgo and saturn sextile mars in cap exact! Someone I fell for deeply but could never have and he was extremely cruel sans connection!

  25. Oh my dont get me started on those venus-pluto aspects. Poor me i have venus square pluto natally , so therefore i seemd to attract a lot of those deep and dark, painful love/relationship…Seemed that i enjoyed a lot of the drama that went with it as a teenager and maybe still now in my 20’s…the ‘i cant live without you i need you so much’ crap, oh its hard to break away from, but you grow when you do, and they are tehre for a purpose…
    I would have to say Cathy is a cancer, only a cancerian woman could pull what cathy does with teh other marriage but still holding on to heathcliff….Heathcliff he is dark maybe a double scorp…They both have to be water signs definetly!! Mystic, i just hired at the Wuthering Heights DVD at the video shop on monday….trying to maybe subconciously figure out my venus-pluto and my venus pluto lovers…..hmmmm i will re read the book again hahah xxxx

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