Astro-Gaga: What Sign Is She & Where Is She Going?

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Power Rangers fashion

The gold lame tights with matching gold quilted polo neck cape thingie scream Leo.  The bondagy patent leather shoes say Scorpio. Long legs signify Sagg but Sagg would team this with Reeboks or mountain hiking boots. The homage to Power Rangers theme is v.Aqua yet the over-all thing is too fussy & complicated for Aquarius. Aqua-Girl would break off the sleeves just trying to get into it whilst listening to her Tranquility hypnosis on the i-Pod. It also looks like she is wearing a wig & then there is the eye-gear to consider. Someone sneaking around the back of her school reunion?  A new Aries super-hero?  Thoughts please.

Image: Vogue Paris

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45 thoughts on “Astro-Gaga: What Sign Is She & Where Is She Going?

  1. Leo Rising, Moon Aqua. I’m bloody stuck on what’s her f’real sun sign. Leo for the gold and the hair definitely. Maybe Pisces?

  2. Hmmm, underneath it all I’m sensing a sulky Kataka who has been put upon by a Gemini photographer/boyfriend to dress up as per one of his dreams…

    In her regular mode wears slightly Victorian inspired looks and skulks around library cafes…

    Though she secretly likes the way her legs look in those gold tights that she’d never wear.

  3. Ive seen this image its from a scandinavian constipation advert, hmmm ?
    Not sure if its the before or after shot.

  4. The fashion police have just issued a warning, btw. The stylist and photographer responsible for this crime are still at large and dangerous…

  5. its so sad i know, i hate the whole idea of egging – it would be so cruel and humiliating and i detest it!
    poor girl

  6. This is Yessiena Kachi, she comes from a very small Russian family that live on the outskirts of Moscow in a remote village.
    She is a proud Aquarian with a soft low Pisces Ascendant that seems to keep her individualistic outbursts to a minimum. She has undergone some isolation and loss in her early life with her Saturn conjunct Asc and Venus, she has been rather unlucky in love – poor girl-.

    Now here she is a insecure 21yr old who is delighted to have been invited to this “costume party” by a crush, yet little does she know there is NO SUCH THING and this “crush” just seeks to make fun of her – Pluto is transisting over her Natal Saturn and venus opposed Venus and sextiling Chiron. –

    So now she walks to her impending doom unknowingly – and is about to face a rather nasty teenage egging.
    At least Pluto will teach her something


  7. don’t know about this one… does look suspicously like Delia Antwerp Aars but she appears to have just sat on something cold and hard and looks very uncomfortable… perhaps the panda enclosure has an electric fence and Delia just went arse first into it, on account of too much chardy and the dumb mask?

    • Yes, TA, she does look a bit uncomfortable.
      Maybe Ling Ling has already had his way with her? If only she could see thru her fetching modesty glasses she could have distracted him with the bamboo leaves.

  8. This poor lass is a Gemini with Ascendant exact on Scorp/Sag cusp, Mercury in Aquarius, 10th House Leo.
    She’s an escapee from a rural rehab retreat. Woke up in early hours of the morning after an incredibly vivid dream that she was the love child of Pete Burns and Cher. Convinced the dream was actually true repressed memories rising to the surface, she flees the sanitarium with nothing but her nightgown, a silk pillow cushion and a section of the drapes she managed to swipe on her way out. She’s always been resourceful and whipped up this quick outfit using twigs and grass for buttons and thread. Even managed to fashion rosette shoulder pads!
    Unfortunately, the fences surrounding the complex are electrified (they’ve dealt with Gemini escapists before) and she was zapped while trying to climb over. The shock didn’t kill her, but sadly it blinded her. But even without sight, she used the lining of her purse to make a rather fetching set of modesty glasses.
    The zap has left her a little dazed however, and what with the blindness, she now just wanders aimlessly, in circles, right round, baby, right round, like a record baby, right round round round…

    • Hilarious Lexicorn! Could it be that in her daze she forgot to sew a pocket in her escapee outfit and had to shove her pack of Winnie Blues up her sleeve?

      • Love it!! Either that or she thought she’d grab one last pack of Valium for the road… Her memoir will be called ‘they’re not shoulder pads, they’re barbiturates’

    • Very plausible scenario, Lex. I’ve heard that electric fences are used at rehab facilities to keep Geminis and Pisceans in, and Virgoans out.

      • He he he heee
        Think you’re onto something there Ubes. Perhaps I got this wrong.
        She’s a Virgo with Cap rising and she’s Saturn returning. She’s just had enough of fixing everybody else’s farking problems, and always doing the dishes, and biting her tongue when her Gemini friends make impossibly unflattering fashion choices, and the Pisces co-worker takes sick leave ‘cos they saw an upsetting documentary about climate change last night. She just wants out! and she thought maybe the loony bin (you can see it there, behind the fence) might afford her some peace and quiet and at least somebody else will do the cooking and she can just mildly sedate herself and settle down with a good book.
        Unfortunately, when she applied for voluntary incarceration the shrinks at the facility said “sorry, you’re not crazy, you’re just a virgo” and wouldn’t let her in.
        She’s come back wearing this to give it another shot.
        Her Saturn in Virgo motto is: ‘I’ll show you who’s fuqing crazy!’

    • By the way, the gold legs aren’t scary spray-tan or even an eccentric fashion choice.
      Sadly, it’s Bromide poisoning from the institution.

  9. I reckon it’s a low Aqua-Scorp transvestite. Those legs & hips do not remotely look feminine. He’s in disguise to go on a spy mission to capture tiger bone essence or some such exotic ingredient for a foreign mafia.

  10. Yes, well obviously this is a cautionary tale and part of a new government advisory warning all air signs of the dangers of mixing Stillnox, too much money and a ‘taste’ for Dolce & Gabbana.

    She is of course, lower Gemini, Delia Aars Antwerp, and she thinks she’s in the Museum of Contemporary Art during another power outage and is trying to feel her way to the bar. However, no one has bothered to remind her she’s wearing a mask, and she’s tottered as far as the Botanic Gardens, is feeling somewhat dizzy, and is about to go tits up into the succulents.

      • She does appear to be “tottering” somewhat gingerly…

        “tottered as far as the Botanical Gardens…Tits up into the succulents”…Hilarious Uber!!

        Mystic, think you may have out done yourself on this one… 🙂

        • Yes, FA, now that you bring it up…lol

          And Lexi’s cross hybrid with Cher…

          I originally thought she had been beamed down by Buck Rogers into Jurassic Park, and whilst Buck was trying to contact the USS Starship where unfortuneately Scotty was drunk….

          There have been “beaming” malfunctions and our little Miss is trying desparately to utilize her GPS (universal model) directions so she not be eaten by Dino’s…

          But also, Scotty is passed out, stone drunk, and Capn’ Kirk in the loo reading Archie comics. He wonders who Archie will marry….Ver-on-on or Bett’s

    • actually she has tottered into the Panda eclosure. Ling Ling is surprised but will give anything a go at the mo since his trip to Mexico.

    • Uber YES, definitely lower Gemini. SO funny!

      Am not sure she’s so much dizzy as having had to use shrubbery when finally liberated from the constipation davidl so wisely pointed out. Bamboo leaves being so insubstantial, she figures walking gingery should preserve whatever remains of her outfit.

      She is not happy that she may have wet-crapped her gold tights and she is now trekking through a jungle feeling mushy.

  11. Agree. NOt leo at all. A low Aquarian. Or an actual aquarius from outer space. Maybe a scorpio whose main objective is to stalk/spy and so she is actually in the back of some convention, checking out her ex. No it was a masked ball in period costume but she a lower gemini and could not resist wearing outfit to show legs. so she kept on the restoration style eye mask but changed into her hooking outfit.

    • “A low Aquarian. Or an actual aquarius from outer space”

      I can not stop giggling at the idea of an alien race of strange creatures, the aquarius from a galaxy far far away. Though it’s probably a fairly apt take. 🙂

  12. wtf 😯

    A Leo rising tranny with major Scorp going on?? – on his way back from a quick leak. Gold spray paint on the legs rather than tights??

    • Aqua w Saggo rising decided to walk cross country to Robot Convention. Mistook fence for entrance as can’t see thru stupid mask.

  13. hmmmm. shoes look like Vivienne Westwood for Melissa, so they’d be pvc not patent leather.

    (in one of those moods, actually, yes…need to get onto the more haute mars options PRONTO)

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