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Philippe Halsman Marilyn Monroe lifting barbell on lawn

Everyone knows that you gotta swim, do gym, do something. Different signs have different methods of motivating themselves…Aries are naturally insanely competitive so they like an impossible goal. eg; They are in training to sprint up the Amundsen Glacier.

Leos work on vanity. If there is a television appearance or an event in which they need to be camera-ready, goodbye to their Wine-Onanist Monthly membership & HELLO Dr Atkins. They don’t care if their breath gets smelly as their bodyguards will keep other peeps at a distance. Theoretically.

Geminis like gimmicks so if it’s a Cycle class with simulated anti-gravity & new beats by some dj they gather is current, they’re there.

Taureans do it with dogged and implacable willpower, knowing that the tranquility and the high they get later is worth it. Exercise grounds them.Β  Librans think symmetry and balance, yin and yang. Too much Yin (potatoes, couch) means they need Yang (movement, gym). They are naturals at Pilates…

Cancerians like body building because it helps them build a symbolic ‘shell’ around their sensitive innards & they like to feel they belong at their place of exercise. So they feel emotionally drawn to it, at best. Virgoans guilt themselves into it. If you think a Virgo is mean to YOU, you should hear their self-talk.

Scorpios and Aquarians are similar in that they go between obsessive fads – they are either doing nothing & will crap on about the community-building benefits of their daily pub-lunch, if you let them OR they’re compulsively keeping kilojoule journals and ordering longevity vitamins from Dr Thing off the net.

Capricorns are canny, as we know, so they are the most likely to have a sensible and coherent actual plan – nothing over the top but a scheme to keep their physique chic & functional as they climb inextricably to the top. Sagittarians are the peeps u see working out in their jeans, because they were just passing by and suddenly felt like a bit of a workout – they’re the naturals of the Zodiac, fighting, rowing,Β  horseriding, tribal dancing – they like to move.

Pisceans need a gym crush to get themselves there or else they trick themselves- saying they will just turn up and worry about it then. Once there, of course, they think they may as well do a proper workout. They also like the idea of racking up “credits” for later hypothetical decadence.

You can also read through these & apply it to your Mars sign OR disagree!

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58 thoughts on “Astro-Fitness; Motivation

  1. Im told I walk too fast, I can’t stroll, its true, Im head down, leaning forward and striding out. I love those ‘informal’ walking races, you know the ones where you decide that you are racing the person next to you in the street, beating them to the finish line in your head. Some people of course realise and pick up the pace (they may be aries too) then its on ! When my third baby came he wouldn’t sleep unless I pushed him in the pram. I would do two 10k walks each day. Every one in my neighberhood between Coggee and Maroubra would beep their horns as they passed me pushing fast, head down up the hills of Coogee, sweating and puffing. Look Im 50 now and walking is my thing, but walking like its the Olympics.

    • LOL davidl. I too am a fast walker but have never thought about “racing” a stranger. That’s definitely Aries competitiveness.

    • You did of course leave out aries favourite ‘exercise’, can you guess ? another area where we attempt Olympian feats…

  2. I so relate to the Pisces description – i just convince myself to turn up and start with 10 minutes on treadmill and then often have trouble stopping after an hour. Saturn on the Asc (in Pisces) makes me complete my sets without cheating. Also maybe my 6th house Sun too.

    • I’m frankly, speechless about the pisces description of ‘tricking yourself’…I do that to myself all the time for lots of things, even washing the dishes. I thought it was some great piece of personal wisdom! Now I know I’m just your regular piscean!
      btw I have been known to do the race-walk with strangers – very competitive which is a bit of a lol seeing I’m really rather vertically challenged.

      • i’m the same! ‘ill just run to the next mailbox and then i can stop if i want to’ apparently its not just me then. and of course i never do stop, but i run almost every night and i still do the good old mailbox trick about twice a week. hot boys will motivate me to turn up anywhere, but so much more important in excersise becuase i will work twice as hard to impress them!

      • yes yes…just getting out the door is the hardest thing. after that it’s hard to stop. i totally agree. As I have Mars in the 8th ( aqua) I was thinking that sex really is the best exercise for me *lol*
        I’ve learnt one way not to eat vile food and be fat & unhealthy is to imagine a major crush or other hot thing sitting next to you / watching you – you put the chocolate / peanuts / second toasted cheese sandwich / beer (well, not the beer) down pretty quickly! !

  3. What if you HATE exercise?
    Because seriously…. cant stand it. It makes me sad.

      • Aries Sun, Libra Moon, Cap Ascendant.
        Maybe it’s my Gemini Mars… I can’t stand doing the same thing for long periods of time and I get bored. There’s no mental stimulation in exercise.
        Maybe I’m just lazy? lol (Venus Taurus)

        • what is this toro lazy thing?? are there two kinds of toros??

          i do know some for whom lazyness is a besetting sin but also there’s another kind with endless energy and get up and go.

          • Here here. We aint lazy. If I have a fault it is doing so much that I collapse from exhaustion. I used to do several dance classes a week plus swimming, cycling and gym. Now just swim every day and walk miles – even getting up before dawn to drive the hour it takes to get to the coast for a long walk on the beach in all weathers. OK, so it is dogged determination and willpower that gets me up and out, but if I don’t do something physical to get rid of the energy I’m climbing the walls.

            Mars in cancer, virgo rising – go figure πŸ™‚

        • Jenny we are a bit similar.

          Over the years I’ve come to realize that with Mars in Gemini on AC but Aries Sun, I need to balance the mental with the physical, another words, too much computer or writing and I feel yuck, too much physical and I feel like I’m not being attentive to my inner needs.

          So, the best bet for me is physical activity out of the way first thing and then the rest of the day I’m free.

          Sometimes do 10-15 mins. on the eliptical, 10-15 on the treadmill and/or the stationary bike as it breaks it up, and then there is always the pool as an alternative. That helps me to not be bored.

          • I cannot do the stationery exercise equipment thing. I just find it so utterly soul destroying. So futile. But love the peaceful calm and meditative state of swimming laps – but only for so long. 20 laps is enough. I always get bored if I decide to swim 30.

            Sun Sagg, Pisces Rising…no idea about Mars…let me check…in Pisces, t’would seem.

            I used to think that I was a “balance the mental with the physical” type. But I’ve realised that nothing on Earth makes me feel better than getting outside and doing something. I would forgo all the books and the arty stuff rather than accept I could never take my kayak out again. I find that floating on the ocean on my kayak inspires me to get home and make something, but putting together a craft project doesn’t make me want to get out on my bike afterwards! Particularly love doing stuff on or in the water (swimming, kayaking, diving), but also love bushwalking and riding my bike. Go to my local park for boot camp three times a week and go to the gym with a friend twice a week to group fitness classes – the attraction is the moving around and that I get to spend time with this friend. Otherwise loathe & detest gyms.

          • I like to walk outside in the winter as it’s mild, but in the summer it’s upwards 113f.. We’ve had people die out here on hiking trails this summer..Nuts…Can’t wait to use my new digital camera when I can take pix of the desert and it’s flowers, etc. Truly agree about the outside thing…Love floating in the pool watching the clouds but I don’t find the gym futile as it still works for me.

          • Well you did say “stationary stuff” not the gym in general…Soz.. Used to love aerobics/step classes but not anymore since back surgeries…

        • My daughter used to do swing with one of her boyfriends in high school. She had so much fun. She’s this little bitty thing and he was over six feet….He’d throw her up so high…But one time, he dropped her in the street!!

        • Thank you for the kind words guys. πŸ™‚ Sweatpea, I totally get the thing about feeling sluggish when doing too much sitting around. I walk the dog but that’s about it.
          I’ve never been athletic in any sense, but I am competitive, and I think that if I’m not good at something then I won’t bother with it. I may try dancing again, that is a good idea. (I have no coordination though! Hhaa!)

  4. Gemini Sun/ Pisces Asc/Mars in Virgo

    I am so much more motivated since saturn triggered my Health in 07- (still going!) which is fine except I was already motivated enough with Mars in Virgo so the increase is just grreeaat!

    I love swimming & just last year I swam over 6000 laps which isn’t much if your athlete but I am not.
    I have recently trained in acrobatics & it was loads of fun but I got injured so many times. Would totally do the spin class with anti-gravity & DJ, I’d try anything that burns of some of this excess energy! πŸ™‚

  5. um….always self-promise to exercise….one day – but the regular stuff, never sticks. to date anyway.

    • version #199 @ attempt regular exercise materialized today.
      2 Librans & Pilates. lets see if it lasts 3 weeks.

      Could latter life lapse be due to early life over-indulgence?

      as a kid was Elite sprinter / hurdler, classical Ballerina (until Oz Ballet’s too short for prima dictum….or was it sans supermodel cheek bones??), competitive rower & sailor. street skating allowed easy adaptation to snowboarding to ride with professionals post 30, & BMX is only bike owned – do good stairs. actually will try again tomoz to see if still in the reportoire.

      but running, swimming, gym, etc bores the carp. fingers crossed pilates (or sim) sticks. can still do the splits flat up the wall, tho current audience for that party trick be nieces & nephews….natural flexibility may req bolstering!!

      • πŸ˜† rlp maybe you need to be ripsticking around the neighbourhood. What about surfing – don’t you live on the beach??

      • Oh and any new practice requires 6 to 8 weeks of persistence before it becomes a habit.

        • feelers bless. yes am NOT (to date) creature of organized exercise habit!! and ‘ripsticking’ rocks!! stories later….if yr lucky xox

  6. Mars in Sag.

    Martial arts, dancing (for hours), walking if I go somewhere nearby or just need to escape and will often detour to stretch it out and/or to avoid car exhausts, bushwalking, snorkelling and swimming (but not in a pool). The exercise I do rejuvenates me, I revel in the experience. We work hard and sweat in martial arts, and the mental and spiritual side is involved too. Dancing is a fantastic outlet for creativity and spirit. Walking clears the mind and gets you out of the house (and the car). Swimming is just so cleansing.

    I must admit, I’m very partial to my exercise attire – particularly my martial arts uniform and dancing skirts. Maybe my Venus in Sag?

  7. It’s too true…i HAVE to move, cannot sit or stay in one position for more than 15 mins!
    I joked to my Med Doc that i have St. Vitus’ Dance:) She gave me a blank look so i changed
    To me it’s about flexiblity & suppleness…dancing & prancing up the yellow brick road
    instead of walking thro’ jello & dragging your feet.
    Movement to get energy flowing & stretching every 20 mins.

  8. IM A ROWER!
    IM ACTUALLY RATHER FIT — even though i am rather lazy!

  9. Virgoan Mars…… interesting & exact body work.
    Magical Passes, Tai Chai Chi Kung, Yoga, Ballet & any dance, Pilates.
    Attention to the detail of the movements.

  10. Totally! In it, or over it. Going through a bit of an ‘over it’ phase at the moment, and honestly, the benefit to the local community re the pub lunch is just something I could really get behind this winter.
    When in full fitness mode, it has to be cycling or walking, and when younger dancing all night in clubs. Anything solo like that.

    • LOL, I’m with you there. I did the same when I was younger too, considered that my exercise.

      Now when I’m in it it’s swimming, I have an aversion to gyms rather play a sport instead. I get enough exercise most days of the week doing heavy manual labour like I’m in a concentration camp.

      Aqua sun, cancer moon & asc, mars Libra.

  11. My motivation is rather Saturnine. I imagine myself five years from now, ten years from now and twenty years from now etc. That gets me off my Virgo tail. Damn you chronos!

  12. Erm, Marilyn’s workout looks real strenuous BTW. I can clean and jerk 500g too you know.

    • Ha 500g. This is so 5 years ago but i could leg press 220 kg – shared the same personal trainer as a whole bunch of (some faux) friends – like a competition (male Aqua PT shit-head for 9 years). I remember it felt like giving birth. His PT sessions became more and more masochistic in the extreme – 36 hrs lafter one you couldn’t even do your bra strap up let alone squat on the loo. He took so much pleasure in it. I realised and bailed – god did he ever try and get me back as i took some with me on the reality of it all. (Thank gawd those days are over.) Now it’s all sensibility and good qi. Love the stretching – that’s gotta be la leo πŸ™‚

      • ps I’d be flat out leg pressing 80 kg today without major pain following – still recovering from marriage disintergration fatigue with major couch potato epidemic and have only been back for a little over a month. Still, i’d tell any PT FU if they tried me on for over 100 kg. Life is too short – I’m not a fuqing athlete and dont wanna be, just healthy.

        • Oh FF, you would so be laughing at me doing 15kgs! I was trying not to look like a wimp carrying 10kg to put on the end of each bar πŸ™

          This week I’ve been going crazy at the gym – i normally do 30 mins weights & really have to push myself to do at least 30 mins cardio as I get so bored now there is no Master Chef to watch, however this week I’m doing 60 mins cardio & LOVING it. My arch nemisis, the x-trainer, has become my best friend! On top of all that….I’m kinda off the vino…it’s just not normal behaviour…

          • And I bet you are feeling/looking great. I reckon 60 minutes a day of cardio is optimum for good health. I mean anything is better than nothing but 60 min 5 times a week plus a couple of weight sessions has you at your best.

        • Feeling great, don’t know about looking it – wish I didn’t have a tum πŸ™

          PT sounds like a tosser – he bad man!

  13. hey MM, you sure go chicky babe taurean right. discovered exercise big time 5 years ago and you are soooooo right about the dogged and implacable determination thing, it’s brilliant and makes me glad i’m toro sun, kataka rising (yes, love the weights) and virgo moon (keeps me going!)

    BTW, things must be good for Leos ATM, the HMBOTS is very pleased with himself and i am basking in the glow of a contented lion!

    and FF, do you seriously mean 220 kg!!??? please tell me that’s a misprint?

    if not, golly i wouldn’t want to tangle with you, LOL!

    • Sadly I am serious – and I didn’t have bulky legs cause I ran a lot and have naturally slim legs. I was talking the incline leg press not bench press. Seriously at the time I was so into it. A friend of mine really damaged her lower back doing it. And that personal trainer is still around still sprouting the same shit.

      My Toro sis is a seriously determined exerciser (she has Aries Asc and Sagg Moon). She swims all year round and does open sea races as well as weights and looks amazing. She only took up swimming because she couldn’t run anymore due to hip issue.

  14. My MSM tagline says decadence at the moment how appropiate πŸ™‚

    Recently had a psychic flash to work out and buff up, then shortly afterwards went for my first tattoo and had to take my shirt off in a pretty busy shop, so glad I obeyed the urge!

    • ooh good one SOP – always worth obeying the little voice isn’t it!! no matter how strange a request – pays off in many ways !

  15. I’m off to the surfclub at 6am. rowing machine and exercise bike and weights. It’s a habit I shall never drop. The beach is such a beautiful place to watch the pink glow of morning.

    • i always feel like exercising when I’m near the sea – it’s our thing after all. I can walk miles if I can see/hear/smell or sense the sea nearby.

  16. Aqua Sun/ Cap Mars

    Ha ha! So true! Never exercised for years, snobbing in favour of intellectual pursuits / discussions thing (read:mis-spent youth at pub) then got on the “health bandwagon” and go through mad phases of monitoring and recording all my activities, which I supplement with *secret weapons* sourced online.

    However, underlying all this – and most suprising to me – is that once I started going to the gym, I turned into a regular 4-5 day a week, rain-or-shine customer and have done so for years. Solid as a rock.

    Must be the cap influence

  17. Spot on about Leos and vanity. Of courz! Seeing as I am one and am pushing it in the gym to loose the extra love I have for my wedding in November. Har!

  18. M Doll, this is eerie. Have recently hired a Geek Hunk Trainer who I strongly suspect is Airean – the give away? He CANNOT do anything sans competition, no job is worth it if there’s no thrill in the chase etc. and YES, he actually told me has fainted twice in his life, both occasions involving time pressured relay races up sand dunes/hills/pyramids or anything with a steep grade.

    I asked, so did you like just lay flat there?

    He went, NAH, I got up and went again. He admits to being a Geek as he is All Science when it comes to explaining why I ought to do what he’s telling me to do (aside from the fact that he is prob an Aries and that goes with the territory), is built like a WALL and enjoys upping the ante at every set. I have seriously NEVER had a trainer who made me work this hard.

    Never hesitates to yell, “Butt Down”, “Legs Spread” and the like LOUDLY while gym is bursting with men who appear to be distracted by such – in fact I accused him of taking out the frustration of the nine cancellations he got this week on poor little me and suggested all his clients activate a phone tree so this kind of carnage never occurs again.

    I actually think I can hear my abs murmuring to me…

    Spot on with everyone else btw, Le Scorp is currently on a blood type diet and has cut out coffee/soda/chicken/beef etc., all with Scorpionic Intensity. Of course, he still smoking – which I think is the St. Augustine Invocation at play.

    While I am doing my Kataka Weight Training, and now have added Virgo Rising motivation of a) guilting myself for failing my regime, and b) Having found out Geek Hunk Trainer does NOT get paid unless us clients show, well, another reason to do it. Sigh.

    • FA – he sounds suspiciously like the aforementioned Aqua fuqer PT. He has collapsed while training for a marathon – ended up in hospital for a few days on a drip. He has broken his collarbone while cycle training for some triathalon – crashed into a car (not car crashed into him).

      He didn’t actually shout and had a way with the “ladies” (sometimes reminded me of the way my obstetrician whispered to me whilst in labour) but seriously OTT re exercise. I think I did have a crush on him for a few years early on.

      In group training outdoors he’d have us sprinting up and down steep rough terrain and be very happy if someone vomited!. One particular bank was so wet and steep my nails took weeks to recover. Best ever fun with him was when he provided water bombs and we all took great pleasure in whacking him. Then he weirded out.

      When he put his fees up to $50 per half hr session it came in a newsletter about how he was the “purple cow” ie. i’m so fabulous, one of a kind – have never laughed so much (except for maybe the What Sign Is this Guy wanker the other day).

      If your abs are only murmuring then he’s not this Aqua dude (yet). Abs unconscious with pain after session with him! But watch out FA πŸ˜‰

      • Ooh, duly warned FF.. the GHT is YOUNG though and looks like he’s been humbled by fact that he cannot stand the politics of pro football (he plays semi-pro right now)… SO am convinced he is from Mars as I they usually loathe that kind of thing.

        How DID you stick to the Aqua Fuqer PT? Did he remold your body into a Venusian masterpiece?

        The GHT likes to ask me IN DETAIL wtf I ate during the week, suspiciously eyeing me if he thinks I’m fibbing, quite sweet really. But yes, you never know, he may be a sadist in disguise!

        Should I tell him that’s usually MY role? haha

        • Yeah he did remold me lol. I also had to do weekly food diaries for him and he guilted me endlessly and rang me randomly during the week to check what I was eating. He cried (tears not sobs) when I reached peak fitness and lowest bodyfat (in his mind). When I did my achilles not long after and my physio forbade any aerobic activity until it healed and I was like “nooo – i have to” and she referred to me as an athlete – I looked at her like wtf – and she said well you train like an athlete. The seed was sown – this PT is not healthy. Just remember not to get sucked in – yours sounds suspiciiously similiar to my Aqua PT. Keep it real. You know at the time I looked fabulous but inside i was feeling like shit. Inner work is the real deal, then the outer follows.

  19. You’re bang on about Pisceans and gym crushes. My Taurus moon gets me there consistently, my Aries rising makes me train like I care, and my Piscean tendency-to-run-towards-resembling-a-mollusc keeps it all a must.

    However, the fact that when I showed up to the sign-up appointment on Valentines Day, just as my real life crush walked in the door, keeps me an enthusiastic participant.